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Friday, September 14, 2007




hallo! i am sevy. . . some how you have stumbled across my humble grounds. . . welcome! hmm, let me see... what shall i type in this introduction.... hmm.... oh! i know! if you're new to my site, please stop by my gb and leave a little something- you know what, even better- if you read this before you sign my gb, follow these instructions! :: 1) type whatever you want to say first 2) then hit enter 2 times and type "bunny rules the internet!!!" 3) hit enter, and type your user name 4) hit enter again, and type a random quote- of your design or from some one/thing hmm... okay, sounds fun ^^ well, i won't know for sure unless someone does it... - -... I believe in Christ and I'm not ashamed to say it. If you do and are not afraid to say it then copy and paste this into your profile oh! hey, if your board or something, check out my portfolio and my podcast! click the portfolio link on my navibar and check out some random art i've done and some wallpapers- or, scroll down my page a bit and check out my list of jpop songs- that you can download! ^^ well, have fun!

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grah... scroll over icons for text...

anyway... yeah- i'm just in a really sour mood right now... like... i just wanna beat someone up... dunnt matter who... just someone >
anyway- i have a big job coming up at the Divinci Center tommorrow!!! with face painting, that is. they're having an open house and they hired my boss to paint there- so i'm working.

anyway- that's a small update on my life for those still interested in the happenings of sevy. other than the monotony of school, that is. okay, well, hope everyone is doing well- and sorry to lyke, rant to you. mata!!

(\ /)

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