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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It was warm today and we haven't gotten snow for like 2 weeks now.^_^
Today is my last day of Spring Break.I'm going back to school tommorow.

How do you guys like some of the changes around theOtaku?I think they're ok.
For thoes of you who haven't noticed some of the changes yet.I'll tell you some I've noticed.

Let's start out with the E-Cards.If you entered your email and real name in your "Edit Profile" then when you wanna send an e-card to a friend it will already be filled out for you in the boxes where you put your name and email.
You can also leave a comments on someones E-Card.I was always wondering when they'll let us be able to leave comments on people E-Cards.
It also let's you select what kind of border you wan't.A solid one or a dotted one.

The comment boxes for the fan works and site news are different now.You can preview your comment before you submit it.
You are able to report a comment now too instead of just deleting it.
And under your name it gives you a rank like member, senior member etc. I'm not exactly sure what all of the ranks are.

They added some more better rules.Click here to read them and I think everyone should.It doesn't take that long.

That's all of the stuff I remember seing that's new and I wrote it all because I'am just bored and I felt like making the post more interesting to read, since my last couple of posts were kinda boring.

I also downloaded Photoshop CS, but I suggest if you have Photoshop 7 then don't download PS CS.They are exactly thesame thing.xD!^^

Hope you all had a good day.


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Monday, March 28, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I hope you all had a good Easter.I kinda did.I got to eat some eggs and stuff lol.^_^

Sorry for not visiting all of you yesterday again, but thanks to everyone who's still visiting me even when I don't get to your site alot.^_^

Many of you wanted to see a theme of Tsunade and I might do a theme of her next, but for now it's a Sasuke theme, because it got themost votes yesterday.

Welcome, gaarashukaku, archerchick11, Haruko lone fox, and froku to the Naruto Fan Club.
Sorry for welcoming all of you so late.

Hope you all have a good day.


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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Me and my mom colored some Easter eggs today.It was ok, but they didn't turn out that good.

I bought a new Beckett Anime magazine.It had some neat stuff in it.

I think I'll change my theme again.I don't realy like this Jiraiya theme, but I'm not realy sure to what I should change it to.So I'am gonna let you guys pick.

These are your choices.


Kid Gaara...so cute!!^o^

Hope you all had a good weekend.


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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Made by my friend on a Naruto forum.Click on it for a full size.

Nothing much happened yesterday.I'm on spring break finnaly.I will go back to school on Wednesday I think...

Sorry for not getting to anyones sites yesterday.I'll try to visit some of you today.

I made a couple of graphics today.I'm gonna post them here to make the post more interesting since I don't have anything else to talk about.

Made for a friend.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

At school the staff played against the basketball team(The students) and the basketball team won.
Sorry for not updating for a while now.I kinda lost interest in TheOtaku for some reason..

I was able to change the layout on my Yugioh/Naruto website.It's ten times better then the last.Click here to see it and please tell me what you think.
It took me until 3:00am to finish it, but atleast it was worth it.

I'am a graphics designer on KyubiNetwork.It's a great Naruto website.The other webmaster said he will make my account tommorow.And you do get to request graphics there and I'm not the only one who does graphics there so forgive me if I don't get to do your request, but feel free to request stuff there.^_^

I posted some new Naruto wallpapers today, so feel free to check them out.

EDIT:Thanks for 600 guest book entries.


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Sunday, March 20, 2005

MOOD: Tired/Sick

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'am still not feeling well.I realy hate this cold, but thank god it's the weekend.

I just made a couple of graphics today and watched some boring TV.
I also changed the theme to Gaara.

I'm just bored so I'll make this post short.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


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Friday, March 18, 2005


Sorry for not updating for a while.I got that stupid cold again.I realy gate it.>.<
Nothing interesting happened in school.

I made a new animated picture for the Naruto Fan Club.It's below this post.Take a look at it if you wan't.

Welcome, ShadowHimura13, Pendance, shippo-souten and trunkssj6 to the Naruto Fan Club!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

EDIT:Thanks a bunch to everyone who gave me over 10,000 visits.^o^I realy appreciate it.


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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Not to happy

Sorry for not updating yesterday.I guess school was exausting.I slept for like 6 hours when I came home and by the time I woke up it was past the time for me to update here.

Well nothing much happened today.I did some graphic requests.
I decided to change the theme early this time.I didn't realy like the old layout to much.I have also removed my friends buttons for now, because I'm making some changes around my site.

Welcome, me luv fujisaki to the Naruto Fan Club!

I posted 2 new wallpapers yesterday, and now I'll leave you all with some avatars I made a couple of hours ago.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us


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Friday, March 11, 2005


Nothing fun happened today.I finished making my own word puzzle today in computers class.I might scan it later for you all to do it if you wan't.
I got my Math test back and I did alot better than I thought I would, but it wasn't that good.

That new japanese Naruto episode was pritty good yesterday.I still need to watch the new Yugioh GX episode, and get screenshots for my ygo/naruto website.

Sorry for not getting to all of your sites and I still need to return some guest book signatures.

I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Ja matte Ne!


Just a little sig I made when I was bored...

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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Screenshot from, "The Grudge."

I realy liked watching, "The Grudge" yesterday.It's just my type of movie.I realy liked all of the japanese stuff.^o^

Nothing fun happened in school.I finished my Math test, and I finnaly got my Science test back.I got a C- on it.Parent/Teacher confrences are coming up soon, and this time they're gonna be realy bad, because last time me and my parents just had to talk with my homeroom teacher, but this time we will hafe to talk with my homeroom, science, and math teachers...it woen't be pritty at all.-_-

I got to download japanese Naruto episode 125 and Yugioh GX episode 23, and I'm about to go watch them now.^o^

Ja Matte Ne!


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