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Friday, September 2, 2005

   Exciting News!
TIME WRITTEN: 10:34pm, Thursday
MOOD: Realy Happy

Yay I got a chance to update.^_^ I've got some exciting news for all of you.Some of you may already know it but for thoes of you who don't, I think you'll like it aspecialy if your a Yugioh or Naruto fan.

Well, today I asked my mom if she could buy me the new Shonen Jump magazine for Septmber but when she came back and I looked at the cover and Naruto instead of Pharaoh Atem was on it and when I looked at the date it said October 2005.O.o I was like, "WOW". They usualy release the magazines for the new month on the last week of the month. This is realy weird and early for them to release the October issue and plus I do need the September SJ issue.

Now for the good news. :)

The 5th Yugioh season which I think is the KC Grand Prix in the Japanese version where Kaiba hosts another tournament will be coming sometime this month and that includes Yugioh Pharaoh's Memory(Millenium World) . :D Heh I kinda quit watching Yugioh since it ended in Japan since there was no point in watching Yugioh dubbed when I already saw all of the episodes in japanese with english subs. I might watch the first Yugioh Pharaoh's memory episode for the heck of it to see what it's like. ;)

In the October issue they showed the dub voice actors for Naruto.I already knew about them like a week ago but for thoes of you who don't here's the list.

Naruto-Maile Flanagan
Sakura-Kate Higgins
Sasuke-Yuri Lowenthal
Kakashi-Dave Wittenberg
Iruka-Quinton Flynn
Zabuza-Steve Blum
Hokage-Stever Kramer
Choji-Robbie Rist
Hinata-Stphanie Sheh
Ino-Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Shikamaru-Tom Gibis

There's also an awesome Naruto contest in the magazine.

In the September issue SJ interviewed Masashi Kishimoto the creator of Naruto and in there is the answer to the question that's in the magazine to win the prizes which are:

-1 Grand Prize Winner will win an original Naruto drawing by the creator of Naruto with your name scribled on the drawing, plus a $100 Hot Topic Gift Card.

-4 Runner Up prizes: A $25 Hot Topic Gift Card .

Well, that's all for the news.Hope you enjoyed it all.

My mom also bought one of thoes Hair Straighteners to straighten my hair a little and I love it. :-D I also got one of thoes payed hosts for my website Kioku no Sekai and in about 1-2 days I'll have a payed domain for it too which will be www.kiokunosekai.com but the current URL is www.matsuo.hostultra.com so please change all of your links, bookmarks, etc to that for now.

See you all later


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