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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

   Ph33r m3 16 1 b3.... XD
Air Sprite
Fun loving, childish, innocent and pure.
You are a sprite of the Air: Fun loving and

childish your naive nature only enhances how

truly cute you are! You may come off as too

childish but only because your not burdened

with all the rules and regulations of

adulthood. You are carefree most of the time

spending your days playing tag or naming all

the clouds you see in the sky. You are

generally kind to everyone because you have

lots of love and happiness to share! Making

friends comes easy because they strive for

the innocence you possess but be careful,

being as nice and kind hearted as you are

people will try to manipulate your nature if

they have not already. Don't ever let anyone

mold you to their standards although I doubt

anyone could.

.::=What type of Mythical Sprite are you?=::. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by Quizilla

And I start right off the bat with a quiz I took... lol XD I'm still az carefree and optimistic az always... ^_^ Good... for a while there I was feeling so old... and everyone in my family was laughing at me and saying "OH JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE 17!!! XD" Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I wanna be 15.... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ;_;

Some of you ay be like WTF? WHY!?! ... Well my reasons are simple... I like being the age I am... and I'm not emotionally ready to take life by the horns... I'm still trying to figre out the difference between the things in my mind, and the things not... Ok so maybe I'm not trying... and maybe I don't care enough... lol XD

One day I'll dream of FF VII and I'll never come back to thiz world... I'll contact you guys on my PHS when it happens... XD lol ... I need sommore caffeine... XD Oh how the curse of caffeine hangs heavy on meh soul... XD

lol Ahhh enough randomness... I've been random all day and I'm starting to go crazy--- crazyer... ROTFL!!! XD Man...

Well for my B-day I got 3 new Manga- Flame Of Recca 15 or 16 Can't remember right now, Chrono Crusade 5, and Tsubasa 6. Then I got thiz MP3 maker... and I can make all sorts of techno now... but you guy's won't hear any of it until I figure out how the blasted thing works... *prey to God it doesn't hate me like everyting else does.... The only thing that doesn't hate me iz photoshop and meh scanner* lol XD lesse I got Fall out boy's new CD, and then Coheed and Cambria's Cd... Not sure wich one... and then I got Chibi Robo... and thiz iz the best present! My bud ChibiPocky reserved me KINGDOM HEARTS II ((MUCH LOVE CHIBI!!!))

Ya... I didn't get a B-day wish thiz year... Dad ate all of my cake before mom could put the candels in... lol XD Ah well I waz gonna wish for eveyone to have long happy lives like I did last year... lol XD Although mom says she'll get me onother cake if I wanna make a wish... so's that'z just what RFC'll do! XD

Oh but on Thursday I was walking around with a bunch of ballons at school and like 40 pple said happy B-day to me! ^_^ And the pple in my one class who I assumed everyone hated me because they always made fun of me, They sang happy B-day like a bunch of drunks... IT WAZ GREAT!!! LOL XD And then everyone clapped and what not... And I found out I'm much more loved than I figured... XD

Oh and then a few of my buds on Deviantart even drew me a few pics! ((THANKS YOU GUYS!!!)) ^_^ My one friend drew me a pic of Vinny and MAN IT RAWKED!!! lol XD lol

Well basically I think I've had one of the best B-days ever... and when I think of it that way... I dun feel so old... ^_^

Happy B-day to me yo! *dances in a circle to Fall out Boy*

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

   How A Lazy-Good-For-Nothing Artist spends her last few days at being 15...
Hmm... I dun feel any older... In fact if I have to say it... I feel younger really. lol XD and hey lookie here I'm finally updating my posts ZOMG!!! LOL XD

Well I've been really really busy the past few weeks wich iz really really odd... due to I never do anything... except sit around at home and complain on how there's no pop in the house... lol XD

But ya this past week I've gone to like 2 different Dr. appoinments, one for acne in meh poor face... and the other was to see about some stomach pains I've been having... _Not that they were real pinful... it's just I had this one pain in my gut that wouldn't go away, and somethims I would even loose my appetite over it... O_o Ya but dun fret I'm A.Ok! ^_^ Dr. gave me a special medicine to kill the demons in my gut... and I've been fine ever since! XD *dances in a happy circle of doom*

lol Ya but aside from one Dr after another poking me in random places... I've just been loungeing around the house... sleeping basically... XD

OH! But a really good thing happened to me today! My gym teacher saw me drawing in my sketch book like last week and he saw how good I waz so he askes me If I wanted to draw a piture that would be printed on the girls' badmittion T-shirts. And I was like ZOMG YES!!!!!!!!!! lol XD And so anyway I drew this really quick sketch of a chick looking all fiers and she's hitting a birdy so hard it's catching fire... and on the bottom I wrote "Come and get us." Although I put some time into it... it probably only took me like 10 mins at the most to draw it... lol XD I donno if I's gonna get on the T-shirts yet, but as soon as I do I'll tell ya guys... (The only reason I have to wait is because there's another dude my techer works with who actually puts the design on the shirt... and ya... So I gotta wait around for him... but I guess it's all ok... as long as I get my pic on a T-shirt what do I care?

OH and then I'm entering a dragon skulpture I did in ceramics in this art fair, where ribbons and certificates are gonna be handed out... WOOT!!! My ultimate goal in lfe iz to win something... lol XD KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!! XD

... And ya... that's all the fun and exciting things that have been happening my last few days as a 15 yr old... lol XD

Basically for my sw33t siteen I'm gonna sit around eating cake until I puke and drawing until my hand cramps... with maybe a few of my friends over... ;3

Lol I almost forgot... I got one more cat. Kitten to be precise... lol XD His name's Wilbur and he has to be the cutest little thing in the world! XD He's nothing but a fuzzball right now, but because he's a long hair cat, he's probably gonna be like that FOREVER!!! lol XD OH but he's so loveable!!! I mean he just jumps right up on you and gives you kisses! XD lol XD My outher 4 cats are a bit jelous... but I've been giving them a lot of treats... so I dun think the'll be to mad... until I run outta treats that iz... lol XD

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

   Operation L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S.
Sorry I didn't update! O_o I meant this to get on on Valentines day but I never got around to getting on the O due to my internet was giving me troubbles and saying that the O never existed ... I hate it when it does that -___-;

Well anywho... I got my Deviantart account updated but not here... so anyway... I'm updating so no one look at me like I'm crazy... lol

Well anyway... Everyear for Valentines day I celebrate anti-val-day with my friends and every year we do a little variation to our version of the holiday.. this year we did Opperation L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S... It's really quite fun...


Catchy izn't it? Well basically what I dis is I hunted down all of the pple who havve bullied me in the past, like finding their lockers and a few of their classes like study hall or something so that when I put my plan into action they aren't like GET AWAY FROM MY LOCKER YOU *)^&*^%&%!!!!111

Well 99.9% of those freaks who have bullied me have a boyfriend... and well after I find either the girl or the boyfriend's locker and make sure they aren't comming around the corner... I stick a Vallentine I made the night before that's a heart ripped right down the middle and in big bold letters written in my best immitaition of their handwriting, "It's Over" is written... I do it partially bacause of revenge... partially because I love to see these kids who were supposedly "In love" bicker like 3-year-olds... XD

Although I only did it to thiz one girl... Man waz it fun to watch her beat her BF into a bloody pulp.... *not literally but you get the idea...* XD I only did it to her because she's the only one who is CONSTANTLY picking on me... GOD I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! O_o *sigh* Why can't pple just leave me alone...? -_-

Oh... but I guess another good thing that happened on Vallentines day besides watching two kids get expelled was........ I almost got my first kiss............. *blushes madly*

Ya see I have a friend named Andy, and he's real nice to me and today for the fun of it we kept giving eachother Death glares... and after a few glares he came up to me and put his face right in mine and then I stood on my tip-toes to have my forehead toutch his... *he's like 4 or 6 inches taller than me... and no I'm short... 5'4" yo... XD* Anyway... we kinda stared at eachother in our play glares with our forheads still toutching, and if I had only leaned my head upward... I would've stolen my first kiss... but I thought that if I did that he might think I'm a freak... lol XD And plus... I kinda want my first kiss to be like... I dunno special? Like not one-sided I guess... *scratches the back of her head* I'm really not the type to talk about kisses or anything... I guess you can call me "clueless when it comes to this sorta thing... and a lot of others too... lol XD

I guess the only reason I'm getting like this... is because my b-day is comming up soon and ever since mom told me that you have to have your 1st kiss before your sweet 16... I donno... I'm like... Ok... and who's gonna do that??? O_o I mean mom wasn't being literal but I still kinda feel like a weirdo... Which really izn't anthing new... lol XD I guess I'm really having a lot of mixed emoitions...

............. fujin akki............... Femal demons for those of you who don't know Japanese... ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THEY'LL TURN THE BOYEST OF TOMBOYS INTO SISSY GIRLS!!!! GOOD LORD RUN FOR THE HILLS AND SAVE THE CHILDREN OR DON'T AND SAY YOU DID!!! JUST RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off screaming as loud as she could.... which could probably be heard about a mile away... seriosly*

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

   Like nails on a chalkboard...
I just got back from a school play and MAN WAZ IT BORING!!!!!!!! I mean it's a "school play" and here I am sitting there listening to pple swear and cuss and beat eachoter up... and then there were like 2 kiss scenes that were like O_O W...t...f... I mean az soon az intermission came around I jetted outta there like a bat outta Heck.

I went to my locker and talked to my friend Josh, and I showed him all of my pictures because he saw me drawing to calm myself down... I mean when I'm forced to watch something like a play I clearly DON'T have any interest in... I get really really ansy... and I mean I get so ansy I can't calm down unless I do something like run around in a circle screaming... well I did that... and then I needed to find something to do because there waz no WAY I waz gonna go back in there...

Ah so anyway I drew for like 15 mins and then the play waz over and everyone waz like WHERE DID YOU GO??? O_o And I just rambeled on and on about how if I wanted to see that play I would've just watched 500 soap episodes... and by that time I would've ripped my brains out... -_-

Well my mom waz kinda mad for a moment or two... but not anymore... Though I keep beating myself up... I keep thinking everyone's mad at me and they all want me dead... ;_; No matter what I do I'm always gonna be hated by someone for something I do... I can't help it that I can't sit still for very long without wanting to scream and run in a circle...

T_T Even though my friendz say they aren't mad at me I just have this gut feeling they are...

Thiz week haz just been real horrible, and I just wanna curl up in a ball and die... T_T

*cries in a corner*

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

   I'VE RETURENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol Wow... it'z been a while hazn't it? ... Gomen... I havn't been drawing much, or been on the internet for that matter... lol XD I'm so lazy...

Well A little announcement I wanna make iz I changed the music on my site! The song iz called Desperados and it's origin iz FF VIII. It's like my new favorite song, so it'll stay until I find another song that I like. But at the rate I'm on the internet nowadayz that won't be anytime soon.

*Yawn* I've been so tired lately... -_- I mean I fell asleep right when I got home from school and I'm still tired... Bah... Stupid caffeine withdrawl.... lol XD

Ah, Well I submitted 2 new pics dispite I haven't been drawing.... Well yesterday waz an exception.... lol XD I waz watching my 6 DVD box set of Ranma 1/2 the other day (I only made it through the 1st DVD) and anyway, I had a sudden urge to draw mysef az a dude and so that's exactly what I did! And creepy thing iz... if the pic wasn't me... I'd ask me out!!! lol XD ... Hey you can't blame me... Not my fault I'm gonna be 16 soon and I'll have never been on a date in my entire life... -_- Boys don't like me... XP

... Ah well anyway I also draw a pic of Ranma too... just because I'm in that phase. AND!!! I drew a new OC!!! lol XD *Yesterday I had really nothing better to do THAN draw... lol XD* Well anyway she's a Tiger and I haven't named her so until I do and ink her pic, I won't post it... due to I'm lazy and like to keep you guys guessing... XD

Man I feel so old... BAH I SAY BAH!!! *iz being random* lol XD So what's up with the rest of you peeps? Anything of great importance? Like a relative suck in a well, or someone who haz fallen and can't get up? lol XD SHARE THE INFO YO!!!!!!!!!! LOL XD

Man it's been a long time since I've updated... O_o lol I'd continue rambling... but I'm sleepy and it's time for my #3 nap... lol XD

*Falls on the foor and falls asleep*

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

   My teacher knows my phone # by heart... O_O
*Immagins Mr Cheng being eaten alive by a Jaberwalki*


Ok, az if studying for finals wazn't stressful enough, but here I have to ALSO re-write my research paper that my class had to do... Well if that wazn't bad enough... My teacher calls me at 10 AT NIGHT and tells me I have to turn in late vocab or "I'm failing..." Well here I am sitting there on the phone with him and he's all like "ZOMG SUZANNE WE'RE LIKE BEST FRIENDS NOW!!!!!!!!!" And he's called my house like 2 times now... and my phone # izn't all that hard to remember... -_- *Why can't pple leave RFC alooooooooooooone?*

Well...I'm sitting on my computer re-writing the essay and I'm like *Insert bad words here* and then I ALSO HAD TO DO VOCAB!!! Now what I wouldn't have minded iz if he had called me like oh... 5 HOURS EARLIER so that I knew I couldn't go out with my sister to the mall and what not... I WOULD'VE GOTTEN SOME OF THE THINGS DONE!!!!!!!! >_<

Cuz by the time I started to get these thingz started, it waz about 2 in the morning and I waz starting to feel real sleepy and I think to myself "I'm just gonna take a nap..." and then next thing I know it 6 AM!!! -_-

Well... I probably failed english... but hey if I get a fairly good grade next semester I can pass and everthing'll be all hunky dory... lol XD

Mr. Cheng iz evil...I don't care if he IS the only teacher that reads manga.... Evil iz just like that... *I'm gonna change my phone # whether my mom likes it or not...*

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   Last post of '05! O_O
Only 3 mins till the new year and I can't watch TV because my nehew iz a moron... *Mentally eats his innerds*

I'm still kinda kicking myself in the head that I haven't drawn anyhting relating to the new year... I only drew a dragon last night... lol ^_^

Oh only15 secs!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Gets blown away by nephew's airhorn* @_@ Dad just had to buy him that... -__-

Ahh... sweet sweet smell of gunpowder in poppers... XD

Wow... 06... I'll never remember to sign my pics in 06... it'll be a month from today before I finally get in the habbit... lol XD

Well I guess I'll start on the firs pic of 06... Right after I finish PopoloCrois... *It's a really good game for the PSP EVERYONE SHOULD BUY IT!!!!!!!!! lol*

HAPPY NEW YEARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

*fingers start to blead*
Ahhhhhhhh... so... many... prodjects... I have been working on so many... I fear my fingerz'll fall off... lol XD

My most recent iz a banner that haz over 3000 beads in it... it took me forever to finish... ok maybe only a day but still it waz like an eternity... lol here take a look!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yup yup... It's a lot of work to make one of those... I'm not kidding... -__-

OH!!! I almost forgot!!! Yesterday my sister got two new cats!!! ^_^ She;s actually gonna have 3 but the kitten they wanted didn't weigh enough so their going back friday to get him. lol all together in my entire family we're gonna have 8 catz... LOL XD I LOVE CATS!!! *talk about the crazy cat family... lol XD*

Ahh well that's all for my life... I have to find a way to contnue to do all of my prodjectswithout my hands falling off... lol XD

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well I got a TON of artsy things like a set of engraving pictures where you scratch away the pattern and you create a pic. I got a Lepord resting on a branch and thatz on copper, and then theze fuzzy kittyz on silver. I'll scan 'em in later I almost have both of those done and like 200 more where they came from. lol XD

Lesse I got 3 of the paint by color pics and let'z just say that me not being a painter iz a LOT of hard work but 150% fun! ^_^ I started one with kittens in a library causing mass mehem... I only painted one kitten in like a 3 hour prosess... O_o I can't tell if I'm just slow or if the pic iz just really detailed... XD ah well az long az I'm having fun what do I care?

I got a ton of candy and 2 random t shirts that say cute stuff like "Need a little doe?" and I forget what the other one sayz... but anyway I got an Inuyasa Iron on patch and a Kagome keychian *Finally a match for Inu. I have 2 Tigun *Kuroneko and Vash* 2 Yu yu Hakusho *Hiei and Kurama* and now Kagome to go with INu and shipou.... oop that'z 3.... AH WELL XD!!!!

lol Ya well I got a few coloring books of pokemon... and a few other book on String games *like how to do Cat's cradel* and oragami and all that fun stuff...

But the HILIGHT of my x-maz iz a PSP!!!!! ZOMG!!! IT ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I've already loaded like half of my pics onto it along with my music... and a few movies... now if only I could get it to get on the net... lol XD It's very cool though I fear my one friend might kill me... not because she wants one... oh no... she hates it with a passion... for reasonz I dunno... *shrugs* Well anyone who read thiz keep it under your hat from Shadow-Alchemist ok? I want it to be a surprize... lol XD

Ahh good stuff good stuff... so how waz ya'llz x-maz? I have yet to wander onto anyone else's site so I have no idea... lol XD

MERRY X-MAZ TO ALL AND I APOLOGIZ FROR NOT HAVING ANY NEW FANART UP!!!! I LOVE X-MAZ TO MUCH TO DRAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD *Fiddles with her PSP with a insane grin on her face*

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Wow! How time flyz! O_o I mean it seemz like only yesterday that I waz that I was stitting around thinking 'GOD it'z hot outside!' lol XD

Well the holidayz are rolling around and I still have yet to even begin to think of what I'm to get all of my friendz...

So far I just have thiz idea that I'm gonna draw a pic for eeeeeeeeeeeveeeeryyyyoooneeeeee... O_o I even have a few of you guyz on the O down for pictures I'm gonna make. I already have quite a few started.... now to finish 'em... lol

Ugh... I'm kinda gonna keep thiz post short due to I am having quite a hard time typing today... *It's alrady taken me almost 15 mins to type thiz much-Why? I just keep screwing up with spelling and where all the letters are today... I just can't even spell I'm correctly today... O_o*

Well prey I get back into the grove with typing and I get those pics done in time... *the pressure haz to be on me early or I'll never get it done...*

lol Well happy holidays! See ya next post!!!! *Ties a bell around her kneck and bounces off singing "Grandma got run ova by a reindeer"*

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