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Thursday, August 18, 2005

O_o I just got my haircut for school comming up and I mean IT LOOKS SO DIFFERENT!!!!! O_O GAWD! I have yet to take pics but I'll describe it the best I can...

Ok take Sailor Moon's bangs put them on a slightly shorther Yuffie hair style and immagine Tidus' hair for the back *you know how he has all the layers in his hair*


I had my hair short like this a looooooong time ago but man... It's so different! I'm like having a hard time adapting.... O_o

Ah well I went to the mall yesterday and I got a Keychin of Ed, FF VII Piano Collections CD, a Shirt from Hot Topic that says "I Heart Kyo" with a little face of him, and a really kool Dragon knecklace! XD *and there goes the 30 bucks I waz saving up lol XD*

Ah let's see... what else... OH! Lookie at waht I did to my assignment notebook!!! XD

Here's the front

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And the back with my momento of Aeris... *snif*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I've done many other things to my school stuff... Like tape a pic of my fav pic of Yufiie from AC to the back of my ID... and the keychins... and pictures... *Continues to mumble about random things*

ahh... and well that it for now... I HAVE TO FINISH UP MY LAST MIN PICZ!!!!! GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IN LEVIATHAN'S NAME DID THE SUMMAH GO!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!!111 *throws tantrum*

Oh and before I forget here's a reeeeeeeealy long survey I took...

been kissed..No... Unless Cloud giving me a kiss in my dreams counts.... O_o
lied to a friend..I lie to everyone... what's the difference...?
dyed ur hairNo unless hilights count...
dressed punkNo Unless 'Rebel; or 'Tomboy' count
kissed a girluhm no... I only see it in Yuri Doujinshi...
saw something u didnt want toCloud X Barret Doujinshi.......
danced in the rainOh yes... Someone's got to please Leviathan! ^_^
lied to ur parents*point's to lied to a friend question*
went barefoot in the snowI wanted to see how long it took for me to loose all feeling in my feet before I droped dead... lol
played hockeyall the time... I sometimes beat the boyz too....
made ur own clothesEvery so often... I dun have any materials to work with...
got in a fiteNope...
took a shower*smells pits* nope, smell fine to me...
gave a dirty look to someoneCid for calling me a brat
cried=(HA!!! The Great Ninja Yuffie crys for no one...
did a cartwheelYup...
went to school*continues to watch her chocobo stampede the school* What school?
shopped Yup... got the Final Fantasy VII piano collections CD
dancedIn the mall with my friendz...
got sickNope... not that I can reacall
did something u regretI should've taken all of Cid's materia...
discovered something newComputers explode if you shove shuriken into the CD drive...
run to class because ur always lateya... sometimes... but then again I dun care if I'm late... Depends on my mood
act perfectHA! Perfect iz for preps who dun have a life... I'd rather be me...
act hyperHello? You're talking to Yuffie Kisaragi here....
are a nerdNinja iz more the word...
in band??*shakes head* I'd rather listen to the band than be in one...
in ur pjsnope... haven't changed yet...
drinkinRed Mountain Dew... Oh how the curse of caffeine hangs heavy on my soul
listening to musicFinal Fantasy VII Piano Collections: Rufus' Welcoming Ceramony! *dances*
watching a movieUnless the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailer counts then no....
iming someone IT'Z 4 AM WHO AM I GONNA IM? VINNY!?! Pshh
talkin on the fone*points to Iming someone*
hot topic or abercrombie and fitchHOT TOPIC!!! GAWD! A+F Iz for the preps with no life....
thongs or briefsMy underwear give me wedgies all the time... like I want a thong giving me one intentionally??? PUH-LEASE
boxers anyone?!?!Only az pajama bottoms but I do wear them...
sweatpants or jeansDepends on my mood and what I can find lying around but if I had to choose I'd go with the sweats...
longsleeved shirts or short sleeveShort...
tube tops or tanksTank top...
current clothesElmo shirt and jean shorts...
current moodpeaceful *listening to Aeris' theme on Piano... so sad but so beautyful*
current musicagain FF VII: Piano Collections...
current tastenothing...
current make-upMake up burns and it frikkin' SUCKS!!! HA Like I'd ever wear make up!?!?!? I'd have a better chance of getting struck by lightning my friend...
current thing I ought to be doingCleaning my room a bit.... O_o
you huggedVinny! XD *technically I pounced him but... ya...*
yelled atBarret for being a jerk...
IMed.a fan of mine on my fanart page thing...
you touchedDoubble sided sticky tape!!! XD
[ EiTHER/0R .. ]
coffee or hot chocolateHot chocolate... It could be 1000 degrees outside and I'd be out there drikkin' HC...
big or littleBig glomp attacks; little revenge plans...
lace or satinSatin
new or olddepends... old tend to have more of a history; while new... are well new...
vogue or cosmopolitanOnce more in Yuffie...
skirt or dressLike I want som perver to look up and see my underwear!?!?!?! HA!!! You can't be a ninja in a skirt... MORON!!!
wool or cottonCotton... wool ITCHES!!! ><
[DO YOU..]
put on a "front"No more like a death glare to anyone who comes near me...
have a crush on someoneNo... Crushes are stupid and for the weak minded... and plus a ninjas ar independant... we DON'T NEED anyone but ourselves and our weapons...
if u got a tatoo where wud u get itA dragon of some sort, a tatto like Zell's *not LIKE his but just those black lines...* Or Leviathan...
waht is the online symbol u use the mostXD or X3
u have a boyfriend or girlfiendAgain NO!!! GAWD LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!
who's hotter, Josh Hartnett or Chad Michael MurrayVinny or Cloud... Vinny...
what was the last thing you saidGAWD!!!!!!
do you like stickersOh yes... *Slaps one on Cid's back that says 'HI I'm: Stupid!'*
do u play with mad libs wen ur boredEXCUSE ME???
are you suicidalUhm no...
is your window openNope tis night remeber...?
what was the last pair of shoes you boughtNone... I wear one pair of shoes and that it...
do you have a little brotherNope but I do have a nephew... Do you want him?
does he draw you cute picturesSometimes... He admires me for my talent to draw so he tries to impress me... He gave me this really cute picture of a mommy and baby chocobo...
where do your grandparents liveI don't have any... they all died when I was little or before I was born...
what do you think of when you hear the word clickthe little switch in my head is working...
are you a moronUhm no... *Throws shuriken the question asker's head* Eat that...
do you like trampolines*points to the one in her backyard*
have u ever accidentally sucked something up in the vacuumACK!!! YES!!! *I fished it out though! ^_^*
did you see American Pie 2If it 'ain't anime I don't want anything to do with it....
do you cut yourselfLet's think about that for a second... I cry like a baby when I go to the doctor, I have never gotten my ears peirced, and I hate pain... WHAT THE #*(^$# DO YOU THINK THE ANSWER IZ MORON!?!?!?!


*continues to throw tantrum*

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   OH MY GAWD I'M SO FRIKKIN' SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Gawd... wow... that's a total shock to my system... I thought technology hated me beyond words... and here I did something that didn't explode az I did it... O_o Oh my gawd..... Do you think the end of the world iz comming 'round? Scary...

Ah... well I'm happy for the change See-Saw waz grinding and Grinding And GRINDING on my nerves... oh how I started to loath the song.... -_- *sigh* But now here's something new... A song/band I've never evan heard of but while on my quest on finding a URL midi and stuff I stumbled upon them, liked them, and thus their song iz now on my site... ^_^ Anyway the song iz called "Truth Unfolds" By B00mer of Kfmf... whatever that meens... O_o XD ya well the song may take forever in a half to load but I think it's gewd so ya... *iz actually still waiting for it to load* Curse my not so high speed net... -_-

Ahhh other than that and me feeling very proud of myself the world remains round and I remain an arist... lol XD OH!!! But get thiz!!! I did a little digging and found thiz REALLY AWESOME site with really RARE FF VII: AC screenshotz! ^_^ I mean they had a few of Cait and Red! I mean I haven't see ANY of Cait so far so I waz like EEEEE IT'S CAIT!!!! XD *glomps* lol Take a look!


Now... if only I could figure out how to get it to go to the site when you just click it.... and then make it say something cute like Clicky... *ponders* Ah well one horribly smart thing iz good for one day... *nods*

*28 dayz until FF VII: AC comes out...*

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

   HUZZA!!!! I CAN SEE MY AVATAR!!!! XD *30*
*skips around her room* WOOT!!! XD

lol I'm officailly in a very happy mood!!! X3 *I waz a bit down because summer's comming to and end... and stuff...* But hey! That won't stop my good mood today!!! XD

Ok First off I got the pic of the-pie's original character done and I submited it like 2 seconds ago! ^_^ I have to say it looks pretty good! ^_^ and I hope pie likes it! *And yes I did get her permission to draw him before hand so I'm NOT plagerizing him! O_o* Although my scanner made his skin look a bit yellow... but other than that I think it looks fine...

Oh and speeking of plagerizing... I've been busting a TON of plagerists lately... O_o Jeez... I think I caught like 3 thiz week! O_o man... Plagerizm gets you nowhere so why in the VII haties would ja do it??? It dun make sence... *shakes head*

Ah well... Anyway the next thing that's got me in a good mood iz I finally got around to writing a Kingdom Hearts parody! XD I waz laughing so hard when I waz writing it and it's called "Clones in Kingdom Hearts" lol here's one of my favorite lines...

"Tidus looked at Tidus and Tidus looked back at Tidus. The two looked at each other and seemed to be frozen in time. Tidus lifted his gloved hand and Tidus lifted his ungloved hand to his. Their hands touched and it was like a connection was made…

The authoress thought it would be really creepy to have a Yaoi fic about Tidus and Tidus. So with a laugh she shook the thought out of her mind. “Silly yaoi thoughts… heh… though Shonen-ai waz alwayz more my thing…” She sighed as she continued to type… But first she read over the paragraph above and began to laugh again… So far that was her favorite paragraph… for it was horribly fun to read real fast..."

lol XD Oh how I loved reading that to myself over and over again...

lol ya well other things that are included in my story are Japanese pple speeking in Al Bhed, Axel being held hostage in a pile of stuffed animals, and the rest of the KH cast meetin their Final Fantasy "clones" XD

Here's a link for anyone who cares... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2532457/1/

Ahh and then there waz one more thing that got me into a good mood.... what waz it now...? *thinks* Eh... It'll come to me later... XD

-2 seconds later-

OH YAAAAA NOW I REMEMBER!!! I finally found another pic of Vincent I'm planning on drawing!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Cool ain't it? lol XD And yes he iz supposed to be upside-down... lol ^_^

Hmm and well other than that nothing out of the ordinary haz happend.... soooooooooooo WOOT!!! XD *dances in a circle singing that song that goes "I'm bouncin' off the walls again (woah) and I'm lookin' like a fool again... la la la laa laaaaaaaaaaaa"* XD

*30 dayz until Final Fantasy VII Advent children comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals**

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Friday, August 12, 2005

   Random Survey thing.....

NameRoaring Flame Cat... or Yuffie
Age15ish.... i think...
GenderTOM BOY!!!!
Favourite AnimalLiger
Dog or CatCat... *points to name*
Coke or LemonCoke and Lemon iced tea....
Skirts or PantsPANTZ!!! GAWD!!!! Like I want som pervert to look up and see my underwear.... PUH-LEAZE
Wednesday or SaturdayWendsday! Why I donno I always liked Wed. for some odd reason...
Favourite Horse NameMOO!!!!!
Favourite Dog NameINUYAHSAH!!!!!!
Favourite Girl NameSAKURA!!!! XD
Favourite Boy NameVINNY!!!!
McDonalds or Hungry JacksNeither... they kill you're heart one way or another...
Blue or RedBlue...
ASLFinal Fantasy VII...
Skinny or FatSkinny... a ninja's gotta be stelthy and a fat person can't do that :P
Tall or ShortTall... *point's above*
Best Friend's NameSORA!!! *robbed of a last name*
Crush's Brother's NameHe dun got one.... Vinny's an only child... so iz Cloud...
Crush's Sister's Name*points above*
Black or WhiteBlack... to conseal a ninja az I in the night... *sneer*
Koalas or KangaroosKANGAROO!!!!! XD
Do u Have a MobileNaw... unless the PHS counts.... Technology alwayz did hate me...
Favourite Number/sVII...
13 or 14VII... XXII.... and uhmmm MATERIA!!!!!! XD
Chloe or ElizaReno or Elena.... Reno
Sarah or JasminJasmin tea.....
Caitlin or DanielleRude or Tifa.... I like 'em bouth...
Emma or GraceTsneng or Hojo.... TSNENG!!!! Like I want a PSYCO!?!?! PSHH!!!
Green or YellowGreen... *points to sweater*
Burger Rings or Salt & VinegarRamen...
Brenda or BrittanyTifa or Aeris.... BOUTH!!! XD
Sophie or CassieSelphie or Rinoa.... SELPHIE!!!! *FF VIII*
Lauren or AshleyAshley iz a boyz name.... tis true.... look it up...
Michael or SeanSakura or Sayoran.... SAKURA!!!! XD
Craig or MitchellSephiroth or Symore..... Symore iz so creapy... I choose Sephiroth.... O_o
Lemonade or Diet CokeLemonaid...... no way am I drinking Diet... tasted like vomit....
Bird or FishFISHIE!!!! XD
Llama or HampsterHAMTARO!!!! *glomps*
Favourite SongLotz... I like Tomarrow comes Today by Gorillaz at the moment....
Favourite BandAnything that's in an anime I like or Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts... XD
Favourite Male SingerRiku in the shower..... *He sings like a girl... it's so creepy... yet so cool... and he aint half bad.... O_o*
Favourite Female SingerMe! XD
Jojo or EminemEminem GAWD!!!
Destinys Child or Black Eyed PeasBlack Eyed Peas all da way....
5 or 7VII... Wish I had more materia.....
Kaylee or TarleeMore names!?!?!?! GAWD!!!! O_O
Shenade or LatoyaTidus or Rikku... RIKKU!!!!
Harley or JasonKairi or Sora.... BOTH!!!!
Justin or NathanRiku or Namine.... Riku
What are u WearingBaggy stuff that Godo would kill me if he saw....
Duck or TigerTIGER!!!!! XD White tiger......... rawr....
Brown or GreyGrey... like my eyes....
Snoop Dogg or 50 centI hate 'em both....
Pussycat Dolls or Green DayGreen day....
Nelly or The GameThe Game Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts....


I have an urge to draw everyone in FF...... Curse my creative mind flowing from one idea to another.... lol jk

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ugh... We have cerial but no milk... Salsa but no ships... Cheese but no bread... the only thing that's edible in my house iz Ramen... and I've had so much ramen I'm gonna like puke if I have another bowl... *within the next 24 hours... that iz* ^_^

I really AM a starving artist!!! O_O *sob* -_- Fate iz so crewl.... lol XD

lol Well other than the fact that I'm going to be forced to eat my nephew or the rabbit *note last night's post* I've got a new pic commin' ^_^ *Besides Rinoa that iz* TIS SORA!!! XD lol Kingdom Hearts II Sora that iz... lol ^_^ So far I only have hiz head and sholderz but he's comming along quite nicely... *At least I hope so... I waz going insane trying to get hiz eyes right...* Oh and haz anyone ever noticed that when You draw eather Sora, Riku, or Kairi how creepy their eyes look before you add the color? lol XD Oh I've got a preveiw of the pic... Let me say I still have A LOT to tweak... but still...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I know about hiz one eye being smaller than the other... but I'm a little edgy about hiz hair... Should I shorten the 3 on the left side of hiz face? Or do they look ok so far? O_o

I've never drawn Sora before *except for that one pic I have on here somewhere or other...* so I'm a little paranoid about it... O_o I'm like tryin' to draw something that I've never done before perfect... O_o Am I nuts? *OF COURSE I AM!!! XD*

Eh well other than me going insane... nothing else iz happening.... other than the fact that I just discovered if I were to eat my nephew I'd probally die of food poisoning... *He hazn't bathed in over a week... maybe evan longer... O_o* What iz it with guys and being all smelly and gross!?!?!?!? I mean sure I don't shower EVERY day but I have a limmit of 3-5 dayz before I absolutly go insane of my own BO. O_o Eh... but az soon az school starts up I'll go back into old habbits of showering every night before I go to bed... *Don't worry I'm not some kind of hobo who never showers... lol XD*

Oh just to be safe... you pple CAN SEE MY NEW AVATRAR!?! Right? O_o I've been trying to get it so I can see it but to no avail... -_- Why myst technology hate me so? *sob*

*Continues to scavenge in room to find something edible* Let's just say I have secret stashes of food scattered around for midnight and 3AM snacks.... lol XD

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   PSP!?!?!?! O_o *34*
Ok I just went through ANOTHER Crazed fangirl moment about Final Fantasy VII Advent Children... O_o So... After drooling over the trailers I've watched over 2000 times now... I desided to try and find a site where I can get my paws on it... O_o Cuz I meen what's the point in drooling over it if you can't buy it az soon az it hits the shelves?

Well I found out that the only place that haz it iz Best Buy... But the sad thing iz... iz it said it's a movie for the PSP!!!!! O_O I DON'T HAVE A PSP!!! HOW AM I GONNA DROOL OVER CLOUD, VINNY, AND YUFFIE IF I DON'T HAVE A FRIKKEN' PSP!?!?!?(#$*^$*&%##$)(# %&* *goes into a fit*

-an hour later-

*inhlaes and exhales very slowly but hevily* Ok.... That's out of my system.... *continues to breathe hevily* ..... Well that sucks...

Well another thing that sucks... I let my nephew's rabbit out for a little romp in my room for a min... and he went by my PS2... I didn't pay any mind to him at the time... but then my friend comes over and askes if I could teach her how to Play Final Fantasy VII... *She saw the graphics of VIII and waz like sucked in... XD* lol Well anyway I got the game put it in the PS2 and the box that says there's no controler in poped up... Som I'm like WTH? *What the heck?* I look at the controller and everthing was fine... but then I look at the cord..... The GAWD FORSAKKEN RABIT ATE MY CORD!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THAT WAZ THE ONLY CONTROLLER I HAD!!! THE ONLY ONE!!! AND NOW IT'S JUNK!!!!!!! *Screams*


... Ugh... Well my life sucks and rocks right now... Oh and you see that 34 next to the subject? That's how many dayz until FF VII AC comes out....

I have to figure out a way to get a PSP and a new PS2 controller in les that 34 days when I only have 30 Bucks at thiz point in time... -_- *sob* At the rate I get money... It'll be X-maz by the time I get anything.... Why iz da fate of an artist such az I so crule.....?

*Crawls into a dark corner*

Oh one last thing... I uploaded a new avatar and I can't see the new one... *I saw it for only like 2 seconds and then AOL kicked me off and when I signed back on it waz back to my little Lugia...* Can you Guys see the new one or iz it still the Lugia? The pic works I just can't see it... X_x Curse it all... *sob*

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   I'm alive and kicking! XD
Well I got 2 new pics up! ^_^ Big achievement on my behalf! XD I got a pic of Rinoa and she's actually the 1st pic I've ever sone in realism... She's still in B/W and haz no ink outline... but it's still good... besides I left her in pencil for a reason... *So that you guys could help me out if you see anything odd!* lol

The other pic I got up iz one of my newest favs... Stone Dragon and The Flame Blue Pearl... though the title waz way too long... so it's just called Stone Dragon here... lol XD I'm actually very happy because I finally did a pic that waz half B/W, half color! lol

Oh and one thing that's real stange... When I waz drawing Rinoa... I thurned the pic upside-down so I could get the curves in her hair right... and then I just kept drawing everyting fine... Evan though she waz upside-down for the longets time... So... long story short... I can draw upside-down...

Then when I waz drawing my Dragon pic... my hand started to hurt real bad... but I had those artist infuences of mine that wouldn't let me stop... so half of the flames on the pic were colored with my left hand... O_o so I ALSO discovered if by some horrible twist of fate that I am unable to draw with my right hand I can re-train myself to draw with my left hand! XD

lol OH!!! I just got this AWESOME magazine!!! The official PS2 magazine!!! It's got some REALLY AWESOME preveiws of KH II AND Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children! ^_^ Ohhhhhh You guys have to see this!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You're looking at that right... Pirates of the Caribbean iz an official world! It's confirmed!!! XD lol *Note my scanner kinda killed the pic... O_o* lol ^_^ I got the pic from a magazine I piced up at the store! *10 bucks but well worth every penny! Cuz it came with a game with HUNDREDS of trailers!!! And evan a few FF VII AC! XD*

lol yep... and that's all the news for now! I'll keep ya guys posted if I find any new info worth screaming down the streets... lol XD

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Friday, August 5, 2005

   Gomen nasi...
Sorry again for the ranting post last night.... I just had to say it... -_-

Well let me just start off by thanking the pple who comment regularly on my site *Pickleman, Siler Touya, and a few others that I'm not going to mention due to I frear I'll kill the spellings of your names... O_o* Without you pple I'd go mad! O_o

And it's like you guys said EAMR haz probally done something to gain over so much popularity... *nods head thoughtfully*

Eh... sorry 'bout the rant.... -_- When I rant I sometimes don't think things through and say things I really don't care about... O_o -_-

But hey! I always got my comments form you guys! And hey! Az long az I have my fans *Evan if it's just 1 person-although that would kinda suck...* I will be a happy artist! ^_^

*wispers* Just don't anyone tell EAMR about thiz... I fear she'll kill me... O_o I'm young and I still got a lot to live for!!! O_O *Most of it I don't know of yet...* lol XD

Thanks for the comments yesterday... Evan though it waz just 3 it waz thouse three that made me feel better! ^_^ YOU GUYS ROCK!!! *gaint hugs and a cupcake just az big for thouse who comment-And for thouse that want one* ^_^

*makes rock-on sign with hands*

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Ok I don't mean anything real bad with thiz but if I don't say it now I'm gonna explode!!!! XP

Ok thiz post iz about ElvesAteMyRamen... and if by chance EAMR sees thiz I'm sorry but I just have to say it!

Ok This might be envy, jelousy, or both... But I can't stand this anymore!!! I mean EAMR hazn't evan been a member of the O for more than a year and she already haz fans like WORSHIPING HER!!!!!! I MEAN SHE GETS PPLE SENDING HER PICTURES, BANNERS, AND ALL THAT STUFF! I MEAN LOOK AT THE COMMENTS ON HER SITE!!! SHE HAZ LIKE 40-50 EVERY FRIKKEN' DAY AND JUST LOOK!!! MY LAST FEW POSTS DIDN'T EVAN GET MORE THAN 5!!!!! I MEAN THE MOST COMMENTS I'VE EVER GOTTEN ON MY SITE WAZ 7!!! FOR FRICK'S SAKE A LOUSY FRIKEN' SEVEN!!!!!!!!!

OK... Another thing I want to say... I mean she's not any better at drawing than I am... and here she iz with MILLIONS of fans and my pics only get like 1-3 votes *note my newest pics* And my pic "A Gentle Breeze" haz only 19 votes! I WOULD EXPECT MORE BY NOW!!! and I mean LOOK my pictures are evan better than hers!!! *when I'm not in a dry-spell* I MEAN GAWD!!! Her most recent picture looks like the characters are from MARS or something!!! Real tan shin, HUGE CREEPY eyes... GAWD I COULD DRAW SOME THING JUST AZ GOOD IF NOT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!


*shakes head* I'm sorry if anyone disagrees with me... but I've been keeping thiz bottled up for so long.... I wanted to say thiz for so long.... I mean I know it's not right to be jelous of other pple... But here I've been around for far longer than her... and I'm barely evan noticed.... -_-

I'm sorry about the rant... I just had to get it off my chest... Really I'm sorry if anyone wants to hate my guts about my rant... -_- Sorry.... sorry...sorry...

*crawls into a dark corner... alone... az always*

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I'm a little dissapointed right now... On Ebay I just lost the Tifa cosplay costume... -_- I mean I sat on the comp. for 2 hours watching thiz thing and thiz one person just kept rising the bid higher, and higher, and higher... until finally it waz at $89! O_o Gawd... Mom told me I should've bid really high that way thiz person would have to buy it for more... lol XD eh... but I guess it's all gewd... I really wanted to be Ifrit for next years convention... And besides... I think it's more rewarding to make you're own costume than buy one... I mean evan though the thing waz hand-made... I think it's still more rewarding to say to pple if/and/or/when they ask where you got you're costume to say "I made it..." rather than the fact of saying "I bought it off Ebay..." lol ^_^

Speeking of my cosplay I still have to start working on it! O_O lol XD I have a list of all the materials I need and a design... the only thing that I see az a problem iz Ifrit's horns... Cuz I want them to be az realistic az possible... and yet I don't want to have horns on my head that are gonna knock somone out evertime I turn my head... O_o lol XD

I figure the horns are gonna be made of paper mache *so they won't weigh me down* and plus once that stuff hardens I won't have to worry about it breaking like styrofoam... *which iz what my mom told me to use... and I'm like O_o*

lol and ya... the only materials I need iz a lot of fuzzy fabric that looks like fire... a wire frame and newspaper... OH!! and Beads for it's knecklace... *FF X Ifrit* lol XD Ya... I have actually drawn out plans and stuff... I'll post 'em if ya guyz want! ^_^

lol ya well other than me rambling on-and-on about my cosplay.., the only other thing that's up iz I'm finally tackling a different target for my art!!! XD I've recently been like having these impulses to play like FF VIII... so now I've been playing that... and thus I've been drawing VIII characters... and the result of thiz... iz a pic of Rinoa... *not yet finished* lol XD

Honestly... I don't have a clue who Rinoa iz... I mean from what I can gather-She and Squall have some kind of relationship and she seems to be *I'm guessing* an angel... O_o and other than that I dunno squat... lol XD ahh that's always like me... I usually start drawing the characters before I evan know about their personalities.... lol Like I can recall when I started drawing Vincent... I thought he waz a real cold and mean person... But now I know THERE'S A GOOD SOUL TRAPPED UNDER THAT DARK EXTERIOR AND ME AND YUFFIE ARE GONNA FIND IT MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! XD

Ahem... Well ya... I seemed to have rambled on long enough... I'll let you pple get on with you're lives... lol X3

Here's something that hazn't been around in a long time... RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY!!!!!! XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

lol here's a preveiw of my newest pic! *I'll be adding color and an outling and all that jazz so don't worry... Oh and anything that's off... POINT IT OUT please? I hate it when I get comments from pple who can't draw any better than me telling me things that are "off" and stuff... *rolls eyes*

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