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Friday, July 15, 2005

lol beleive it or not..... but I haven't gone to sleep in over 20 hours now.... lol ^_^ 'TIS TRUE!!! lol You're probally thinking "OMG!!!" But hey... if you think 20 hours without sleep iz a long time... my record iz... 46 hours and 20 mins... *I actually did that last year about this time....* lol

Ah yes with my GB pic... It's taking me a little longer than I had planned... *sweatdrop* It'll be on sooner or later.... but at the rate it's comming along..... I have no clue.... lol ^_^ Sry 'bout that....

OH!!! I just got Lemony Sniket's A Series of Unfortunate Events! I waz wacting it all day! ^_^ I loved the begining with the dude saying the stuff about if you don't like sad stuff you should leave the room.... lol ^_^ I love movies that interact with the audiance like that.... X3

Yes... and well that's all for now... Oh I might be changing my music sooner or later... I'm thinking something Final Fatasy... or Bowling For Soup... lol *I love them* lol and I'm thinking of the song "Girl all the bad guys want" lol ^_^ so what do you guys think???

OH!!! If I do cange my music... and you pple like the song that I got on now.... I'll put it in here so you pple can put it on you're sites if ya want.... lol ^_^

I can't find the hacksaw..... I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it........ *twitch*

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   A new spooky background for RFC!
lol I finally figured out why half of my backgrounds on photobucket wouldn't load.... it waz because I have a habbit of giving all of my pics a VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY long titles.. like my new BG had the title "Within the Crystal Forest" and then I discovered that I had to make everything short, sweet, and to da point for it to work az a BG.... O_o Soooo I took most of my pic off photobucket... and gave them shorter names and re-loaded 'em *That waz a big pain in the -insert nawty word here-*

Eh... mainly the whole reason everthing waz such a PAIN waz my computer kept giving me h-e-doubble hocky stick...

I think I got some kind of Virus that deleted my "Full system scan" on my antivirus thing.... Now I can't do an entire scan of everthing and my comp keeps doing things.......... bad things.... let's put it in a list shall we?

-I had to restart my computer 3 times due to it would freeze when signing on the net
-I could've grown the world's longest toenails by the time everthing loaded...
-when my antivirus thing wanted to connect to the net *for some odd reason* It kept getting caught in my firewall... thus making the SAME EXACT warning pop up... and everytime I told my comp that it could ALLOW it to come in... the SAME warning still poped up...
-I had to restart my computer 'cuz I had the temptation to grab my dad's hacksaw from the garage... Luckily I waz only reading stories off Fanfiction.net
-I have a feeling my comp iz gonna implode on me soon...
-I loath AOL... 9.0 high speed my foot... It's not any faster than 5.0 and I had that for like 5 years....
-someone help me.............. *dies*

Yes.... that basically everthing I can think of right this instant.... Oh hohohohohohohohoooo If any of you ever turn out to be virus maker pple..... ohohohohohoooo Lord have mercy on your soul........ *Death glare*

Yes... well aside from me sendin death threats to various pple on the net nothing's happening... OH and my 200 GB signins pic will be up later today! Promse! ^_^

I'm off to grab the hacksaw....

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   You pple are gonna hate me....
Yesterday I went to Hurricane Harbor in 6 flagz! ^_^ lol It waz AWESOME!!! lol I would've liked it more if me freaky sister would've let me say in da lazy river all day.... eh... but it's ok... I had fun and I got to drown myself in horrible tasting chlorine water! ^_^ so it waz all good! Oh And here's a really BAD pic we took... I hate taking pics of myself... but here's one I'll show ya guys just because...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Guess wich one iz RFC... Go on guess! ^_^ Oh BTW the little one on the right iz my nephew who got ran over with the lawnmower... *You want details for you newcomers... look at my september posts...* lol If you look real hard you can see his right hand haz no thumb...

Oh and any of you make fun of him for it I will find you and beat you down with a stick... only I can make fun of him GOT IT!!?! lol

Ya well I stayed over at my sis' when we got home from the the water park so that's why I'm updating now... lol ^_^ Oh and I figured out what I'm drawing for my 200 GB signings so I'll be working on that... and I got an idea for another story so I'm also writing that... and ya... that's basically it... ^_^

Next time I update I'll have the 200 BG signings pic up so look for it ok ^_^ *hugs to all*

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

   HOLEY CLOUD!!!!!!!!!
O_O OH MY GAWD!!!! So many things are canging and I can't keep up with them!!! My site my art... Woah.... O_O

Well 200 BG signings iz rappidly approaching! I mean last I checked I had only like 4 more to go before I hit 200 and now all I need iz 1 more! O_O WOW!!! I haven't evan palnned a 200 BG signing pic!!! O_o Gawd... lol I'll come up with something don't worry... lol ^_^

Oh but the thing I wanna talk about most iz my newest pic! A lot of you are like "OMG THE COLORING IZ SO AWESOME!!!! HOW DID YOU DO IT!?!?!?!?!" And to tell the truth.... I haven't the slightest clue... O_o I mean I followed along my motto "I only draw it az I see it" but I still don't have a clue.... I mean my most recent colored poic wa "A Way Of Saying Thank You" And the coloring wasn't too great *or at least in my oppinion* O_o ya and then all of a sudden my coloring skillz are like BOOM!!! *flys off the page*

I mean the entire time I waz coloring it I kept thinking *Don't go to dark.... you'll kick yourself in da head if ya do...* and I kept a watchful eye on the original... which happens to be thiz...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and I mean you can see where all the coloring comes from.... but I'm sill like... O_o "How did I do it???" lol ^_^ Ya..... if anyone haz an answer for how my coloring somehow improved without my knowing it would be much appreciated...

lol and well that it for today's post... I'm off to ponder about the stange phenomonom..... and about a 200 BG signing pic... lol ^_^ *crawls into a dark corner to think*

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   I wish they had a little sweatdrop smiley... lol
AH HA!!! SEE I told you guy'z I'd update more often! ^_^

Sorry about last night's post... I forgot to tell you guyz that I waz writing a story being told from Kimahri's POV and whenever I start writing storiez like that... I find it hard to shake how to stop talking/writing like that... O_o Tis not my fault... Blame squaresoft for making Kimahri's voice soooooooooooooooo much fun to mimic.... O_o

Ya.... It'z about 9 AM here... Why I'm up so early you ask? I slept over at my sis' place last night... and she had to go to work... and she wazn't willing to leave me and Seth alone..... in a big house.... alone.... for a looooooooong time *devil's grin* lol ^_^ jk! Ya BUT i did get my PS2 back so I'm happy about that....

AND! I'm soooooooooooo close to getting past Evrae in FFX! ^_^ WOOT!!! Eh but he still killz me and eatz my gutz with a spoork... O_o *Note to self... Level up sommore... or get eaten by da big scary dragon of doom* If anyone haz a few pointerz for me PLEASE share a few.... I want to crash Yuna's wedding... HEE wedding crashing iz SO much fun..... *I know-1st hand experience a long time ago... ^_^*

I should have a new fan art up sooner or later... just to give ya guy'z the head'z up... ^_^ *and I'll try not to go all Kimahri on you guyz for a while O_o Sorry if I fightened you guyz... -_- I'm a bad tom-boy.... but hey! Aren't tom-boy'z supposed to make other pple's livez misrabble??? O_o lol I know I make my parent's live that.... I'm so nawty... lol Ok I feel like going all Kimahri again.... O_o So that meen I'm gonna go work on my story again.... or go to bed and dreem I am Kimahri... *trust me it's happened before... O_o* yes well C YAZ!!!!! *Keels over asleep*

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

YO!!! *hugz to all* I'm Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I disappeared AGAIN!!! Thiz time it wazn't me fault!!! Blame my friend *Goes into Kimahri mode* Ahem-Blame 'Girl who think sh EES fat but weighs less than feather from birdy of silk' Yes.... RFC EES good Kimahri.... RFC make Kimahri proud.... Yes well we call her FAT GIRL for short... yes FAT GIRL took RFC hostage at FAT GIRL'S house over night... O_o It EES so creepy.......

lol *Goes back to normal* Kimahri iz fun to mimic.... ^_^ Eh.... Well I have a confession to make... I waz gonna do an acual 4th of July pic.... but the one I waz planning to do waz a fanart of a fanart *Technically a comic* and well.... All of de characterz were Chibi's..... and I can't draw chibi's.... -_- RFC EES FAILIURE!!!!!!!!!!! *crys*

-hour later-



Remeber dis comic belongz to dis so-called AJ Kelly Not little RFC ^_^ Eh... I guess it EES for da better dat I didn't draw dat pic.... Cuz now I have more time for ANOTHER pic of Vincent I'm planning to draw... *Overly detailed az alwayz... ^_^*

OH!!! I also have to show you guyz thiz WICKED AWESOME pic I found!!! It waz so cool I used it az my Desktop pic! ^_^


I mean the pic iz soooooo awesome I SWEAR I'm looking right into Vincent's eye's ....... and I feel my soul could get sucked out at any second.... O_o but in a good sorta way... ^_^ I actually plan to draw it...... That EES when I have a little more EXP...... I think I would go mad doing EVERY line in his hair.... O_o Funny thing EES..... I'm not all that patient when it comez to really detailed thingz..... But I'm usually so mezmerized by how well da pic iz comming along to notice that I've been drawing for an hour... O_o lol ^_^ Ehhhh maybe that's just me... But you pple can understand right? lol

............ hmmmm other than that.... noting much haz happened yet EXCEPT I'm DYING to play FFX... but I can't... and you wanna know WHY!?!?! 'CUZ it EES at me FLIPPIN' NEPHEWZ HOUSE!!! O_O I mean I had stayed over night ther like 5 dayz ago and I said to myself... "Ya know....I'm probally not gonna come back for a while.... I'd better take it back home.... or I'm gonna kick myslef in da head later.... But I'll be back right??? O_o .... I guess it'll be ok...." and sure enough.... I'm kicking myself in de head az I type....... O_o

Oh I got a question for you guyz!!! ^_^ Do you guyz like da way I write thingz? *Like with da Z's and all da odd wayz of shortening wordz? I'm just curiouz iz all! ^_^ CUZ IF YA DON'T LIKE IT GET USED TO IT!!!! *shakez fist* lol jk ^_^; Ya... It'z just da way I talk on da net... *I talk like thiz in e-mailz and IMs lol It's one of those "Freaky yet oh so cool" thingz... lol

Yp thaz all for todayz post... I'll try and update more I promise...! *hugz*

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Monday, July 4, 2005

   Happy fourt!!! ^_^
Yo from RFC... Heh Sorry I dissapeared... The carnival that comes to my town came on like thurs... so I've been there all week... *I'm planning on taking a few pic of it and showing ya...* lol But can ya blame me? I mean it sets up right across da street from my house lol X3

lol Ya... well the thank you pic iz ALMOST done.... I just haven't haven't worked on it... az you can tell... BUT!!! I do have a fourth of July pic on da way and it'll be on later today... ^_^

eh... and other than that and me being staled by all of my friendz to hang with them tomarrow *technically today* O_o Why must I be so popular among my lacki- er... I mean uh Friendz... ya friendz.... O_o;

Oh and I FINALLY got Baten Kaitos... Thankz to Rareone04 for telling me about da game! ^_^ It's a really awesome game *EVERYONE SPEND YOUR WEEKS ALLOWENCE AND BUY DA GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!* XD lol ya........ and that's all all for now... I have to finnish the 4th pic if I wanna get on da site in time... ^_^ C YAZ!!!!!

OH!!! But jus before I forget... Here are a few quizzies I took! *It's been forrrrrrrrrrrever since I took a few... O_o*

You're Yuffie Kisaragi. Many people are shock (and
at the same time, very annoyed) with your
sneakiness and hyperness. You've probably been
called a bitch before, and maybe that would
stop if you would drop the stealing act.
However, you have a great reputation in
Ninjutsu (the art of Ninja) and can pack a
powerful punch! Just when danger comes, stick
with your friends and fight... don't hide in
the background...

What Final Fantasy 7 Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yuna is a bitch
You are Yuna

What Squaresoft Female Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are zidane!Like in the quiz, people LOVE u and
u are a pretty good guy for people to count on!

Which final fantasy 9 character are u?
brought to you by Quizilla

Squall:u're aloof n anti-social behavior makes u appear selfish n lacking team unity.u dislike having other people involved with u're affairs and u r best described as a lone wolf.
Squall:u r always the antisocial.sometimes u can
appear 2 b kinda selfish and lacking a sense of
team unity.u hate having other people involved
in u're affairs.u can b described as a lone

What Final Fantasy 8 character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

and that's it! ^_^ Ok time to work on my pic C YA!!!!!

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   WOOT GO ME!!!!!

Yes well... ^_^ I've been drawing a few rough sketchez on my 200 GB signings and the one thanking all of you pple on my depression post should be on by tomarrow... *that iz if my parentz eva gimme a break on making me work ova at my sis' house O_o*

lol OH and last night I just bought this REALLY awesme figure of Cloud from dis one website! If you love Final Fantasy *or any game for that matter* Thiz iz da site to go to! Everthing iz usually alwayz in stock and most of da thingz are really rare and at a really good price ^_^ here it tis folkz! lol *folkz XD*


lol ya well dat'z my life for now... just thought I'd give a quick update... ^_^ Now... back to Final Fantasy X...... *Continuez to play in a very poorly lit area*

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Aww tankies so much to da pple who gave me hugs and cheered me on in my time of need!!!! ^_^ YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

Well very good newz iz that I'm out of my dry spell and I have a new pic to prove it!!! ^_^ I had to draw another pic to get out of my spell but....... let's just say the pic iz rated 'M' for mature... O_o lol But... If I didn't draw it I'd still be depressed and in my DS... lol

It waz like there waz a demon within me screaming "DRAW IT!!! DRAW IT OR DIE!!!!" O_o *I thought of myself az Vinny when that waz happening...* And then I kept seeing thiz creature when I closed my eyes and it kept telling me that I could never draw and stuff like that but then I silenced the thoughts when I drew da one pic and then the pic of Vincent... After that waz done I felt so releived... ^_^ And now I don't hear anything so that means...... I'M FREEEEEEEEE!!! FREE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT AND THEN SOME!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Yes well I'm planning on drawing a pic to thank all of ya who cheered me on AND I'm gonna do another for 200 GB signings... *Last time I looked I only had 187 and then I look at it today and I have 193 O_o MAN!!! I miss a heck of a LOT when I dissapear... lol* Yes well I still love da pple who huged me and I'm still open to hugs if anyone's interested! ^_^

*holds arms out and waits to be pounced*

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   ...................... Lost.........
*Sigh* I don't know what's wrong with me... I'm feeling down in da dumps all of a sudden -_- I mean a few dayz ago I waz fine and now all of a sudden I'm like lost in my own thoughts and I keep wandering in circles...

I keep thinking about deep dark secrets that I dare would never tell a soul... not even my family... And I keep wondering really strange thoughts that really don't matter..... yet at the same time they keep bringing me down........

Like last night I tried to draw some things and no matter what I draw... It looked horrible.... So then I thought that maybe I'm not cut out to be an artist... I mean I can draw anything with a visual but then when it comed to original characters... I can't do anything... I mean I've only created 4 OCs and so far the only one I can draw by heart iz Koromoro......... and yesterday I couldn't evan draw him.... Maybe I'm just going through my annual dry spell... becuse I always get depressed when I hit my dry spell...

But I still can't help but think about these things.... Maybe the only reason I'm going through my DS iz because I've been overworked at my sis'..... but whatever iz going on... I can't draw at this point in time anymore and I've gone back into my depressed mode..........

I need a hug... *Curls in a ball*

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