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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Well az promised here's my sad convention stories post lol ^_^
Ok I know you have all been dying to hear these.... lol ya they really are quite sad... but funny too so I'll go in order from the first one that happened to me to the last one

~*~ Can't find the hotel ~*~

Ok I had just goten to the convention center and I waz staring in awe at all the cosplayers *it waz my first ever convention so I waz bound to act like a newbie* anyway I get there and I had to get my badge in order to get pased the doors... and I would've pre-registered but a few kids in my club JCC said "Oh hey I can go! I'll ask my parents and bla bla bla..." I told them to RSVP me at *insert date here* but none of them ever did... But me being a lazy bum kept putting it off and putting it off until a few dayz before the con I waz like "OMG THE CONVENTION!!!!" So I flew onto the website to do all that but when I got there it said...... "We're sorry, vut pre-redgetration iz ova...." and then it had a cute little countdown clock... That I staired at for 3 hours due to I waz in shock... Ya well anyway I stood in line for a while and my mom HATES-- no LOATHS standin in lined so she gave me money and told me that she would be in the hotel...

-3 hours later-

"I FINALLY GOT MY BADGE WOOOOOOOT" I screamed out as I danced with my badge and then I bolted out of the redgestration center in search of cosplayers and to explore! And with it only being me, myself, and I, I could do anyhthing I wanted so yay!!!

-2 hours of exploring later-

"Ummmmm ok....? Where's my room?" I looked around the hotel that was connected to the convention and my mom had written down the # of my room..... 1310.... *Yes I know the ledgend of the 13th floor of a hotel sheesh...* anyway I went to the top floor and the room numbers only went to 1266.... so I'm like.... "Ok... well maybe the 1 meens the first floor and 310 iz the room...." So I walk over to 310 knock on the door and I'm greeted by... this.... HIPPIE!!!! I MEAN OMG!!! So I'm like "Oh-- I'm sorry I have the wrong room!!* and I walk off....

I wandered from one area to another in hopes of findin' my room and after about an hour I saw this girl holding a little Godzilla plush and I walk up to her and I'm like "He's so cute!!! *pets*" and she laughs and says "Thanks!" So me being utterly exhausted from wandering I sit down and talk to her...

-25 mins later-

I told her my sad story and she said that my hotel sounded like hers so she said for me to tag along. *her name waz Natalie BTW* I did... and it turned out that she was in the same hotel as me and only she was on the 7th floor *YAY* she also told me that the first # of the room number was the floor so I was on the 13th... I finally got back into my room and fell face first on my bed at about 12:07....

~*~ That's the way the film gets exposed ~*~

THe next morning I woke up at like 8 for some odd reason so I desided to mess with my dad's camera. Last night I had used up the entire roll of fil and I couldn't get it to rewind... I thought that it did so I opened it to load the next roll in.... I was wrong it didn't rewind and I'm like "OH SHNAP!!!!" and I close the back as fast as I could... *smart ain't I?* Well the convention wouln't be open for another hour or two so I called up dad *who was gonna be at the hotel later but I didn't wanna wait* and I asked him how I rewind the film.... He told me that there was a little leaver that you had to pull back and then push a button that had a little R on it.... I have yet to see how the fil came out... but I hope not too much got exposed..... Because I got some REALLY AWESOME PICS!!! Man... such iz the fate of an artist such az I....

~*~ Lost.... Again........ ~*~

I went on a serch for Greg Ayers after I saw the pillows *wich is when I took the armor I made out of tin-foil off.... It got completly destroyed....* anyway I was looking ALLLLLLLLLLLLLl ova da place for him but during my search I ran into Vic and I got his autograph and what not!!! ^_^ Anyway after that I continued my search... and sonehow or other I lost my bearings..... and I mean I knew where I was but.... ugh I can't describe it but you guys know what I'm talking about right? Well anyway I sat down for a while 'cuz I waz BEAT!!! ..... I sat there for a good 15 to 20 mins when Vic passed me and he looks down at me and says "Well hello again! ^_^ Anything the matter?" I looked up at him and smiled and smiled and said "Ya I'm a little lost... Can ya help?" He says sure and I follow him like a dog on a leash but I enjoyed it ^_^ and in the end I WASN'T LOST ANYMORE!!!! WOOT!!!

~*~ Nearly colapsing isn't fun ~*~

After returning to the hotel room I sat down and ate for a little bit... *Over the course of thouse three days I only ate soup and salad... and the occasional chips and dip* anyway it felt good to sit down cuz MY LEGS HURT SO BAD!!!! Ok you know how you can pull a barbie's legs off and then pop them back in *that iz if you want to...* Anyway the pain in my leg hurt like that... it was like then inner mucel hurt... Ya well I waz bound and detremined to find Greg Ayers if it killed me... I had stumbled upon a lead the night before but I never found him... Ya well I got a scedule and fliped through it and I found out that there waz an autograph session going on a little later so I finished up my food, grabed my scetch book and some other random things and then ran for the convention center! I wandered aimlessly for a while buying things here and there...

-the list of things I bought is below-

A pin of ever Megatokyo character
a really awsome picture of all of Hayo Miazaki's creations in a forest like place ^_^
a shirt of Largo saying "PH33R MI L33T NAKK3D SKILLZ!!!" and it says "Practice stadic safty... Hack naked...." lol
I got the autograph and picture from Fred
and 6 manga that were all 20% off ^_^
and I got an unpainted figure of Ed for 5 bucks from a girl who didn't want it and she said that she bought it in a box set so yay!

Anyway getting on with the story...
I bought my things and then sat down to read my manga... and I guess time must've slipped away because I asked some really nice ladies what the time was and they said 12:05 and I'm like "OH SHNAP!!! The autograph session!!!" So I run off like a loon to the session and then met up with some of my other friends! So they were nice and let me cut *yay they were at the fromnt of the line lol* ^_^ Ya So I got Greg's autograph and I was happy and then I stuck around for eveyone else's so I felt really happy! ^_^ and then I collapsed in a chair for an hour... cuz my leg's wouln't move at all.........

~*~ Missing the closing ceramony sux ~*~

After regaining the circulation in my legs I ran out of the convention center waiting for my mom and it figures her friend who does nothing but baby me... *I think that if you put all of my haterid together with how much I HATE to be baybied.... I think I would have enough outmatch all tha hatrid for Kikiyo....* Ya well anyway I tell them about the convention and then I told them that the closing ceramony waz like the biggest thing and then my mom was like "Well you should've told me I would've let you stay later!" and then I go "Well I would've but you weere about to kill me so ya...." Then I got baybied bly my mom's frind and then I was about to kill her.... but that's another story......

And there ya go my sad convention stories I hope you enjoyed em! RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The last pannel is what my shirt says.... again this strip belongs to Fred Gallagher not me...

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Although I can no longer walk....

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long I waz getting ready for ACEN!!!!! I HAVE SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO TELL YOU GUYS ABOUT MY FIRST CON!!! *but I'll heep the info to a minimal.... I know how you guys feel about my LOOOOOONG posts... -sweatdrop-*

Ok I stayed the entire 3 dayz an in that time I got the autographs of Greg Ayers *Chrono*, Vic Mignogona *best knowna as Ed or Dark*, Catlin Glass *WHINRY!!!*, Clarine Harp *she playes various roled on Case Closed*, Christopher Patton *known as Sousuke in Full Metal Panic*, Chris Bevins *not sure what roles he plays*, and last but not least Fred Gallagher *the writer of MEGATOKYO!!!!!*

Ok I scanned in the pics that got signed... and posted them in my fanart... and best of all..... I... the great RFC have.... an original........ LARGO PICTURE FROM FRED!!!!!!! *squeals*

Ok... I'm done... and I got to see THE PILLOWS LIVE IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! OMG!!! AND I HAVE PICTURES!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I couldn't take many but those were my best 2... LOOK AT HOW CLOSE I WAS TO THEM!!!!! *I almost toutched the base man!!!*

Oh here's Fred drawing my pic of Largo...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And you guys are all gonna kill me with these photos ME AND THE VOICE ACTORS!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Top: Catlin Glass, Chris Bevins, Me, and Clarine Harp *she had her eyes closed -Sweatdrop-*

Middle: Me, Greg Ayers, and Christopher Patton

Bottom: Me and Vic Mignogna ^_^

Try and guess what my cosplay was... I'll give you a hint it was Final Fantasy VII........

lol ^_^ now lemme pout wat happend in a list and then I'll be done with todays post *I'll tell you what I bought tomarrow or later on ok?*


1. got to gonvention canter about 6:00
2. Waited in line for 3 hours because I didn't pre redgester... *I'll tell you my sad tale tomarrow...*
3. Met a couple of new friends while waiting in line *yay*
4. FINALLY got my ID and I wandered aimlessly for a while
5. forgot the name of the ohotel I was staying in....
6. wandered for 2 hours looking for room *again I'll tell my sad tale tomarrow*
7. Met Natalie a Sephiroth worshiper
8. Waled with her for a while while telling her my sad tale
9. Found out we're in the same hotel and she walked with me there
10. finally got back to the room at about midnight.......


1. Exposed the film in my dad's camera thinking that it had rewound *there goes all of my cosplayers.... or half of 'em at least....*
2. bought a disposable camera...
3. took my nephew to see the con
4. Got my ticket for the pillows
5. listened to him complain that he didn't have a cosplay sword
6. bought him a wooden one for 15 bucks and then took him back to the hotel
7. went to see pillows
8. went Greg ayers hunting
9. found Vic during my hunt
10. got lost *again*
11. but I ran into Vic again and he helped me out *yay!*
12. went shopping and then went back to the hotel


1. wandered aimlessly for a while
2. finished up my last minuet shopping
3. bought 6 manga *20% OFF!!!* and read a few or 'em *Case Closes #3 and Immortal Rain, MAR #1, Gals #1, Fruits Basket #7, and Beyblade #1*
4. Lost track of time and I frantically ran for the autograph session with Greg and the others
5. took pictures
6. got dragged off by mom an hour before the closing ceramony *sob sob*

and that's it! I missed out on A LOT of the stuff but I had a great time! *And plus I was such an airhead evan if I had known what was going on I'd somehow or other get sitracked and what not... lol

Ya so that's my tale for today and now on TO THE RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is what happens when you mention to Kairi that Sora is comming...

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Sunday, May 8, 2005


Why I'm so ticked you ask? I'll tell you.... My mom wants me to come to church.... and become a churchie.... I hate---no LOATH curchies MORE than anything in the world.... Evan more than my hate toward Kikyo.... and that's a lot....

She keeps telling me "Oh your gonna like it!" Let me tell you something MOM.... I would rather be shot to death then go to some church with people who don't evan know what a PS2 iz... I had a very Very VERY bad experience with churchies at a very young age... and let's just say I'm still a but tramatized... evan though it happened over 10 years ago... and then the more recent 3 years ago...

They are so tramatizing I can't evan tell you....... but if you ask me nicely I'll be able to squeeze out a little into without making myslef hypervenalate....

All I can say iz that at my one camp *the more recent tramatizaton* My camp leader *both the ones who oned the place and the one who maneged my little group* I talked to them one day... and this iz how it went...

Leader-we'll call him Bob: So what do you do when you have free time?

RFC: I play my PS2 and go on the internet and I play with my Pokemon cards...

Bob: What's s PS2?

RFC blown away: I-It's a video game system.....

Bob: Oh you mean like the SNS?

RFC: *insert really shocked face here* Ummmmmmmmmmm You know what the internet iz right???

Bob: Well kind of... I only---

RFC: Tell me what do you do...?

Bob: I usually just read the bible and pray...

RFC: *walks away*

And that was basically the same answer I got from everyone in THAT -BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-ing camp..... Ugh... well if I type anymore of my hate for church....... Now any of you who are still reading this pay cloce attention... I am not *I repeat* NOT ATHIEST!!! I'm what they call a PANTHEIST... Now about 99.9% of you won't know what a pantheist iz... so I'll tell you... A Pantheist iz a person who beleives in god... but dosn't submit themselves to a church... -_- I'm changing the subject now before I kill something....


On a much better note... I went to Mitsuwa like I said in my last post and I bought a TON on really cool stuff!!!

First off I GOT THOSE KOWALA COOKIES I LOVE SO MUCH!!!! *I still cant spell* OMG I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! I was like screaming in the store "OMG!!!!!" and everyone looked at me funny but I didn't care! I finally found my favorite childhood snack *it's been over 8 years since ive had them* lol

Then I got a box of GAINT pocky and some really sweet soda that really unique... What special about it is how you open it... Insted of opening it like a bottle it has a little cap and what you do iz you take the cap and you pop a marble out of the top! ^_^ It's so cool! But although I didn't read the direcions on how to open the bottle so since it was "soda" It expolded on me... literally... lol I had do much FUN!!! I was stick yand I smelled like straberry for a wile but I love the bottle exploding on me...

Let's see what else did I get? Oh ya! I got a Case Closed Binder, a book on how to read Japanese, some really adoribble Hamtaro and pokemon books, then I got a Vash, Kuroneko and wiz pin, 2 Cloud wall scrolls *REALLY COOL ONES!!! One of 'em I've never seen before on the net!!! EVER!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I like thiz one the best because I've never seen a wallscroll with Red XII on it! *Sry if the pic iz fuzzy I had to blow it up a bit...*
And then this iz the other one I got.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I waz like in anime heaven... OMG they hat 10 CLOUD WALLSCROLLS!!! 10 OMG!!! I had the hardest time picking just 2.... lol Anyway I got 2 pokemon bobble heads and then I got some Kingdom Hearts trading cards!

Oh and a little tid bit... Next month the store keeper told me that they were getting a Kingdom Heats chess board!!! *although I have no clue how to play chess I'm gonna get it just for show! ^_^* and the dude showed me pictures of what the peices look like White is the good guys, Black Baddies! And they are in color so it's not like they're just black or white lol ^_^ oh if you wanna drop by their site go to j1toy.com The site iz still kind of new they told me but you can still buy thingz from 'em *although their entire inventory isn't on there yet lol ^_^*

Heh... and that all or at least all I can think of... lol Well anyway Happy mothers day to all the mom's ^_^ *I got my mom a really cute card like picture thing that iz also a music bo ^_^ and then I got her a card! and I derw her a piccu of a turtle on a bubble-wich'll be on the O sooner or later...* Ya... well enough of my ramblings... I think I've held you here long enough....


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's what my BG iz supposed to look like *it's not to intence iz it?* I messed arround with it in Photoshop so ya... but the only problem iz that it won't show up on my site... any tips for this problem? Anyone?

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

Well It's 70 degrees outside and here I am on the computer... lol

Well I have tons of newz so prepare yourself for a long post lol jk I'll try to keep the info down to a minimal... ^_^

Ok first off I forgot to mention that last friday there was a show at my school called Freshman Idol *original isn't it?* lol Well anyway I knew I was the best freshman singer so I auditioned and got in with flying colors... anyway the at the show I sand acopello *no music* and a song that wasn't exactly the easyest to sing *tons of high notes but it was a slow song...* lol anyway I got a standing applause and millons of people were like chanting my name!!! ^_^ I never felt so important! ^_^ Ahem well I didn't win... but it was ok *the pple that won were a singer with a broken leg... a brackdancer.... and I think another dancer *she was good but the singers who one sucked* heh o well I had fun and that's all that matters...

Next on my list of doom iz I HAVE FINALLY CONQUERED THE ART OF COMPUTER GRAPHICS!!!!!!! BOW DOWN AT MY FEET!!!! lol I just got this thing called a "tablet" Which doubbles as a mouse *I'm using it now!!!* lol anyway I can now pull up my pictures from my scanner and give 'em real nice effects ^_^ *I've already screwed around with my BG all I have to do is put it into Photobucket and then load it up again! lol* Ya and I'm still messing with it but IT'S SO MUCH FUN EEEE!!!!!!!

Next I just got the game Musashi and I LOVE IT OMG!!! although I cant get passed this one boss.... I'm quite happy with it ^_^ One thing though that I don't like about the game iz the main character's voice *Musashi* I would've expected a voice that was deep and awesome *like Clouds* but inseted his voice is like Zatch's from Zatch Bell only slightly deeper and more annoying... Ugh... But other than that I love everthing about the game! *especially the graphics and Musashi's hair OMG!!!* I mean DOES HE REALLY LOOK LIKE SOMEONE TO HAVE AN ANNOYING VOICE???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Eh.... *Cough... Cloud's hair still rains supreem Cough...*

Last bit of info.... and then you can go run off screaming like little girls... lol Tomarrow I'm going to a place called Mitsuwa with my club!!! *it's like a mini mall but it has nothing but Japanese goods* lol We're gonna be there all day and from what I hear... they sell Manga dirt cheep... *smirk* I like manga and my mom likes cheep so everyone wins lolYa and then we're gonna eat at a sushi bar and what not! ^_^ I can't wait lol

There I'm done... now on to the random picture of the day!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Musashi on the top; Gandrake on the bottom

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Monday, May 2, 2005

Ugh... Techno Cat just left the house a while ago... MAN CAN'T YOU SIT DOWN FOR 3 SECONDS!?!?!?! GAWD!!!! I MEAN THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS BEING DRAGGED OUTSIDE!!! IT'S ONLY 40 DEGREES HERE NOT INCLUDING THE 20 MPH WINDS!!!! JEEZ!!! ANOTHER REASON WHY I HATE--- NO LOATH MEN/BOYS!!!!!!! *with the exception of anime men/boys ~_^*

Ah yes a few of you guys might be asking yourselves why a dude from Seattle would visit an artist such az I.... when we live *Incert really big # here* miles appart... AND NO WE DIDN'T MEET ON THE NET!!!

We've been friendz since kindergarden... and for some odd reason we've remained friends... lol ^_^ A hard-headed realist and a optimistic air-head... a strange combo indeed.... lol But I did have a fun time with him *Evan though he waz the guest he treated me to the movies-We saw Robots! and bought me LOTS "O" candy... lol ~_^ I guess he doesn't trust me with money or something.... lol* Eh well I had a fun time and that's all that matters... *Evan though you did drive me insane... Yes... I'm talking to you TC....* lol

Well on another note I've been writing a million fanfiction lately... Wich is odd... because I usually don't get many ideas for stories... lol But then again I guess it's not so odd... lol

So far I have 3 fics in the making... 2 for FF VII and 1 for Kingdom Hearts. They're all almost done *at least the 1st chapter* and they should be on Fanfiction.net any day now! ^_^ I'll keep you guys posted with that stuff every so often! lol

Eh well I can't think of anything else to ramble on about soooo I'll just get on with the random picture of the day... ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thiz strip belongs to Fred Galligar *no clue if I spelled that right* heh But it's one of my ultimate fav Megatokeyo comix... lol ^_^

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Friday, April 29, 2005

AHHH *takes deep breath* EVAN THE AIR SMELLS BETTER NOW THAT I'M FREE!!!! ^_^ *dumptruck pulls by and dumps it's load nearby* ACK!!! ............ Err well the air DID smell better.... *walks off*

Um yes... well... ha.... Ok.... woo.... haha..... well.... ummm..... ya.... X3 lol ok I'll stop I wanted to see how many I could think of... lol ^_^

Well getting onto a subject with more of a point! I updated my fanart again ^_^ This time with my club's T-shirt design, and a picture of Heero...

THE DESIGN IZ FINALLY DONE!!!! YSSSS Thus the reson why I'm so happy... I outlined it and now all I have to do iz give it to the club AND THEN I CAN FINALLY GET THEM ALL TO STOP STALKING ME!!!!! YES!!!! *throws confetti* Although........ *looks at rating* No one's voted on it.... *dark scary eyes* Would it kill ya to scroll down my site and CLICK the LITTLE THING that says FANART *insert # in the hundreds* I mean sheesh... LAZY BUMS!!!! I'd put one of those cute little things that EalvesAteMyRamen does where she puts the link on but inseted of the link popping up it says something like "link" or my personal fav "clicky" lol But unfortunatly Tecnology loaths my soul Soooooooo Ya.... lol

Ya and then I Drew a pic of Heero.... i don't have a clue who he iz... It was supposed to be a really Really REALLY rough scetch of him for the T-shirt design... But like all of my drawings... one thing leads to another and the next thing I know I have a pic that's too detailed for my own good... *so says ChibiPocky* lol

Oh and one last thing I wanna say iz that I once again have changed my music! To Gundam SEED's See-Saw... I love the song a lot evan though I only heard it once or twice... *Like I said I don't watch Gundam... Sorry to any pple who are like O_O*

Oh and I went to the mall and got Tsubasa #5, and Fullmetal Alchemist #1!!! yay! Fear me... lol I'm sleepy now so on with the pic of the day!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One of my personal fav pics... ^_^ And plus it's hard to find on the net.... *took me 2 weeks to find it... grr* Well I have it and I made 847348943289 copies of it so it's all good zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   Today's Post iz gonna be filled with nothing but QUIZZIES!!!! ^_^
Well first off before I get on with the Quzzies I just wanna say... OMG I'M SO HAPPY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I HAVE GOTTEN MORE THAN 5 COMMENTS ON A POST!!! MY RECORD NOW IZ 7!!!! ^_^ YESSSSS!!! *ahem* Well ya.... I donno what it is but surprisingly I'm not exactly the most visited person here... *cough even though I do have 125 pic on my site cough* Eh... Well it's ok... lol well anyway on with the quizzies... Oh yes and I might midify the post after school... *It's 2:45 AM righ now...* lol

Final Fantasy VII is not for the whimsical. The
world is cyberpunkish and (some have said)
Lovecraftian, with a kick of very adult humor.
There is very little opportunity for humor in
this world, and the main characters are too
well-set to create new life for. I'm glad you
got this option, because this game needs a few
new explorations.

Which Final Fantasy fandom should you be writing for?
brought to you by Quizilla

What's Your One Piece Doujinshi Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

Wasn't that agonizing....? Oh and thank you EalvesAteMyRamen for the logest post trophy! *shows it off to everyone* You know I might draw a pic of that... *put the idea on her EXTREEMLY long list of things to do* Eh well I'm going to bed... I'll update later... If I pop on... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   A new coffee machine.... OF DOOM!!!!!
It iz sooooooooooooooooooooo scary... Evey single person I know has gone to this new coffee machine we got only last week at my school at least.... *counts on fingers* 109347349843874367390092319834 times.... OMG it iz SO FREAKY MAN!!! all of my friends are getting I DONNO WHAT YOU'D CALL IT!!! But they're acting like their high! *Or at least sugar high... I can't tell....*

There's this girl that sits at my table at lunch and she's all like 'I hate you..., I dispise you... Ect ect ecr...' Well anyway she was acting like a kid in a candy shop!!! She was so hyper-she talked exactly like me when I want to confuse pple... *And that's fast* and then I was coloring on my book cover with a permenent marker *a picture of Leon/Squall you can find it in my fanart section... lol* Well anyway she got a hold f the marker and was coloring on everting!!! *mostly the cups that held the coffee in it but she also got my hand a couple times when I tried to get the marker away from her* Ugh I sti'll can't get it off... *holds up hand* and to think people calle me insane! She acted like someone straigt out of an insane asylum... -__-

Eh... but I will say this for the cofee machine... As long as they never get rid of the Hot Chocolate I don't mind everyone acting like loons... *I had 2 cups of the stuff... One big and one small* Eh I'm not much of a coffee drinker... I prefer the sweeeeeeet sweet taste of Red Mountain Dew... *It has twise the ammount of caffine than coffee and it tases better...* lol

*blows nose* Changing the subject a bit.... I caught a cold this weekend and I'm still not quite over it... Ugh and the bad thing about it iz if I don't go to school tomarrow I won't get the JCC T-shirt design in and if I don't get that in the club's gonna be ticked... on top of that I sitll haven't finished the BLASTED DESIGN!!!! AHHH IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! EVEYONE THINKS THAT I CAN GET A DESIGN DONE IN LIKE 2 MINS!!!! IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!!!!! I WAS ALREADY WORKING ON THE SHIRT FOR THREE HOURS!!! THREE HOURS AND I'M STILL NOT DONE!!!!!! CURSE THE WORLD!!!!!! *throws a fit and topples out of chair*

-10 mins later-

Heh... sorry 'bout that... *sweatdrop* Ugh... I hate it when people do that to me... and then to topp everything off with an nice big cherry... I don't evan have the supposed "Week" To finish it... I mean the first thing I do when I get home from school iz go to bed *I'd say nap but... I don't nap... Once I'm asleep I'm down for the count* lol like today it's 9:49 PM *my time* right now... I fell asleep at Oh I wanna say around 4 or 5 "O" clock... *schools wears me out... and then I have homework-wich I usually blow off until first period of school-wich is art but it's more of like a study hall than anything...* but ya I really can't find time to do anything "artsy" until the weekends... Ugh and then sometimes I don't evan have weekends.... -__- ugh... this little prodject of mine just went to "OMG THIS IZ SO GREAT!!!" to one big pain in the butt... I mean I wouldn't mind it so much if the club didn't keep PRESSURING ME!!!! but ya... oh well


I had a very odd dream the other night...it was about Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom hearts, A little pinch of Kill Bill, and my own twisted reality.... lol

Well the dream starts out with everyone inside this big cave like area *you know like really big caves that have 100's of little caves inside of 'em?* well anyway we're in the cave and everyone from Kingdom Heats and FF VII are there *And when I say everyone I MEAN everyone like Jessie, Wedge, biggs, ect ect ect...* well we're here for some kind of training...

Anyway were walking along when we come to our sensei's cave/room thing...he tells us to go explore before we began our training *oddly enough this dude looked like Red XIII's grandfather and the Sensi from Kill Bill mixed lol* Well I go exploring and i somehow find myself in Riku's room... and I get all curious so I climb on his bed... *He had a bunk bed which I'm guessing he shared with Sora* Well anyway I find these really pretty bottle filled with some kind of fluid... and me being curious open the bottle to see what it iz... I nearly droped the bottle and puked... for a little label on the bottle said B.O. *Very very very scary....* I was gonna jump off the bed when something shiny caught my eye. 2 keys... Shiny and silver... So I took them! *just to be evil* well anyway I wandered back to the sensei's room. When I got there he said "It's time to start your training..." And then he lead us down another cave... When we got there the cave was filled with sciency computer stuff... *creepy* Then the lights went out and everyone tried to search for a light switch...

-Oh and just so you know when the lights went out we went into FF VII stlye while when the dream started out we were in KH style! Oh and all of my dreems are in a third person veiw... So most of them are like little anime shows inside my head...-

eh anyway while searching for a light switch Cloud fell down a few stairs *4 to be exact and the stairs were really shallow so... HE DIDN'T GET HURT YAY!!!* anyway we all rush down to see if he was ok... when we found 2 other bodies... Cloud got up to inpect them and shook his head over one of the guys... *I'm guessing he was dead... but no one seemed to care...lol* Finally the lights went back on but the whole room tuned into a vast ocean of stars-and everyone was tuned into a dragon!!! *I can't remeber what kind of dragon I was... but if I had to guess I would've probally been Lionotto-not a dragon but I donno... all I remeber is that Cloud looked like Haku from Spirited Away* Then the Sensei poped outta no where and said "Fight" and so we did! *and it was acually pretty cool!!! FIRE, ICE, WATER, THUNDER!!! EVERY ELEMENT GOING EVERY WHICH WAY!!! WOOT! ^_^ Well we battled for a while and then without warning everyone appeared at the exit of the cave! And there was the sensei holding a box with gifts inside it!!! I began happily choosing my gift and then for some odd reason Riku pops outta nowhere and screams "SUZANNE YOU STOLE MY KEYS!!!" and then I'm like OMG!!! And since I didn't pic out my gift I just stole the entire box from sensei and ran off laughing! Oddly enough... When I looked back to see Riku chasing me I saw I just ran outta my school... O_o; and then the dream ended...

My dreams never have any point but I like 'em like that! ^_^ and plus I never dream of realism so that makes me like my dreams evan more! ha! ^_^

Well ya so that's my life right now... lol ^_^

OH! but before I forget! I read a new manga! ^_^ and evan though it's a bit confuzing... I just love the art and the characters!!! ^_^ and to think it's written by a man! X3 lol well hanyway it's called Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion! And I mean IT'S SOOOO COOL!!! ^_^ I don't know if it has been out for a while or what but eaither way I LOVE it!!! X3 I MEAN THE MAIN CHARACTER HAS WINGS FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! LOL SEE LOOK!!!! *points*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And then lookie at how WICKED AWESOME THEY LOOK WHEN THEY ARE FULLY GROWN!!! *which took only I wanna say like 5 seconds to do!!!*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

^_^ Yes I have a thing for guys with wings... NOTE CLOUD LOL X3 Oh Ya I almost forgt to mention that his name is Kaname! ^_^ ahh well that it for my life remeber if I dissapear again I'm not dead... Ok? lol Now on to the random picture of the day!!! ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If the pic looks fuzzy I'm sorry I printed this pic out on scetch book paper because I have no NORMAL paper in my house *that's my fault... I used it all up-printing 100's upon 1000's of pics of Yuffie, Cloud, Red XIII, anything Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts related... and pretty much any other picture I wanted at the time.... -_-* lol well ya... *sweatdrop*

Blaze: Yo!

RFC: Hey!

Koromoro: Where have you been?

RFC: *Points to very top of the post*

Blaze: A new coffee machine???

RFC: NOOOOO *Tilts his head downward*

Blaze: OHHHHhhhhHHhHhhhHHHHHhhh

RFC: -_-

Keith: Hey RFC I heard you changed your music again...

RFC: Huh? Oh ya *I forgot about that*

Blaze: What music...? I don't hear anything...

Koromoro: Wait! *points to little bar that tells when something's loading* It's almost done! ^_^

RFC: *evil smirk*

Keith: Umm RFC are you ok?

RFC: You'll see..... *begins to rub paws together while quietly laughing-evily*

Koromoro: IT'S DONE!!! ^_^

-Hampster dance music comes on-


Koromoro: I donno I kind of like the beat... *taping his foot*

Keith: ...

RFC: What's wrong Keith?

Keith: Why don't they make a song about mice?

RFC: Hmm you know I donno... LET'S STORM TOWER RECORD!!!!!

Everyone: CHARGE!!!!!!!



And short little skit... MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I figure you eaither like this song, but it annoys you OR You hate this song, and it annoys you! SO EAITHER WAY I WIN!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! *cough cough.... Blows nose*

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   RFC IZ BACK PPLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Soryy I disappeared again... lol ^_^ Well it's wed. and that meens JCC!!! ^_^ Well I had good newz and bad newz for the club:

Bad newz waz that due to my odd predicement I wasn't able to finish my t-shirt design...

Good newz waz that because of this everyone did a vote on a type of design; and gave me a better idea of what I was doing! ^_^

So in turn I have a much better understandingof what I'm up against! ^_^ See last week they pretty much sent me in blindfolded about the desing the shirt... *I HATE IT WHEN PPLE DO THAT TO ME!!!* Well anyway I have *brings out a list of anime pple the club would like to see on the shirt... Ok here it is...

Inuyasha *OH YA WOOT!!!*

Cloud *and most likely a Plushie of Yuffie, Red XII and Vinny for my own personal amusement*

Heero Yuy *I have no clue who he is but as I type I am doing a google search to get a decent pic of him.... PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!*

Sailor Moon *AHHHHHH IT BUUUUURNS!!!!!!! -Falls on floor rolling around and holding face-*

Pokemon *half of the club was a bit uneasy about this one.. but I have a plan to put a few pokemon in the pic without anyone knowing they are Pokemon -SORRY PICKACU!!! hugs- like an original style...*

Chibi Kenshin *I wanted to incorperate Batosai into the pic but it seems that I'm the odd man out... lol Not that I have a problem with a chibi Kenshin! It's just that I can draw scary and evil things better than cute and fuzzy... Odd I know*

DN Angel *Everyone argued about who should be in the pic -dark aro Daisuke- So to make eveyone happy I'll secretly pop both into the pic lol*

Full Metal Alchemist *No one was specific about the characters so I'm guessin they would wand eaither Ed, Al, and/or Roy... -_- I still have no clue why Roy is so popular....*

Chobits *eveyone wanted Chi so I'm happy with that and I might pop Plum/Sumomo into the pic for my own amusement....

And so that iz my list... So far I can see little pokemon sneaking around, Cloud Fighting with Inuyasha *chash of the lage swords*, Sailor Moon sitting on one of the letters of JCC looking down at Heero *or something like that* and Somehow or other get everyone else in the pic... @_@


Koromoro: Woah! Calm down!!! You'll wear a a hole in your skull!!!

RFC: Too late I already did that last week... *points to other hole*

Koromoro: O_o

Blaze: Sooooo That's why you're such an air head...

RFC: Hmmm Yep pretty much! ^_^

Blaze: *sweatdrop*

Koromoro: Oh I like the new BG RFC!!!

RFC: Thanx ^_^ It's one of my favorite pics I might change ti to a pic of Vincent form FF VII AC *that iz if I can ever get it to WORK!!!*

Blaze: Once more but in engligh...

RFC: -_- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children...

Blaze and Koromoro: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

RFC: You two are hopeless...



Blaze: SINCE WHEN!?!?!




Blaze: THAT'S IT!!!! *pounces on RFC*

Koromoro: *sweatdrop* I wonder if RFC has made a character that can tame Blaze yet...

RFC: YES!!! OW!!! In fact I did!!! DANG IT STOP HITTING ME THERE!!! *pounces on Blaze sommore*

Koromoro: Oh Really!?! O_O


Blaze: Say wha-? *odd glare* No fox is gonna tame me...

RFC: I don't think so... *smirk*

Blaze: That look creeps me out... What are you hiding?

RFC: You'll see in a few days... *limps away*


Koromoro: How do you continuously pop up in the middle of the post?

Keith: Hmm Y'know I don't know...

Blaze: Eh.. It's alright... *pats his head*

Koromoro: So are you worried?

Blaze: ME!?! No way!!! *smirk* Whatever happens, happens.... *lays down*

Koromoro and Keith: So true...


RANDOM PIC OF THE DAY PPLE!!!!! *or acually pics I should say*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ha ha... Poor Kyo... ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This pic iz acually my wallpaper on my computer! ^_^ I just love this pic so much!!! lol

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ok you're all probally looking at me like O_O; *slowly backs away* lol ^_^ Well the reason why I'm celebrating iz because today *or yesterday depending on when this thing gets on my site* I had a Saturday school! *dun dun duuuun*

Ok the reason why I got the SS was because of "Tardies for study hall" *makes goofy face* Blah... Well anyway all it really was, was me sitting in the annex for 3 hours *I'm not kidding 3 whole hours* doing work or reading... I was gonna do some homework but I couldn't concentrate because 1 I didn't have mu one scetch book with me that I wrote my assignments for the day in and 2 I grabges this REALLY awesome book off my mom's bookself and I couldn't pull myself away from it! ^_^ The book was called "The Great Railroad Race: The diary of Libby West-Utah Territory, 1868" Now I never did like history... but when it's a true story of someones diary *evil smirk* that changes the whole story... and plus I seemed to have a connection with the girl for some odd reason... O_o creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy..... lol ^_^

Well anyways I didn't loose my sanity... *unless I alrady did* so it's all good... OH! And I found this really cool pic next to the dumpster next to my school! It was in real good condition *provided you ignore the dent like hole about the size of a dime near the corner, but the pic is a real big pic *2ft X 3.5 to be exact* It was this picture of a man and a woman and the dude iz about to kiss her *now normally I'd be like EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! *points finger and does the little kids' potty dance* but it's the way that it's drawn that intrigues me so...* The two are just lines... nothing fancey... but... wel......... ARGH!!! I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT! DARN IT!!!! *does goole search*

-3 mins later and 9483.9383849290 secons later...-

Here........... why don't I just show you......?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If it's blury... I'm sorry it was the ony one I could find and my scanner haz a bad habbit... *glare* I think the reason why I like that pic iz because it reminds me so much of Cloud and Aeris... *looks at the pic*

eh... les' see what else to ramble on and on about? ...... Hmm.... Oh... well I did start on my requests but... Unfortunatly until I have the T-shirt design done I won't be working on my requests.... -_- Sorry... Cuz if I start on the requests... there is a 95% chance that I'll get to involved with 'em and then the next thing I know the due date sneaks up on me.... -_*

Blah... well I found some old pics in another scetch book of mine *that I thought I lost but I found out that it was under my bed-where Reamfregr lives...* Curse him... *glare* Ya so I posted those... and uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

Koromoro: Braindead...?

RFC: It seems so...

Blaze: Are you sure you didn't hit your head on anything?

RFC: No... I'm pretty sure I didn't do... OMG!!!!!!!!

Blaze + Koromoro: WHAT! WHAT??? O_O


Blaze: What does getting a cut have anything to do with your resolution...?

RFC: Well I was being forced to write a resolution and so I wrote 3 things...

Koromoro: Which were?

RFC: To get my fist cut in spring, to have over 200 manga by the end of the year, and to get my name on the highest rated artists! ^_^

Blaze: That's it?

RFC: Ya... pretty much....

Blaze + Koromoro: ....

RFC: ......................

Koromoro: How did you *prey tell* get the cut?

RFC: A very good question my panther friend! ^_^ Ok I have a neighbor named Joey and he comes over evey other day at like 7 "O" clock...

Blaze: A guy....?

Koromoro: Comming to your house...

Blaze + Koromoro: AT NIGHT!?!?!?!

RFC: He's 11...

Koromoro: And you are...?

RFC: *sigh* -_- 15....

Koromoro + Blaze: *sweatdrop* Oh...

RFC: ....... Well any...way... he comes over and tells me to get into some dark clothes and come with him...

Blaze: ...................

RFC: ....... Well I only had to change my shirt so I got changed and went out...

Koromoro: ..... What next...

RFC: War of the neighbors.... *devil smirk*

Blaze: Ooooooooo Sounds interesting...

RFC: oh yes... I hate my one pair of neighbors and so does he so we went spying on 'em and we put mud on our faces just like they do in the arm and we *and by we I mean Joey* almost got caught like 200 times!

Blaze: That still doesn't answer why and how you got your cut...

RFC: Well on out final attempt to scare the living haties out of 'em we barely escaped and on the way I triped and fell on this brick outlineing their garden area....

Koromoro: Owch...

RFC: You wanna see how bad it was?

Blaze: O_O SAY WAH?

RFC: I got bored so I scanned my hand in... *mischevious smirk*

Koromoro: You really have to much time on your hands....

RFC: Hmmm ya know... you might be right..... BUT I DON'T CARE MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *runs off laughing*

-odd silence-

Keith: Hey guys what'd I miss?

Blaze: Hey where have you been this entire time!?!

Keith: Oh I'm sorry... I was at the eye doctors office...

Koromoro: For what?

Keith: I'm getting new glasses! ^_^

Blaze: Great... But why are you still wearing the old ones?

Keith: Oh the new ones arent ready yet...

Koromoro: What do they look like?

Keith: RFC's glasses! ^_^

Blaze: Glasses!?! I thought those were spectacles!!!

RFC screaming in the distance: SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!

Koromoro: O_O I knew RFC had good hearing but that's rediculous...


Blaze: SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!


Koromoro: Why?


Keith: Since when do the kids at school listen to you?


Blaze: *sweatdrop* Get over here and talk to us face to face...


Eveyone: O_o; Our creator is insane....


Everyone: *sweatdrop*


Ok now on to everyone's fav thing the RANDOM PIC OF THE DAY!!!!! ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Rawr... *swipes paw

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