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Thursday, December 15, 2005

one week till my birthday... still clueless as to how im gonna celebrate.. AJ's birthday is tommorow!!! yay for him!! .... but as for me.... i think im gonna have a few friends come over.... watch a movie, eat candy, and play spoons.... because thats how we do.... haha.... hmm... blaah!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Hey you guys! guess what! i got my hair cut!!!!, its not pink yet... and i dont think it will be or i will be fired ... *sigh* but i think im allowed to have streaks.... untill i find out it will be bright ass blonde!!!!

sooo before (this actually is a bad picture for the before cause you cant entirely see how long my hair was)


.. after... umm more.. moreafter?

yeppers.. the back is super short and i stick it up with this really yummy smellin hair spray.

This week is my last week of the fall semester classes... i just want to get it over with... im so sick of everything.... i think its cause all of my free time is now spent at a job.... BLAAH!!.... i have a 5 page essay thing i really dont feel like doing, and its my final project.. oh it was due last week at that.... and i thought i'd get away with turning half of the project in and getting like half credit..... but i was told that she would be able to accept the poster without the essay.... fudgecicles....

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wow, im tired
Allrighty there...

Soo yeah ofcourse ive returned from the great... erm.. wherever ive been.... Im like so effing tired.... Work is ok but its just tiring to stand at a register all day....

I just registered for my next semester for college... or atleast im trying to. I guess im bound to be a Graphic Designer.

I want to get my hair cut... like really awesome ... its hard to explain.... but i will... I want it cut really short in the back and then like for it to get longer as it goes to the front. and then i want bangs.... yeah.. if i ever get it done i will leave a picture... I also want to dye it but i dont think i can with my job.... buuut... if i can BRIGHT ASS PINK IT IS!!!

Well see you guys...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

er.... yep
Yeah so, havent been here in forever once again.... Life has been boring... school is going fine.. My best friend is back home.. I got a job at jo-ann's ect.(craft store) ...


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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

hmm... happy day after the day after halloween... hahaha
hey guys? miss me?? I KNOW YOU DO!!!

hmm well here i am.. yeah ive been here all along you just didnt know... sooo yeah.... sadly this year i didnt go trick or treating.... i handed out candy to kids though! i only had 5 kids come to my house.... (how sad is that) but i was happy cause i got to keep all of the left over candy (heck yeah) ooh and i stole a bunch of my lil brothers... HEHE! i rock... oh well...

Hmm.... ok i have to do some other stuff now!!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

yeah.... do do do
Yep... whats up my otaku buds... hmm yep not much to talk about so for those of you in michigan you can read this and see if you can agree with this stuff (yeah i can point out on my hand where i live can you??)

and for those of you not from michigan.. well you can read it too... but you might not understand half of it.. HAVE FUN

You Know You're From Michigan When...

You define summer as three months of bad sledding.

You think Alkaline batteries were named for a Tiger outfielder.

You can identify an Ohio accent.

Your idea of a seven-course meal is a six pack and a bucket of smelt.

Owning a Japanese car is a hanging offense in your hometown.

You know how to play (and pronounce) Euchre.

The Big Mac is something that you drive across.

You believe that "down south" means Toledo.

You bake with soda and drink pop.

You drive 75 on the highway and you pass on the right.

Your Little League baseball game was snowed out.

You learned how to drive a boat before you learned how to ride a bike.

You know how to pronounce "Mackinac".

The word "thumb" has a geographical rather than an anatomical significance.

You have experienced frostbite and sunburn in the same week.

You expect Vernor's when you order ginger ale.

You know that Kalamazoo not only exists, but that it isn't far from Hell.

Your favorite holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, the opening of deer season and Devil's Night.

Your snowmobile, lawn mower and fishing boat all have big block Chevy engines.

At least one person in your family disowns you for the week of the Michigan/Michigan State football game.

You know what a millage is.

Traveling coast to coast means driving from Port Huron to Muskegon.

Half the change in your pocket is Canadian, eh.

You show people where you grew up by pointing to a spot on your left hand.

You know what a "Yooper" is.

Your car rusts out before you need the brakes done

Half the people you know say they are from Detroit... yet you don't personally know anyone who actually lives in Detroit

"Up North" means north of Clare.

You know what a pastie is.

You occasionally cheer "Go Lions- and take the Tigers with you."

Snow tires come standard on all your cars.

At least 25% of your relatives work for the auto industry.

You don't understand what the big deal about Chicago is.

Octopus and hockey go together as naturally as hot dogs and baseball.

You know more about chill factors and lake effect than you'd EVER like to know!

Your snowblower has more miles on it than your car.

Shoveling the driveway constitutes a great upper body workout.

When giving directions, you refer to "A Michigan Left."

You know when it has rained because of the smell of worms.

You never watch the Weather Channel - you can just assume they're wrong.

The snowmen you make in your front yard actually freeze. Solid.

The snow freezes so hard that you can actually walk across it and not break it or leave any marks.

All your shoes are called "tennis shoes", even though no one here plays tennis anyway.

Your major school field trip includes camping and cross-country skiing.

Half your friends have a perfect sledding hill right in their own backyard.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Michigan.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

look its me..

yeah wasnt that fun? of course it was... dont deny it.. hahaha...

hello everyone... im bored... aol sucks, it keeps closin on me when i go to gaia... damn aol.. grrr...

i got to see my friend stephanie today.. that was coo... allright it was yesturday but were going to hang out tonight if my mom doesnt get mad cause it'll be from like 9pm till 1am or later... but i think im gonna hang out with her and then she's gonna come over here..

started watching batman begins.. i think i watched a half an hour of it so far... its good.. ok maybe more like twenty minutes of it.

FAMILY GUY! gotta love that show... hahaha

ok im done...

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Friday, October 14, 2005

POWER RANGERS (this is funny)

Wha ha ha ha! No one can stop me and my precious hurricane!"

"Mr. President. I'm afraid that Rita is more powerful than we thought."

"o rly? How so?"

"It appears she has powered herself up to a catagory five and is proceeding to take over the lower region of the united states."

"Ha ha ha ha! Soon the Unites States shall belong to me!"


"Mr President?..."

"Send in the Power Rangers"

*Power Rangers Theme*

"Good luck, Rangers"

"What?! The Power Rangers?!"

Red Ranger: "Alright guys! Let's stop this witch!"

Rest: "Right!"

"You won't beat me and my hurricane!"



"Use your Dragonzord!!"

"I likes Dragonzord."


"Oh noes!"

"Mr. President I believe we are winning!"

"I can't watch!!!"

"Ha Ha, Dragonzord is no match for my Category 5 Hurricane!"

"I believe in you, Power Rangers."

"R-ROARZ! Dragonzord can't take anymore!"

"Shall we evacuate the Gulf Coast Mr. President?"

"No. No. Wait until the Power Rangers unleash their weapons of mass destruction."

"But sir, wouldn't that still cost us thousands of lives?"

"Boy I'll tell ya that pink one, aint she a cutey?"

"Ready to give up the United states to me?!?"


"Well, are you?"







Cheney: "No."


"Only I can sentence the citizens of Texas to death."

"Send all available troops to the Gulf Coast immediately to assist the Power Rangers."

"Sir, everyone's fighting Iraq right now."

"Boy I'll tell ya that pink one, aint she a cutey?"

Red Ranger: "Crap, we're all doomed"

"Sergent, lik, what's the status?"

Sergent: "Seems like the hurricane is approaching. The Power Rangers deployed their Megazord by the coast, sir."

"Oh Snapz! Megaz0rz Go!!!"

"Sir, is the Megazord enuff?"

"You underes...under-est...und...undesti...condemn teh Power Ranj0rz? You sir are stripped of your rank!"

Red Ranger: "Alright guys. Let's tame this hurricane!"

"Not so fast, Rangers! Goldar! Go and protect my hurricane!"

"I like gooooooooooooold."


"May god save America...!"

Bush: "g2g brb"

All: "The president is LEAVING?"

"George Bush doesn't care about Black Rangers!"

"Hekllo, where da hell did he go?"

Later that day...

ZORDON: "RANGERS!, Some idiot has brokin in the lab, and I don't What is going on now!!"..



Hey guys!

All in Megazord: "Who the heck?!"

Tommy:Wtf?,I'm right here!!


"Sup dudes..its me!"

"Wtf is going on here?."

Bush:"Ultra White House MegaZord Transform!"












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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hey guys, in my macgraphic class.... yaay computers!

umm i made a myspace page and thats all fun.... i realized that i have a bunch of friends on there! yayness!! soo my name on there is xxrockinonpixiedustxx soo f your there you can add me.... or you can search me by my actual name Amanda Ford (18 from willis michigan just so you know you get the right one)

yeah ok got to do work now!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

YELLO... you know like... hello... but the word yellow... which is a color... hmmm....

BEEP... Hey im BISEXUAL... MUA HA HA.. hmmm..... hahaha.... i love SELENA.. and CHELSAE... their my whores.... ok im just kidding.. hahaha... ooh and KITTY AND KATY!!!

sorry this was almost pointless

you can real yesturdays post if you want to read erm... stuff... BYE

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