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I LOVE HARU! If you want to Join.. please help yourself (no point in keeping a list... I dont even know how many members there are anymore)

KYO!! <3 Ask queen of anime to join

yaaay thank you so much AJ!!

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YAY! im the keeper of Hatsuharu! wooo hooo!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Does this actually sthill work?
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Friday, January 18, 2008

how sad
I guess no one wants to comment me anymore.... that means I MUST POST MORE!!!
very un-likely but you know.

So my friend is not pregnant. Which is good cause there is no way she could have brought up a baby properly. (I mean love only goes so far.... sadly)

Erm... My grandma is dying. I guess her kidneys are failing and they can't operate on her cause heart isn't strong enough. She's 79 though and in my opinion has lived a pretty long fulfilling life. If she wants to go then I say let her. (I mean she's pretty much blind and going deaf. I'm surprised she's made it this far. She's smoked for a good 60 years.) Then again when I think theres also a chance her reasoning may be a little off. (I mean when your old your brain may go a little beserk.)

I guess time will tell.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

   Library Computers.
Library computers suck...
They don't let you go anywhere fun with their stupid restrictions. Honestly... I just wanted to go on my gaia account...
sad sad....
Oh well I'll live ^_^
Soooooo uhm.... yueah posting on The-o.... WOOT!

I'm sure you guys are surprised as always that I still exist ^_^... sooooo as always I'm putting up updates.

hmm... not a virgin anymore.... lol.... (I don't know if I covered that allready.... hahaha) I got drunk for the first time (err... last year in march). I still work at JoAnn ETC. I was going to college to get a degree in Graphic Degisn but broke down and decided to take a break from it....

soo... now I'm just being nagged constantly. It sucks. But what can you do? I'd rather not go then be miserable and hating it. :/

My best friend just told me she may be pregnant... which I mean we've known for about 4 months that it was possible but just now the tests are showing up positive.(and she hasn't had any sexual encounters since the one time 4 months ago) soooo I'm excited and worried for her all at once. I've been making the best of it though... XD its quite amusing actually cause now we can blame everything on "the baby". But what is more amusing is that I got her pregnant... (I mean I didnt do the dirty with her... but if she hadn't gone with me that night to my friends house then it wouldnt have ever happened) We were joking about how she would describe to her child how she met its father.... ^_^;;;

poor kid... lol.
I'll help her out as much as I can though.

Now I shall leave artsie pictures for those people who actually take their time to stop by ^_^.
(these are all free arts I did on gaiaonline. If you are on there look me up! Screenname - Rockstarfairychik )







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Friday, July 13, 2007



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Monday, June 4, 2007

heres another
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ps- shes not nakes her clothes are just not drawn in

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