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Monday, March 28, 2005

   What the heck is going on with the O???
Ok last night I was talking to Techno Cat lat night and he was waltzing around on ihs O when it said the the O was down...

Then Just now I go to leave a comment on some fanart and the comment thing is a screwy... It won't let me add the comment *only preview it* and the thumbs up/down symbol is orange and when you add the comment it pops up in a different spot than before!

I mean I don't mind change sometime it's just annoying when I have to get used to it... *I read how they were fixing the O on the main page so ya...* Change is just annoying sometimes... XP

Well anywhoo how was everyone's easter? Mine was fine. I got a huge basket filled to the brim with cadbury eggs =^_^= They were so good that on occasion I would start choking on 'em lol But I had a glass of water next to me at all times so I wouldn't choke to death... After I finally was able to breath I would start laughing like a loon *you all probally think I'm insane but that's ok... Join the club!* lol ^_^ Besides I won't die that easilly... It'll take more than a peice of chocolaty goodness to rub me out!!! lol ^_^

Ya... Well more pages of my comic are comming along I'm just lazy is all so I'll post 'em when I finish 'em. I think I'll start catching up on my requests... *I'v almost got a few of 'em done I'm sorry for the delay!* ^_^ Well I'm gonna wander the net aimlessly now! C-YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   I had my first ever taste of pocky today!!!!
You are all probally looking at me like O.o; *you never had pocky?!?!?!?!?!* 'Tis true... untill today I ever had pocky before.... I always wanted to try it but evertime I went into my local anime shop I'd buy something that used up all of my money and then walk out sad...

Well anyway It was STRABERRY POCKY!!!! *I got one of the big boxes with like 100 sticks in it* and anyway I was like Oh hohohohohohohohohoho...... so good... and ate the entire thing in like 10 mins... *I knew it was addicting.... but MAN!!!! ^_^;

Well anyway I have an update on my comic. I got a bit lazy so I didn't put any backgrounds in a few of the pannels that I wanted to put 'em in but otherwise it came out ok... ^_^ And the second page was drawn entirly by me! *In the first page I couldn't draw ChibiPocky very well so I made her draw herself... lol Yes well... anyway s I said after the pic at this rate the comic will be spanding about 4-6 pages give or take... *personally this is a really big acievement for me!* I mean not only is it the best drawn comic I've ever done, but it's the best planned one as well! I mean I would always have such a horrible time drawing the panels for the comix-but then after practicing a bit and studying ChibiPocky's and Shadow-Alchemist's comix I began to understand them a bit more and TA DA!!! This is the result!!! ^_^ *thank you all who have made a donunchi of some shape or form!*

Hmm let's see waht else to rant on and on about... Hmmmmm nope I can't think of anything so I'll put in a random Fullmetal Alchemist quote.

-ed has just beat the brother assasians who shared the same suit of armor.-

Younger brother: No I can't loose NO NO NO NO!!!


-Younger brother continues to rant-

Older brother: It pains me to say it but we have lost...

Ed poking the younger brother's legs with his foot: Uhh there wouldn't happen to be a third brother would there?

Older + younger brother: NO!!!

Eh the quote might not be 100% accurate but eh... close enough ^_^

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Meh... I'm still a little bummed this week....
I'm hopeing that once spring break starts it'll bet warmer, 'cuz I think all this cold weather is making eveyone sad and angry... *it's evan affecting ME! The worlds optimistic person in this whole planet*

Eh... Sorry for getting all moody in the last post... T_T Then again none of you saw it... so good lol ^_^

Well I'll have a few pics poted sometime tommarow *I'm making a comic!!!* ^_^ And I have to say it's the BEST *storyline and art wise* one to date! ^_^ I feels so proud!!! It's about Taco bell, Tonberry's, and hoodies!!! ^_^ lol and I'll post 3 other pics when I do so look out 4 'em!!!

Oh ya I'm NO LONGER GROUNDED YAY!!!!!!!! ^_^ *throws confetti* Woot FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *flys out window and freezes butt off*

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   OMG POOR ElvesAteMyRamen!!!!!!!
OMG IT'S SOOOOOOOOO SAD!!!!!! EAMR is going into surgery for her hand!!!! She goes into more deatail on her site but the surgery is tomarrow!!! Now anyone who reads this please, Please, PLEASE go onto her site and give your reguards!!!

The surgery is thretening her art career!!!! PLEASE leave your comments!!! Oh and I'm making a get well card for her so if you want to be in some form of shape on the card let me know! Weather it be ur name or an anime person that looks like you, and animal-WHATEVER! Just tell me and I'll put you in the card...

........*sigh* THen again who's gonna see this...? I only get 3 comments a day from the same exact pple..... Wonderful.... I'm a nobody in my life and on the otaku.... Well Now that I put myself in a sad mood I'll end the post her before I feel more like a nobody than I already do.... and Here's a cool but sad pic that fits the mood.... I'm gonna isolate myself from the world... not like anyone'll miss me....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You love to have fun with your friends, but you can
be self-centered at times!

Which Skies Of Arcadia Character Are You?
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lol X3 well anyway hilo again... I'm sneeking on again *Attempt #4* And I have 2 announcements One is I just won the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack on Ebay *now I just have to wait for the moron to respond me os I can pay him cuz he doesn't except credit cards... and it's been 2 days now I'm starting to get a little worried...* And the second is on my pics! ^_^

Well I have the pic of the moomba and Tonberry almost colored so the'll be on soon *and when I submit those two I'll also post my shadow heartless pic when I do so I have everyhting together ^_^*

I was starting to get a bit board with B/W pics for a while there *but unfortunatly it was the only thing I could draw at the time-like I'll go throught phases where I can only draw things in color, or really detailed pics, or sometimes I con only draw simple things... I never know what'll happen next!* Well anyway I went through my B/W phase and I'm now gonna go through my color/simple phase... *Thank god...* lol ^_^

Well I'm gonna wander around for a while now so I'll catch you guyz next time I sneak on!!! ^_^ TTFN TA TA FOR NOW!!! *bounces away singing the ti-doubble-guh-er song*

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

   I'm baaaaaaaaaack....... *Sneeking on attempt #3*
Hilo again... }:3 *I'm such a sneeky little devil...* Sweet.... lol X3

Well like I said in my last post I was gonna draw like a loonatic *That's such a fun word... lol* Well anyway I broke my record for drawing the most pics in an hour! *Feels proud*

Ok I drew a little shadow Heartless, A Tonberry, a Moomba, and I have jet to finish this one but I started to draw a comic *and this one WILL be much better than my other comics... *Shutters at the mere thought of drawing those* Well anyway it's called Attack -of the- Tonberry!!! And it stars me and ChibiPocky!!! ^_^ I'll tell you the basic idea for the comic but if you want to keep ot a surprize.... SKIP THIZ PART!!!!! ok? Ok...


Ok it starts out me and CP are walking alone in the woodz at night, and I'm all like -lalalalalalalala Walking in da woodz iz fun!!! ^_^- and CP's jumping at every little sound. Well anyway I tell CP when she gets fightened she should go straight up to the thing that's scaring her and eather steal something from it, or give a swift kick in the groin and run off like a crimactially insane freak.

Well anyway we're walking and walking and walking... and STOP!!! Sundenly we here some little footsteps..... and their comming closer..... and closer....... and then we see it's huge YELLOW GLOWING EYES!!!! AND IT'S HOLDING SOME SORT OF BLINDING LIGHT THING THAT'S GONNA KILL US ALL!!!!!!!!! *or at least that's how CP sees it*

When the Tonberry gets close enough CP realizes it's not a monster and it's acually quite cute! *I mean a turtle thing in a hoodie what's not to be cute?* So she instantly rembers what I said to her about when something scares her to eaither stal from it or kick it in the grion... so she goes up to it and steals it's hoodie.

Wonce it's hoodie is gone the Tonberry starts to mutate and turn into a monster and begins a rampage on us....

Finally after running forever CP gives up the hoodie and the Tonberry goes back to normal. It says something to me and CP and then before it goes it walks up real close to CP and then...... DIONK!!!! and it disappeas into the night... and then I have to drag CP away...


Ya... Well I g2g before mom gets to suspicious again! C-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! ^_^

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

   Sneaking on... ATTEMPT #2!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys! Did'ya miss me? ^_^ Y'know something... It gets easier and easier to sneak on every day.... Could it be that I'm playing into a trap... or are my parents just morons? The world may never know....

Heh... Well beside me going crimactiaclly insane over the past few dayz I have a few announcements! I added a few new things to my site *as you can see* I have my newest story on fanfiction.net "The Last Ancient" here's the link! ^_^


Well anywho... I've recently had these urges to draw recently... *Mostly Final Fantasy but also a bit of Pokemon* I donno why... Funny I can recall sometime last year when I got like this... and I think it was around this time of the year... *creepy* Well... Ya...

Well I'm board I'm gonna wander the net while I still can. Oh before I forget... Check out this Inuyasha movie I found! It's only about a min or 2 long and it's HALARIOUS!!! So check it out! ^_^


So have fun and I'll be loaded wit fan art next time I sneak on so C-YA GUYS!!!!!! *hugs*

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   AH HA!!!!! I'm back!!!
I'm sneeking on right now!!! *HEE nwaty little me!* ^_^ Well anyway I'm still alive being grounded won't stop THE GREAT RFC!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Well... Ya....

Oh! y'know something??? I've notesed that fewer and fewer pple have been cooming to my site...I mean I've been a member of the O for almost 2 years NOW!!! AND I'M STILL ONLY #133 IN THE RANKINGS!!! I mean EalvesAteMyRamen is a fairly new member and she's got a popularity rank of 106... Beyblader's got spot 29... *oh wait a min..... I'm 133 out of 22,153 active sites.... Wait.... THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!!! Oh never mind my rambel.... *I got a tad jelous just now... I'm sorry...*

Oh well becide me having to sneak on to net just to update my site I HAVE AN ANNOUCMENT!!! I'm writing a new story! FINALLY!!!!!! I mean it's been over 4 monthes since I've had an idea!!! MAN!!! *writer's block sucks* Well It should be on fanfiction.net sometime tomarrow *I hope* Well look for it in Final fantasy VII called "The Last Aincient" It's a cross between FF VII and Kingdom Hearts where Sora is Cloud's son and one day while Cloud and Aeris and Sora are on vacation... THE WORLD GETS ATTACKED BY HEARTLESS MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *BTW I'm braindead at the moment.... What is the Final Fantasy VII planet called.....?* And Cloud, Aeris, and Sora all get separated!!! AND THUS THE STORY UNFOLDS!!!!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well..... ya.....

Oh I found the FUNNIEST MOVIES EVER!!!!! on newgrounds.com.... Thanks to albino black wolf and Xela267 for telling me about the site on your comments on my Ifrit drawing! ^_^ well anyway Techno Cat loves this one called Fugitive http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/210339 and this one is called FF7 baout random battles! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=169933 I have about 5000000000000 others so if you want me to share more of my favs just leave a comment and I'll PM you with more links! ^_^

Oop! My family's getting suspicious! I G2G!!! C YA!!!!

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Monday, March 7, 2005

   Oi grounded again....
I can only stay on for a little while but I won't be on so much for a while..... *Or at least until my parent's leave the house*

Well anyway school called home and said I was failing my one class and now my parents are having a big hissy fit.... *Sigh*

*Anyone who lectures me I'll kill 'em... My mom is bad enough I dont need any smart alec to point fingers and laugh....* Grr....

Wellmy punishment really isn't all that bad... I can only watch TV for a little while when I get home then I have to do homework... and after that I sit in my room to rot *which really isn't all that bad cuz' I do that 24/7....* And mom says no drawing.... *BUUUT She didn't say I couldn't draw at school.... hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Oop g2g Mom's getting mad... c ya!!!

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Well my newest pic is up! And you can probally guess what it's of... lol ^_^

Well as I said in the pic I was very pleased with how it came out and it only took me about an hour or two to do!!! ^_^ *including the shadowing* Well My scaner may have made a few parts where you can see the scetcy parts of the shadowing but other than that I think it's ok!!! ^_^

Well let's see nothing much has happened in my life except me being TOTALLY UBSESSED WITH THE FULLMETAL ACLCHEMIST GAME!!!!!!! WOAH!!! I mean I've already put like 20 hours into it I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT!!!! ^_^ ahh me and my addictions... Fun fun fun...


RFC: Y'know I know a lot of things but that is one of the many things I donno about...

Techno Cat: HA!!! Since when do you know a lot of things!?!

RFC: Since I became the artist of Ifrit...

TC: Huh?

Ifrit: ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *breaths He-- fire everywhere*


RFC: No way it's more fun to watch you scream and cower like a girl...


RFC: No your right you scream more like a chipmunk getting run over by a car...

Chipmunk lovers: AWWWWWWWWWWWW THAT'S SOOOOOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!! *Start rampaging toward RFC and TC*


CL: OH GOODY!!!! ^_^ *all dissapear but they take TC withthem for some odd reason*

RFC: Note to self: Don't mention chipmunks and cars in the same sentence ever again... Huh? Where's Cloud?

-Cloud is no where in sight but there's a little box near where he was standing-

RFC: Huh? *reads card* To RFC Happy Belayed B-Day... ~Cloud OOOOOO WHAT IS IT!?!?!?!?!?!?! *Opens box like a maniac* OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOooOOOOOoooo IT'S SOooOoOoOoOoOo PRETTY!!!!!!!!

-pulls out a dragon necklace with a pearl in it's claws that looks like it has a water-like element inside it-

RFC: OMG IT'S SOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! *puts the kneclace on and skips away*

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