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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

With eyes wide open.

4:3o in the AM and still no sleep. just as i thought. I love this song and now that ive seen the video i love it even more. Nows a gud time to have myself a tea party♥

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Monday, April 9, 2012

With Blood Like Sugar

So Easter was a happy one after all. The family & friends came over to our house and attacked my pool and then the food xD I on the other hand was attacked by skitose >___<; those little fuckers tried to bleed me dry!!!

As for today... My day was wasted. Even tho i slept all last night I managed to sleep all thoughout the day. I was up for about two hours during lunch time but my eye lids felt too heavy to be up any longer. I was up long enough to eat some nachos and fix my email address on this site -___-; I have class tomorrow and i doubt ill be getting any sleep tonight :T

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I hate this feeling. It's been coming to me often. I feel like im running out of time...

I try to ignor it but my skin crawls. Its like Im being watched.

Mind racing, not knowing which voice is my own.

Do these thoughts belong to me? Or are you after me once more...

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Woot woot! 3:30AM update xD So its late and I'm wide awake. Life's been pretty good. Having 5 days out of the week with no school is amazazing!!!

Anywho! On another note, I officially have 15 peircings♥ After procrastibating for a few months i finally picked up my 16G seringe needle and punctured an extra hole in each of my earlobes Thursday. I missed having two peircings ever since i stretched my ears to zeros x) Heres a picture of the bloody mess I half assed cleaned lol. The black hoop is the newest one.

and to the right is my babeh!!! I thought I'd introduce you to my sexy skate board w/purple grip tape♥ I've yet to abuse it enough lol x3 I realized i never posted a picture of it so TADA! I kinda figured its made me bleed enough that both pictures can relate xD I've Superman'ed off that biznach. What makes this board so awesome is that i got it at a smoke shop lmao. People dont expect that answer when they ask where i got it from ;3

well its late so this is where this shit ends,

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cant Sleep If My Life Depended On It...
Date: 02-07-11
Time: 1:50am
Mood: Eh~
Status: Feel'n Like SHIZ!!!
Listening To: HYFR (Take Care)- Drake ft. Lil' Wayne

So, its been a while since I've been here. Last post was in 2008. Idk what made me feel like updating but shit does time fly. MyO has been lost in this little corner of the internet with glitches and all. I know no one will read this but i dont give a fuck. My layout looked like crud due to deleting my old photobucket account so i took it down. I think i may play around in making a new one.

....bet the "comment" section dont even work.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

date: 12-30-08
time: 3:15am
mood: relaxed
status: fine and dandy
listening to: guren-the gazette

Ello ppls~
O.O Meep! tis been too long dont you think? well i would like to start off by saying [very late] Merry Christmas X3 i hope all of you had a good one. what did y'all get? Eeeeeee! me's gots a nintendo wii XD, a new fone, and a tablet...clothe too lol. *re-reads* wow i seem like a spoiled brat T^T....iz not tho i promise *kitty eyes*

ANYWAYS! how do you like my new layout??? i made everything! [i did have to download some brushes tho. i credit them im my credits section at the very bottom] the picture of kurama [one of my favorite sexy red heads X3 im a read head freak] is a snapshot i took while watching yu-yu-hakusho a while back lol [yay photoshop] What do you think of the playlist filled with my weird music, i listent to all kinds...uh and yea more of these [[[]][[][[]][[][][ cuz i jus like them lol

AND THERES BEEN A BREAK THROUGH!!! i havent lost my mojo as much as i thought in my drawing considering i gave it up for almost 3-4 months cuz of a certain friend of mine who practically made my hobby or whatever you call it a job. -_- i hate ppl who take the fun out of the thinks you love. if you want you can go check out my portfolio. i uploaded some stuff.

im hungry...

ITS ALMOST 2009 PLL!!!! oh shidd lol time sure passes by fast. and speakn of time its getting late so im out muh friends

love yous

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

date: 09-07-08
time: 10:50pm
mood: relaxed
status: eat'n a pop tart
listening to: my mp3's random music *nods*

ELLO EVERYONE!!!! GAH! I havent been on this thing in forever!!!! gomen gomen *bows* ANYWAYS!!!! well as you can see tis a different layout. its a blast from the past. yup yup i used this one before but ive been wanting to use it again lately so i thought "might as well". what do you think? ...i think its too bright -_- lol

on the other hand...a few new updates since i havent been on in for a few...forevers...1.) I AM NOW 16!!! WOOO HOOO! oh yea..im old -_-; .....pfff hahaha!!! nah jk....but yea i need to get used to saying 16. i keep saying 15 & then correcting myself ^w^; heh heh. 2.) ME'S GOTS A NEW CHIHUAHUA TODAY!!!! XD Eeeeee! she's so cute!!!! pictures pictures pictures




im not a photographer so sue me lol...& plus its hard to keep a pup still heh heh ^w^; her name is still a lil iffy. im thinking Nina but idk. any suggestions???

Duuuuude(s)! THERE IS TOO MUCH DRAMA IN MY LIFE!!!! >.< it is official this is gonna be my school year where everyone is confessing there love for me & its not even funny cuz they are ALL my friends...CHICKS & GUYS DX...not cool. & plus family crisis too @_@ ....jus a lil "in my life" FYI...

Moving on... im thinking of getting some new peircings but i need to talk to my mamma about it. i want that bar thingy on my ear...idk what its called XD lol. i was thinking since we're going to my grams tomorrow that on the way we can stop at a tatoo shop we always pass [& where i gots my belly peirce X3] but idk i prolly wont get it till later or something knowing my luck lol

well thats all for now. im getting tired XP till then


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Friday, August 29, 2008

Date: 8-29-08
Time: 1:50am
Mood: content
Status: jus got off the fone with "~"
Listening To: Filth in the Beauty - Gazette


Ello Everyone!!! GAH! im soooo sorry for not posting x_x i've been feeling crappy & i have a feeling ima get sick, so yea i havent been able to get on. ITS NOT CUZ OF SCHOOL THO! ....i can manage that & speaking of which...TIS AWSHUM!!! XD None of my teachers are ass holes so its all perfect...for now. @_@ i need to pass all my classes. And the first time in...EVER, im actually gonna stay for, how do you call it, an "extra curicular (sp) activities". wow aint i pathetic lol. for the first time im proly gonna have a life O.o ...the thing is called H.O.S.A. ...dont ask me what it stands for cuz i dont know lol. ever since ive said it stood for "hoes of san antonio" i never even payed attention to the actual meaning, but yea its for people who what to get careers in the medical field. registered nurse bitches! *gets hit with a rock* OUCH! ok ok i know im a dork leave me alone! T3T jk

Oh! The music im listening to. How many of you actually listened to that song [Filth in the Beauty] ...the one in the lil video? ...anyone like it?
ppls: "Boooo! No it sucks!"
awwww T^T but, but i liked-ed it. & yea i think reita's sexy (-w-) mmmm. followed by Aoi & Ruki [they're tied lol]

anyways! yea ima repeat the same question from my last post cuz i know that with school and all, most ppls dont get on till the week end so here:

whats the foundation of an ArtTrade? @_@
id like to try them [along with requests that ill be taking in 4 at a time] but i need to know how the art trade thing works exactly. im a dooffus so yea XD haha go ahead and laugh at me >w<

...yea i jus copy pasted that XD lol but yush! ill be taking drawing requests so feel free to ask ...if its a character from an anime please tell me the name of it jus incase im not familiar with it tho.thank you!

well thats all for now. im out

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Date: 8-24-08
Time: 3:50pm
Mood: happy
Status: eating soup
Listening To: Creep by Radiohead


lol it was nice to know i wasnt forgotten ^w^ so thank you all.

OK! So hows everyone doing? Awhum i hope X3 Well right now im jus eat'n, listening to some tunes, & texting EVERYONE who's asking if im ready for school tomorrow lol its crazy. i already kno what ima wear ^w^ ...ive known for a while already haha so yea i almost fell off my chair when one of my friends text me, say'n she's berly doing her school shopping at the moment @_@; talk about last minute shopping lol.

On the other hand, I CUT MY HAIR!!! XD
i love it. id soooo take pictures but my camera
has no batteries *dies* GAH! PORQUE!!!
["why"] lol yea.

ANYWAYS! Yesterday was pretty awshum. ^w^ my brother came over to the house to put music in my lil sisters psp. we were jus being stupid tho XD Oh! he got me this lil panda, that has a zipper thing so you can put stuff in it. TIS SOOO CUTE!!! ...my sister got a winnie the pooh but hers has no zipper. he was like "happy birthday!" [my sisters b-day was on july 30th & mines on sep. 2nd so yea i guess lol] That got me thinking. DANG! My birthday is like a lil more than a week away!!! XO cant believe i forgot lol. my bro said he was getting me a phone. [cuz i lend him mine when his broke (i had 2. but one was jus for the battery. it wasnt connected) & yea when i ask for it back he told me his wife dropped it in the toilet -_-;] so yup yup i "MIGHT" get a phone from him. yay!

whats the foundation of an ArtTrade? @_@
id like to try them [along with requests that ill be taking in 4 at a time] but i need to know how the art trade thing works exactly. im a dooffus so yea XD haha go ahead and laugh at me >w<

well thats all for now. im out

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Date: 8-22-08
Time: 5:50am
Mood: happy
Status: wide awake
Listening To: Creep by Radiohead
ELLOOOO EVERYONE!!! ...anyone. *looks around and sees thats i has been forgotten T3T* ...ANYWAYS! ok well its been forever since ive posted on here. MEH'S SORRY!!! DX i promise to post more often, besides, schools about to start so ill actually have something to talk about XD i have no life during the summer saddly. but yush i go back on monday! i got my schedual last week so this is how things are going down:
1st pd: WLD HISTORY - room 201~~
2nd pd: ALGEBRA II - room 123~~~~
3rd pd: BCIS I - room 108~~~~~~~~~
4th pd: ENGLISH III - room 316~~~~~
5th pd: LUNCH - duh! where else?~~~
6th pd: FRENCH II - room 212~~~~~~
7th pd: HLTH SCI TECH I - portable 3~
8th pd: CHEMISTRY - room 415~~~~~
WOOO HOOO! i dont have to do much running around. my classes
are close together...i jus need to figure out where portable 3's at cuz
i have no idea where that is DX lol. im good tho.
ANYWHO! so what do you think about the layout??? this one i did NOT make so im jus putting that out there. i wanted a quick change so yesh! if you'd like you can find this and other layouts by clicking the link "Solaris Designs" in my credits. once there you jus look twards the right at all the links, click the one that says "myo layouts", & go from there. X3
well im out.
Ps. comments link should be below here & if you have any problems with this layout please tell me so i can try to fix it.
thank you

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