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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

YES!!! FREEDOM!!!!! I finally get a break from being a slave at my sis'!!!

OH!!! *slaps fist against the palm of ther other hand* Lemme tell you what happened yesterday!!! THERE WAZ THIS HUGE CAR ACCIDENT down da street from my house! 2 of 'em actually! The first one waz caused by a mini van and an escape! withc rhen caused a semi to loose control going around the crash and then it crashed into ANOTHER car!!! ^_^ Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.... Yea the first crash waz awesome becuse the Escape literally EXPLODED!!! *I mean not with the flamez and the boom I mean with the parts flying around and making it seem like da sky iz falling* Ya... My mom had to take lie 5 different detours to get on the road we needed to get on... lol

Yea... that's my life's story other than the fact that WE FINALLY GOT FOOD IN OUR HOUSE!!!! OH MY GAWD!!! I waz living off Taco Bell of the past 4 dayz and the when I couldn't get TB I'd eat fruit snaks and ramen... O_o Ya... lol I'm litterally a starving artist.... X3

Oh yes... and I updated me fanart with another piccy of myself in ChibiPocky's style of art... Just something I wanted to try... lol and it came out pretty good from my POV lol ^_^ so ya...

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Monday, June 20, 2005

   Disappearing again....... but not of my free will.....
Yea... I've been having to sleep ova at my sis' place in order to help around her house and to make my parent's life eaisyer.... *lazy bums who don't wanna drive me...* Or maybe it's because I sleep in and then by the time I already get outta bed it's like 6:00 lol ^_^ Problem iz... whenever someone tellz me to get up and then I fall back asleep... it's like another hour gets added to how long I'm gonna sleep.... lol Freaky... yet o so cool.... lol

Well a quick update since I couldn't do it yesterday.... I added another pic of Vincent and I nearly fell outta my chair when I saw it had already gotten 18 votes!!! *if I remeber correctly... lol* Wow... I mean I had only posted it last night and I mean in only 24 hours... *give or take* I've already gotten 18 votes!!! X3 lol ya... but whenever I look on my site here for comments on my posts I usually get a maximum of 5 and that's it.... O_o but it's ok... I mean most of you probally wanna be kept annonomous and that's ok.... az long az there are pple out there who love my art and are willing to vote on it... That A ok with me ^_^

lol well gotta run... I have to go back to my sis' house and slave around there for another day.... GAWD I HOPE SHE MOVES OUT QUICK!!!! XP I DON'T WANNA BE A SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X

Kimahri: Flame cat girl be not breathing now so Kimahri will take over 'dis thing that REE-QUI-ER Kimahri to press many buttons to say single thing that would only take Kimahri 2 seconds of speeking to say.... *Sigh* Kimahri claws hurt... to many buttons and Kimahri can not see button with letter that is needed to type proper human talkey.... Claws to big.... I must KEEL 'dis thing... but Flame cat girl will hurt Kimahri very much if Kimahri do bad thing to many button thing..... Kimahri is failire... Kimahri must weep........

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   A quick update that I have to tell you guys about!
Ok I just wanted to say... right after I updated yesterday that I got the Ultima *IT ROX MY SOX!!!* And then just now I beat the ice titon! *I had to laugh so hard when Sora waz about to squish it with hiz foot lol X3* Oh and I'm now at level 95 ^_^ WOOT!!!

lol ya that's all for now... I have yet to beat Sepiroth... *I always get him a little under the orange bar... but then he calls out "Sin harvest" and ya... it's over after that... *sweatdrop*

lol ya that's all I wanted to update on... *I use this site az my dairy in a way.... lol* Ya... Oh but lately I have been screwing with my fanfictions.... and I almost gouged my eyes out with how off-charater Vincent waz in my one Yuffintine... So I waz up all night fixing that... and then I finally fixed my story "I Walk Alone" That's a songfic to Boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day... *there waz thiz one part that really got off topic with the story, so I completly destroyed it and re-wrote it...* And becayse I did that, my story iz no longer 12 pages long. Only 9 *yay to that! lol*

Ya... that's all for now... Oh again... I'm sorry for disappearing again... I've been on... I just haven't updated my site... lol *I'm such a lazy bum....*

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   I LIIIIIIVE!!!!!!! and I have a new pic to boot!!! ^_^
lol yesssssss mt next overly detailed piccy of Vinny iz finally almost done.... oh hohohohohoho yessss..... *I did start on the Gallian Beast but I Reeeeeeeealy wanted to start on thiz pic....*

Yes well I haven't posted it yet due to it's not quite finished... I'm about 50% done with it... *looks at all the fans who have big pleading eyes* Aww... OK OK FINE I'll let you have a sneak peak at the pic!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There! ^_^ All I have to finish iz the entire right side *standing in vinny's position* of the pic ^_^ And I'v very pleased with how it's comming out so far! X3

Yes... well aside fom my new overly detailed piccy of vinny comming along, noting new haz been happening... BUT!!! My sister should be moved out of our house by monday so that's good...

And then today her new carpet came *it's a reeeeeeeealy pretty shade of blue...* The only thing I don't like iz da smell *I detest the smell of new carpet XP* Ya... lol OH!!! I waz working on my Vinny pic at her house while some of the carpetr installers were there and one of da guys passes me and says "That's beautyful!!!" I didn't evan look up from the pic but I responded "Thankz! ^_^" I have a habbit of doing that where when I'm working on a pic and pple are talking to me I don't evan look up but I'll still be talking to 'em...

I find it funny though how I can do multiple things when I'm drawing but not with like other everyday thingz... lol like I can't rub my mom's foot and watch TV at the same time... lol *Personal: If I can't sucseed in my art I'm gonna be a massage therapist *Still can't spell lol** O well... I think everyone's like that in one way or another ^_^ lol Ya just another random thought from the "Great RFC"....

lol OH!!! Before I forget! I've been playing Kingdom Hearts recently Trying to get the PERFECT file *You know level 100, Beating Sephiroth, making da ultima... all that jazz...* Well I defeated the Heartles Kurt Ziza in Agreba *yay!!!* and I'm at level 91! Oh and I only need to make 2 more things and then I can synthesize da ULTIMA!!! WOOT!!! Oh and I almost defeatd Phantom in Neverland... but ya... He killed me *sweatdrop* and I managed to sty in da ring with Sephiroth for more than 3 secondz thiz time!!! ^_^ In short I'm feeling very proud and happy for myself!!! WOOT!!! *does a little dance*

You got your random picture of the day up there... *points* lol

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Oi... I've been sooooooo busy with helping my sister move into her house... Buuuuuuuuuut I'm officially $60 richer... *smells money* Ahhhhhhhhh

Oh... I can't reacall if I've told you guys what I'm aiming to buy... *ahem* I want THEFIGURINEOFCLOUDWITHHIMANDHISMOTERCYCLE!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! *Thunderclap* O_O *keels over*

-2 and a half hours later-

O_- Oh... sorry... Ohhhhhhh YA!!! I remember what I wanted to say! I FINNALY UPDATED MY ART!!!! ^_^ WOOOOOT!!!!!! *does a little dance* Yes well it just happens to be my first picture where I actually draw a female's chest... *You guy's should know how my art iz... I mean all I draw iz guyz and monsterz... lol* yes well I left it in pencil so you guys can point out the little thingz I need to fix ^_^ and once all the problemz are in da open I can fix it and then ink and color ^_^ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Yes ok that's all for today... I'll update later... ^_^ C YAZ!!!

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   I'mfinallystartingtoworkonmyrequests!!!! And I'vestartedtoworkonmypicoftheGallianBaeast!!! *inhales* Andit'scommingoutverywell!!!!
*inhales* oh ya that waz fun ^_^ lol Ya well anyway I've recently been helping my sister move into her new house... *az I said in my other posts* and i's a LOT of fun ^_^

OH!!! I have very good newz for you guyz!!! Ok I waz flipping through sone of my sketch books and I discovered many pictures I had loooooooooong forgotten about.... So I thought... "Hey these pics don't deserve to rot inside my sketch book... they should go to a nice home..." So... I also thought "Hey I need money so I can get the figure of Cloud and the Harly Daytona... soooooo WHY NOT SELL 'EM OFF EBAY MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!" ^_^

Ya so any of you guys who really LOVE my pics you're lucky day might come!!! ^_^ I have yet to put anything up on Ebay but I'll keep you posted with that... X3 I'll also tell you guys wich piccies I might sell...

Sleeping Or Onconcious (DNAngel)
The Soul Within (I might sell thiz one but I'm not 100% sure yet... DNAngel)
Mary's Sis' Dragon (This one deserves a good home insted of rotting in the back of my folders
and then there's like 10 pics that aren't evan on here that I'll be selling but again... I'll keep you posted with that... lol

and Here now the random picture of the day!!! ^_^ the only pic of Yours truly that I like... lol ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, June 6, 2005

   Note to self: Sunburn iz bad.....
I waz swimming all day in my friend'z pool.... Ya... I didn't like getting out of the pool and the sun waz out.... Oh how I wish I could tan... but like Bacon... You have to cook 'em to perfection... but if you leave 'em cooking too long they burn in a split second... *or at least for me they do... lol*

Ya... So I look like I still have my swimsuit on... My nose looks like rudolf and I swear you could roast marshmellows on my sholders... *It doesn't hurt at all... it's just I feel radioactive....* KOOL!!! *Grabs some marshmellows and sees if she can roast them*

Ugh It's 2:50AM right now.... *I'm supposed to be in bed!!! LOL* Oh well Reason why I have to be in bed iz cause in a few hours I have my last Final-Gym *Why in god's name iz there a Final for GYM!?!* Eh... that'll just be another hour of my life wasted... az with school.... lol ^_^

Well That's all I can think of so far... Back to my random drawing... *I'll most likely be posted later on... I'll probally be up all night... Blame C-A-F-F-I-N-E..... *drunk kind of sugar high smirk*

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Friday, June 3, 2005

   RFC IZ IN DA HOUSE!!!!!!!
I'M FINALLY FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *windows shatter* Oh... O_O Umm... I DIDN'T DO IT!!!! *runs off screaming-with more windows shattering*

Ah... Yes sorry for disappearing again... *sweatdrop* I waz doing a TON of last min studying for my finalz... and all of 'em are done except for gym WOOT!!! and then az far az I can see FREEDOM IZ FOREVER MINE TO DRAW FOR 3 WHOLE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh the thingz I will draw.... oh hohohohohohohoooo yes....

Well a little bit of what's happening in my life becides my finals, My sister iz moving out of our house and I'M HELPING!!! ^_^ Tis so much fun!

Today me and my family went to home depot and got some paint so that tomarrow we could paint, but mainly today we ripped up da carpets in some rooms *due to some of them were in really BAAAAAAAD shape* I got to rip up most of the da carpet and that was a LOT of fun ^_^ *I just didn't like stepping on the stray nails that went flying when I pulled the carpet up... owchies.... Don't worry I didn't get seiously hurt-just a little stab ^_^*

Let's see Hmmmmmmm yep that's all I pretty much did so far today! ^_^

OH!!! But lemme tell you how I nearly fliped out during the finals!!! Ok I got to sleep in a bit due to I had study hall 1st period so that waz nice. But I had Bio right away so that sucked... A 167 QUESTION TEST!!!!! OMG!!!! THERE WAZ NO FRIKKIN' END!!!!!! *sigh* I almost didn't finish it due to I kept loosing my focus and one really bad thing that happens to me when I sit to long and I'm doing something I don't enjoy I get REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY ancy and I twitch a little bit... and another thing that kind of sucks... Iz that because I have trained myself to go really slow *because of my greyscale pics-note "A quiet moment to himself" and "Ifrit's attack"* Ya so I can't rush otherwse I panic and screw up *you have no idea how paniced I get when I'm being rushed..... -_-* Ya... Well I finished Bio *last one to finish it az always* and then I marched off to english*

English the test waz only 90 questions of T/F so I didn't panic or anything... But the best part iz when I waz done with the test I went right where the main staris in my school were and screamed "SWEET FREEDOM IZ FINALLY MINE!!!!!!!!!!" and then I ran off screaming "FREEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!" and ya that's the end of my tale ^_^

Wee...... Um ya that's all I can think of for now.... Oh but before I go her's a little bit of the things I'm planning on drawing when schools OFFICALLY out!

1. Finish all requests
2. Perfect drawing Cloud
3. Draw a kitty Yuffie
4. Draw a picture of a dragon I saw in my dreams *It's so sickeningly detailed I can't evan begin to describe it! lol*
5. Learn how to sucsessfully draw the Gallian Beast *I don't get it... Gallian probally isn't any harder than Ifrit... But I can't seem to get him right... Eh o well*
6. Finish the 15+ pics in my old scetch books that I never finished.... Or re-draw them dependin on how far back they go into the "Dark Days" of my art
7. Draw an underwater scene with TON "O" FISHIES!!!!! ^_^
8. Draw a few more pics of Inuyasha *It's been SO LONG since I've drawn him.... It's kind of sad...
9. Train myself to get better with perspective...
10. Finally perfect my original characters Blaze and Keith... *I can draw Koromoro with no troubble but for some odd reason I cant to those two.... I can't tell why...


RFC: *sob sob* I know....

Koromoro: Aw Blaze lay off... RFC just can't handle how detailed you are....

Blaze: Well I am pretty awesome *flexes mucels*

RFC: Thanks Koro...

Koromoro: Eh... no problem...



-I oh! let's go! I oh! let's go! Dun dum dun dun dum doooooo....-O_O Oh..... ummmmmm HEY LOOK OVA THERE!!!! *runs off screaming*

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   One step forward and THREE steps back...
GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! *rips out hair* WHY DHE FREAK OF NATURE DOES THIS KEEP HAPENING TO ME!?!?!?!?!?!?! *glares at TV with Final Fantasy VII playing*

Ok basically why I'm so FLIPPIN' MAD iz because my game, no matter what I do... My file ALWAYS get Destroyed!!!!!

I have no clue if it's because my game is used or if it's the memory card or WHAT but basically what happens iz ok let me use the first time this happened to me az an example....

Ok I'm in this one area and there are these enemyies you have to get past in order ot get to the boss.... well since the boss always killed me I'd have to start from the beginning and fight the baddies from whence I last saved... So I thought *Well since these baddies are driving me INSANE I'll kill them, save and then go after the boss... Well I do that and the boss kills me so I think *Well... oh well I can just get right to the boss after I load...* So I go to load and this DUN DUN!!! sound comes on and a little box appears that says -File is Ruined-

My jaw hits the floor because the next closest thing to that file was like 15 levels below my one file.... -_-

NOW THIS HAPPENS!!!!!!!! I go to load my file, and I didn't do anything different I just loaded and that same DUN DUN appears and says my file iz ruined... So I think well at least I have a back up... I try to load that -file is ruined- So then I figure... Oh great.... guess I'll have to start back at the end of disk 1... so I go to load that... *last time I loaded it it waz fine...* -file is ruined- So then I mentally curse at myself and the game in an unknown language and then load my file back at LEVEL 15!!! and then I got mad at the fact that I was BACK AT THE NEAR BEGINNING OF THE GAME WHEN I WAZ AT LEVEL 43!!!! ............... Ugh..... I'm to frusturated to talk anymore....

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!! lol sry I dissapeared for a while there... *sweatdrop* I've been on but I just havent updated... lol *Lazy aint I?*

Oh I wanna say that on Fanfiction.net I just updated my story "The Last Aincent" ^_^ If anyone wants the link here it iz.... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2300341/1/ and if it iz stupid and doesn't let ya on just go to this fanfiction.net/~roaringflamecat and click on my story from there... lol ^_^

ya well I took a couple hundred quizzies and here they are...

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You were most probably:A depressed cat
If not then you were:Just another face in Japan
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Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities.

You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.

Your #1 Match: INFP

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yay I'm done.... ^_^ That's all for today.... There won't be a random picture of the day due to I can't find any... lol But tis ok... lol ^_^

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