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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

paradise kiss... love hina..... and model
hello guys... ooh late post... hmm.. well i guess it could be later !! (its only like 7:45am)

ooh yah.... sooo i got to finish off reading love hina!! awww! that manga is so cute! ooh and i got to read paradise kiss 2!! awesome! gawd i love all the characters! specially arashi! crystal has vol 3 sooo i ahve to wait untill she's done with that! And then last but not least i got to read volume 1 of model..... its pretty good... the vampires are totally sexy! woot!

blah this sucks... i finally got a nice earring for my 4 gauged earlobe and i lost the ball and then while we were swimming in the lake i lost the ring itself... and then i guess like two days ago i lost the ball to my industrial so i had to put some back up earrings in.... blah

well atleast the upside to it is i get to go see greg the sexy tattoo guy for a new ball! woot! oooh kay!

well guys maybe i will be able to get to some sites!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

heeey guys.... sorry ive been gone for so long.... hmmm what have i been doing?? well

umm well after i got home from turbo's party the next day i went camping.. yaah.... that was fun... i got sun burnt really bad.. but it was nice! like when i think camping i think.... lots of dirt and woods.... and when we went their it was all sunny and there was sand like everywhere! totally cool! and it was right offf of lake michigan so we went and played in the lake.. then like one of the days we wen to **THe michigan adventure** which is a pretty unexciting theme park... it was sucky cause we all waited in this line for like 1/2 hour (for this rollercoaster) and when we got there my lil bro chickened out so my mom and him had to wait on the side... and then like my dad and i were too big to even ride... like the bar would of gone down but the buckle wasnt big enough to hold us.... blah... sooo that was sucky and embarassing....

lessee.... when i came back i went to my friend kyles grad party... it was funny cause i founf out that my old neighbors mom is like best friends with his mom! like wooow.. coolie.. whatta small world!

aaaand then on sunday crystal and i went to our friend bethany's graduation party ... that was fun! like i was suprised that she had a shitload of people there! and she was too! i guess her mom and dad had to leave twice to buy a bunch more food! and its also cool cause another friend of ours invited us to her birthday party on like friday! coool! i feel soo special!

sooo yah... suddenly life has a bit of an up turn... oooor like atleast it got a bit more fun!

wellll. bye! uuh if your bored you can read my post from yesturday!

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Monday, July 11, 2005

MOOO...moo...MOooOoOOooooOO... hehe... and the cooooow goes..... m o o .... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... yah... shuttup... thats right... you.. you shut up.. now! why are you reading this..?? hmm... yaaaah.... gawd... GAWD! hahaha.... i amuse meeself.. crystal said myself while reading aloud ... she must be dyslexic or something? hmmm maybe... ok done! BOO!

if you were scared you should seriously stop doing drugs.... thats bad... really bad.. mmmmkay?

GAWd.. i really have to pee... ok.... love.. LOOOOOOVE YOU! haha.. no i dont *secretly i do(in one of those secret places im not allowed to talk about.... you know like my closet... DAMMIT... i said it) .... ** stars...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

ahhh bloody hell... Ah've gone and wet meself!... lol
hey guys! sorry i havent been around... i was hangin out with matt and then amanda the other day... fun shit..

hanging out with matt was fun! god i miss him! he's sooo.... ***drools uncontrollably** well.. matt.. anywho yah that was fun..

then hanging out with turbo ... i mean amanda was fun too! she lives in an apartment right by this big lake soo we got to go swimming ... at night on the 4th we went and swam in the water while it was dark and it was awesome watching the fireworks!! at first i didnt want to swim cause i was like EWWW fish! but then after i got in like 5 times it was fun! the fish dont even bother you!

and then theres tooooday.... ooh lucky mee.... soo im sittin there feeding my kitty some bologna and i start to rub her belly and next thing you know she's like in labor... wow im magic!!! hahaha!! i mean i thouight she was pregnant but i was like holy cow!! you mean your gonna pop one out right now???... hahaha soo about 40 minutes later she had one lil kitten! i think i'll call it midnight since it was born between 12am and 1am!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my kitty and her new baby... sorry the pic is a bit big!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

hey guys... hmm lets see

short post i guess...

nothing really to write about... nothing really going on... just sitting around wasting the days away...

my moms friend came here with her daughter! that was pretty exciting.. her daughter is pretty cool1 i remember hanging out with her when we were younger and like we never really got along well, but now its like whats up!.. soo that was fun... and their spending the night... and going home (later today)...

today matt is having a little party! wooo! fun shit! and then tomorrow my friend amanda is having a barbeque party! god i feel so special! ive never been to like any actual like parties... and now its like heey party! ofcourse these wont be big parties but its fun to imagine!

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   ooh 2 times in a row
lol i think ive made a almost come-back... look 2 times in a row... wow im gettin good at this!

hmm nothing much happend today... well i got to spend more cash... that was pretty fun...

ooh did you girly's know that dots has some really cheap clothes?? i got like 7 different shirts for like 90 somethin bucks.... that for me is cheap!! (most of the shirts were between 10 and 15 bucks sweetness!) i also got some shirts at mervyns for like 5 - 10 bucks!!! yess i love deals!!!

i bought the Gorillazs new cd Demon Days and well.... that is a weird cd... interesting.... but hey its cool! i still wanna get Weezer's new cd! Thats like the last cd i know i want to get!

hmmmm anything else.... well i still have like 200 bucks to spend.... i hope i can get some glasses... so i can drve.. so i can get a car... ooh and so i can get a job.....so i can make money of my own... so in the long run glasses=money but it takes money to get all of that crap... hmmm maybe i should get a job first... haha!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Belated
oooh.... hello dudes... and chikadees.. lol....

ok so the 27th was my brothers birthday! woot.... now he's a whole 20 years old! GAWD HE"S FRIKKEN OLD... hahaha... just kidding... i'll be 20 next year..... gawd.... im gonna be old!

ummm well i changed up my layout... or atleast my welcome banner, background and picture (ah the picture prolly wont show up for a few days)... but wooo.. yah.... ooh my friend made this banner for me! yay!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

thanks alot badkitty172002!!

also congrats Tears Of Sakura!! woot!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ooh and i was thinking of having some kind of contest..... it seems as though a lot of you guys are a lot better at making banners then me.... and ive been thinking of making a new Banner for my *Black or White* : Hatsuharu lovers club! sooo instead of me making one (cause im laaazy) i figured i'd have you guys make one and then whoever's looks the best will get a prize!! yaay! soooo hmmmm if you wanna do it then lemme know! and once i think it out i will put restrictions and stuff on it..

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Monday, June 27, 2005

heey 3000 hits.. cool!
Heyyy! hows it gooin? hmm not tooo shabby? lol...

well i think im going to change my theme again... why?? uuh cause i get bored.. lol.... infact i dont remember when i change it last but i think its time for a change...

i bought the first dvd of Saiyuki... ooh sooo cool! the guys are sexxy :P haha!.. soooo now i cant wait to buy the next one... it just depends on when i'll be able to go to wizzywigs (coolie anime store) those dvd's are like 30 bucks..... thank josh for graduation money!! lol...

im thinking of buying a new pair of glasses with the money i have left... yah the ones i have now i cant even wear cause i lost a frikken lens cause their a piece of shit!! blaah... sooo yah i think im gonna get some nice ones that wont break so easy and all that fun stuff...

then once i have glasses i'll be able to drive.... lol.... hmmm im rambling...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well i got 3000 hits! woot! lol... awesome! thanks to all who stop by! lol... maybe i should give myelf a pat on a back for getting to your sites making you want to come by mine... lol.... hmm.... and to those i havent stopped by ... sorry! (i really try when im actually on)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

i'll blow your fucking head off.... for my country
ooh cash!!! it smells sooo nice..... uuh.. erm... oh hi guys! sorry..... i was getting a money buzz.. haha!

well my graduation party was lots of fun! it kind of had a boring start but after my few friends shown up it was awesome1 i espescially had fun when my friend katy got there! ooh and turbo(amanda is her real name) was cracking me up!! and my friend norelle shown up! yay! she was in florida but now shes home here for like 3 weeks!

after everyone went home my brother, his girlfriend, Turbo, Crystal, my cousin Jon and a friend of his, and I all went to the movies... we couldnt figures out what we wanted to see soo after about 10 minutes we finally picked Mr and Mrs Smith.... but the movie didnt start for another hour.. sooo we played some video games in the lil arcade... fun stuff!! man air hockey tires you out!! ooh and there was this fun *fast and the furious* driving game! wooo! then when we had about 15 mintues before we raced over to wendys and got some food.... mmm.... then we finally seen the movie! which i would have to say was a really good funny action drama movie!!

hmm yah... soo in the end i think (or atleast so far) i have gotten like 1200 dollars.... and ive spent like half of it..... YES! BLOWING A SHIT LOAD OF CASH IS LOADS OF FUN!!!!

hmmm.... ooh i bouthgt my first anime dvd too! i got Vol 1 of Saiyuki! yayness!

well im off ! toodles!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

graduation party daay!
hey kids!

well today has finally come... now i just have to wait 12 hours... gawd this is taking forever!!!

well yesturday guess what i got! ANOTHER TATTOO! yaay! ooh getting tattoo's is so much fun, i need a tattooing boyfriend or something... but yah its a little nautica star and its like on the middle of my back right below my neck!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well my brother got it for me! wasnt that nice of him! i was soo excited that he came home for my grad party, he told me he couldnt soo when i seen him and his girlfriend pull up i thought ooh Alyssa is here (they were driving her car) and then my brother came out and i almost started crying!! well i did but not like continuos just enough to have to go blow my nose and wipe my tears away...

later on we went to the "strawberry festival" which is like the yearly festival around here. but we got there late ... sucky, soo we didnt go on any rides but we walked around and said hi to people we know!

hmmmm well im off!

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