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Sunday, October 9, 2005

I got dumped
haha... i got dumped... well atleast it wasnt a horrible break up right?? haha yah... hmm.... oh well were still friends and all... i wasnt sad.. i was just sort of shocked.. and then like 5 minutes after we were all the same.. i basically told him that going out or not were entirely the same people.... we just dont have the label.

last night for some reason i felt really depressed.. and cried... i thought maybe it was cause the whole break up or maybe it was the feeling of loneliness creeping back into my life.... but then i thought... i dont feel lonely... i just feel ignored.. hmm... but now im all better.... i just needed to cry.... i dont know if anyone else is like this but when you cry you can feel so much better afterwards? im like that.... i think its cause im sooo like nice and happy and once all that positive energy is like used up i have all this negative energy built up.... hmm i dunno...

\in other news... (hehe i feel like a news person saying that) crystal is back up north.. umm yah.. her sister is having a halloween party and they want me to come up for it.. the only thing is that my mom wont let me miss my class on saturday... shitty....

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Monday, October 3, 2005

Hi there everyone..... First and foremost i would like to say thanks to you guys for over 9000 hits.

Well this weekend was pretty fun. Crystal came home on friday.... Sadly her car broke down cause she literally ran out of gas..... LUCKILY i found out where she was and it was Manda to the rescue.... she was almost home too.. (like 20 minutes away atleast but isnce she got up a lil late she got her yearbook and went home (although we hung out online till like 2 or 3am)

Saturday was more eventful. I was happy cause i thought the cute guy in my art class dropped it but no he'se still there. Although he's really.... dumb..... i guess you could say. ok , not dumb but its like he talks to you and you get that **i dont really care** feeling.. haha. hmmm after art class i went to pick up crystal. We went to see The Corpse Bride with my little brother. It was a good movie! i thought the corpse bride was pretty. That night we went driving around... it was nice being able to hang out and go wherever we wanted. around 11 we decided we wanted to take my digital camera and take pictures in soop (soup) cemetary. It was really eery.... but a shitload of fun... at one time we saw a car and we thought we were going to be in a lot of trouble.... so we jumped in the van and left after it went by.

Today (er yesturday) we were planning on driving to my boyfriends house. its about an hour drive there.... Well 10 minutes away from our destination we were broken down on the side of the road.... TO make a long story short.... we ended up not going, the van was towed, i almost got hit by a semi at one point, when we got home i cried.... yah.... so all day ive been really depressed.

but oh well i should be ok by tuesday (next i have to drive) i'll just be a little shaky.....

ok guys sorry bout the long post. see you

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Manda got a boyfirned *giggles*
sorry i havent posted in like forever...

hmm well if you read the subject i have some news... ive been on this hi-5 thing and its liek to meet people and make friends like in your area and i met this guy dave! AND WERE NOW GOING OUT! awesomeness! i love him to death!! I have yet too meet him in person but Crystal and i might stop by his apartment over the weekend! This week seems like its talking forever!! its like everytime i think about him i get butterflies real bad! hehe! and he loves fat chicks and i love skinny guys so we hit it off right away... HEHE and he's so funny!

Also I'm very excited cause my best friend crystal is supposed to come home and visit me over the weekend! yay! This week is like great... now the timein between those two (like not chatting with them or whatever) has been kind of dull.

I love my wednbesday class! its working on Mac Graphics! ive never used photoshop or illustrator before and its loads of fun! i think were working in adobe illustrator right now and were using the pen tool! My teacher syas alot of people dislike it but I LOVE IT! I think its the easiest thing weve done so far! and my picture im working on is looking great!! i's post the outline of it but my scanner isnt working for some reason>> :( *sadness* ... hrm

ive also made a friend or two in my tuesday and thursday classes! so im happy! And im doing great in my art class! the only class i dont like is my english class... but thats cause i actually have to do work... *sigh* .... ooh and i have some reading to do for my history of graphic design class.

well im over blabbin! byee for now!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

dumm dee duuum!
Hello!! ... (looks at comments from last time).... JEEEZSUS... where did all you little monkeys come from?? .. haha... i dunno why but that sounded real funny to me!

how yall doooooin? hmm i just realized its way befroe my usual post time.... and this is kind of pointless.... *sigh*.. hrm... oh well...

i think i missed an episode of naruto last weekend.... or did it only show once (instead of twice like the first time) hmm... i onno....

worked over the weekend.. made $145.... only have about $5 in change left..... lol.... i have no clue what i spent it all on... it kind of came to me and then fluttered away... but i guess since i could actualyl drive it didnt last me as long as usual (plus 20 of it went into buying gas)..

oh well bye for now..... *GLOMP*

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Friday, September 16, 2005

woot! 8000!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

heey guys!
well today im in my graphic design class... i like it alot.. (theres cute boys... *giggles* ) umm yeah so short post... i still dont know if im going to work on saturday but if i dont that wont be o bad cause atleast i'll have a day off between right..

ooh wow this computer goes uber fast! schweet! i want it *tear* only thing is the whole no right clicky button will drive me nuts, but i found out how to do it with the keyboard (awesomeness!!)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

you butt monkeys.... hehe you gotta love Bevis and Butthead!
Hey guys! I miss you! (yes im in a good mood at the moment)

hey look my cat is eatin a chicken bone... err.... i'd take it from he but she'd prolly maul me!...

Soo how yall doooin?? I'm allright... kind of bored, but i actually have things i could doo... but you know that thing where you could do something but you either put it off till the last minute or dont do it at all... yep.... lol

Im excited cause Dave (er my boss kind of) called and asked me if i wanted to work over the weekend... and i told him ok! yaay MOOLAH! soo i said it'd be ok for me to work friday and sunday and i'm going to see abotu saturday too... i told him that i didnt know about it cause i had classes that morning..

soo hopefully this year i wont pass out, or loose my money.... yeah last year i lost the 200 dollars i made over the weekend.... which really fucking sucked..... i should look up my post from last year... it would prolly funny to read now (i think all it said was fuck repeatedly)...

I'm thinking of changing my background again.. nothing wrong with a change of scenery! ...

well allright loves! yeah im sure like no one will read this because how late in the day it is but if you do thanks!! i love you guys! *glomps everyone*

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Monday, September 12, 2005

awwe! sadness..
well, i know i havent been around... err.. nothing really to post about....

well i had a conversation with the hot guy in my art class.. (lol woot go me) ... but thats about it... oh yeah, and the art teacher commented on how well my picture was out of the whole class .... i was soo excited!!

today a friend of mine is saying farewell to myotaku and the internet as well (sadness) so if you know him or not please tall originalj bye OK! (i love you joey, i'll miss our late night conversations.. well early morning for you :P)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

omg! i cant believe it!! i totally missed my my-o birthday!! on August 12th was my myotaku birthday! and almost a month later i realize i totally missed it!!! welll happy belated otaku birthday to me! im now 2 years and almost a monthh old... hehehe!
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Monday, September 5, 2005

goodbye to squishy!! *tear
awwe! this makes me laugh a lil and feel a lil sad all at the same time...

well lemme update you guys...

ive been feeling a little better since my little break down the other day... crystal and i have talked more since she's been gone.... well basically i still dont see any of my other friends still but im trying to find a time for my friend heather and i to hang out.... soo hopefully we will be able too...

ON saturday i took my drivers test.... and i passed... but i wont be able to go untill tomorrow to get my liscense (because its the labor day weekend) i ahvent been on here really cause i havent really felt like it... i kinda spend a lot of time on gaia now... lol... i'd say you can basically do the same things as on here but there you get rewarded for it... soo i mean you can understand why i spend a shitload of time there... lol... but i do miss you guys..... sorry.....

well... yah... you know the up thing to going to college? THERE ARE ALOT OF HOT GUYS!!! hahaha!!! tomorrow i have my English class... and then my History of Graphic design class... yay for me.... hopefully i'll have the car cause i have a 2 hour period between the 2 classes.... or maybe i'll go to the writing center to work on stuff.....

well allrighty guys! i love you all! i'll stop by some sites tomorrow night... for now i have to go to bed (its 435am) .... toodles!

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