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Monday, September 26, 2005

I've been away for so long... Ugh... TIZ INSANITY!!!!! O_o Truly crazy my life haz been... -_- I mean school iz ultimatly ruining it... *Well homework wise and me being completly and utterly lazy lol XD* OH! My nephew gave me this little book of poems and I found one that really describes how I'm feeling right now *ahem* here goes!

Homework, I love you. I think that you're great.
It's wonderful fun when you keep me up late.
I think it's the best when I'm totally stressed,
preparing and cramming all night for a test.

Homework, I love you. What more can I say?
I love to do hundreds of problems each day.
You boggle my mind and you make me go blind,
but I'm still ecstatic that you were assigned.

Homework, I love you. I tell you it's true.
There's nothing more fun or exciting to do.
You're never a chore, for it's you I adore.
I wish that our teacher would had you out more.

Homework, I love you. Youthrill me inside.
I'm filled with emotions. I'm fit to be tied.
I cannot complain when you frazzle my brain.
Of course, that's probably beacause I'm completly insane...
~Kenn Nesbitt

Tis so true... *nods* And for some odd reson I have not been able to spell all this week *especially on the comp* -_- IZ SCHOOL OVER!?!?!?!??!11111

Well I guess it isn't all bad... Koromoro's brother haz finally come into thiz world *Thanks to my German class... Due to Rokoko's name is like some city in Germany... or something... I wasn't paying attention... O_o* and they both have last namez now!!! XD *Thankz ta Shadow Alchemist for letting me look in her japanese dictionary! XD* Their last names are the slurred together words of animal and human in Japanese... now I did think of slurring together the words for human and panther... but it didn't sound good to me no matter how I slurred it so Dobugen stayz... XD

Koromoro: It's nice to finally have a last name! ^_^

RFC: Indeed... now I have to find something for Blaze and Keith...

Keith: Take you're time... I'm in no rush.

Blaze: The only reason WE don't have last names is becuase you're a lazy-good-for-nothing...

RFC: That iz true... but tis not RFC's fault entirly...

Blaze: You just keep telling yourself that... *glares*

RFC: Will do! XD

Koromoro: Hey! Where's-

*A motercycle flys overhead*

Blaze: Who-ho-ho COOL!!!

Koromoro: Nevermind....

*The bike lands and the driver gets off*

Rokoko: Yo...

RFC: Ah Rokoko! Nice ta see ya! XD

*Rokoko nods*

RFC: Oh lemme inroduce you to Blaze and Keith!

Keith: Hiya! ^_^ I'm Blaze's guardian!

Blaze: More like a pain in my neck...

Keith: He always says that... XD He never means it though...

Blaze: Ya sure... *snorts*

Rokoko: Quite and odd relationship...

RFC: Tis a long story... ()

Koromoro: So where were you hiding?

Rokoko: Where I alwas do to escape...


*everyone looks at RFC funny*

RFC: ... () Gomen to all... Homework iz KEELING poor RFC and making her grammar bad... -_-

Everyone: *nods*

Ah... But alas aside from that I'm hiding out on meh dad's SN because of this guy who keeps wanting to dump all his problems on RFC... -_- I mean he says to me that in 2 years he's gonna get himself killed on the battle feiled after he joins the army reserves... and he tells me he's a very lonely soul and all this stuff... and for the past 3 days I've been trying to recover from the very painful and old wounds that resurfaced, because of this guy... -_-

RFC iz too caring for her own good... but the thing that get's me so mad is that he found my e-mail by doing a google search on the word "Flame" and her found meh O and whadda know? There be meh e-mail... I SWEAR!!! IF I GET ONE MORE FRIGGIN' SUICIDAL PERSON E-MAILING ME I'M GONNA FRIKKEN' KILL SOME CUTE FLUFFY THING!!!!! I FRIKKIN' MEAN IT!!!! HE'S LIKE THE FRIKKEN' THIRD ONE!!! GOD D*MMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking of taking my e-mail outta all of my accounts I mean if these FREAKS think they can just e-mail me and DUMP all their problems onto me, THEY GOTTA 'NOTHER THING COMMIN!!!!!!

I mean it waz only a few night's ago that he IM's me and says "I'm gonna stop using you Yuffie..." And I'm all like WTF!?!?!?! YOU MEAN I NEARLY STARVED MYSELF FOR A DAY TRYING TO SEAL BACK OLD WOUNDS BY MEDITATING ALL DAY, ALL JUST BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO USE ME!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!111111 #$)&$#*%$%&$(*&)(*#@()*

Ohhh... that guy won't have to wait 'till the army to kill himself... I'LL RIP OUT HIS HEART AND EAT IT AT THIZ POINT IN TIME!!! I'LL KILL YOU YA *(#&$(&*^ IF I FIND YOU ON MY SITE AGAIN!!! YOU HEAR ME!?????????!!?!?!?

Koromoro: Woah... I've never seen you so mad...

RFC: Tis not everyday that RFC haz a panic attack this bad...

Rokoko: You said you have "Old wounds" what of?

RFC: Old wounds from being treated so horribly buy teacher, kids, school. I waz never accepted by other kids in both grade and middle school... and I mean I can't evan begin to describe how horribly they treated me...

Koromoro: Aww...

RFC: One story I will share though... I once told this girl I was gonna kill her with my lazer eye vision, when me and another boy were playing some kind of freaky game I no longer remember... but she goes up to the teacher and tells the teach that I was gonna stab and kill her.

I was suspended for 3 days and I had to have "Counceling" the rest of the year...

BUT the thing that gets me so mad about the story... iz the day I came back... thiz guy threatens to break my legz and drag me to an abandoned feild and leave me there to die... and he only gets a 3 day detention.... Now tell me what's the difference between what he said to me and what I said to that girl *that she warped just to get me in troubble?* Nothing...

And alas there are hundreds of stories like it... and alas they have left deep wounds on RFC's heart... and they will most likely never heal...

But they have gotten better... much better... And optimism helps... a lot...

Rokoko: Wow...

RFC: Yesh... Though RFC iz not a depressed little moron who can't find a perpose for their life... My anime and art iz my reason... and my fear of death is my other... and RFC Will never take her life... unlike some FIKKIN' MORONZ WHO KEEP E-MAILING RFC!!!!! FRICK YOU B*ST*RDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koromoro: O_o

RFC: -_- Note RFC will only type swearz.... she will never say them... she doesn't have the heart to...

Blaze: Are you ever going to stop talking in a third person veiw?

RFC: School haz warped my poor mind... and morons... and stuff...

Rokoko: Thus the reason I wander...

RFC: I'd wander too... but I have no vehicle to drive... XP

Rokoko: That sucks...

RFC: You have no idea...

Rokoko: *nods*

Oh... this might be really random but I finally got FF X-2, and the My Chemical Romance CD, a South Part shirt that says DESTROY THE EVIL POWER and it haz them all holding one of thier Chempokomon... *I loved that episode... XD* AND I got this REALLY COOL Dragon CD case! Take a look!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bwa!!! XD RFC Luvz her dragonz...

Blaze: *Snort*

RFC: Evan you Blaze...

Blaze: *Snorts again*

Well I had better stop typing now and get working on meh HW... OMG... -_-

Keith: Poor RFC

RFC: A starving AND suffering artist.... RFC Need a vacation...

Blaze: WHERE? Hurricanes are hitting everywhere...

RFC: ... I need to be locked in my room for a week... There my dream vacation....

Rokoko: Simple yet so effective...

RFC: Yup... *slowly... very slowly walks over to her backpack and begins to work*

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Friday, September 16, 2005

   I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew... Whatta week... I thought it would NEVER END!!!! OMG!!!! XP Eh but it's all over and I'm happy... ^_^

I waz out from school yesterday though due to my back started to REALLY hurt my back I mean I had such bad pains I couldn't move my arms to quickly or... well it hurt... GAWD I swear If I EVER find the person who invented the backpack... I KILL 'EM!!! and if they're already dead... well my bud Shadow Alchemist can help... *sneer*

Ah... but anywhoo I'm still trying to recover from the FF loss... -_- and the sad thing iz... all of my friends are all disappointed too because I waz gonna have a HUGE party at my house... Now I have to eat this cake to feed 50 by myself... *shoves 20th peice in her mouth*

ah well I submitted another doodle of myself... I mean I waz takinga test in helth and I got SO FRIGGIN' TWICHY!!! I mean I swear I waz gonna like bounce outta my seat... O_o Oh MAN waz I happy when I heard the bell... -_- Haleluja...

Well as I said on the pic it goes againt pretty much all of my rules... meaning for my normal pics I have a habbit of stressing EVERY LITTLE DETAIL and here in the pic I don't evan have a decent outline... and I have a lot of things that I based off of a shirt I have with a "Scare Bear" on it... I think the shirt iz the last of it's kind.... which makes me kinda sad... I mean I bought the shirt at Hot Topic and I've searched their website and pretty much every other site you can think of from ask Jeeves to ebay... I haven't found 1 match... so I think thiz iz the only pic on the entire net of Jinx... O_o Funny thing iz... these shirts were real popular when I bought them.... and I recall a red scare bear shirt too.... O_o But really I can't find anything... and it's all TMd too... So... I dunno... but here iz the pic anywhoo...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ya... If any of you guys know anything about the wearabouts of another shirt like thiz pleaze let me know!!! O_O

Yesh... well I better stop typing before I explode from artist's backup... O_o *runs off screaming*

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oi... Me poor... wittle................... heart.......
Why iz squaresoft so crewel? Why must I suffer at evry little turn? -_- Why iz an artists life so crewl in general??? O_o

... Well todays the day I never stoped talking about and here I thought things would go my way for once... When I got home from school I instantly got on the phone with Gamestop and asked them about FF VII AC... and the guy who I was talking to said that according to the info they received.... FF VII won't be releaced until January... -_- Oh how my little heart feals like lead... or like it haz a little hole....

Yes yes I know some of you told me about the releace date was pushed back to November and although I didn't admit it I listened to you guys... and I told myself I wouldn't beleive it until I saw/heard it for myself... And well I beleive it... -_-

Although the only bright side I can kinda see is that the guy I was speeking to said that he received that info a faily long time ago... so he said that January may not be the releace date... and that it may get bumped into next month or something... and he said that they were gonna call all the pple who reserved a copy of the video and update them as soon as new info came in...

Although...... I'm still really REALLY bummed about the release date.... -_- I almost feel like crying... All of my friends were gonna gather at my house and we were gonna watch it in a PITCH BLACK room so we could focus only on our favorite bishies... and now this turns up so now I have to break the bad news to them.... I have no clue how they'll take it... because half of 'em are like 20 times more ubsessed with FF them me... and if I'm having this hard a time...... Gawd.... I can't evan immagin' how the'll react...

I need to hug something for a good long while.... and hot chocolate would help too... and maybe a bishie to hold onto and cry on..... *walks into the dark shadows of her lair*

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

   Sorry I haven't been around!
Gomen to all... -_- I haven't been able to be on for the past few days... AOL haz eather been lousy and I've gotten to annoyed with it... or I've been asleep... O_o

lol XD OMG lemme tell you! I fell asleep in Math last night! O_o And then instead of the ever popular slam of a book on the desk... thiz one girl goes and like does thiz rooster like scream real close to my head! O_O I woke up like-I dunno what but everyone all got a good snicker outta me falling asleep... and the horribly confused look on my face... -_- Although one thing I am glad of... There waz a sub in the class that day so no worries!!! ^_^

*bounces up and down* OMG6MOREDAYZUNTILFINALFANTASYVIIADVENTCHILDRENCOMESOUT!!! ^_^ I ees a happy fangirl........ Me and all of my friends are meeting at my house to watch it az soon az I get it! ^_^ It's gonna be awesome! *I rearranged my room for such a momentus occasion... ^_^ I can't wait... and I'm sure you all can't because then I'll finally Shut up about it eh?

I'm hungry.... *shifty eyes* Must find food... *crawls off*

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   What a week...
Ugh it seemed like thiz week waz set on repeat... I mean day in and day out everthing seemed to repeat itself in school... O_o

I can't even type the way I used ta on the comp anymore... I mean I've already frightened like 5 pple already because they said I waz acting "strange" O_o What iz my world comming to?

Well on another note... I met a dog that's EXACTLY like Red XIII It literally haz no right eye! O_O IT'S SO COOL!!!! I mean it's not a red dog *more brown* But I swear it's like a mini Red! XD It's SO AWESOME!!!!! XD Oh the only difference iz it's a girl and she's only about a foot or so big... OH! And the owner of the dog iz my sister's neighbor! So I can visit the dog anytime I want! ^_^ She's such a nice dog! *she gave me a kiss! XD* Oh and her name iz lucky but to me she'll always be Mini Red... lol XD

Oh! I finally got around to drawing/submitting another pic! ^_^ Tis Sora from KH II! ^_^ I left him uninked because I'm still having troubble with perspective... and the fact that ChibiPocky got me sick doesn't help... -_- I swear I'm gonna kill her the next time I see her...

Oh and then today she keeps calling... and I mean I normally don't mind callz from CP but when I'm sick I'm usually 95% of the time very crabby or unhappy... So then anyway she's trying to shrink me into her own little *and I mean little* perspective and she askez "Iz it you're time of the month?" And I'm like! O_O WHAT!?!?!?!?! N-NO!!!! *YOU MORONIC TWIT!!!!!* Then the next thing she asked is "Well maybe I should come over and keep you company and try to cheer you up!" and then before I can explode in her face to leave me alone she runs off to ask....

5 seconds later she comes back and says that she can come over but her parents wanted to know if it waz ok with mine... Now usually I wanna kick my dad in the head when he doesn't want people over but today I waz like "Thank you Leviathan! ^_^" so dad said No to CP comming over and I finally got the peace and quiet I wanted...

I mean I don't mean to be harsh on CP but when I'm crabby give me my space or die... I mean I know a few pple who need to talk to their friendz when they're crabby and otheres that need to go for walks.... and whatever... to he hiz own az I usually say... -_-

Ugh and then my nephew keeps hogging my PS2... We bought the Simpsons hit and run the day I reserved FF VII AC and he'z been playing it non-stop!!! O_O I WANNA KILL HIM!!! XP Why? Well I rented FF X-2 on thursday and I haven't played it ONCE since I got it because HE'S ALWAYS ON THE PS2!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! Evan when he's not here he's still on the PS2! How? He takes it home with him when he leaves my house!!!! *SMITE HIM LEVIATHAN!!!! SMITE HIM WITH YOU'RE WATERY WRATH!!!!!!!!!* I mean we have Hit and Run forever! I only have X-2 until thurs! O_O *shoots a death glare at nephew*

-_- Well that eesh my life for now... *blows nose* At thiz point in time I want to scream and kill anyone who gets within 5 ft of me.................... although I think one thing that could cheer me up iz thiz movie I found called "The Cloud Song" Tis very cute and I've been humming to it for like an entire day now... lol XD Check it out! ^_^


Well I wish to byte my nephew's stubby little handz off.... I shall hopefully be back feeling much better..... -_- *walks off with a death glare on face*

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Monday, August 29, 2005

   The dayz draw nearer.... and I am still a rabid fangirl/tomboy...
14 days... ahhh what a wonderful number... Final Fantasy VII Ac iz almost within my greedy grasp... ^_^

ahh... Oh I joined Deviant art last night! ^_^ I dunno why though... O_o lol XD I'm still lost and confused while wandering around the site but I hope to Levaithan I'll be able to manage... ^_^

Oh and I'll still be submitting all of my art here! Dun worry about that... *I'm not willing to transfer 151 pictures onto DA...* I chose theO over DA long ago and I'm gonna stay at theO! ^_^

Ah well anywhoo... School's still dragging on and on... and I'm still counting the dayz... XD I'm at least thankful all of my classes I love to death are in my shcool year! ^_^ School would seriously put a damp towel on my Entuziasm otherwise... XP

*yawn* I'm so sleepy nowadays... I can't stop yawning today... -_- Oh and I'm not sure but I think I fell asleep in fasion class today.... O_o -_- I don't hink anyone noticed..... at least I HOPE they didn't.... O_o

Ah well I just wanted to give a quick update letting you pple know I'm still alive... I'm sorry I haven't been on in so long.... -_- Right when I get home mom makes me do my HW before anything and I can't get on the comp. until late *Because usually after HW I run down the streets screaming "I WILL STEAL YOU'RE SOCKS AND SELL THEM TO SAY-TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then there's the cops, and the disturbing of the peace, and pleading for my innocence, and yadda yadda yaaa... XD*

Oh! And I have one last thing I wanna share... It's a poem of ChibiPocky's! She really doesn't like thiz poem she wrote and I don't understand why though... O_o Well I'm gonna share it but before I do let me just say DO NOT GO ONTO CP'S SITE AND SAY WHAT AN AWESOME POEM IT IZ!!! SHE'LL KEEL ME IN THE WORLD'S WORST HORRIBLE MANNER EVER!!!!!!! So please for my safety... only post comments a such on good 'ol RFC's comment thing... lol

XD well now that that's done here it iz!

With graceful wings dances upon the water
Skipping across the lake
Bobbing up and down
He knows the water
But is afraid to touch it
Wondering if the impact will be to much
As I, the dragonfly
With graceful wings dances upon the distances
Running yet tiptoeing
Across the space between us
I know you
But am afraid to love you
Wondering if it will all be to much…

Written by: ChibiPocky
When: I have no clue… RFC just types dee stuff… O_o

lol XD Oh and the poem iz in Sora's POV to Kairi. Just FYI...

lol well my horrid long post iz done... I have to continue to download FF VII AC commercials airing in Japan... SAYONARA!!!! XD

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

   OM GOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I have THE BEST NEWZ EVER!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! *bounces around room screaming and laughing*

Ok... *inhales very deeply* Ok I finally pervoked my mother to take me over to Gamestop so I could get Final Fantsy VIII *I waz playing my friend's brother's copy lol* Well anyway... I get FF VII and go up to the counter and the dude who workes there was like "Oh FF VIII eh?" and then I told him how I waz using my friend's copy and what not... well anyway he askes if I wanted to get a card *so I could save some moola on any games I buy from 'em* Well I said yes because it came with a free subscription to Gameinformer mag.

Well anyway He askes like my adress and all that good junk so they know you aren't a pigment of their imagination.... well anyway we get to my e-mail and when he saw I had Yuffie in my SN I told him how I looooooooooved VII...

Well anyway he says "Did you know you can pre-order FF VII AC? And I'm like "OH MY GAWD NO WAY!!!" And he just like smiled and nodded his head. We got into a conversation with the other guys that work there... and we actually banned one of them from the store because he never played FF before... lol XD


*ahem* well changing the subject a bit... today *technically yesterday* I had a really lousy day... Why? It had nothing ta do with my classes... hi had ta do with my flip-flops... one of 'em broke and I couldn't find any pair of shoes to replace mine in the lost and found... -_- So I waz all like OMG I'm such a RETARD!!! *sob* I mean I felt real bad at first because I didn't know what to do... *wich sucked* but anyway what I did waz for the entire day *6 periods* waz I walked around with my one shoe on and one shoe off... -_-

I got a heck of a lot of odd looks from pple but once they saw that there waz absolutly no way for me to but the one shoe on... they seemed to understand, wich made me feel a little better... But ChibiPocky said that it waz a fashion statement... lol XD I'll drop dead if it becomes a fasion statement.... lol XD

Ah... well I'm still counting down the days until AC comes out and I'm absolutly STOKED that I finally found a place where I could buy/reserve it... ^_^

lol Oh and I updated my fanart... It's a pic I drew back in march but because I'm so lazy I only colored it half way... and finally after letting it look at me with it's sad eyes I finally got off my dead (%^& and colored it! ^_^ Oh and there's another pic that I have that I never submitted... It's a Tonberry signed by Chris Patton........ *Don't ask why he signed my Tonberry pic... I couldn't find my Souskue pic... -_-* Ah well I'll post that later... I have only like 2 more things to toutch up on and then it'll be done! ^_^

And well that's all for the news that couldn't wait to be put up... Now if you'll excuse me... I have to scream like there iz no tomarrow... *exits*

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hallo! ^_^ I'm alive and kicking... so everthing seems ok right now... O_o

Well school hasn't driven me menatally insane yet... so I guess everthing's ok... Funny thing though... I'm actually drawing MORE now that I'm back in school... O_o lol XD Ah well... I dun care... az long az I dun get caught... ^_^ lol Oh but lemme tell ya gus 'bout my 1st day! and I'll pop in a little thing about the 2nd too.

Hmm well English was ok... My teacher at least knows what anime iz and he knows who I'm talking about when I mention Kyo... YAY ANIME PPLE!!!

(1st day) German scared the living *@^# outta me... I have never felt so alianatted in my entire life... She talked in nothing but German for more than 75% of the class... I WAZ SO SCARED!!!!!!! *cries a river*

(2nd day) I waz consitering of droppin the class... but Now that I think of it... German wasn't so scary actually... and the creepy thing iz.... I think I'm actually having fun in the class... O_o Levaithan save us all...

(1st day) Geology waz a bit creepy... I mean we watch a movie about football and then he asks us what do you think we need to do to be sucsessful? O_o I didn't get the whole football thing... but I did enjoy watching the iguana and daydreaming about Yuffie riding Lionotto and racing Cloud on hiz motercycle... XD

(2nd day) I skipped outta it so that I could fix my scedual *can't spell* lol XD GAWD... that teacher's insane... football pple are nuts... *glare*

Lunch made me feel better cuz I finally had someone to talk ta! CHIBI POCKY!!!!! And sadly one of my rivels in my art... Her name iz Katie and she keeps thinking we're friends... but I consiter her more az a rival tahn anything... Not because she's good at art H*LL NO! SHE SUCKS AT IT! *There waz thiz one time she tried re-creating my pic of Sleeping or Unconcious and... It sucked... and I mean SUCKED!!! His head looked like a watermellon and hiz hair looked like needles sticking outts hiz head and hiz face looked like he had just been fed rat-poison... O_o* Sad thing iz... she says her art raivels mine... *Ya when I get my arm ampuatated* Ugh... she just drives me insane... *stabs a spork in her heart*

(1st day) Pre-Algebra *BRA!!! O_o* waz ok actually Mr, Dragger knows a lot bout planes so I waz telling him how I waz flying planes and stuff... and then he told thiz funny joke! ok here it goes... 3 guys walk into a bar... the 4th guy ducks... do ya get it... if not lemme show ya...

_____________________ <-Bar
O <- Guy1 O <-g2 O <-g3 O <-g4

Get it? lol XD az in 3 guys walk into a bar az in a metal pole... not a bar for drinking... lol XD

(2nd day) Well actually my counsler bumped me up from pre ta regular Algebra because that waz a HUGE screw up... Well not huge but you get what I'm sayin'. lol XD My new teacher's really nice... though I don't ahve any of their names memorized yet... so ya... lol XD

Ceramics was the best I think because my teacher said that no matter what we do in the class it'll always be a right answer to him! WEEEEEEEEEEE DRAGONS AND STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!! EEE IFRIT SCULPTURE!!!!!!!!!!! XD Oh And we're gonna be messing with the clay tomarrow so WOOT!!!! lol I can't wait

(1st day) Chorus... another class where I dunno anyone... *tear* and it's all freshies.... -_- I waz so alianatted...

(2nd day) Actually I droped the class entirley because being with the freshman isn't exactly my idea of a good time... *I mean singing with them at least* and plus I hate the teacher with every fiber being of my soul so I'm glad for that... but anyway now I'm taking up fasion design! ^_^ *Mumbles something about mass chaos and FF VII designs*

and.................. helth..... The class I despise most of all because of se- Ed.... -_- I mean I've taken that class HOW MANY THIMES NOW?????? O_O GAWD IT'S LIKE THAT'S ALL THEY WANT US TA KNOW!!!!!!!!!! it's NUTS!!! LIKE I WANNA TAKE THAT BULLET PUH-LEASE!!!! GAWD!!!! ... I'm most likely gonna end up like that dude in the move "The 40 yr old virgin" good... An artist can only be sucsessful on their own az I say! ^_^ *puffs chest out with pride*

lol but then after school my bus iz like the last one that comes... lol Wich made mom mad cuz she usually picks me up from the bus stop... and she waz all irritated cuz the driver didn't come until like 3:30 *I looked on my bud's cell* and normally I'd get home 'round 3ish... -_- mom hate busses... lol XD But I love 'em so I dun care... Sometimes the bus ride home makes me feel better if I've had a really lousy day! ^_^

And ya that's all that happened ova the course of the 2 days! I haven't dropped dead yet... so all iz well! ^_^

Alas I haven't been able to get on az much az I used ta because of 2 things... One, I fall asleep as soon az I get home... and Two, mom won't let me get on until I have all of my homework done. O_o >_< GAWD!!!! HW on the very 1st day sucks... BIG time... -_- but at least it's stuff I already know... *Algebra gave me HW and so did Eng.* O_o

lol well anywhoo... I scaned in 3 of my doodles I've been doing during class so yay ta that... and well... that's all that I can think of so far... I hope ta keep ya guys updated az much az I can... Oh and I apologize for da really long post... XD But then again you guys are used to it by now, right? lol X3

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

   The impending doom iz upon uz........
Jeez... it's all over... *sighes for a really long time* Summah's gone and school iz only a few hours away....... *writing thiz at 1:11 AM*

Man I wanted ta do so many thingz thiz summah... Like fill out all of my requests... and draw MILLIONZ OF PICTURES!!!!!!!! *spreads arms out really wide* and then there waz the fanfictions and the collages I wanted to do... *lets out a moan*

Man... time just slipped between my clawz *az it alwayz does* and now I'm sitting here giving my clock in my room sad looks... T_T

So how about you guys? Are some of you already in school or what? *moans again* Eh well sitting here moaning izn't gonna get the VERY LAST pic of the summer done... so I'll share my RETARED SCEDUAL *still can't spell* with you guuz and then be off...

Ist semester
2)German *I didn't evan want to take thiz class but my mom wanted me to take a language.......... I'll drop it ASAP Don't tell mom ;3*
4)lunch *thank Levaithan*
5)Algebra *again like I said a year ago... There's still the word BRA in that... O_o*
6)Ceramics *The best class of the day! I bet.... I hope.... O_o*
7)Chorus *BOO-YA!!!!*
8).....Health........ -_- I loath heath class............

IInd semester
4)DRIVER ED!!!! WATCH OUT WORLD HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!! *devil grin*
7)Lunch..... I have to change that....... Someone WILL get eaten if I don't eat sometime around noon..... -_-
8)Gym... Squee........ -_-

Ah... well now that I'm off to draw the last pic of da summer.... -_- Wish me luck.... *hugs to all*

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Friday, August 19, 2005

   Huzza I got the pics!!!!!! And It's Cloud's B-day!!!!!!
Ok well I finally got off my dead &^&* and took the picturtes of my new haircut.... O_o lol XD Well this waz the old style....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and here's the new...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and the side

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

lol and in the pics ya can see me wall scrolls... lol Cloud to the left... Inu to the right and my head waz in front of Sora... I call the wall "My 3 guardian sworsdsman..." lol XD I keep forgetting ta take pics of my room.... lol I have ta do that.... O_o lol XD

lol Well I'm frantically trying to finish up last min pics.... and stuff... but I can't do it today though..... because I'm going over to my friend's cuz today iz her brother's B-day and he's having a HUGE party!!!! So in a scence I'm also celebrating Cloud's too! ^_^


lol Yes... well I have to get ready for the party..... TTFN!!!!!

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