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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Can we pretend to leave and then we'll met again when both our cars collide
God.... i hate this.... i feel soo frikken alone... yes sadly i wish i was in highschool.... my only friend i ever hung out with has moved away.... and now i sort of realize how things are.... i have friends.... but im never going to see them..... i hate this feeling... like my world is falling apart... i want to cry.... but i blink the tears away.... i'll save them for when their needed......

So yes crystal moved away... i never talk to heather... nor any of my other friends for that matter... my social life is non existant.... infact i find my self talking to my 3 cats and random people from the net more that i talk to anyone else.... sad.....

i hope i will get my liscense soon.... i hate feeling like this.... i just want to be able to get away and actually hang out with someone ....

grr.... my stomach hurts.... is this the feeling of loneliness? am i finally fessing up the these hurtful feeling inside of me? i cant keep them bottled up forever.. fuck...

so i guess i can change the subject ... i started college..... i really did not want to go... but atleast it gives me a chance to make some new friends.... althought i feel like i dont fit in... i put my best efffort into it.... sitting next to people... intstead of like in the back by myself... ... yah.... tomorrow will be the last day of my first whole week.... then the real work will come.... my mom.... ok.. everyone asks me how its going and how i *feel* about it.... really... i feel alone....im sick of putting on the happy face.... like yeah its grea... (((blah i dont want to go)))) its real hard being stuck to one person and saying ok your my friend.... and then not having that person around when your lost or dont know where to go.... i wish i had some cigarettes... atleast i could strike up a conversation while pissing off the non-smokers

well im going .... maybe someone i know will be able to find my xanga and tell me to cheer up or something... not likely....

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ello love!
Hello?.... hehehe.... doesnt it seem kind of funny like that... like hello....??? hmm... haha...

Well my art class was fun! ooh and there was a real cute skater-punk lookin guy in there... *drools* haha ... gotta love those guys who will do anything to look different.. haha.. it was fun we drew pictures..... and stuff like that.... (i mean duh its art) we did this one thing where we had to look at one hand (the one you wouldnt use to draw with) and draw you hand your looking at and not look at the paper while your drawing it.... just look at your hand... which really annoyed me i kept having to look at my paper... lol... ooh you were also supposed to not pick up your pencil whild doing it..... which i obviously wasnt listening cause i had a zillion over lapping lines... haha....

so today when i got bored i drew my hand... wanna see?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hehe i have pudgy fingers.. ooh and i didnt finish it .... i kind of stopped cause i kept being bothered my my little brother so i would like move my hand and then forget how i had it.....
so after like 10 times of moving i finally stopped and did something else.

On tuesday... (tomorrow) i think i have my English class and then one of my Graphic Design classes..... sooo woot! i'll let you guys know about those....

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Friday, August 26, 2005

   College... no seriously..... lol
Hey guys...!!

Yah once again ive been gone for awhile... but I actually have some worthwhile news!

IM now officially a college student!!! **GASP** i know i can barely believe it myself.. hahaha... last saturday or sunday i signed up for college admissions.... and then on tuesday i went to orientation... (like 3 hours long).. Took the compass test which i had to take.... (about 1hour 30min) ... registered for classes (took about 20 mn).... and then got my picture Id (5 min) and then about 20 minlater my mom paid for my tuition..... MAGICALLY IM A COLLEGE STUDENT!... I feel so grown up... ooh also while waiting before getting my classes registerred i got to sit by this really cute guy!!!! it made my day sooooo much better!!! hahahaha!

So Saturday is my first class! Its a Art class **Drawing and Painting** and its from 9am till 11:55... sooo woot! i hope it'll be fun!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

hello! well today was ok, i had a really weird dream that i was going back to school and i missed my bus on the way home cause my art teacher held up some students for a raffle he was having... lol... its funny cause ive always had dreams like this before school starts !! weird.... like something bad always happens.. but hey i dont have to go back to school!! yay!

today i spent my cashola.... i got 2 pairs of pants a bra and some like hair things to put my hair up (like sticks for your hair)i thought it was funny cause ther were **jessica simpson* brand pants and i looked at them and there was nothing really special about them and i looked at the price and they were like 50 bucks.... haha screw that.... ! i went for the $40 pants!

yep and thats about it... toodles

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Friday, August 19, 2005

untitled... or not.. lol
hey guys!!

Well yesturday was boring as usual..

i woke up to a empty that was nice... and you know what i did??? i cleaned.... *cringes* thats scary..... hahaha!!

My uncle and my cousin came over and visited.. and they spent the night in our camper. I thought it was funny cause my radio was playin and i had my Fall out boy cd in and my lil cousin was in my room and he was like **i love Fall out boy!!** i wa like cool you can hang with me! lol... he's like 13 or something..

yep... yesturday i got another graduation card with cash (sweet) i was excited and i was like **time to buy clothes!!** Im in need of some jeans soo thats cool!

My moms friend was over and she had her sonhere! He's 2 and he's so cute and pudgy!! he would go to my cats and go **Wheres the kiki??** (since i have three he kept asking where each of them were) i thought he was so cute i had to poke him!! mua ha ha !!! POKE POKE!

yep! well thats all for now! i'll stop by some of your guy's sites!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hey guys!

woow i'd like to thank everyone for 6000 hits! i cant believe with me being gone so much i actually have that high of hits!

Well whats happened while ive been gone? not alot actually...

Saturday was loads of fun! That was when we celebrated crystals birthday! We had a bonfire and a few of our close friends came! But as few as there was there was tons of fun! We had a fire and roasted marshmellows..... and then it down poured rain!!! Well we didnt let that get to us! we just ran for cover! haha... Our friends bethany Amanda and beth's sister Amy spent the night! and then the next day (when amanda left) Beth and Amy took crystal and I joy riding! lol.. we went to taco bell and then this cool cemetary and meijers and then petland and wallmart and then frosty boy and back to petland! lol.... yah it might not sound like fun but it was!!

We went to taco bell for breakfast.. **drools** and then the cemetery we went to was really old! like they had people buried in there that were from the 1800's! I guess there is supposed to be a witch buried there! (i'll have to search up her so when we go next time) then we went to meijers to take back bottles and crystal was looking at the fish and decided she wanted to egt some but we decided that if we went to pet land it'd probably be easier to find some better ones! When we got there crystal seen this bunny and it would come to her when she put her hand in the thing the bunnies were in.... sooo she decided she wanted the bunny instead.... sooo we went to walmart to look at prices of cages but they didnt have any!!! soo we went to frosty boy for a dessert (crystal and i got slushies) and after that we went back to petland and crystal got her bunny!! its soooo cute! she named it liquorice! (liquor for short).

and now its today... lol.... nothing big happening... but i figured i'd post since i havent in forever!

WELL sorry for the long post!! haha! toodles!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hey guys!

GUESS WHAT!! Today is my best bud's birthday!!!!! Badkitty172002!!! (AKA Crystal) she is now 18! Damn girl about time you finally caught up to me! hahaha! Sucky thing is i have like nothing to give her as alike a present sooo im having a bonfire party at my house for her! yay! Well were going to have it on saturday so i'll tell you guys what went on then!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

5000 Hits! WOOT!
Hey guys... sorry i havent been here... in like forever... (or atleast it feels like its been forever)... i like havent been to anyones sites in sooo long.... sorry about that guys.... i feel real shitty cause i havent been to your sites but youve been to mine. (i'll try to make it up to you)

Welll updates... nothing really... lol.... I started playing this www.gaiaonline.com thing.... its pretty cool... but i guess it kind of gets boring once you spend all of your money and then you have to build it back up before you can buy anything.. but hey i guess thats how life works... either you can save your money.... or you can blow it all.... me i like to use it and then complain later!! (i need to start saving money in a bank or something)

Today is Squishy (my cats kitten) 1 month birthday.... wooo hooo! shes a whole month old.... i wish my camera worked cause she is so damn cute!!!!

In like 4 days it will be crystals (badkitty172002) birthday! She is going to be 18 years old! yay ! now she will be able to buy her own cigarettes and scratchy cards and porno's ooh ooh and go to titty bars!! yay!!!! haha! i was thinking of having some sort of bonfire party for her next saturday.... but the only thing is that i have no cash.... so i wouldnt be able to buy like party-like stuff (snacks, smore stuff, pop, ect.) also even if i did have the money i wouldnt be able to go to the store anyways..... sucky.... sooo im hoping my mom will give me some cash and so i can spend it on party stuff! yay! and sooo i also need to invite people if we actually have this party.... soooo.... yah.... thats the only news for now...

wow i sure blabbed over like 4 things.... oh well... if yu do end up going to www.gaiaonline.com let me know so we can be on each others buddy list on there ok! (my name there is the same as here rockstarfairychik )

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

omg im like obsessed with this site now.... and i jsut started playing it... www.gaiaonline.com ..... its like addicting.... go to it.... my name is rockstarfairychik (ofcourse)
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

i got a lil penie in my poke-it
well last night i went to my first bachelorette party.... omg.... horny old women.... thats the funniest thing ive ever seen!!!! actually it was real awkward.. i mean you really dont want to know what your mother is thinking sexually... and 5 other women her age...

yesturday ... i was up till 7 am.... yah thats when i went to bed... then i woke up at like 3pm... my friends Heather and Kyle stopped by... i miss those guys. we got to go out and *hang* i guess you could say... twas fun! we went out to eat and then drove around ann arbor (like city-like) we went to the tattoo parlor and i finally got the ball i lost to my industrial **yay** (is in love with the tattoo guy.. haha) and then we went to the hippie/drug store across from it... fun stuff.... after that we walked down the street to another hippie store.... which confused me cause they sold hippie stuff... and then frisbee's (ok??) ooh i forgot about going to borders.... wow.... i was so excited... i almost bought paradise kiss vol 4 but i figured i'd hold on to my cash just incase..... after the hippie store we went to wizzywigs (major anime store) and we bought some pocky and some sugar candy... weee! but that was all.... well besides the party....

i was all tipsy at that party... i draknk like 5 smirnoff's.... i was like **weee!!**

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