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Sunday, August 6, 2006

Straight Jacket Feeling
So new news...

I signed up for my third semester at college. I have a typography class, a quark class.... and some other computer class...

BUT! I was told that after my next semester I should have my certificate in graphic design.

My brother is going to iraq. I was so glad because he got to visit home before her left. But i like almost started bawling on the way to work today because I forgot to tell him bye... (it would be my last chance to say bye to him in person.... atleast untill he comes home from iraq)

I found out my brother's girlfriend is really funny when she is drunk. haha.... She made me laugh my ass off. When I was on the computer last night she came up behind me ans was like "Whatcha doooin computer nerd??" And i was like.. er nothing? and she like suddenly came really close to me and hugged me ans was like .... "I LOVE YOU AMANDA!!!! You're going to be my sister in law!!! Aren't you excited?" (she was really loud and i could smell the beer on her breath.) I was laughing and whipped out my handy dandy digital camera. Then.... thats where it got even better. haha... Well, first she freaked out a bit cause she thought i was going to take a picture but i was really recording her. and then she was like NOOOO! .... But... after the downfall she was like... "You want me to dance for you???" she then Stood up on the chair beside me.... and started to dance.......so I put on some music ... and taped her....Mua ha ha.... I'll have to show it to her when she is sober

Uhm. Well My cat Squishy had 4 kittens July 11th (I think).. Two boys; Jack Black and Jack Sparrow, And two girls; Kairi and Namine. OK.. now for the sad part.... three of the kittens died with in 24 hours of each other(August 2-3rd). Luckily the last living Kitten (Jack Sparrow) Is alive and seems to be healthy. Now All I have to do is try to help him with his flea problem. He's only 3 weeks old so i cant use the flea bath... so like every other day i have to wash him in water and try to pick as many off as i can... GROSS.. but I'm trying to help him and thats all that matters.

I just got to watch FLCL(Furi Kuri or Fooly Cooly), the last episode of Cowboy bebop, and two very good epidoes of Trigun(the one about Rem and the last episode)[ll of which are mmy like favorite animes] I'm uber happy.. XD

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cold, but im still here.
Wow.. so...

Today I was awoken by a phone call from my friend. Asked me if I could take her aunt to the hospital because she was having a mental break-down.

So.... after a silent 40minute drive to the hospital I got to hear about all of her problems.. I feel bad for her. She kept saying she wanted to take a bottle of pills and never wake up. I would hate to be stuck in a situation where my only way out is death.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Pssh... Yeah..
Well. I figure.. Maybe since I havent posted anything In a LOOOOOONG time... and i dont mean just anything.. But the kind of post where I actually mean it... lol.. I figured I'd leave one now.

How yall dooin? Good I hope. Cause I mean.. It suck if you were all not good.. THat'd be depressing.. I think I'd be Ultra sad and whatnot.

So, yesturday was fun. I woke up and made sure my lil brother (whose 8) got on the bus.. It was funny.. He was yellin for me and when I finally come out He says "Amanda, There is a dead bird" And I was like "Eww.... Just stand on the other side of the drive way."

Then after waking up a second time (went back to bed after he was on the bus)My best friend Crystal (Badkitty172005) and I decided we wanted some taco bell! So I was like YEAH.. TACO BELL!!!! So were all ready to go and I was like "I better check and make sure I got my 10 dollah bill." And so loook and i didnt have my 10 dollah bill.... Which made me uber sad.. and Real hungry.... not to add to the fact that it was real hot and humid. Soo.. I was like hungry.. and searched around for change.. and ended up making 5bucks appear from no where (random piles of change and $2.70 in bottle returns) And after all that we went to McDonalds.. Which obviously could not compare to the wholesome goodness of Taco Bell... But was effing Deliscious all the same.

Then On the way home crystal and i were Jamming and she was looking at the car Bseide us. "Is that John???" She asked me... And I looked. Sure enough It was one of my close cousins Jonathan beside up while we were at the stop light. Hahah.. I dunno what he said to us (music was too loud) But we were randomly yeling things back and forth.

When we got back to my house we caught tad-poles for fun.... THERE WERE SOOOOO MANY... And they were really little tad poles. lol.. And then I randomly caught a Crawfish.... and IT ATE ONE OF THE TINY TAD-POLES!!!!! It was amusing and horrific all at the same moment.

Well I guess those were the highlights of my day... (which ended at like 6pm due to a bad Storm)But thats ok..

Oh I also had to Dye my hair a norm color cause If I didnt i wouldnt be a cashier anymore.. *Shrugs* oh well..

Look I drew this picture of an ex-otaku frend.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Baby shower... like the best one ever..
Haha.. Wow, I went to the best baby shower ever. My friend Alicia had a baby shower including alcohal, a bon-fire, and guys.. Why hasnt anyone thought of this before?? I say we start a revolution and party like hell!! well... she also had her baby before her shower (a month early) so she got to party with everyone! What a treat! and the baby was so cute!
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I bet you look good on the Dance floor

lol.... look its my www.Gaiaonline.com avi! She's Hawt... lol.. Look me up As Rockstarfairychik! We can totally be friends! Also stop by my thread!


Cause I'm cool like that.... lol...

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm a DIVA!!!!!
Slept in... skipped most of my classes, and decided that im going to drop the one i went to. (Thats funny, I say most of my classes but I only have three on mondays) Hung out at crystals cause my mom wouldnt let me eat food... why? cause she said that its not for breakfast... whatever... food is food. she should know that they say it is better for you to eat something other than breakfast food... (also cause when crystal and i got to taco bell this morning I realised that i left my money in my pocket of my jeans.... damn me..).... Anyways.. after taking pictures of myself (and being excited over them cause they looked pretty good) I left around 2pm and went to visit some of my ex high school teachers.. Shown off my extremely boring art work to my ex art teacher.. he then shown me how to draw a hand in like a minute.... mrsmarty pants. After hangout out with him for like 5 minutes i wandered off to see my ex Tech teacher.. I walked in and he greeted me with a high five and calling out P.I.T. GRADUATE (Problems In Technology.. cool class.. )... I shown him what few things i had saved on my hard drive.... I think he was more amazed by the 200gb harddrive.. haha.. in fact he said "Thats probably more gigabytes then the whole school has alltogether.." which was funny, and most likely true. After that i went up to the college, ... then went home... and fell asleep... (i had a splitting headache).

ps- Missed you too yuripriss! <3 <3 I hope your doing well! I guess you could say i was a christian before i was athiest... lol.. were opposite! (WEll i dont know... when i was little i believed there was a god... by time i was in like 7th grade i found it hard to believe.. by high school i gave up the idea entirely

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jehovahs witness
I talked to a jahovahs witness this morning... he told me *I'm sending a message of love because your neighbors are afraid... *blahblahblah* (that would be the part where i zoned out)*blahblahblah* Do you think theres enought love in *blahblah* Me-*shrugs*, Mom says dad is in the garage* ... Yeah it went somehting like that... God... frikken jehovahs.... lol... I really wanted to say "Look.. I dont believe in god.. k bye" ..... cause i honestly did not care about what he had to say.... whats funny... is last night i was watching a thing on jeff foxworthy where he said "Heres something you should do when you want to sleep in and the jehovah witnesses come to wake you up early in the morning".... But no... I did not listen to Jeff Foxworthy.. Damn me... Even funnier is the fact that i thought... "There wont be any Jehovah witnesses out here.... but its a funny joke jeff!!" .... And boom.. next morning a damn jehovah witness is yappin to me at my door....
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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I Chimed in,
Oh my effing Josh... i love Panic! at the disco... YAR ... lol... PS Check out parkerlife on myspace!! Cool band...
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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Panic! at the disco
holey crap...... im falling in love with this band... (and if you have NO CLUE what im talking about look at the sbuject you sped)..

crap... I know 8 hour days are nothing for some people but i'm tiiiired! but you know, i'll still manage to sit at the computer for hours doing absolutely nothing.

Nothing really important to say... elvesatemyramen got some cool stuff at an anime store.. (hahahah... yes im going to tell you about other people... that how boring i am,,, :P) ooh and badkitty172002 hasnt updated in awhile... Pockystix is no longer with us ... how sad...

ooh hey look silence of the lambs is on.. i read that book in 7th grade..

Oh well anime wise. I'm finally reading the newest fruits basket around here.. the one with the monkey on the front(honestly i cannot remember his name)

kaym im done.. *glomps everyone randomly*

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Friday, February 3, 2006

Holey Moley!!!!
What the flip? I can't believe I'm still able to sign in here... You know, After awhile I'd think that they would drop certain people's accounts??

Can you believe it? It's been like over a month since my last post... maybe 2 months... oh fudge i cant even remember.

How are all my little fluffy nutter butters dooin??? Allright i hope!! I'm doooooin Pretty fine and dandy myself.

So If anyone does happen to read this... I'll go a little into whats happeneing... Yes I'm still single. IM in my second semester of college....(which is going fairly well indeed) ... I'm still working at joanns.... WOOT! (although only the weekends so the pay like just covers my gas.. ) Erm yeah...

Wow... so thats it.. Umm if you guys would like to keep in touch with me more im rockstarfairyhik on gaiaonline. xxrockchixrulexx on AIM .... xxrockinonpixiedustxx on YIM.... oh and look for me on myspace http://www.myspace.com/xxrockinonpixiedustxx .. Love you all... you know i will eventually drop back in..

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