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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Hello ALL!!!!

Time of post:12:07 pm Eastern
Mood: I feel sick.
Place: 5th Period

Konnichiwa minna-san! I'm sorry that I can't visit your sites as much as I use to. My computer at home still doesn't have internet nor do we have phone service. Yeah it sucks. Things have been going alright with me. I've been going to the library for thee past couple of days to get my social studies project done, the last REAL threat to my grade.

My World history teacher is cool, but you have to work really, and I mean really hard for your grade. Now I have this chemistry project is due before we get out of school in 2 weeks O_O I can't wait that long. We get out about 3 days before Christmas. Usually we get the week off before Christmas. Maybe because we got to school late this year. 5th period is starting to get better, me on the other hand is feeling not so well, that I am not. I just had the flu a couple of weeks ago, I don't need it again!

Next week I'm gonna have to stay behind afterschool for the Christmas concert the school is having and the Orchestra has to play. I'm gonna have so much fun. I've improved a lot since then. I have to take my instrument home to practice. Well, I'm gonna have to go, I have a class going on!



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Friday, December 2, 2005

   Yay! December!!!

Time of Post: 4:30 pm
Mood: Tired, just got out of school.

Konnichiwa minna-san! O-genki desu ka? Me. Well I'm doing alright. Things have been going along well over the past couple of days. School is getting a bit easier now that the Holidays are coming closer. I have a project that has to be done on monday for my computer class, and then I have to do over my science project with the help of my teacher. Then I have a social studies project that is due on the 8/9 of this month.

I'm listening to Shiki no Uta from Samurai Champloo. One of the Art Clubs graduates came back and told us how school is and everything. Fred showed us some of the art work and just by looking at it..... I feel a little small.....nope....I feel like that He's this giant orge and I'm a small little peasent girl who is just looking up at him. But that means I have to do my very best to do everything I can. Otherwise in that. I'm thinking about going to Art school instead of going to a traditional college. That's what I'm thinking about right now.

But I'm thinking about doing Internation Business too. What to do. I may just take up art school. Who knows, I maybe the next Akira Toriyama! It's good to dream. Makes me feel happy about my self.

Well, what else has gone on...oh yeah, Yesterday, the Academy students watched a film on drunk driving and things like that. It was good. After the film I told my friend Calandra that I can't hang around her anymore because she takes drugs. Although I was playing with her.

My friend Vicky came back after 2 week abscence. I was beginning to wonder what happened to her. I know what happened but that's confidential. Well, I gotta finish my homework. I'll catch ya'll some time!

Ja mata!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Time of post: 5:25pm
Mood: Happy

Konbanwa Minna-san! How has everyone been doing? I'm been doing fine. School has been great. The worst thing about it is I get out about 3 days before Christmas. O_o? hUh? Don't they have it backwards? Well, it's not me. I hope that everybody's thanksgiving was a good one. This is just a quick post just to update you on what's going on.

Let me say this. Ummm...when you come back from Thanksgiving aren't your Teachers suppose to ask you about how it is that you are doing and what did you did right? But noooooo.....my 5th period teacher wants to be a bitch about things. 5 week exams. I didn't pass. I don't know why but I wasn't there a whole week because of the Flu, and then he told me that's not my problem. I swear that sometimes, teachers can be bipolar. Be happy the next and then wants to yell at you for stuff. That's why I'm never going to be one. Well, that's all for today. I'm gonna see if I can update as much as possible now.

Right now I'm listenin to It's Gonna Rain MP3 from Rurouni Kenshinand I'm looking for colleges to go to for International Business.

Well see ya!


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back from Thanksgiving break~

Time of post: 12:13pm Eastern.
Mood: Tired, but ok.

こんにちは みなさん! いかにしているか。

I'm doing fine this week. No school for 3 days. Now that's the life. Well, I was kinda disappointed that my dad couldn't make it back for Thanksgiving. I think that my Grandma told me he was caught in a snow storm and couldn't make it. Well, it couldn't have been helped. Besides my mom sis and I were having soooo much fun anyway.

Here is just a time line of what I did.

Wednesday (水曜日):

Did absolutley nothing, except watch some Anime movies, my dad had lying around the house somewhere. Did some homework.

Thursday (木曜日):

THANKSGIVING! Now here's what I did. I woke up around 3 in the morning because we have airplanes flying to the airport (Why did we have to live here?) Then went back to sleep. Then I woke around 7 and started to get the turkey done! MY FIRST ONE! My mom recorded me and my sister acting a fool. (愚か)

Then we got the stuffing that goes to it and then mixed it with Italian meat. It was yummy, then we started with the Collard Greens and everything else. Let me stop, I'm already hungry as it is. (Drools)

Ok then after that we went to Micky D's and got some ice cream and then went to my Aunts house, which is just a 5 to 10 minute walk. Then we sat down and watched the football game. I also played with my cousin. He had Budokai 2 and I wanted to see if I could beat him. Eventually I did, after about 16 times because he kept cheating with Goku's Kamehamea. Then we went back home and watched the Matrix. Then played around for a bit and went to sleep around 9.

Friday: 金曜日

Again did nothing except get my hair pressed and stuff.


Around 3 this morning my dad wants to come home! HURRAY! Then he left this morning and said he'll be back. I miss him alot. Now I'm at the library doing work for me and helping my sister.

Well, I gotta go and finish some work, so you guys have good weekend!


~Shadow 影

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Friday, November 18, 2005

   TGIF!!! Thank God it's FRIDAY! (Two more days till out for Thanksgiving!)

Time of Post: 4:55pm Eastern
Mood: Very Happy.

こんにちは みなさん! 御元気ですか? (In case you didn't understand, I was saying the usual things before I start my post)

Today is Friday! HURRAY! I know that I was feeling kinda in the dumps this week because of...I don't know, maybe it just hormones. I mean they really can get to you. Well, now I'm feeling fine. I've just been doing stuff recently and it's making me a happier person.

One reason that I'm going to be happy is because my dad is coming home for Thanksgiving! Hurray! So happy. On the other hand I'm kinda sad because well.....my cousin Tyrique's daddy died on Monday. I knew that he wasn't feeling to good. I thought that he was going to be out of the hospital soon...but I guess not.


Ok, back to where I was...Oh yeah, next week I have test and test. I took three this week, so that only leaves, three more. I have seven classes total but I go to 5th period everyday. Christmas is only next month! Yes, I can get an allowence on what I want (hopes so) Well, right now I'm at the library just until 5:30 then I'm headed straight home.

Does anybody know when Advent Children will be out? I want to know, I want to see it so badly!!!!!!! If so please tell me.

In orchestra, we're starting on Christmas music. Me, I just play anything I feel like. I was playing a Violin part to Wind (Naruto Ending)and a few other animes. They sound alright but I'm getting there.

Well, I'm gonna go head and go. I want to get home before it gets any colder.



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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Time of Post: 4:30pm Eastern
Mood: Tired.

Konbanwa, minna-san! Right now I'm very tired and agitated. I want to go to sleep. School was alright today. The reason why I'm miserable today is because I went to bed late last night because I had to finish my Project board for Science, and then it was raining last night and I wanted to stay in my bed. I'm just not feeling myself today.

Right now I'm at the school doing my Science/Math project and I want to go home. My sis is downstairs giving a friend of mine a massage. I need one. I'm just sooooooo fucking miserable. I want to go to sleep. I want to just leave all of these tests alone and just go somewhere where test don't exist.

I just want to go home to my house, get my homework done and relax. I'm not going to stress myself out anymore so I'm going to just take a few minutes to take a break.


Ok, now I'm feeling better. Sorry about that. Projects just make me so stressed out. Well, enough of my depressing story today. I'm gonna go home now.

Ja mata


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Week.

Time of Post: 12:24pm Eastern
Mood: Ok.

Konnichiwa minna-san! How is everyone? I know that school is really bothering me right now. I have a project that is due tomorrow with the board and everything. Then I have another one for math that's due before we get out for out 3 days of Thanksgiving holiday! CAN'T WAIT!

Gomen nasai for not coming to your sites. I've been busy with all of this stuff that it's giving me a freakin' headache and I mean it. Hopefully by then I'll be able to be on the internet at home, so that I can talk to my friends who are probably wondering if I'm still alive. (To Friends : In case you are reading this I'm still alive!)

I've finally made my little Sesshoumaru Shrine! It took me a while to figure out how to make a web layout using Paint Shop. I'll let you know when I'll get it up on the internet as soon as I can. Well, nothing much to really say now except that I'm starting to miss ya'll. I'll let ya'll know the details later.

Ja mata!


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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sick week....Literally

Time of Post: 6:00pm Eastern
Mood: Alright, feeling much better.

Konbanwa minna-san! Man, it's been awhile since I've posted. I posted on Tuesday, but apparently it didn't get through. Last week I was feeling a little under the weather. Well, actually I had the flu! THE FREAKIN' FLU! ALREADY! IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER! Well, I was so tired and muggy last week and man, I'm glad I didn't go to school.

Well, let me tell you what happened during last week.

Tuesday: Out of school, went to the library with sister and mom, sooooo sick.


Got up at regular time but then my mom told me to go back to bed because I didn't look too well and my cheeks were turning a bright pink, and that means that I'm sick. So I stayed home, mom went with sister and dropped her at school. Went back to sleep at 6 and then woke back up at 7 thinking I had slept till 9. (I hate daylight savings) Mom, came back and I was watching DVDs and playing games. Let's see what else happened. Oh yeah, my dad came back. O____O I wasn't expecting that. He asked me why was I doing here and I told him. Then he left, at home alone! Then my mom came back at 7, because the train was stuck on tracks for 15 minutes.

Thursday & Friday: Same thing happened but on Thursday, the school was serving authentic Chinese food! T_____T I want some. Not fair.

Now I'm feeling way better than I did last week, even though I missed out on a lot last week. I have a whole bunch of work that is going to be kicking my ass for the next week. Well, I gotta go, I'm at the library and it's time to go home.

Ja mata!


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Monday, November 7, 2005

   Crazy Monday....not even Friday yet.

Time of Post: 12:30pm Eastern
Mood: Sick, want to go home.

Konnichiwa minna-san! It's been almost 2 weeks since I've updated *cough* I'm not feeling my best today and I need to go home and go to sleep. I should have done that because I'm *cough* feel hot and tired. All of a sudden, I've caught something. I haven't done anything that would make me sick.

Well, let me tell you how my weekend was going.

Woke up, no Tv, can't watch Yu-gi-oh. Can someone tell me what happened? I had to finish my research paper for class today and did some of it but was erased from my computer for no apparent reason. Went over to my Aunt's house and she wanted us to clean the yard. Did some of that and the driveway. (huge by the way) Watched TV for a little bit, and then wanted to play Sonic, but my cousin lost it and we had to look for it. Didn't find it.


Went back over to my cousins house to help my sis get her project done, helped with the yard again. Now my arms and legs are hurting, plus my stomach. I never thought I had these muscles until I did some work of raking, sweeping, and picking up trash in the yard.

Now let me tell you what had happened this morning that had me pissed.


Woke up around 5 in the morning as usual *cough* Got my stuff together and things like that. Left, caught the bus. Got to the Train station and then on the Train, to find out that my sister had lost her purse. Great. We rode all the way to the main station and asked to call the bus driver if he had seen a Baby Phat purse on the windowsil of the bus.

But unfortunately they couldn't reach him so we had to go all the way back to the station when we left the bus, then wait for a whole hour to find my mom looking for us. *trouble*

Went back to school, had to climb big hill, and came to class around 9:45. I wasn't actually mad, I was just upset, because I kept telling her to keep her stuff together. Well, I was kinda happy because I didn't turn in my research paper!

Looks like I gotta go!

Ja mata~


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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Moving....I hate it

Time of Post: 12:15pm Eastern
Mood: Ready to go to sleep.

Konnichiwa minna-san! I had just moved in my new apartment yesterday, and on Halloween. I hate moving. It really makes me irritable. I can't ever find anything when we move. Sucks. Luckily, we'll be moving again during the summer, that way I won't have to be looking for my school work or books. Well, How is everyone? Good.

Daylight savings time. Hate it. I can't stay out like I use to. I have to be home around 5 now. It's not that I go with friends, but I have to go to the library which is downtown then I have to catch a train (Which I miss 50% of the time) then catch the bus (Which I miss 25% of the time) And it takes around 30-45 minutes just to get home. Oh well, I can't wait till my day off next week or Thanksgiving holiday!

Entertainment systems are evil and dangerous. Why do I say that? Um...let see, yesterday I was bruised by moving it all over the place. The Dvd Player knocked my knee which has a black bruise on it. I had to fix it up yesterday...sooooo many wires, soooo many plugs where to put them all. But this afternoon hopefully I'll be able to completely fix it, unless my dad comes back and does it. We're suppose to be getting Direct TV! YAY! Does AnimeNetwork come on there?

Halloween wasn't like I had expected yesterday. I got candy, but, it just wasn't like when I was back in Bermuda and my friends would go around pranking people. (Not the Tepeeing of the house or egg throwing) But just scaring people half to death. Some went to this thing called the 13th Floor. It is 13 floors of horror, dogs chase you, trap doors, zombies chasing after you, gory atmosphere and did I mention traps. I had a couple of friends that had gone there and were scared like hell.

I wouldn't have even made it past the 5th floor, let alone 13.

I GOT A NEW LAPTOP YESTERDAY! HURRAY! IT'S ABOUT TIME. Now all I have to do is wait on phone service and I'll have internet! YES! Now I can come on as much as I want! My sis got a Gameboy Advance SP with the new brighter screen. I'm glad she got one because she loves to take mine. All I need now is my own PS2, and I'll be fine.

Wow, this has turned into a long post. I'm gonna have to leave now. Sorry if I can't stop by sites for a while! Please forgive me.


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