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Friday, August 22, 2008

Date: 8-22-08
Time: 5:50am
Mood: happy
Status: wide awake
Listening To: Creep by Radiohead
ELLOOOO EVERYONE!!! ...anyone. *looks around and sees thats i has been forgotten T3T* ...ANYWAYS! ok well its been forever since ive posted on here. MEH'S SORRY!!! DX i promise to post more often, besides, schools about to start so ill actually have something to talk about XD i have no life during the summer saddly. but yush i go back on monday! i got my schedual last week so this is how things are going down:
1st pd: WLD HISTORY - room 201~~
2nd pd: ALGEBRA II - room 123~~~~
3rd pd: BCIS I - room 108~~~~~~~~~
4th pd: ENGLISH III - room 316~~~~~
5th pd: LUNCH - duh! where else?~~~
6th pd: FRENCH II - room 212~~~~~~
7th pd: HLTH SCI TECH I - portable 3~
8th pd: CHEMISTRY - room 415~~~~~
WOOO HOOO! i dont have to do much running around. my classes
are close together...i jus need to figure out where portable 3's at cuz
i have no idea where that is DX lol. im good tho.
ANYWHO! so what do you think about the layout??? this one i did NOT make so im jus putting that out there. i wanted a quick change so yesh! if you'd like you can find this and other layouts by clicking the link "Solaris Designs" in my credits. once there you jus look twards the right at all the links, click the one that says "myo layouts", & go from there. X3
well im out.
Ps. comments link should be below here & if you have any problems with this layout please tell me so i can try to fix it.
thank you

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