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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Woot woot! 3:30AM update xD So its late and I'm wide awake. Life's been pretty good. Having 5 days out of the week with no school is amazazing!!!

Anywho! On another note, I officially have 15 peircings♥ After procrastibating for a few months i finally picked up my 16G seringe needle and punctured an extra hole in each of my earlobes Thursday. I missed having two peircings ever since i stretched my ears to zeros x) Heres a picture of the bloody mess I half assed cleaned lol. The black hoop is the newest one.

and to the right is my babeh!!! I thought I'd introduce you to my sexy skate board w/purple grip tape♥ I've yet to abuse it enough lol x3 I realized i never posted a picture of it so TADA! I kinda figured its made me bleed enough that both pictures can relate xD I've Superman'ed off that biznach. What makes this board so awesome is that i got it at a smoke shop lmao. People dont expect that answer when they ask where i got it from ;3

well its late so this is where this shit ends,

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