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Friday, August 19, 2005

   I'm back!
TIME WRITTEN: 10:35pm, Thursday
MOOD: Happy

I'm finnaly back from my trip to Europe and now I can start posting here again.I sure did miss this place and some other sites I usualy visit.The trip was pretty nice except it got a little boring at the last couple of weeks.I took a french airplane called Air France to Paris in France for my other airplane and yeah I did spend a little time in Paris before my next flight to Croatia where I spent most of my vacation time with my family.I got to see alot of old friends and fsmily.

I came back to the US on Wednesday night and it does feel good to be back.

I got a letter from my school before I came back saying when I'll have to go to pick up my schedule and that's August 24th I think.

I saw on TV that The Grudge 2 is already released on DVD.As I mentioned in my last post I saw somewhere The Grudge 2 was just released in japanese.Didn't think it was gonna be released this soon in the US.Anybody know if it was out in theaters already?I might go rent or maybe buy it tommorow.

So, anything new happen here while I've been gone?^_^ I might be able to visit you all later today if I have time.

See you all later.


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