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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

TIME WRITTEN: 10:30pm, Tuesday
MOOD: Not too happy...

Sorry for not updating in a long time.I realy can't update here and visit all of your sites anymore. I'm mostly bussy with updating my other website and forum and working on other sites I'm a staff member on. :-/

Well, besides all of that the third Inuyasha Movie, Swords of an Honorable Ruler(Tenka Hadou No Ken) will be coming out on DVD next Wednesday dubbed in english.I don't know why I'm so excited about it..heh probably because I wanna hear Inu-Papa's english voice and probably because it'll be uncut. :D The part I don't like about it though is that it comes out on the day I start school.-_- Oh well, I got over $100 so I will deffenetly be spending some of it on the DVD and the new Shonen Jump magazine.The SJ front cover of Pharaoh Atem from Yugioh looks awesome. ^_^

I got around to changing my site theme..and probably my last site theme for a while.

I probably wont update here again for a while unless I got something interesting to say or something.If you would still like to talk to me I got AIM,MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messengers.If you want to know my screen name on one then please PM me or you could join my forum here. There's always something interesting going on there.~_^

Well, this'll be all for today.

See ya latter guys!


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