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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

yet another boring day
hey guys...

nothing exciting happened today... just me being bored... as usual.. i drew some pictures. none too exciting though... ummm and i read like 150 pages in my HP book... soo woo hoo im now halfway through it...

changing the theme.... hope you guys will like it

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'll be your number one with a bullet... a loaded god complex, cock it and pull it
hello all!

blah1 ive heard that song Sugar were going down by Fall Out Boy like a billion times!! haha Its funny if you watch the music video the main singers side burns are frikkin huge .... i like to call them leg warmers... (laughs to self)

hmm well ive been at crystals house for the last two days.... fun fun.... when we got here on sunday her power was out.... it was soooo hot!! *sweats to death* ... but luckily the power came baack on by like 12-something...

well i just died crystals tips of her hair red... it looks so cute!! im glad i did it! (now i can say i did it when anyone compliments her about it) haha..

tomorrow crystal is going to go driving so the next day she can try to take her drivers test... wooo! hopefully she will pass then she will be able to drive! yaay! i need to get my liscence too!

welll im off for now!! OOh i also got a new avi!! yaay! crystal found it !! thanks lady!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

*Sings* **Willy Wonka ~ Willy Wonka blahblahblahblahblahblah....**

hi guys..

Yesturday was pretty fun!

I went To my Uncles Dans party which was nice! I havent been to their new house (my aunt and uncle) so when i got there i had one a *whoa this is nice* moment. So it was realy pretty and they had a little pond and we got to fish! FUN! haha it was funny cause i enjoy fishing but i fear fish sooo as soon as i catch a fish i am like *AHH someone take it off!!*... well i almost tried to take it off myself (like one handed without holding the fish) but then i freaked out and made my dad do it.... which sucked cause then he like tossed it at me ans i screamed and ran away..... yah.... sooo thats when i stopped fishing...

Then we left and picked up crystal and we all went to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! Woot! lol, i like that a lot! Johnny Depp was cracking me up!! I really liked the ending too! wooo! go see it!

oh and i also liked the new oompa loompa's! they were nifty! and their songs were nothing like the old ones... i loved it when willy wonka would sorta dance to the music!

yah so im home now... typing.. woo! haha...

GOODNIGHT... or goodmirning.. WHATEVER..


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Saturday, July 23, 2005

you said you read me like a book but the pages are all torn and frayed....
ooh woo hoo desktop strippers!!! ... uh i mean DAMN YOU POP UPS!!!

hey guys!

Well my brother came home.... its kinds of funny... you know like one of those sick funnies... cause he's all in pain and has crutches.... its amusing... oh well..

but yah i got to help him set up the camper (which is like our version of a extra room) and clean it and then i had to brin a tv and stuff so he could set up his cute lil ps2... (yah the little ones awww.... ) .... yah sooo fun stuff..

His Girlfriend alyssa came over! she's fun to hang out with! So today (later on) my aunt betty is having a suprise party for her husband (i;d say uncle but he's not really my uncle... well he is... but its kind of complicated) and were all going! soo thats gonna be fun.. and then Alyssa want to go shopping for her dad's b-day present sooo i will prolly tag along with them!

yah sooo fun stuff... BYEE!

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Friday, July 22, 2005

   sing like you think no one's listening
loook its me!!! tah dah! hahaha.. ok stop looking!

well once again another boring day has passed... and another boring day begins...

i actually had plans for today.... well not well thought out plans but my friends and i were talking about going to some 19 and under club... wooo sounds like fun.... well i dont know if thats happenning..... but yah... ive never been to a club before so it could be interesting....

also today my brother is coming home... woot.... sooo arounf 4pm my mom and i will have to pick him up.... or atleast thats when his flight is coming in.... so hopefully we can hang out for a bit.... sucks he wont be able to drive me around... but i just hope he's not going to be a asshole like usual....

well guys toodles!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

lets compare scars.... i'll tell you whose is worse
lol thats a good song ... i dunno if thats right (how the song goes) but who cares!!

hmmm yah... Crystal and i painted my room! it looks awesome!!! yaaaay! Now i want to put my cd player on my wall and my black light! woo! ooh and after i get some black paint i want to paint some black stars on my walls... kind of like the target sign... (black and red stripes.. if you have any clue what i mean)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Im excited cause my brother is supposed to come home tomorrow. which is cool! yay! haha! He had surgery on his knee on tuesday and from what i hear he's felling great. but mom says he was high from his drugs... i thoguth that was funny!

Well since crystal went home i got the chance to read my Harry Potter book! Yay! its weird reading a book without a bunch of pictures.... and reading left to right... hahaa... DAMN MANGA'S!! hahaha... i mean you gotta love the jap. comics but reading a book seems like it takes FOREVER now!
But i got throught the first 100 pages.... actually like 104... i stopped before the 4th or 5th chapter..

Gotta love hairy pooter! haha

ooh and i know some of you were wanting to see pictures of the kitten so heres one of her and her mommy and one of her with her eyes open!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ooh and heres a picture of us hanging out with matt! god gotta love him!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hahaha! well got to go!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fosters.. ROCKS!
Heeeeeeeeey!!!!! WHATS UP!
Well the birthday party was pretty fun!

Ashley had a Frikken moonwalk there.. soo that was ok! i mean since ive worked with the darn things it kind of takes the fun outta it... but yah... we jumped in it (like 4 of us... Ashley Crystal Bethany Amy and me... and then Ashley got out and Jeremy got in... fun stuff!) god!! those things make you soooo tired.. and it was like really hot that day too... so we were like dead in 10 minutes!

it was odd though cause we had found out that Jeremy got his girlfriend pregnant! omg! we were all like trying to look and see if you could tell or notice.... after awhile shey were really open about it... but its like omg i cant believe someone i graduated with and was good friends with got someone pregnant! YIKES! and the thing is i think his girlfriend is just going into her senior year.... poor girl! but atleast their going to take resposibility for their actions! Jeremy is going to be the best daddy he can be!

i finally downloaded the song **swing life away** by Rise against!! ooh i love that song!

^^^heey look their all anime-ish looking!^^^

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

late post
late post... family guy is on...


ow my stomach hurts.... *dies*

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

woot 4000 hits!
wow guys thanks a lot for over 4000 hits! you guys are the best! MUAHZ!

well nothing really new to say.... Squishy finished opening her eyes! she's so damn cute!

also i have a birthday party to go to today! yayness! i think on wednesday Ashley turned 18 sooo happy birthday for her! now i have to ask my mom for some cash so i can give her a card!

thats all though.... bye!

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Friday, July 15, 2005

fabulously fantastic!
yellow! as in hello... with a y and w... hmmm.. haha..

soo yesturday my dad and i went to see the fantastic 4.... hmm it was a ok movie... but Johnny Storm... AKA... Pyro boy.... was really sexy! woot! whatta cutie! hmm soo thta was a highlight! the storyline was sweet (as in awwww how sweet) but the fighting and that was sucky! like woow... thats it?? its over with allready?? that sucked.. hahaha.... (thats only real amusing if you know who nick swardson is)

ooh.. i was going to say something else too... but then again i totally forgot... hmmm...

my cats baby is now opening her eyes.... i guess the name midnight just didnt stick so untill we figure out a permanent name were calling her Squishy! she looks soo cute trying to see!

also i joined the Trigun club!! woo hoo! if ou wqant to join please ask badkitty172002 you can either bee on vash's side or legato's side...

ooh i also got msn messenger to work on my comp soo if you have a name there please lemme know!! i guess my screenname is xxrockinonpixiedustxx@yahoo.com oooh and for yajhoo im xxrockinonpixiedustxx ... lol

well laters!

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