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Saturday, September 27, 2008

date: 09-07-08
time: 10:50pm
mood: relaxed
status: eat'n a pop tart
listening to: my mp3's random music *nods*

ELLO EVERYONE!!!! GAH! I havent been on this thing in forever!!!! gomen gomen *bows* ANYWAYS!!!! well as you can see tis a different layout. its a blast from the past. yup yup i used this one before but ive been wanting to use it again lately so i thought "might as well". what do you think? ...i think its too bright -_- lol

on the other hand...a few new updates since i havent been on in for a few...forevers...1.) I AM NOW 16!!! WOOO HOOO! oh yea..im old -_-; .....pfff hahaha!!! nah jk....but yea i need to get used to saying 16. i keep saying 15 & then correcting myself ^w^; heh heh. 2.) ME'S GOTS A NEW CHIHUAHUA TODAY!!!! XD Eeeeee! she's so cute!!!! pictures pictures pictures




im not a photographer so sue me lol...& plus its hard to keep a pup still heh heh ^w^; her name is still a lil iffy. im thinking Nina but idk. any suggestions???

Duuuuude(s)! THERE IS TOO MUCH DRAMA IN MY LIFE!!!! >.< it is official this is gonna be my school year where everyone is confessing there love for me & its not even funny cuz they are ALL my friends...CHICKS & GUYS DX...not cool. & plus family crisis too @_@ ....jus a lil "in my life" FYI...

Moving on... im thinking of getting some new peircings but i need to talk to my mamma about it. i want that bar thingy on my ear...idk what its called XD lol. i was thinking since we're going to my grams tomorrow that on the way we can stop at a tatoo shop we always pass [& where i gots my belly peirce X3] but idk i prolly wont get it till later or something knowing my luck lol

well thats all for now. im getting tired XP till then


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