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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   School is a pain.

School is really starting to be a pain...again. -_- I didn't do so well on my Math test like I thought I wouldn't lol. I got a Science test tomorrow, English Quiz on Thursday and a History test on Friday aswell. My brain is probably gonna explode before I take any of them though. -.- I got a ton of homework today but it's Monday so there's always homework on Monday's.

Besides all that, I watched the season premiere of 7th Heaven today on theCW and after it I watched the new show, "Runaway". It was pretty good and I really can't wait for the second episode next monday. If you want more info on the show go here. I also started watching the Anime, Melanchy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Alot of people seemed to be obsessed with it so I decided to check it out too. It's pretty good so far although the first episode isn't all that interesting unless you just wanna see it for laughs. XD

Oh, and I wanna wish a late Happy B-Day to Shanny Go wish her a happy b-day if you haven't yet. ^_^

Well, I gotta go keep studying for my Science test now so I'll try updating again soon. =]


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Changed layout...again. :P

Mood: Happy
Time written: 11:20p.m.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I forgot about this place almost. >.<

School has been a pain as usual. I got a project due on Monday for History class. I think I did bad on it but wish me luck. ^^; I totally failed the quiz we had on Friday so I hope this project helps out with my grade lol. I had my first Math test on Friday too. I don't think I did too well on that test either, I suck at Math. >.> I got 2 more tests on Tuesday for other classes. T__T Ah well, new episodes of some of my favorite TV shows on the new channel called, The CW that just merged with TheWB and UPN, so I am excited about that atleast. =P

And as you can tell, I changed the layout again. I saw alot of people doing this stuff on their sites so I gave it a shot. I might change it again since this was just a test to see how it would turn out. Hope you like it. =]

Well, time to watch Bleach. :D I'll talk to you guys later.


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Sunday, September 10, 2006

   Bleach Dub.....wow.

Mood: Happy
Time written: 12:27am

I just got done watching the Bleach dub a few minutes ago. I thought it was alot better than what I thought it would be. Ichigo's voice was nice and Rukia's could be a little better but I always imagined her with a deep kind of voice for some reason. o.0 Everyone on the forums was complaining about Kon's voice XD. I didn't hear what he sounded like though, I probably wasn't paying attention or something. Then again, maybe that was a good thing? LOL, I'm looking forward to the next episode~

Besides all of that. My Saturday was pretty boring. I didn't do much but stay on the computer. I started watching Ouran High School Host Club. Everyone was telling me it was a funny Anime and it is. XD You guys should check it out sometime.

I'm glad some of you like the new look of my site. =] I might add some music and some old stuff I had on while I was still updating back in the old days.

See you guys later~

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

   Back from the dead.

Mood: Happy
Time written: 1:40pm

Well, it's been months since I last updated again hasn't it? :P

There hasn't been much going on around here. I started school this week and I already got tons of homework. How was everyones summer?

I hope you guys like the new look of my site. I think I might still change some stuff on it later but I'm gonna keep it like this for now. The characters in the picture are from the Anime Air Gear. It's a great Anime, you definitely wanna check it out. Thanks to Petie for helping me with the coding and stuff. =]

I'm looking forward to the Bleach Dub tonight. The preview looked pretty good and the voices aren't as bad as the Naruto ones.

I might update again tonight so see ya later guys.


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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   Been a while...

Hey guys, it sure has been a while since I last updated here, hasn't it? =| I hardly update any of my blogs anymore so yeah. How have you all been lately? I'm pretty good at the moment. I saw a bunch of new Anime and read new Manga. I also started watching J-Drama/Japanese Drama which is just Japanese TV shows. They're really good so if you need something new to watch, check out some J-Dramas!

I closed down my website, www.kiokunosekai.net a few weeks ago because I hardly update it anymore. I am planning on making a new site sometime, but at the moment, I am an administrator/webmaster over at OtakuWorks. If any of you could join the forum and post a little or submit content to the site, I would really appreciate it.^_^ You can get direct downloads of all kinds of Anime if get 8 or more posts in the forum.

I've improved in graphic and web designing. My deviantART gallery has some of my recent graphics so check it out if you get the chance.

Has anyone been watching the FIFA World Cup? I sure am because I love soccer lol and I hope a lot of my teams get to the finals. =]

Well, this is all I got to ramble about right now. I'm not sure if I'll update again, but I am on summer vacation right now so who knows?

Have a nice day guys!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hey guys, how's it going? I haven't been on here in ages. O_O Doesn't seem like too much has changed lately.

Well, I'm not officially back or anything. I just wanted to come see how you guys have been and to let you know I'm doing pretty good. I'm still running my site, www.kiokunosekai.net and I am still into making graphics and such. You can go visit my deviantART or my Photobucket to see some of my latest work.

since I won't be posting on MyO anymore, I decided to make a LiveJournal account, so if you want, you can add me as a friend there if you're a member and visit my LJ site. =] Click here to go to my journal.

Have a good day guys. =]


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Thursday, November 24, 2005

New blog...

Well, I finnaly decided to update here I guess...

I decided to make a new blog but not on MyOtaku. I don't think I'll be coming back here ever again or update my site anymore.

I made myself a new blog. The URL to it is www.kiokunosekai.net/blog/ Yeah it's hosted on my website (http://www.kiokunosekai.net) and I made the directory password protected for private reasons so if you wanna view the blog please pm me here or email me and tell me what you want your password and username to be so I can make you an account so you can see the blog but you might still need to register at my blog to add comments to my posts and you will be able to do that on your own once you visit the blog.

I post there almost every day and most of my posts are really long heh. A lot longer than they were when I posted them here.

So, this is all I have to say and remember, if you wanna see my blog just PM me or email me the username and pass you want in order to view the blog.

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving.

Bleach anime episode 59 ROCKED!


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Monday, September 19, 2005


TIME WRITTEN: 10:36pm, Sunday
MOOD: Not so good...

As you all may have noticed I haven't been updating for a while.That's because I'am kinda busy with school work and other stuff. This is why I'am leaving MyO.I realy don't have any time to update here and when I do..there's realy nothing to say. I will still post wallpapers, E-cards and stuff once in a while and I might come by to visit some of your sites and update here if I got something important to say or when it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or another holiday I'll come by to wish you all Happy Halloween, Christmas or whatever.

I will still be updating my website www.kiokunosekai.com and posting in my forum and other forums I'm a member in. If you still wanna talk to me you can always find me at my forum and on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo.

Well, that's all. Hope to see you guys soon. =)


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Saturday, September 10, 2005

TIME WRITTEN: 9:09pm, Friday

I had a pretty good day I suppose. When I came home from school I went to check out some websites and then went to take a nap for a couple of hours.When I woke up I went to watch some TV and on almost every channel they showed some stuff about Hurricane Katrina that was in a couple of places in the US.

Nothing much happened in school.I only got homework in Math class, the rest I finished in study hall.

Hmm..well I don't realy know on what else to talk about.I might change my theme later..I'm not sure what yet but I'll think of something

Have a good day guys.


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Friday, September 9, 2005

   Yay for Friday!

TIME WRITTEN: 10:13pm, Thursday
MOOD: Glad

It's finnaly Friday..^o^ just one more day left of school and then it's the weekend.I'm so gonna sleep until 3:00pm tommorow lol. =)

Well, school wasn't so bad yesterday.I got to finish all of my homework in Study Hall. The teachers are probably gonna start giving out alot more homework next week.-_- They always do this hehe.. I can finnaly find all of my classes alright.I just hate where my Science class is.-.-

Sorry if I didn't visit some of you for the last couple of days...just been busy with school and stuff.

Have a good weekend, guys!


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