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Saturday, May 20, 2006

School coming to a close.

Time of Post: 12:01am EST
Mood: Not tired...
Place: Somewhere you can't see me.

Good morning all, Man, school is just about over! Hurray! I only have 1 week left. All the seniors are gone...wait...all the seniors are gone? NOOOOOOOO!!!! Most of my friends are seniors! I DON'T WANT THEM TO LEAVE ME! NOOOOOoo!!!

Man, things have been going by so fast. As of today I am considered a Junior! But my Junior year is going to be hell. I'm going to have 8 class next school term, so I might not hardly post anymore due to that. Well, I'm about to sleep, I'll add more to my post later.


End of Post: 12:04am Est

By the way, how do you like my Sanzo theme? I'm hooked to Saiyuki now!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   Good Day....Fukai Mori was awesome!

Time of Post: 5:11amEST
Mood: sleepy.....
Place:....I wanna be in my bed right now.

Ohayo Gozimasu everyone! How was your day yesterday? Mine was good. I got through my recital thing last night and Fukai Mori sounded awesome! Everyone was amazed that I played it. I might put it on my site to let you hear it!

Funny things happened yesterday. I'll let you know what happened with an itinerary!

1st Period Orchestra: 8:15 to 10am

We practiced for the concert last night before the actual thing. When we were getting ready to play a song, one of my friends on the cello moved her bow on the string by accident making it sound like a farting noise!! LOL

3rd Period Lit: 10:00am to 11:40

Now this is where the funny things start to happen. We didn't have a teacher to teach us yesterday because she had a family emergency just as class was about to start. Soooo....my crazy ass group of friends want to act the fool. They were throwing a foam football around the room and hitting people in the head and other things. But is wasn't as funny was this. They were making crank phone calls to business and people, not to mention to my Spanish teacher who has issues.

5th Period Piano: 11:45am - 1:00pm

Just practicing for the recital last night.

7th period Spanish 2:

We didn't have a teacher! Hurray! I really didn't feel like having a teacher today.He had to do soemthing with his car or something like that. Well, I was writing my FFVII: Famfic with me in it. I have to write it over becaue other things appeared to me. I'll let you all see it...whenever I get it finished.

Well that was about it. The concert was a success. I sounded great, everything was good! I'll drop by your sites later!

Have a good day!


End of Post: 5:31am EST

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

   Happy Mother's Day!

Time of Post: 10:26am EST
Mood: Happy
Place: at home.

Good morning everyone and a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and would be moms and those who wish they were!

What's everyone planning on doing today? My sis Star and I made my mom breakfast. Only thing it consisted of one huge pancake and a few sauasages along with some black tea. One thing that I'm glad about is that we didn't burn down the kitchen. I prefer to work by myself when cooking because there are so many distractions when try to do so.

Too bad my dad couldn't be here since he's on the job working. Well at least we can have this day to ourselves. I might end up teaching my mom how to play Kingdom Hearts! ^^

Speaking of that, I beat the game! WOOOT!! I took me like 30 minutes to maybe an 1 hour doing so. I also beat the Hades cup in 1 try! I thought I was going to lose a couple of times but luckily my MP lasted. The hardest one was Cloud and Leon. They nearly killed me! But luckily I killed them! hehehe. Now for KH2!

Before I go does anyone know how to put a layout on My O? I've been trying for the longest and it still isn't working. A little help please? I'd appreciate it! Arigato!


End of Post: 10:35am EST

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

2 more weeks!

Time of Post: 1:00pm EST
Mood: neutral
Place: Somewhere in my mind.

Hello and Good afternoon to you all. How is everyone doing? My week went by fine. Wow...only 2 more week till summer break! WHOPPIE!!! NO MORE SCHOOL FOR 12 WEEKS! YES! Why am I celebrating for? I have to go to a summer class for Trig for 6 weeks. T__T Why did I sign up?

Anyway, my week went by good except for one day, but I'll get to that later.

Nothing happened.

Nothing happened...

Practiced for Recital on Monday night.

Thursday: Where things get interesting...

Afternoon, I arrive in the art room as usual, and everyone is croweded around my friend Baku (not really) and Mrs. Dubose or Art Teacher. Come to find out that someone wrote a threating hate letter to him. Why would someone do that. Come to find out that Baka (my friend who wrote it) did it because she thought that he was talking about her being a goth and things like that, but in reality Baku was sticking up for when OTHERS were talking about her.

So....this guy told Baka that people were talking about her and mentioned Baku's name and she just went crazy and wrote a letter containing these words.


I wish that you would go away. Why are you always in people business...

The rest is confidential. And to make matters worse, she wrote down Jo's name (The one who wanted to beat up the 9th grader) and a friend of mine named Guy. So when they found out they were mad as...let me say this...they were just mad

Baka didn't come to school afraid of what people where going to do to her about the letter thing. I practiced my Fukai Mori piece that I'm going to play on Monday for the Spring Concert. It sounds pretty good, but I mess up sometimes in like the middle..luckily I'll get through it.

Nothing much going on except that I'm close to beating Kingdom Hearts. Ansem is a pain! I thought that Riku was when I battled him. But anyway, I hope you all have a good and safe weekend.


End of Post: 1:21pm EST

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Man...this hurts.

Time of Post: 9:39am EST
Mood:...just don't bother me right now...*pain*
Place: Home.

Ohayo Gozimasu Minna-san! How has everyone been? Bet you've probably wondering if I was dead or what happened to me. Well thing is...I've been taking a break because I have so much work and things to do before school gets out that I hardly have anytime to update. I know I haven't visited sites in a while and I'm going to start doing that now.

Anyway, Crazy things have been happening lately or in the past couple of weeks. But I'll tell that some other time. Yesterday I did Community Service at a Park for Trees Atlanta and BoostMoblie Rock Corps, who gave free concert tickets to those who participate. Boy did I have a good time...now I'm kinda regretting it now because my body hurts like mad. I have a few pictures of me doing stupid things and just having fun.

In these pictures I'm the one with the white hat on. I have more pics but I haven't put them on my computer yet. Also we had to move a big, what looks like a 50 foot tree that weighed a ton. We had to have 16 people move it. And boy was that heavy! But also fun. We had saws and made jokes about people having health or life insurance.

"I hope u all have life insurance! Or health for that matter!"

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre!" :XD

Oh yeah, at the park, I had an encounter with Poison Ivy and yeah, my clothes had to be washed immediately. I already had contact with it but luckily I had jeans on and some gloves. The only thing that was exposed was my arms.

I might go down to the hospital today to see my grandma who's down there for surgery on her hip. She's feeling well, but I want to see her before she leaves the hospital.

Well, I'm about to go and do some homework for tomorrow. By the way, how do you all like my Sesshy theme?



End of Post: 9:54am EST

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What a day...

Time of Post: 4:29pm EST
Mood: Alright
Place: Library, 4th Floor

Hello all! How was your day. My day was filled with nothing but drama, but I'll get to that later. Let me talk about other things beside drama. My morning was alright with the exception that I had to wake up when I was in the middle of a good dream. I hate when that happens.

1st Period: Orchestra (8:15 to 9:40)
In orchestra we practiced the Brandenburg Concerto #5. At first when we played it, my god did it suck! But now everything seems to be in order except with the people joning on others and the fact that we can't keep our mouths shut.

Homeroom (9:40 to 10:00am)
We did absolutely nothing in class today. All we do is just be in class and play cards or discuss what's going on in school

Lit/Comp (10:00 to 11:40AM)
Again we hardly did anything except do our projects and things like that.

Piano (Everyday- 11:45 to 1:00)
Again...I did absolutely nothing except skip. Yup, I did...but I checked in class so no one would say I was actually skipping when they saw me else where. I went to the Art room and this is where the drama started....

A Lunch (11:50 to 12:30pm)

Ok...this is where the drama started and I mean it. I came in there and one of my friends was talking about this freshman messing with one of my friends. So I was like 'I know who he is and I already heard about it' So here's where things started to get worse...When others get involved. Everyone knows my friend Khemessis (spellcheck) is nice and doesn't mess with anyone, so some FRESHMAN And yes...I put it in bold. (Not to make anyother ones mad) I just emphasized it. He took her ponytail and slammed her head against the bus not once...but three times. She tried to be nice and not worry about it.

You know when you get flowers as an apology right? Well he did apologize to her but this one really takes it. How about he walks behind her to our 2nd period Chemistry Class right...as soon as she walks through the door he wants to say "By you Black Bitch." I was like....WTF! HE SAID THAT? Then one of our teachers got involved in it and my other friends Joseph,Ryan,Demario, and a whole bunch of others.

So we saw him at lunch and we asked questions and he denied every single one about what she had told us. So I asked him did he call her a what I said before and he said yes, only because she said something to him. (Uh...hello...she doesn't talk to YOU!) So we all started to move away because others thought we were going to fight him. (And we were) So we headed back to the room and started talking about him and how he hurt her.

Man, my friend Jo...he just wanted to knock his ass out! I'm dead serious. Including me, even though I don't interfere with fights. We were all talking about how we were going to get him this afternoon and man...we had made something called the Art Club Mafia. (We're all members of the art club)Anyone mess with anyone of our friends pays dearly...not with their life or nothing.

B Lunch (12:30 to 1:00pm)
Still talking about what happened in A Lunch but we calmed down and played cards and listened to music.

C Lunch (1:00 to 1:30pm)

YAY TIME FOR ME TO EAT! ITAKIMASU! Lunch was a little interesting for me. The food was better than normal and we had people come and sign us up for Community Service Hours in exchange we get a free ticket to a Hip Hop Concert at the Fox. Then a fight broke out. No it wasn't the dude we were after.

Spanish 2 (1:40 to 3:15pm)
Nothing except going over stuff for the test on Friday which I think will be a piece of cake for me. People already ask me do I speak Spanish or if Spanish was my first language! ^^

Afterschool (3:15 to 3:30)

Went back to the art room and yes we're still mad at what happened to our friend. The principal wants to get on the intercom and talk about bullying. He must have told on us since we were defending our friend and making it look as though he was an innocent victim. Hell no.

But seriously...seriously speaking. He looks like one of those people who'll bring a gun to school or try to blow it up. That's why I wasn't going to fight him.

Well I gotta go...homework is calling. NOOOOOO!!! T_T

Have good evening!


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

   Good Easter

Time of Post: 5:37am EST
Mood: Happy
Place: Home

Good morning everyone! How was your Easter? Mine was good although I didn't go to church because I woke up about 10! >_< But I watch some services on TV. My dad had came home from work! YAY! I was happy, and plus he got me a memory card for my PS2! So instead of me using someone else's I can use mine! Remember when I said I was going to finish Kingdom Hearts? Well I still haven't done it. I need to stop. The faster I finish the more I'll be closer to KH2.

Oh yeah, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children comes out on the 25th! HURRAY! I CAN'T WAIT! I heard some of the voices for it and they sound alright. Kadaj sounds cool. I like him. You can look at it through Youtube. I would put it on for you to see but I'm too lazy to.

Anyway, I'm gotta go and get ready for school. I have a whole lot to do today. I only have like about 5 weeks left in school so yeah. I'm having work like crazy!

See ya!


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Hello all!

Time of Post: 9:11am EST
Mood: Hot and sweaty
Place: Home

Hello everyone! How have you been doing? I've been doing a whole lot of things recently, such as work, work, and yeah, more work. Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I should. Things are just been busy.

There have been a few things going on in my life such as college and getting ready for things to end for this school year. I'll be a junior! HURRAY! THAT LEAVES ME ONE STEP CLOSER TO GRADUATING!!! YEAH! ^__________^ But I might have some teachers I dislike, because I asked some Juniors who is the hardest teacher and they said Ms. Stevens the Lit teacher. So yeah...

I've also been practicing stuff for my recital. I have a whole bunch of Anime music and can't thing of which one to play. Help me decide after the post.

Yesterday was a good friday for me. I hope everyone had the same. The only thing that was bad about it was that a fight broke out at the train terminal for me to go home and I got ran over by Police!!! Not only me but a 2 year old! Then when my mom sis and I met up with my friends they told me they were right in front of it. Some teenage girls where messing with some older guys and one of them ended up getting hit upside the head with a beer bottle! O_O

Then when we waited on the train, they told us that this dude was fussing on the train before they got to the main one where the other fight broke out. They said he took out a gun and slid it across to someone. Luckily I wasn't on there and no one got hurt. (Thank God)

Well here's the end of my post. I hope you all have a good Easter!

Anime Songs to Choose from:

Please help me decide which songs I should play for my Piano Recital.

Full Metal Alchemist
2)Wakare no Kyoku

1)My Will
2)Fukai Mori
3)Change the World
4)Fate and Betrayal (Fun song)

Final Fantasy VII
1)World Crisis
2)Aerith's Theme

Kingdom Hearts
1)Dearly Beloved

Neon Genesis Evangelion
1)Cruel Angel's Thesis

1)Sorrow and Sadness (Piano Version)
2)Wind (Violin/Piano part)

Final Fantasy X-2
1)1000 Words (Sen no Kotoba)

I have a whole lot more it's just that I left my folder at school in my locker! ^^' So what do you think. Let me know!


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Friday, April 7, 2006

   I'm back after a long absense!!!

Time of Post: 8:18am EST
Mood: Alright
Place: Home on Spring break.

Hiya everyone! How's everyone doing? I know it's been quiet a while since I've been back on my site. I just sometimes completlely forgot about it! XP You've probably wondering where the hell was I. I just been on Gaia online recently and I just got caught up in it. I was thinking about deleting my site earlier but I decided not to. I'm going to be on much more than I was before. My ranking dropped too. I'm ashamed....

Things have been going good so far in my life. At school we had a basketball game for Seniors vs Teachers and the seniors lost. Pitiful Their score was girls: 13 to 7 and boys: 22 to 9. Yeah...it was pretty fun though. I've been playing Final Fantasy X for a while now. I just got it about a month ago and I'm on the part where you beat Seymore for second time.

By the way...how many of you have Kingdom Hearts 2? I need to get that game! I'm serious! But first I need to finish the first one though. ^^; What else have I been doing? Nothing really besides being in the house sleeping and getting some last minute things in before school starts again. We only have 1 month left before school gets out for the summer! HURRAY!

I'm about go meet my aunt downtown in a few hours so I won't be able to drop by sites today kay. I might be able to later on tonight. Hope you all have a good day!

( n n)

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Friday, March 17, 2006

   I'm still alive!

Time of Post: 9:36am EST
Mood: Happy
Place: At home.

OHAYO GOZIMASU MINNA-SAN! You're probably wondering where I've been. Tell you the truth, it's not that I'm neglecting ya'll or nothing, I've been pretty busy with school and everything. So How has everyone been so far? I've been alright. I was kinda pissed off yesterday at my friend. He was depressed about something and I tried to talk to him and he won't say anything. Then it got to the point when I was about to hit him to make him come out of it.

Right now I'm at home, out of school for teachers planning day. I'm going to try to be on more often then usual. It's just that I've been on Gaia and I've been talking to my friends and doing an RP with them. Mine is alright. I'm still working on my FFVII Fanfic. Yeah...I know I'm behind on that. One of my friends gave me FFVIII! I was sooooo happy.

Kindgom Hearts is a good game. I can't wait till the second one comes out. I've gotten to the last part of the game and I stayed up till 12 playing it. Then for some unknown reason of curiosity, I went to the Colluseum to battle for a cup and there was a sign that said ???? and I entered in it. Not knowing that it was the devil of darkness himself. SEPHIROTH!!! He killed me before the song started! I tried it again and I hit him a couple of times before he killed me.

So yeah, my dad came back for alittle while before he goes back to work. Things have been alot fun when he's around. Not that I don't have a crazy sister and a fun mom around, it's just that he keeps it going. My uncle called yesterday. Something I didn't expect it. It's been a good couple of years since he's called. Man, I need to go and see my folks in Bermuda more often. But plane tickets are sooo freakin' high!

I gotta go. I gotta go and get my shots again. Damn. Well Hope you all get a good weekend. I'll drop by some sites today!


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