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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   School is torture..-_-

TIME WRITTEN: 10:21pm, Wednesday
MOOD: Tired....

My friend came over yesterday. We were mostly just wokring on her forum and then later on I was showing her some fan art(mostly of Inuyasha) and she liked alot of them.She's not realy an anime fan but we watched some of parts of the 1st Inuyasha movie and she did seem to like it and she thought the anime was like Harry Potter lol. =)

I watched Yugioh on Saturday and I was REALY surprised. They showed half of Yugioh the Pharaoh's Memory opening theme song and of the Yugioh KC Grand Prix opening theme song together. O_o it was realy weird...and it kinda sucked since the Japanese version of Yugioh the Pharaoh's Memory opening/ending theme songs are the best songs in YGO.-_-

My payed website domain www.kiokunosekai.com now works.So if you visit my website please change your bookmarks, links, etc. to that.^_^ I'm realy glad I can finnaly use that domain. =)

I started school on Tuesday and it was kinda boring on the first day but today I got homework in almos tevery class.-_- I sure do miss sleeping until the middle of the afternoon. =( I can't wait till it's the weekend hehe. ^_^

Hope you all have a good day.


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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   Thanks for 14,000 Visits!

TIME WRITTEN: 9:51pm, Friday
MOOD: Not sure...

Thanks for over 14,000 visits everyone. ^_^ I'm glad I got this many visits now.

Well, nothing too good happened today. I posted 2 new wallpapers so if you wanna see them go ahead. They are of Naruto and Bleach.

I may I go rent The Ring 2 today and one of my friends might come over later.I can't wait to talk to her.She started High School.
Hmm..well, I can't realy think of anything else that I did today so I'll just end the post here.

See ya later guys!


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Friday, September 2, 2005

   Exciting News!

TIME WRITTEN: 10:34pm, Thursday
MOOD: Realy Happy

Yay I got a chance to update.^_^ I've got some exciting news for all of you.Some of you may already know it but for thoes of you who don't, I think you'll like it aspecialy if your a Yugioh or Naruto fan.

Well, today I asked my mom if she could buy me the new Shonen Jump magazine for Septmber but when she came back and I looked at the cover and Naruto instead of Pharaoh Atem was on it and when I looked at the date it said October 2005.O.o I was like, "WOW". They usualy release the magazines for the new month on the last week of the month. This is realy weird and early for them to release the October issue and plus I do need the September SJ issue.

Now for the good news. :)

The 5th Yugioh season which I think is the KC Grand Prix in the Japanese version where Kaiba hosts another tournament will be coming sometime this month and that includes Yugioh Pharaoh's Memory(Millenium World) . :D Heh I kinda quit watching Yugioh since it ended in Japan since there was no point in watching Yugioh dubbed when I already saw all of the episodes in japanese with english subs. I might watch the first Yugioh Pharaoh's memory episode for the heck of it to see what it's like. ;)

In the October issue they showed the dub voice actors for Naruto.I already knew about them like a week ago but for thoes of you who don't here's the list.

Naruto-Maile Flanagan
Sakura-Kate Higgins
Sasuke-Yuri Lowenthal
Kakashi-Dave Wittenberg
Iruka-Quinton Flynn
Zabuza-Steve Blum
Hokage-Stever Kramer
Choji-Robbie Rist
Hinata-Stphanie Sheh
Ino-Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Shikamaru-Tom Gibis

There's also an awesome Naruto contest in the magazine.

In the September issue SJ interviewed Masashi Kishimoto the creator of Naruto and in there is the answer to the question that's in the magazine to win the prizes which are:

-1 Grand Prize Winner will win an original Naruto drawing by the creator of Naruto with your name scribled on the drawing, plus a $100 Hot Topic Gift Card.

-4 Runner Up prizes: A $25 Hot Topic Gift Card .

Well, that's all for the news.Hope you enjoyed it all.

My mom also bought one of thoes Hair Straighteners to straighten my hair a little and I love it. :-D I also got one of thoes payed hosts for my website Kioku no Sekai and in about 1-2 days I'll have a payed domain for it too which will be www.kiokunosekai.com but the current URL is www.matsuo.hostultra.com so please change all of your links, bookmarks, etc to that for now.

See you all later


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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

TIME WRITTEN: 10:30pm, Tuesday
MOOD: Not too happy...

Sorry for not updating in a long time.I realy can't update here and visit all of your sites anymore. I'm mostly bussy with updating my other website and forum and working on other sites I'm a staff member on. :-/

Well, besides all of that the third Inuyasha Movie, Swords of an Honorable Ruler(Tenka Hadou No Ken) will be coming out on DVD next Wednesday dubbed in english.I don't know why I'm so excited about it..heh probably because I wanna hear Inu-Papa's english voice and probably because it'll be uncut. :D The part I don't like about it though is that it comes out on the day I start school.-_- Oh well, I got over $100 so I will deffenetly be spending some of it on the DVD and the new Shonen Jump magazine.The SJ front cover of Pharaoh Atem from Yugioh looks awesome. ^_^

I got around to changing my site theme..and probably my last site theme for a while.

I probably wont update here again for a while unless I got something interesting to say or something.If you would still like to talk to me I got AIM,MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messengers.If you want to know my screen name on one then please PM me or you could join my forum here. There's always something interesting going on there.~_^

Well, this'll be all for today.

See ya latter guys!


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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   Finnaly Updating!

TIME WRITTEN: 10:25pm, Wednesday
MOOD: Happy

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates.Been bussy for the last couple of days.

On Monday I went to go buy my school stuff and I bought almost everything except for my Gym shirt and yesterday I went to get my school schedule.I don't realy like my school schedule this year but hopefuly it wont be as bad when I start school soon which I can't believe will be so soon.-_-I wish summer could last a bit longer.

I posted some new wallpapers and E-cards a couple of days ago, hope you all like thoes. =)

Big thanks to Inuyasha311 and Karumichan for posting alot in my forum yesterday. They sure have made my forum realy active along with other good members. ^_^ If your not a member yet then you should join and start having some fun there.~_^ Click here if you would like to join.

Oh and I also changed the layout on my site, Kioku no Sekai.What do you guys think of it?

Well, this is all for now.I'll try changing my theme here soon if I don't forget about it.

See you all later.


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Friday, August 19, 2005

   I'm back!

TIME WRITTEN: 10:35pm, Thursday
MOOD: Happy

I'm finnaly back from my trip to Europe and now I can start posting here again.I sure did miss this place and some other sites I usualy visit.The trip was pretty nice except it got a little boring at the last couple of weeks.I took a french airplane called Air France to Paris in France for my other airplane and yeah I did spend a little time in Paris before my next flight to Croatia where I spent most of my vacation time with my family.I got to see alot of old friends and fsmily.

I came back to the US on Wednesday night and it does feel good to be back.

I got a letter from my school before I came back saying when I'll have to go to pick up my schedule and that's August 24th I think.

I saw on TV that The Grudge 2 is already released on DVD.As I mentioned in my last post I saw somewhere The Grudge 2 was just released in japanese.Didn't think it was gonna be released this soon in the US.Anybody know if it was out in theaters already?I might go rent or maybe buy it tommorow.

So, anything new happen here while I've been gone?^_^ I might be able to visit you all later today if I have time.

See you all later.


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Sunday, July 10, 2005

   Going on Vacation

TIME WRITTEN: 8:03pm, Saturday
MOOD: Kinda sad and happy

Sorry for not updating a couple of days ago..didn't realy feel like it, but this might be my last post for a while.I'll tell you why later in the post.

I went to rent The Ring DVD.It was pretty freaky, alot like The Grudge, and speaking of The Grudge..I realy wan't to get myself The grudge 2 DVD that's out in Japan.I'm not sure if there's one in the US.My mom didn't let me order some Inuyasha DVD's a couple of days ago.I wanted to get the 4th Inuyasha movie DVD and another Inu DVD adnd they're realy cheap too.-_-

Now about the posting for a while.I will be going to Europe tommorow to visit my friends and family and I won't be back until August 18.By the time I come back it will already be close to going back to school so notsure if I'll ge to update alot when I come back, but I'm pretty sure I will for a couple of days.I'll miss you all while I'm gone.

Hope you all have a good summer and se you when I get back.


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Thursday, July 7, 2005


TIME WRITTEN: 12:27am, Wednesday

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Nothing interesting happened today.I was mostly on some forums and chatting with people on AIM.

I decided to make the Naruto Fan Club it's own account. Click here to go to the site if your a Naruto fan club member.

Speaking of Naruto here's some more info about the Naruto debut in the US.

One of the most highly anticipated American anime broadcast network TV debuts in recent history has been given a confirmed date. The Naruto anime series first American dubbed episode will air Saturday September 10th at 9:00PM as part of the Cartoon Network Toonami block. Following episode 1, episode 2 of the series will air directly after at 9:30PM meaning Naruto will kick off with a one hour display. Cartoon Network will then repeat the full hour at 10:00PM. On Saturday September 17th the Naruto anime series will settle in to its normal broadcast timeslot of 9:00PM. Of course it is important to check your local listings especially in the Central timezone so you don't miss out on Naruto as it first airs! Following the regular time for Naruto will be One Piece and Bo-bobo.
Source: NarutoFan.com

I wish I could see atleast one of the Naruto dub episodes to see what it's like, but since I got bad cable I can't so I'll have to either download some episodes or buy the uncut DVD's in December.

As you may have noticed I changed some stuff on my site now.Hope you all like it.Also, check out some of the new stuff I have posted on my DeviantART account.

Have a good day everyone.


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Tuesday, July 5, 2005


I hope all of you had a good 4th of July.Me and my dad went to the park to watch the fireworks, the ending is always the best.^_^

Well, besides all that my mom and dad's friends came over today and stayed for a while.My parents went to the store and my mom bought me the new Shonen Jump issue and also some great ice cream for me and my brother.

I'm gonna ask my mom if she let's me order some Inuyasha DVD's later, because I'm realy bored without my sattelite and stuff.

Nothing else happened.Here are some graphics I made today and yesterday.Please tell me what you all think.

4th of July Photo Manipulation

My DeviantART ID of Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Vector

Yeah, I'm kinda obsessed with Ayumi Hamasaki right now.My next theme might be of her.

Hope everyone had a good day.


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Monday, July 4, 2005

   Happy 4th of July!

TIME POSTED: 10:12pm, Sunday

I went over to a friends house with my parents yesterday and we stayed there until 3:00am so I didn't get to update.I did have some fun at my friends house though.We went to the park and there were lots of good rides and fun stuff to do.It was like a 4th of July weekend thing.When we went back to her house there was some great food to eat, mostly meat lol.While she was on the computer I got to watch Samurai Champloo for the first time and it's not bad.Reminds me alot of Rurouni Kenshin.I also got to watch a new episode of Inuyasha and I'am realy glad I did.It was the episode where Inuyasha cried.I always did wanna watch that episode in english.^_^Now I want my sattelite back even more.They're finnaly showing all of the good Inuyasha episodes and I realy wanna see Bankotsu.-_-Oh well..guess I'll have to wait for the DVD's wich won't be for like 5 months or something.

I didn't do much today.I was on the PC for most of the day.

I'm hoping to go to the park today to watch the fireworks for forth of july.

I'm not realy in a good mood..just having some problems, mostly with my boyfriend..meh..I just don't wanna talk about it right now.-_-

Have a good 4th of July everyone.


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