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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   School is torture..-_-
TIME WRITTEN: 10:21pm, Wednesday
MOOD: Tired....

My friend came over yesterday. We were mostly just wokring on her forum and then later on I was showing her some fan art(mostly of Inuyasha) and she liked alot of them.She's not realy an anime fan but we watched some of parts of the 1st Inuyasha movie and she did seem to like it and she thought the anime was like Harry Potter lol. =)

I watched Yugioh on Saturday and I was REALY surprised. They showed half of Yugioh the Pharaoh's Memory opening theme song and of the Yugioh KC Grand Prix opening theme song together. O_o it was realy weird...and it kinda sucked since the Japanese version of Yugioh the Pharaoh's Memory opening/ending theme songs are the best songs in YGO.-_-

My payed website domain www.kiokunosekai.com now works.So if you visit my website please change your bookmarks, links, etc. to that.^_^ I'm realy glad I can finnaly use that domain. =)

I started school on Tuesday and it was kinda boring on the first day but today I got homework in almos tevery class.-_- I sure do miss sleeping until the middle of the afternoon. =( I can't wait till it's the weekend hehe. ^_^

Hope you all have a good day.


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