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Monday, December 26, 2005

   Good Christmas

Time of Post: 9:18am Eastern
Mood: Just woke up
Place: Somewhere in my mind.

Ohayo gozimasu minna san! How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was excellent. I was literally playing my playstation2 all day. My dad and I were playing Tekken4 and Soul Caliber. I ended up getting my butt kicked literally in Tekken. Here was my reaction


Here is me with Soul Caliber


I kicked his butt with Talim and Kilik, one my two best people. Unfortunately we don't have a memory card, so I can't do it over again.

My mom is still amazed by the small digital camera and takes pictures with it all the time. She even took pictures of us looking like a mugshot pictures. Wish I could show you but I don't know how to get in on here.

I gotta go an make me some breakfast.


Thanks Enigmatic Turk for the card!!

Enigmatic Turk
For the cards and

Egosticial Turk for the holiday cards.
Egosticial Turk Thanks for the Cards

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Chirstmas everyone! How has everyone's morning been? Mine has been fine! I've been up playing my Playstation 2 even though, it's my moms. I didn't get to sleep till 2 this morning because my sister was staying up all night watching Inuyasha, Affections across time and Castle beyond the looking glass. She didn't go to sleep until 5 this morning and then woke up at 7 to open gifts.

My mom recieved a digital camera, so now I can send pictures to my friends and family in Bermuda!!! And maybe put some on my site. Right now I'm sitting here watching Titantic. The part where the boat sinks. For some reason that's my favorite movie.

By the way I recieved something in the mail that qualifies me to be in a pagent. WOW!!! O_____o Me? In a pagent? It's for the title of Miss. Georgia, Jr. Teen. I've never even been in a pagent before. This is a first. I have to send in my applicaiton to see if I can go further, and then they'll let me know later. Well, that's all I have to say. I'm going to finish watching Titanic and then play Tekken 4.



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Saturday, December 24, 2005

   Christmas Eve!!!!

Time of Post: 5:15pm Eastern
Mood: Happy!
Place: In my own mind.

Konbanwa minna san! How is everybody's Christmas eve been? Mine has been alright. I just finished watching a football game and making some graphics for the site. I'm still getting a hang of it. But anywho. I'm glad that I'm out of school. I came out on Thursday, and man it was great. I got my mom a gift also. In my 7th period, my teacher gave us the answers to our test for the 1st 25 questions. Then the test was 101 questions and we only had to do 50.

I might think about staying up tonight. Maybe I can take a sneek peak at my gifts. HEHEHEHEHE. Well, I gotta go. By the way, if anybody needs me to make som graphics for them such as avatars and button, I'll be happy enough to make them, but it's only for a limited time!



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5:21 Eastern

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Friday, December 23, 2005

   I'm finally out of school!

Time of Post: 10:28pm Eastern
Mood: Tired, need sleep
Place: Home

Konbanwa, minna san! Yesterday was my last day of school for this semester! HURRAY! I GET TO SLEEP IN WHEN I WANT! *Throws confetti* Yes...no more waking up at 5 to get to school! Hurray for me! Well, things have been going fine for me as of right now. Yesterday my sis,teacher, and I went to FedEx Kinkos so that I could get my mom a gift....a special one. We stayed there for like an hour downtown so that we can get it done right. By the way if you wanted to know what it was, it's a calander with out baby pictures and other things on there. It looks so KAWAIII!

Anywho, I had to tell my mom that I was going to meet my Art teacher downtown to get my pictures back....I lied, but it was for a good reason. I got downtown, picked up the package and was wondering....How in the hell am I going to sneek in this package with out her noticing? I did anyway...I brought the package home and hid it in my junkie closet! ^_____________^ hehehehe. Later I wrapped it up and put it somewhere. I told her it was a gift for her and she can't open it. But she was trying to blackmail me. She told me that if I wanted to find out what I was getting for Christmas then I have to tell her what it was. I later found out it was a joke....How simple minded I am -______-

Well, my dad stopped by and I asked could I spend sometime with him over the three weeks we have out. He'll let me know sooner or later. I showed him some of the advent children clips from a site today...I want it soooo bad! I wish I could get it as a Christmas gift. My friend Hai, told me that it was good. Right now I'm sitting here watching Kill Bill vol.1 on the O-Ren Ishii part.

I'm trying to make animated Avatars. Can someone help me please? I would very much appreciate it. Well, it's time for me to go to bed. I hope that ya'll have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. If I'm not here I'll ask my sis to update for me!



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Friday, December 16, 2005

   One more week to go!!!

Time of Post: 4:25pm Eastern
Mood: Tired
Place: A happy place in my mind

Hello everyone! Just one more week to go and I'll be free! Thank god. While everyone else will be out of school and have already taken finals. I on the other hand will be in school taking finals. Sucks huh? Well, that's how life is. You can't expect it to go your way.

Well enough about that let me tell you how my day went.

Morning 8:15
Where am I: Orchestra.

1st period wasn't that bad today. We had to practice for the concert that is on Monday, and I mean we sound pretty good. I was asking one of my friends could the play the cello part for Shadow of Doubtfrom Escaflowne, it sounds so nice. I for one love it. Then we practiced some more until the bell rang.

Where am I?: Lit.

Ok, this is where things get funny. Today we were suppose to have a quiz on the book we are reading "Finding Fish" and turns out we have a test on sentence diagramming. Which I hate with a PASSIONPassion with a capital P.Come to find out that nobody passed and it didn't count against us. I looked at the test we had the other day and I knew I didn't do too good, so I'm not going to say anything about that one. Then the rest of the period we were discussing the book.

5th Period

Same place as always at least I only have four days of that class. On thursday, I came into the computer lab and come to find out that all of the intenet cords are gone and the computers are in a line where you can actually see what's going on. I'm like.. O_____O NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I NEED INTERNET! That's why I couldn't post yesterday.

12:55 - 1:30

Spanish 2.

I really didn't do anything in here today except here my teacher talk about the time he use to do stupid stuff in school and things like that. We also had an assignment that was due today on "La Revolution de la mujer" He wanted us to do that because it was an easier way to boost our knowledge of spanish. Then it was time to go.

Now I'm in the library getting ready to go. Tomorrow I have a whole lot of work to do and plus my dad is going to stop by tomorrow.



End of Post: 4:50pm

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Some Randomness

Time of post: 12:45pm Eastern
Mood: Alright
Place: 5th Period

Konnichiwa minna-san! I'm glad to have internet at Home!!!! Finally! We're getting DSL! FASTER INTERNET! YAY! I'm sooooo happy. Everyone is wondering what I'm going to do for Chirstmas and the holiday, and I might stay here awhile and then go with my dad. I need to spend more time with him.

Guess what happened last night....how about my dad pops up out of nowhere and shows up at the house. I woke up when I heard something, then there he was. I was happy! It seems as though when one of your parents is always on the road you tend to miss them alot. So, It's about 12:45 and my dad tells me I have to move my matress to the living room. My room is still looking a mess after moving so my sister and I are living in my mom's room. I was so tired. But then I just went back to sleep. I called the house this morning to tell my mom that I have Orchestra practice and my sis needs to go to the library, so I don't know what to do.... Well, I hope that I can get things done before then.

The concert is next week Monday and I really need to go. My grade depends on it. Not saying that I'm failing Orchestra, but I just need those extra points. But then again I have Friday. Right now I'm listening to this boy singing the Titanic Theme Song and it sounds horrible. He should stick to computers than signing. Well, I gotta go!



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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Time of Post: 12:30pm Eastern
Mood: Happy
Place: Computer Lab

Hello everyone! How's it? Right now I'm starving! *grumbles* I NEED FOOD! Well, lunch will be coming around soon, I hope it comes now cuz I'm starving! *puts head down on desk* Well let me look on the bright side...I'm not anorexic. I can live off my body fat. I'm just bored right now.

Let me see what I have to say today...Oh yeah! I got INTERNET SERVICE!!!! HURRAY! NOW I CAN GO ON THE O AS LONG AS I LIKE! Well, not that long but you know. I was finally happy! I talked to a couple of friends last night. I just realized, I'm never going to get any sleep after this.

Chirstmas is around the corner! YAY! The time of giving. This time means that I have FINALS. Damn them. Well, I guess you can't learn unless you fail once in a while. Not saying that I'm gonna fail but I'm going to study.

Nothing much to really say except that I'm hungry and bored. Someone give me a cookie!!!!!


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Monday, December 12, 2005

One more week of hell and then Heaven!!!

Time of Post: 12:30pm Eastern
Mood: Ready for Christmas.
Place: Computer Lab (5th Period)

Konnichwa minna-san! How has everyone been doing lately? Christmas is only 2 weeks away! HURRAY! Next week I get out of school. I should be out this week, but the school system changed the calender. Well, the only thing I have to worry about it one more week of HELL! Then I need to take finals for Christmas, I'm gonna have to study for the first time in my school career. It seems as though when I don't study I pass, but when I do study, I end up with less than I would do if I didn't. Strange ne?

My dad came back on Saturday for a little while and acted a nut. I miss him so much! I'm gonna see if my mom will let me spend the holidays with my dad when he comes back for Christmas. I have sooooooooo much on my list of things that I want. Doesn't mean that I'm going to get them. Maybe some of them.

Well, what else happened. Nothing much except for my dad coming home and I'm finally getting phone service, so I can talk to my friend who lives in Michigan. Now I REALLLY miss him. He graduated last year. He makes me laugh so much.

This morning I put my hair in a style today. I did Tomo's from Rurouni Kenshin and my sis said that I look like her....somewhat, only if my hair was longer.

Well, I have to go before my class gets me in trouble!



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12:39 pm

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

   Crazy Thrusday!!!!!

Time of Post: 5:00pm Eastern
Mood: Alright
Place: Library

Konbanwa Minna-san! Man, today was crazy and when I mean crazy I mean it. First of all let me tell you how my day started out. I woke up this morning feeling fine. Better than I did yesterday. When it's time to go out of the house. I'm walking down the stairs with my Hello Kitty slippers saying "What the hell am I do with Hello Kitty Slippers going to school!?" I immediately went back in the house to put on my boots. What was I thinking this morning.

Afterschool, there was no Art Club meeting so I caught the bus. And while I'm on the bus, people want to fight and things like that. Could things get any worse? I was absolutley right. When the school kids got on the train things went crazy. All hell broke loose. People were screaming in each others faces and things like that. I was telling my sister and the others to move to the other side of the train before things got any worse. Then the conductor had to call the police and everyone went to the other cart.

Then afterwards came back to the front car and things went their way after that. I'm going to get home later because of them. Tomorrow I have a social studies project that is due and I'm trying to get it all completed tonight. I hear people say that it's going to be sleeting tonight and I wonder if school is out tomorrow? (Prays) Well, that's all for today!



End post: 5:13pm Eastern

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Life in General.

Time of Post: 4:17pm Eastern Time
Mood: Miserable as Hell
Place: Library, a.k.a Hangout

Konnichiwa Minna-san! O genki desu ka? Me? I feeling miserable because of this cold that I have and it is driving me crazy! I can't breathe and more over my body aches. Well, I'll get over it soon, it's just that I hate the first couple of days you have a cold. It sickens me. I'm about to change my site around again. I love the blue Sesshy but It's time for a new.

Let's see what is happening tomorrow? Oh yeah, I have a computer program that is due on tomorrow which I have done but haven't showen it. I'm suppose to be in the Science Fair, but I had to change some stuff on my board. I also have another board that is due on Friday, which I'm trying to complete today. Then I have 2 test on Friday and things like that. I already took a test on Islam today and passed with an 80% and then took some more notes on it and about Africa for World History.

I have to go home and do a whole lot tonight. I'm going to do it while I was America's Next Top Model. My school is just a gossip place. We talk about everything that happened. I think I told you about what happened to my friend Vicky. Well incase I didn't, she was in jail for something. She's the one that keeps us informed about things in the celebrity world.

Christmas is just around the corner! Halleujah! But the thing is that we get out 2 days before Christmas! I know that many of you get out about a week before but not this time. I'm stuck in school for another week one 4 days. This really sucks. Well, I got an hour before I get back home!



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