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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

they still look so god damned like the same person
.. i say *you want ice cream cone*, both of them say yes.. (sorry humoring myself)

i <3 this song perfect grave!!! its sooo great! .... hmmm.. ive had it stuck in my head!!

soo heres some cool things ! The first day of the art show was yesturday and i got 2 of the 3 of my big pictures i did this semester in it... oh and another one that was from last year... and the cool thing is that i got buyers for the 2 pictures allready!!! the one picture of the asian kid and the other one of my lil brother... i have yet to talk to the lady who wants the one of my little brother but i was going to tell her $65 for it.... and then i talked to the girl from my class who wanted the asian boy one, and i told her i was thinking $85 and she was like ooh thats good! and i was like thinking man she didnt even flinch at the price she was ok.... i should of suggested $100.. haha! Oh yah and the one picture that i worked the hardest on and like isnt in the show.... is lost!! Manning (my teacher) and i couldnt find it anywhere!!! which sucks majorly cause its prolly the best and i made sure i finished it just so it would make it in the show!!!! .... ooh well.... i just hope we can find it eventually!

(yaay im a artist making cash who would of thought it!!)

ooh and im doing a new pic.... i will post it eventually... but its of a friend of mine! (maybe you will be able to recognize them from the-o!!))

ooook bye bye my pretties!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

blargh.. pop ups are driving me insane!
yah sooo it takes me forever to type a damn post because everytime a pop-up pops up my computer makes it to where i stop typing.... just to know ive been stopped 6 times allready.

grr... ..

well lets see.... i think for my school theres like 7 and a half days left of school. or atleast thats what people are saying.. today is senior shirt day! yaay! so if only i could find my senior shirt.... hmmm where is that shirt??

ive been wanting to change the look of my site but im in love with my background!! haha! i guess i will have to part with it some day!

you know what i learned from oprah?? the average person farts 14 times a day!!! really! its true! soooo please people fart away its NATURAL!!

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

late post... late ... yah

hmm well whats there to say... today yet another of my chickens was killed off by some unknown animal.... (thats three so far, 1 rooster {my favorite out of the three we have} and 2 hens) soo yah i had to like throw away what was left of it this morning. now i only have 2 roosters and 2 hens left...

we went shopping today and i spent the 40 bucks i had left from me and so i bought some makeup for prom, some bright pink knee high fishnets (for crystal) and some taco bell.... woooooooo i love taco's!! .. ok taco bell.... i really like the burrito's and the quesadilla's !

ooooh 2 weeks left of school for crystal and me!

ooh heres that picture of krad with a little more done to it

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hmmm well im off!!

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

hey guys!
well today was ok so far.. actually it was kind of bad too...

for the bad part ... i guess someone was shot and killed down the road from crystals place. Like i guess the boyfriend or exboyfried of this woman shot and killed her. i think she had children too. its sad though, i feel bad for her kids. they prolly had to see their dead mom laying in the room.... lifes a bitch...

hmm well besides that crystal and i went to the park yesturday.. yah.. it was fun... we drew a naked lady getting screwed in the sand.... hahaha! it was really funny.... like i was messing with the sand and she was like ... *you know what that looks like* and i was like *A VAGINA* all goofy like... haha... and and so i like erased it kind of and then she made her own vag. by where she was and then we ended up making the whole body... i wish i had my digital camera... sooo later on were going to see if its still there.. hahaha! the funny part was that crystal made a dick and it was like screwing the chick and so we were on the swing like yesss im screwin her!! WOOO!!!.... haha.... eh sorry this prolly sounds SOOO wrong! haha

i finished reading the mars series yesturday... well besides one of them... i think it was book 7 or 8 .... oh and im excited that theres supposed to be another one. like a bonus book... i mean its like a frikken soap opera.. I LOVED IT! *cry* im so sad its over!

yah i was going to post another poicture yesturday of how far i got on the pictures im doing of krad but my computer effed up before i posted... and then i went to crystals... sooo maybe i will end up doing it tomarrow

ooh some inuyasha movie is coming on tonight! oh, and before that samurai champloo is coming on! WATCH IT ITS A AWESOME SHOW!!

hmmmm..... ok enough for my daily rambling

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

little chairs... what have i got myself into.. haha
ook im in my child care kindergarten class as of right now... this is pretty funny cause im on a chair thats like a foot high and the computer is like a foot and a half higher than that... it reminds me of that line **Fat guy in a little coat** but its *fat girl on a little chair!!** hahaha! ooh hey this is an improvement now instead of just sitting and reading i can read and type and interact! yaaya internet!!

welll atleast for now i cna! cool... thta means i'll be able to post... hmm... oh yeah later on i might post a picture of krad agins... to show how far ive gotten... (which isnt that far.... i got like the top part of his hair done... just a little more than i had yesturday)..

whoa i type uber fast in here.. wooow.. like a million letters... maybe this is just the comfy way of typing. hehehe... i thinki even type faster than my kindergarten teacher!! WWOOOTT! hahaha GO me! yaay

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^^thats the picture from yesturday but downsized for those of you with slow dial up internet ( yess i too have dial up... *tear*)

oooook i think im done for now, time to check out some of your sites!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ello my little kitty poo's!
hahaha.... my old science teacher would call us kitty-poo's.... she kind of let me know that there werre people that were actually weirder than me... hahaha

hmmm... oook well in art im doing this picture of Krad?? i think thats his name.. he's from DNAngel... yah.. i think the picture i'm doing is on the cover of one of the manga's!

omg theres only like 2.5 weeks left of school!!! aaaahhhh!!! i cant believe it! the last day im planning on having some type of like bash... like pre-graduation party! I'm going to have it with me and my best friends Crystal and Heather... and with them i want to have other people come over..... (like me and heather and crystal get people to come and we set up whatever) soo im planning on having a bonfire/pool party! WOOT! ... ..

well nothing really new to post about.. sorry i havent been around my pets! ...


here is the picture that im working on in art, in pencil and colored pencils.. ENJOY!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Samurai Champloo... dude this is a cool show...
hello! right now im watching that new anime on adult swim... its called Samurai Champloo.... HOLY SHIT! THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!! hts guy was like IM GONNA KILL YOU BITCHES!!! and i was like yessss! kill KILL!!.. ooh its back on....

sorry the commercial went over! anywho.. wow! very cool show! i must watch it again!!! theres one GUY With the same hair as spike form cowboy bebop.. and he sounds like him too... and the other guys voice reminded me of legato from trigun!

yah soo friday was the second senior skip day .. basically it was the day where all the preps skipped... soo i went to school half the day and then my friend beth picked me up.. and then we picked up Shirley, Brandon, And crystal... (woow isnt it odd crystal last??? who would of thought it!! soo we like went to taco bell and sat around... then went to walmarts cause bethany wanted a camera.... and then we went to rolling hills (a water park place) and like it was PREPS!.. *throw up* .. **EEEK**.... yah.. so we were like.. you wanna goo... no.. haha!! soo we left! and like bethany is a frikken crazy driver she was all over the road! it was hilarious! and she turns down this dirt road and theres this fish mail box and we were like OMG TAKE A PICTURE OF IT!!! ... so we did... haha... and then there was this old old peoples home we passed up.. or something like that and the nameof it was like really finny... so we took a picture of that....

and then we were bored so we were going to go to meijers and randomly walk around but on the way i was telling crystal or beth like *remember how kelli was telling us about this cemetary and it was around here somewhere??* and bethany was like *I SEEN A WHITE CROSS!!* so she turns around and we go down this dirt road and sure enough it was the cemetary!! and soo we like took pictures and stuff of the graves.. and brandon who is really like one of those friends who is emotionless, speaks their own minds, listens to old music, and never seems to have fun... haha yah sorry it sounds mean... (im sure he can be fun but he never shows it) he seemed like he was actually into this.. and i was like woow atleast brandon is into this weird stuff! haha... and then after the cememetary there was this trail into the woods.. it was like freaky, and Shirly seemed a bit spooked by it... Brandon kept telling us that we were scooby and the gang.. but like it was freaky there was this big X of 2 trees crossing... and then deeper into the woods there was another one.. and we were all iffy.... and like on our way out of the woods we found all of these old shoes and clothes and i almost freaked out cause we were going through them and i thought there was hair (as i was pulling it away and inspecting it) and we were like OMGOMGOMG IS IT HAIR! but i think we came to the conclusion that it was only a old shirt where the fibers had came apart.... but we were like out of there... soo when we got back to crystals we looked up the names from the cemetary (there were only 3 marked stones that we seen) but we didnt find anything on the net.. soo like next weekend were going to try to fine like old obituaries articles! wooo woo how fun.... i guess tomarrow i'll tell you guys what we did yesturday...


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Saturday, May 14, 2005

.... yep im alive... lol
hey just to let you all know... (or atleast those of you who happen to come to my site in the next hour and a half) I'M NOT DEAD!!... well theres no reason to be concerned.. i just havent been on my computer.... caue the part where i realised i had a life away from the internet kind of hit me... soo yah..... i'll actually say a bit more about all of the fun i had on the like past 2 days..
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

**interrupting cow!!** ::wha-:: *MOO*
haha sorry... that something between me and crystal... i get sick of listening to her sometimes and i start saying moo really loud.... or repeating shuttup... haha... she says im abusive... its not like were in a loving relationship!!! hahaha.... i will abuse at my own will!!!

hmmm well after going to crystals site i decided i should post what my prom dress looks like...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

isnt it pretty !!! selena said it looks fairy-like soo i told crystal im going as a fat fairy!!! and i think she said she was going as a fat goth or a poser goth or something... haha

ooh and i seen these shoes (i havent bought any yet but i thought these were cute)

hmmm.... i talked to my teacher today about a picture i mad eher for her daughters room (a painting) and she's gonna pay me 45 bucks for it *YAAY* i like when i get cash..

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

tuesday.. dododo
today is tuesday! dodododo dadada! lol.. crystal got her computer working! Yaaay! sadly she lost all of her documents and pictures and banners... well basically were in the same boat! lolwell unless i push her out... i guess were in the same boats but hers goes faster? haha (she has comcast and i have the phone line type stuff)

hmm anywho.. yah .. my computer is goind a little faster then it was... i think i figured out how to get it to peform better! yay!

Happy birthday Katy!!!! yaay! sorry i didnt make a card (damn comp) but i will i promise!!! ... it'll just be a late card! lol...

aww im glad you guys enjoy coming here! i didnt know i was that amusing online!! i mean in person i crack jokes all of the time i guess here its just natural to be the same way!!

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