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Sunday, February 13, 2005

What a great day!

I just love this pic of Haku, so I'm gonna post it again.^o^

I had a pritty good day yesterday.I got to watch all of my fav. animes, and my mom got me the new Beckett Anime magazine, or should I say Anime for girls.That was the new title because of Valentines Day, and speking of valentines day.I'll start sending all of your valentines day cards soon.TheOtaku was down today so I couldn't get everyones email adresses to send them to a few people.
I also got the Yugioh GX card I ordered from my friend Janime.

Besides that I spent almost the whole day on this one great YGO forum.
I made a few graphics, and I got to download some great new photoshop grunge brushes.
Here are a few graphics I made for people and for just the fun of it.

Gifts for people!


Clan/Club Stuff!

What do you guys think?

Ja Matte Ne!


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Saturday, February 12, 2005


I had a pritty good time yesterday.We got a realy easy Math assignment, I realy like geometry for some reason lol.I think it's because it's so simple.^o^

I can't wait to watch Gundam Seed later, and my other fav. animes.

I might start sending the valentines day cards today.^^And I'm sorry if I didn't get to everyones sites yesterday.I was way to tired,

Ja Matte Ne!


EDIT: Thanks so much for over 7000 hits everyone.O_O

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Friday, February 11, 2005


Thank god it's Friday.I hated this week, but I'm just glad my cold is finnaly going away.

All of the Valentine's Day cards have been made.
Here are the people I have made cards for so far.

Beyblader, bebopinutrigun188, brokenkokoro, chibi kia, dark phoenix, gray underpants, hisui, inuyasha311, britlaw, sesslover18,milkycat, nausicaa0, chibi creator, and dark moon fox.

If I didn't add you then feel free to tell me, if you wan't to get a card from me.
And if your making me one then please email it to me.Don't send it through an PM.>_<
I will be sending all of the cards I made tommorow.

Ja Matte Ne!


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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nothing much...

Well nothing much happened yesterday.School was ok, didn't get to much homework.And I finnaly finished my Science project wich is due today, but it sucks.I had an Reading test, wich was ok I guess.

At home I just did stuff on the computer, and slept for a bit.

I'll make all of the valentines day cards soon, and send them to you all over the weekend.

Ja Matte Ne!


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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Stupid science teachers...

During science my Science teacher totaly flipped out on me.She said that I'am sick to many times, and then she said where I was on Monday and I said at home with a cold, and she said that I should make the cold go away...O_o jeez..I'm not a magician you know.I realy can't stand her, and there were a ton of other resons she yelled at me yesterday.
Besides that the half day of school was ok.

I don't have to much homework, but I did forget to take my science folder home wich had my test in it which I need to get signed, so I'll probably hafe to stay after school today for 10 minutes.-_-

I was also thinking of making some Valentines Day cards for you all over the weekend for Valentines Day, just because you all have been so sweet and nice to me, and it's ok if you don't make one for me.
These are the people who are so far getting a Valentines Day card.

Beyblader, bebopinutrigun188, brokenkokoro, chibi kia, dark phoenix, gray underpants, hisui, inuyasha311, britlaw, sesslover18,milkycat,and nausicaa0.

If I forgot you then please tell me and I'll add you.

Ja Matte Ne!


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Tuesday, February 8, 2005


I had a fun day off of school yesterday, so I only have 4 days of school left, and to make it even better.I have an half day of school today.^_^

Didn't do much today.Just stayed in bed and watched TV, and I did get to visit almost everyone today.^^

Ja matte Ne!


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Monday, February 7, 2005

Stupid Colds!>_<

My friend came over yesterday.We watched the 1st InuYasha movie again, played some video games, and we dueled with yugioh cards.It was pritty fun.But she had thesame cold as me, and boy is it getting annoying.I can barely fall alseep anymore because of it.I woen't be going to school today either, but I kinda want to, because I realy like my computers class, and I already missed enough of it.

I'll try visiting all of you later.

Ja Matte Ne!


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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Anime and Manga!

I got to watch my fav. anime again.I realy liked watching Gundam Seed on Friday.I still can't believe Cagali is Kira's sister.O_O

My mom bought me a new Shonen Jump magazine, and it was very cool.

Well besides that, nothing much happened.I'am still pritty sick, and thanks, Inuyasha311 for the sweet card.^_^

Seya later, everyone!


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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Still not feeling better..-_-

Well I didn't get any homework yesterday, from when I was absent on Thursday.I was tired today, and I'am still sick.When I came home from school I slept till 8:00pm, and boy did my throat hurt, and I have a runny nose now too.-_-

Oh well, atleast I have the weekend to rest for a bit.

Sorry again for not visiting everyone.I'm not feeling well enough to visit you all again.

Ja Ne!


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Friday, February 4, 2005

Kinda feeling better...

Thanks, GrayUndies for this wonderful card.^_^

Thanks for all of the sweet comments yesterday.I'am kinda starting to feel better.I think it was thanks to something my dad gave me to drink, wich was kinda nasty, but alteast it's helping.I did get to stay home from school, but I'll probably get tons of homework tommorow.-_-

YGO GX Ep. 18: VS Yugi's Deck! Part 1

To bad Yugi wasn't in this ep, but alot of his monsters sure were.
Click here for more screenshots of the ep.^^

Everyone around here seems to be doing a Valentines Day theme, so I decided to do a gundam seed valentines day theme, enjoy!and I'll leave you with a GS pic.^_^


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