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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   More Photoshop experimentz!!!!!!!! XD
lol I just dicovered all the cool thingz photoshop can do... ^_^ lol XD

lol I've been experimenting with the smuge and burn tool... ^_^ lol the result of my experimentaions iz the Black Lugia above thiz thing... *points* I waz thinking of using it az my avatar but I don't have the pic I used saved on my computer anymore *When I got a new comp my dad didn't tell the computer dude to save all of my pics... soooooooooo ya...* lol and I can't find the original... -_-
and I don't wanna loose the piccy forever.... -_- that'll suck... So I just put it down there... lol

lol But anyway ya look at it... it's on my site now so I'm happy... ^_^ lol Oh! I also have another experiment saved called "Playing with fire" Where I've played around with more of the smuge tool and in the long run created these really cool flamez!!! XD I plan on using it on the pic of Entei I drew for FinalFantasyGirl *if I can recall correctly* lol I'll post the end result later on... XD

lol Oh and thank you SilverTouya, Pickleman, and Ryuki for the name Ideas... Although I don't think my nephew likes the Bunny of death name... My sis likes it... lol XD But az of yet it still don't got a name... O_o lol But here are some cupcakes for you guys for you're help! *Oh SilverTouya, If anyone doesn't claim their cupcake... you can have it... XD*

OH!!! I just started bidding on a Tifa cosplay off Ebay!!! XD IT'S SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! And the thing that rockz soooo much-It's CUSTOM MADE!!!! O_O So basically... IT'S LIKE MY PERSONAL COSPLAY COSTUME!!!!! OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!!!!!! *squeals* lol I waz planning to be Ifrit thiz year for next years convention... Buuuuuut that waz before I saw the costume on Ebay.... lol and for only $25 bucks... ^_^

lol ya and that's all for today... except the fact that I GOT MY FIRST DOUJINSHI!!!!!!!! *squeals* It's the Yuffintine-Unpu Tenpu!!!! OMG I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! *dances around the room screaming*

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Monday, August 1, 2005

Nephew's got a bunny... O_o
Yesterday I went to a fair with My sis and my nephew... ^_^ lol well when we got there we went exploring and they had like MILLIONS of rabbits and some of them said "for sale" O_o Of course Seth *my nephew* had ta notice that so then he waz all like "Mom, let's get a bunny Mom please please please..... pleeeeeeeeease" Ya I waz about to grab one of the empty rabbit cages and stuff him in there and leave... O_o

Yes well we talked to the owner of some of the rabits *there were like 10 different owners* and she told us all the things we need to know about the bunny... OH!!! And her daughter waz an anime freak so we got along real well... lol ^_^ *I need to start making cards for this site so pple can see my art... or at least memorize the HTML so that pple can just type it in and get to my fanart-no hassle*

Eh... well the bunny still don't got a name... and although I could give it a halfway decent name *japanese of course* Seth would rather name it Sonic, Snoopy, or woodstalk... O_o

Oh g2g real fast Dad's taking us out to get a cage for him... lol back in a sec...


Ok back we got a cage and all the things a bunny needs to live and be happy... lol XD yaaaaaaaaaa...

lol Ya well that's the biggest newz today... other than the fact that I've been up since 8 AM O_o I think the world iz comming to an end..... O_O

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

   Feeling much better... But I still want my blowtorch....
lol XD Well I'm here in one peice and no one haz suffered bodily hurt-ment so all iz gewd...

*yawn* I'm a bit sleepy but I'm reading this story on Fanfiction.net and I'm like INSANELY HOOKED ON IT!!!! O_o I can't stop reading it GAWD!!! lol It's called Faith and Feather and it's a Yuffintine... and GAWD IT ROCKS!!!! XD lol

Oh! But speeking of Final Fantasy VII I finally got around to drawing another character I don't normally draw! Cait Sith!!! X3 He's on lined paper though wich iz a bit of a bummer but hey... What do ya expect when you're stalker friend only haz notebooks with paper...?

OH!!! And I just wanna clear one thing up with some of ya guyz! I think I waz a bit vauge with why I consiter my one bud a salker... She's not really... She just iz a real lonely kid who doesn't have a lot of friendz... *like me but I learn how to like being alone* She on the other hand can't like sit still for like a minuet... and when I'm upset and crabby I tend to over react about thingz... and then there's the fact that I say things that meen the complete opposite of what I mean... Like one time I can recall iz when my other friend let me borrow hiz iPod *It's sooooo cooooool... too bad I'm broke... O_o* WEll anyway... when all of my friends saw me with an iPod they were all like "OMG Where'd you get an iPod!?!?!" My responce... "I stole it from my one friend..." And then insantly it's like "YOU STOLE IT!?!?!?!" Naw... When I say steal ya gotta think the opposite of what it means... lol ^_^

Ya so when I say stalker I meen someone who just needs a few more friendz other than myself... O_o

... and well that's all for now... OH!!! Almost forgot! On Fanfic.net I wrote a story called "I walk alone" a song fic to Boulevard of broken dreams *I might have to ya guys about it before... Can't recall... oh well* anyway... I FINALLY found a song for a sequal!!! XD *squeals*

Well Tecnically it's more like a story that runs beside IWA... Only thiz story takes place in kairi's POV instead of Sora's... Oh.. I guess You are all wondering what the song iz... eh? lol Ya well the song iz by Within Temptation... the song Somewhere! ^_^ Wee! Ya I have yet to get rid of my stalker friendz to get around to writing it... but at least there's still da old fasioned pen and paper... -_- I hate pen and paper... but I have ta use it in order to get my ideas down without forgeting dem... *Wich sucks*

lol Ya... Well I'll tell ya more about my plans next time I post so that you guys aren't sitting here all week... O_o lol OH!!! If you haven't read I Walk Alone...and want to here's a link to the story...


and if ya wanna read any of my other stories... Drop by

.... and that's all for now... See ya guyz later! *Puts out more cupcakes for those who comment*

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Friday, July 29, 2005

   Ok.... Where's my blow torch...?
OK..... Now I'm a bit irritated... It's bad enought I have my dayz and nights mixed up... but NO I have to be tortured buy EVERY SINGLE FRIKKEN' PERSON I KNOW!!!!! XP *Insert many words that you'd hear Cid say here*

UGH!!! *Rams head on deask many times* I'm once again hostage by the SAME STALKER FRIEND!!!! *Screams WHY LEVAITHAN WHY!?!* ... Where's that God forsakken blow torch/hacksaw when I need it...? -_- I just wanna be left alone... GAWD IZ THAT SO MUCH TO FRIKKIN' ASK!?!?!?!?!?!?!

*Rams head on desk a few more times* ....... Well other than me getting SICK AND TIRED OF PPLE!!!! noting much iz up.... GAWD! What do you do when you have a stalker for a friend and a Nephew who doesn't listen worth a *again insert words you'd normally hear Cid say here* -_- I need a break from this life... I want to be in a place that only I know of... I want to be free....... FREE YOU HEAR ME FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! *shakes fist*

............ *sigh* I wish I were alone right now.... By myself and the Demons that live within my Lair *room* Oh... If any of you are wondering why I call my room my lair... 2 reasons... 1 I spend 80% of my life in there and 2 My room iz the entire downstars of my house and at night it gets really dark down there and gives it a "Lair" type feel to it... and the affect iz added bu my random Dragon and anime wallscrolls... XD

Alas... that dont change the fact that I'm in the mood for mass murder *not really but you guys understand what I'm feeling right?*
-_- OH!!! I wanna share a poem I made up! ^_^ It's my tribute to the greatest female ninja! YUFFIE!!! XD


"Ninja in the night"

In the silent of the night
A full moon shine
Something stirs from within it's depths...

Silent footsteps
Bouncing from tree branch to tree branch
Laughing silently with the wind

Perched on the highest branch of a tree
Merging with the shadows
A smile and a wisper escape her lips...

"I'm gonna steal you're materia..."


lol My favorite one I've ever written... next to chaos within my heart *A poem about Vincent* but ya.... I'll share that one next time I update... *I have to dig it out of one of my notebooks...*

OH! by the by... Ninja in the night iz COPYRIGT TO ME!!! ok? If any of ya wanna use I dun care... Just ask me first and then give full credit to me... Just az a precaution... I have a habbit of being over protective of my poems... My art not so much due to my Siggy iz always there... O_o lol....

Eh... well looking at random things on FF.net haz quelled some of my hate for this world and the pple I want to byte... so ya....

*Don't worry none of you pple are in any danger of any kind from me.... You guys are the only one's who aren't driving me insane... and for that... here's a cupcake for anyone who comments!*

Now where's that blowtorch...? *digs through Friend's **Scratch that** Stalker's garage*

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

lol Yes... well I got bored and I didn't feel like grabbing my scketch book so I sat on my butt and messed with my tablet... and so a Pikachu pic waz born! XD

lol Ya... I'm still counting down the days until Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children comes out... *49 dayz!!!* XD lol I'm sutch a geek... When it comez to FF VII that iz... XD lol

*yawn* I have my dayz and nightz mixed up and I can't fix 'em.... *I keep falling asleep at 4 AM and waking up a 3 PM...* O_o; lol ya... well I'm trying to fix 'em but everytime I lay in bed I get my second wind and then I have to get up or I'll get restless and energetic... -_-

lol Ya but other than that and me FINALLY getting rid of my salker friends for the 1st time in weeks... I'm feelin' pretty gewd! X3 lol OH!!! I should have a new pic on sooner or later *a request* So look out for it!

Oh and a little not for you pple who comment... VOTE ON MY PICS!!!!!!!!! XD lol I've just noticed that I only get like one vote on my picz lately... *sob* tis sad to see that when the pic's been up for god only know how long... So I'd appreciate it if you pple put a few votes on my pic... please!?!

-_o Well ya... that's all for now... My life izn't too exciting at this point in time... eh?

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

lol ^_^ ya like the hedding says... *ahem* My stalker friend that I had mentoned in my last post asked me to go ova to her house... So I did just to SHUT HER UP!!! O_O and then the next thing I know it's 1 AM.... O_o Well so much for my plan of getting there, Swimming, and running back home screaming things like "WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!" and "I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!!" *sigh*

Eh well at least I got to submit a new pic I just finished like 2 seconds ago... -_- lol

Unfortunaltly... She doesn't have a scanner BUT the great thing iz... Technically today iz when the Avril Lavigne concert commming to my state... Soooooo my one friend got a hold of her frind's digital camera! ^_^ Conveinent.... lol So I took a pic of my pic and loaded it up so yay! ^_^

Alas.... since the pic waz taken by camera and not scanner it's a tad blury.... and ya... but you can still see it so it all works out... ^_^

OH!!! I just got inside from walking on the roof of her house! ^______^ it waz so much fun!!! The sunrise iz sooooo pretty! *It's about 5:26 AM here* lol... ya What waz evan cooler... if I turend around the moon waz still in full veiw!!! EEEE SO AWESOME!!! XD lol OH!! And then a cop came across and az soon az she saw him she bolted right into the house again... while I sat on the roof and taunted him... *he didn't see me and evan if he did I wouldn't have cared.... ^_^ I EES so nawty.... XD* Ya... well the cop never saw me so all iz well.... and now I'm back here sitting on my butt typing thiz really long pointless sentence... O_o

Ya... lol I'll update later... That iz if my bud ever lets me go.... I am still a hostage ya know..... O_o lol ya well g2g... I fear she'll torture me if I don't cooperate with her.... *aincent chineese water torture... O_o*

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

   I smell pizza and it's 2 AM.....
O_o no one's up...... but then why do I smell pizza...? Maybe I'm going crazy... *ahem* Crazyer... O_o

lol well Why I'm updating so late/early *depending on if you are a night owl or a morning bird...* I just wanted to tell you guys about a new pic of mine... Whenever I put something in Original Anime it seemes to get sucked into oblivion by other fanart... O_o lol

Ya my one friend iz sleeping over AGAIN for the second night in a row... Why? I have absolutly no clue... O_o Ugh... -_- my bed iz gonna smell like her house... T_T Why me...? .... I always give the guests my bed while I sleep on the top bunk of my bed... *where my cats sleep* My sheets.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO *cries* Hey! It's not my faut my sheets have dragons on 'em...

*sigh* Well she's disappeared... *probally in the garage* She's on her cell phone CONSTANTLY!!!! I mean she told me one she had a $500 phone bill.... O_o I mean I have a cell phone... but I never use it... I think it's really pointless to have one... unless for emergencies... -_- Ya well she's not up my butt so I guess it's all gewd... for now at least.... O_o

I'm watching MTV right now... Oh I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Fall out boy "Sugar, were going down" ^_^ SWEET!!! *dances*

Iz it just me.... or am I once again getting less and less comments...?????? O_O NOOOOOOO THE FLAMERS ARE OUT TO GET ME!!! WHY LEVIATHAN WHY!?!?!?!?!?!!??? *cries*

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   I have returend again!!! ^_^
lol I have returened again... WOOT! lol ^_^

I have a bit of a fear lately that I'm gonna be staled by those flames... I mean my most recent Yuffintine pic had 100% with 6 votes.... and I checked on it today and it waz down to 88% with 8.... so are the flamers finally catching up to me or what??? O_O *Sob* ... I dun wanna be stalked by flaaaaaaaaamers..... *cries*

Yes well... something very strange has happened to me recently... *In a good way* I've been talking to a friend of mine on the net... and we've become really good friends... and well last night he said that he really liked me... ME RFC!!! I've never had anyone tell me they like me... I've never had a BF before... and I usually scare pple away with how much of a tom-boy I am... O_o I'm actually quite embarrased about all this... I mean I've never before in my entire life have ever met a guy who said they liked me for my really immature geekyness... and now all of a sudden... all this... OH!!! I'm not complaining! O_O No nononononooo I'm just saying... I not used to this... O_o ... that's all I'm saying.... Am I crazy...?

*ahem* well aside from this...nothing haz happened... except all of my friends keep comming over *stalkerrrrrrrrrrs* lol ^_^ And they all wanna sleep over... O_o *I haven't slept in my bed for a 2 days now... Leviathan only knows what my sheets smell like now... T_T* Well anyway... other than that... my life reamins the same... lol ^_^

I'm off to figure out a strange phenomonom....... *crawls into a dark corner*

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   RFC'S BACK EVERYONE!!!!!! ^_^
HALLO EVERYONE!!! *glomps all* I am back! ^_^

Well nothing happened day one... I just listened to my new Tsunami Bomb CD and watched Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, and Spirted Away... lol ^_^ OH!!! But since my mom's snoring waz so bad... and I didn't want to sleep next to dad on the fold out bed... O_o soooo I fell asleep in the bathtub!!! XD *I had a couple hundred pillows az a bed like substitute.... and actually... the tub waz actually more comfortable than the bed... O_o lol ^_^*

Yes... Day 2 We went to the lake... and I took like 20 different pictures... those'll be on in a few days *I have to finish off the roll and then get 'em developed* lol ^_^ The lake izn't az scary az it's name states... It waz called that because Indians that lived there at thhe beginning of time thought it waz possesed... or something... I'm not 100% sure.... DO A GOOGLE SEARCH IF YOU WANNA KNOW MORE JEEZ!!! lol

Oh and my nose got sunburned... -_- lol ^_^ Maybe they call it Devil's lake because you get sunburned real bad if you don't put on sun screen... O_o lol

Yes well day three iz today.. and I just got home ^_^ I drew like 6 pics but only 2 are good enough to put on here.... lol One's already up and the other one I have to finish before any of you can see it... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA fear my power over you axcious pple.... XD lol But it will be on later on... I promise that... lol ^_^

oh and I brought souveniers!!!! *hands out little keychains with a picture of the lake in it* lol

I MISSED YOU PPLE!!!! X3 *hugs*

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

   I'm goin' on vacation yall!!!!
Woot! ^_^ I'm heading up to Devil's Lake in Wisconsin for the weekend and I won't be back till monday! I don't want to leave any of my friendz... but I'll make sure to have twice az much fun just for you guys! ^_^

lol I waz watching the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children trailer again.... I still can't got over it!!! CLOUD AND YUFFIE AND VINNY!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!! *squeals* lol OH!!! I'm probally gonna have it within the next week because I have a friend who had a friend IN Japan RIGHT now and he's gonna get it and bring it back when he comes back to the US!!! *squeals evan more* I'm SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! ^_^

lol I have to finish packing so I'll talk to you guys on monday! ^_^

OH!!! One last thing before i forget!!! I got a new SN!!! it's now Invcblelgndyffe lol ^_^ My dad's getting sick of me using his SN *Evan though he doesn't use it* Soooooooo I made my own! ^_^ WOOT!!! See if you can see what it says! ^_^ *trust me it's a LOT harder to spell than it iz to see what it says... lol*

lol well I'll see ya guys on monday! And I'll bring back a pic or two don't worry! ^_^ *hugs to all*

OH!!! ONE VERY LAST THING!!! I wanna thank Beyblader for the spoon launcher! and when I posted the pic when I went to 6 flags I'm the one with the bandanna! ^_^ *I kept forgetting to tell you guys that... lol*

Still need the hacksaw....... but not until monday..... *glares at computer*

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