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Monday, May 9, 2005

Happy Brithday Selena!!
Hello all! well as of right now its only 19 minutes into monday morning.. yah.. i just want to say sorry for not being around for some of you guys.. my comp is like ancient or something and doesnt work very well..

annnnnd.... oh yah i was going to say hi to yuripriss one day because she was finally back to the o and i forgot to... lol HIHI YURIPRISS! haha.. maybe i didnt forget to... i dont know.. my brain works about as well as this computer! haha...

ooh next thing.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SELENA!!!! YAAAY! *serves cake* now make a wish!!! ... ooh wait.. *lights candles* sorry i got ahead of myself!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yayaya! lots of love to my best otaku friend!! (crystal you are still my best friend in life dont be jealous she is prolly your best otaku friend too... hahaha!!!) yay! i love you guys! (ps selena is Usagixsenjo )

ooh and special thanx to elvesatemyramen, peibu, pockystix, finalfan1015, original j, linkinpark25, angel kat, Mew wem, Badkitty172002, redhotchilichik, teas mini twin and inuyasha311 for coming to my site! you are the people i miss when my comp is dead! i love you all!! (also yuripriss and usagixsenjo.. i just didnt have you guys in the list since i mentioned you allready above!! lol)

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Happy mothers day
well i guess its kind of late to be posting.... buuut... yah know..

ok soo last time i posted was like friday or thursday.... or something.... hmm... i dont remember ....

Today was pretty uneventful.... This morning (which was really this afternoon) my family (mom dad me and my lil bro) went to my grandma and my other grandma's house to wish them a happy mothers day. wasnt that great... my grandma on my dads side is like 76 and my grandma on my moms side is... younger? lol... im not sure.... but i know i hate her!! the highlight of it was i got to see my cousins 3 year old daughter! She's sooo cute!!! Her name is Mckenzie.. or something like that... i dunno if thats how its spelled.... ooh and then my grandma let us have a bunch of crap out of her garage.... most of it was old but new (out of the box never opened) .... i was trying to have her give me a brass elephant to give to crystal but she thinks she'll be able to sell it or something.... (she's had it for over a year and still hasnt sold it)



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Friday, May 6, 2005

lol 5-5-05... senior skip day
well yesturday was pretty fun... the day before i spent the night at crystals house and well yah... it was fun...

Basically, ive gotten real high only twice before and im usually real paranoid... but we got high last night (i mean wednesday night) and it was toooo funny... like seriously everythihng was fucking hilarious... we called selena and AJ but tey didnt pick up!! (jeeez dontcha guys love us??? haha).. just kidding! i hope my message didnt sound all funny! and matt came over.... after we were high and OMG... *drools* he was looking great.. i wish i had my camera!! *tear* so sad hes moving soon!

well then yesturday we like woke up at like 12something... (went to bed at 3am or something like that smoked at like 1030pm) and soo yah... we had breakfast.. watched some tv.. then went to matts.. we all had a smoke (crystal, me, matt, andrew, and some guy named dan or something) and we talked... god i'll miss our smoking huddles!! then we went inside and matt played guitar... i ended up playing zelda with matts lil brother... and that was fun! his lil bro is too cute! aww you just want to huggle him!! uuh yah and then i got sick with the game and let matt play.... *oogles matt* GAWD HE LOOKS AWESOME!! hhaahhah! hmmm. .. yah

we had to leave at like 4 cause his lil sister was coming home from school and he said she'd tattle on him for us being there! but soo yah.. twas fun while it lasted... ..

when we got back the cowboy bebop movie was on so we watched that!
yah.. fun stuff!


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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

banana b-a-n-a-n-a
hahaha or however that stupid song goes... hello cheering about banana's? umm can we say someone is a whore!?? hahaha.. just kidding, i really like gwen stefani, well her fashion style atlease her music isnt as good as it used to be!!

ugh soo today was ok besides all of the crappy stuff... i have a frikken lousy brain!! Yesturday i left my art picture in my tech class.... and then today i left half of my english work at home... missed the bus trying to finish it this morning (cause i had to write it out cause my printer wont work with my old comp).... i left tech my work in my child care class... and then i left my colored pencils at where i bought my prom ticket... damn!! today has been.... annoying!!!!! and i guess my brothers knee needs to be worked on tomarrow cause its all torn up and i tell my mom that my knee has been bothering me for the past month or so and she's like *its because your fat*.... uuh yeah thank you for telling me what ive known since i was in second grade... now about my pain in my knee..... GRRR that pissed me off... what because im fat doesnt mean my knee hurts yet my other knee is fine... oh and that since my brother ran track and was in wreastling and since he's a marine and a normal size he's ok to have a messed up leg and get attention and have people whine over it
??? FUCK THAT!!!... soo yeah... its like yeah i want to loose weight but i dont want to walk on my knee soo therefore im going to sit on my ass get fatter and still have knee pains.... fufk fuckffuckfuckfuck.... .... sorry im letting it out!!! ... i should stop..

well i got my prom ticket today and my prom dress last night... soo yay! hopefully (cause i ordered it from www.torrid.com) my dress will come in a week or two!!!
and i hope it'll fit fine!

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Monday, May 2, 2005

sometimes i feeel ive got to *ah ah* run away, ive got to *ah ah* get away....- Coneheads.. lol
Hello guys!! oooh its monday.... ok its only like 30 minutes into monday... (or atleast for me.. i mean when you get on it'll prolly be like... later that that.. lol).. anywho

yeah so i havent been here for a few days.. (or atleast i think i havent!!..) uummm well i positively know i wasnt here on saturday or sunday.. lol...

on friday crystal rode my bus home with me. our school doesnt let other people ride each others bus's but since i had a sub she rode it home anyway! lol.. later on that day we went to the ann arbor art center cause my friend heather and i had pictures being shown (well i had one and she had 4) and so we got all dressed up and went.. it was too cool.. i mean it was like pretty boring but there was this lady doing henna for free!! yay! soo crystal heather me kyle, and even my little brother jesse all got henna tattoo's! yaay! .... i got a butterfly, crystal got "faith: and it was real pretty.. heathers was all cool.. (it was a flower in the middle and then went out from there) kyles was all flamey.. and then my little brother got a cat! too cute!!.. Heather won an award for a picture of hers.

Then on saturday we went to crystals house.. we finally went to that dress store and like the dresses were like 200-300 bucks... (YEAH FRIKKEN RIGHT) i wasnt even going to try the dresses on.. haha.. besides they didnt have any that i would like in my size.

umm then today i came home and worked on my rocket car for tech class from like 6pm-11pm. yeah so when i started it only had axel holes to it and now its only need one more part to be cut and then the axels shortened and the paint put on it.. and it should be finished! yaay!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

AAAAHHHHH!!! *shake shake Twitch twitch*
hahaha... whoa! where did all you critters come from! hahaha! i mean like 18 comments!! .. oh well.. nice to see you all... i will try my best to get back to all of your sites! It depends if these pop ups drive me to the brink of insanity! AAHHH! their crazy !! i close one and then 5 more come out of no where!!! ahhh!!

Well im feeling better today! well atleast as of 1:20am... i think its because i got a buttload of extra sleep yester-morn.. and the fact that got got some sudafed... YAY FOR MEDICINE!

OOH OOH! go to crystals site (Badkitty172002) Today is her 1 year otaku birthday!!!! YAAAY! ANd i made this nifty banner!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'd like to thank my cousin for help in retreiving it Thanx RedHotChiliChik!! soo since my right clicky button does not work i could not right click and save the picture!! soo i had to have her send it to me through aim!! HEHE! i like it it looks all funked up!

OOh! i love all of the answers i got from yesturday you guys! I esp like Original j's answer to *what are you addicted to.. or what cant you live without* hahaha! Woot! THAT WAS HOT! haha... def good anwser... .. ahem.. right.. hahaha... (call me my number is... lol just kidding)

oook so it turns out my my mother board fried on ym laptop... im guessing that means i pretty much lost everything.. all my banners, pictures, poems, music, buttons, backgrounds.... what i think sucks the most though is all of the pictures i lost from my digital camera... i had like 1000-1500 pictures... its sucky... i lost all my pics of the kittens growing up.. the ones of my friends.. i just hope somehow i will be able to get them back... *sigh*... well im off!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

*ACHOO*.... eck... uuh... *wipes nose*.. stayed home ... sick day
ooook maybe the subject is tooo dramatic... im not all that sick but enough to be like **i should not be around 20 kindegarteners cause i dont want them getting sick from me.....***... uuh yeah... anywho...

soooo today im not going to school... anbd tomarrow i am not either... WOOT! aww the kittens are leaving me tomarrow... or atleast vash is! its sooo sad!! *cries*

My mom emailed the people for DELL assistance and when she tried what it said the laptop still would not respond. SUCKY!

Crystals comp is still down but she might post cause im pretty sure she went to school and will post during her comp. class!

hmmmmm... wellll more random questions!!

1 - whats your middle name
2 - what your favorite color of gummy bears (or worms or dinosaurs or... ect ect)
3 - are you addicted to anything... or whats something you cannot live without. (by addicated it could be anything... porn, chicken, bicycles, hamtaro.... anything.... but i couldnt imagine anyone being obsessed with hamtaro!! haha)

1- Nicole
2 - i love them all but i think.... hmmm... the clear ones are the best
3 - I'm addicated to pop... and i couldnt go without the internet...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

WAAAH! ;^-^;
My laptop is dead
My laptop is dead
Thats what i said
My laptop is dead

It was fine in the night
But gone in the morn
i only wish it could be reborn

to got to bed and be asleep
and wake up with it gone... i want to weep...

My laptop is gone... i'll miss it alot...
luckily its not the only computer i got...

lol (like the bad bad english at the end??)

oook so im sure you guys figured it out allready ... like monday morning i went to turn on my computer to print out some pictures before i left for schol and it turns out that my laptop would not turn on at all... and it was plugged in... sooo... its dead... *CRIES* ITS SOOO SAD!!!
well im not really crying its just a dramatic effect... soooo after going and deleting a bunch of crap on my old computer i got online with it... yaay! the otaku is my drug and i was getting a bit freaked out that i couldnt post!!

Sadly crystals computer is also dead... yes i said it... 2 computers over the week.... SORRY CRYSTAL!!! Atleast she can post in school... this just means i can use my web cam on my slow ass computer!!! (although i see no purpose in it..)

well umm... yeah.. no pictures today cause the right button on the computer doesnt work... sucky (no copying and pasting.... harsh)

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Smile Empty Soul - This is war
Hello once again! welcome to yet another sunday.... and WTF!!! its snowing!! SNOWING!! i mean ... what?? why?? noo!!! DAMN YOU SNOW!!!! like yesturday it rained all day and today it snowed all day! WTF!???? hahaha.. oh well... heey ...oh i forgot ... oh wait.. haha... if theres enough snow we could have a snow day! hahaha...

hmmm... welll im all excited cause i figured out how to use my printer to print pictures... soo i printed out a few pictures of my friends and stuff (for my scrap book) and then im going to print some more for my senior memory book.

I'm sad cause soon im going to have to give away Vash and Knives (soon as in Knives is going on thursday and Vash will prolly go earlier than that)... buut yeah... heres one of my last pictures.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this song reminds me of my brother (He's a marine)

Smile Empty Soul - This is war

i'm just a normal man
i wouldn't hurt nothing at all
but here we are

our leaders have a plan
i'd only kill if it's for them
now here we are

i drove in a car and flew in a plane
to come to your house and kick your door in
now it's down to this, it's just you and me
i'll blow your fucking head off for my country

i go to church and tithe
i go to work in a suit and tie
but this is war
i'm really not sure why
but the tv says that you are wrong
now here we are


my feet hurt from the sand
but still i march on gun in hand
cause this is war
this isn't what i planned
i wanted to be so much more
but this is war


Image hosted by Photobucket.com <

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sum 41 - In to Deep
hello all!

sorry i didnt get to post pics with my post yesturday! i was in a rush!

Well yesturday (last night) my mom kind of made me mad cause like i went to crystals at like 6pm... and we like watched Napoleon Dynamite... the first time i watched that i really didnt like it... and i had to stop it like before it was even at the end... and then watching it with crystal it was alot funnier... and then the end where he was dancing was too funny!

ooh ... you know whats really weird and interesting (totally off topic) the way hermaphrodites have sex!!! hahaha.... (sorry pooorn!)

hmmm yah sooo my mom like picked me up from crystals at 11pm because she couldnt find something that she was looking for and i found it right away when i got home... GOD! hahaha!

ok i lied i dont feel like posting pictures.. im all sleepy

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