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Friday, August 29, 2008

Date: 8-29-08
Time: 1:50am
Mood: content
Status: jus got off the fone with "~"
Listening To: Filth in the Beauty - Gazette


Ello Everyone!!! GAH! im soooo sorry for not posting x_x i've been feeling crappy & i have a feeling ima get sick, so yea i havent been able to get on. ITS NOT CUZ OF SCHOOL THO! ....i can manage that & speaking of which...TIS AWSHUM!!! XD None of my teachers are ass holes so its all perfect...for now. @_@ i need to pass all my classes. And the first time in...EVER, im actually gonna stay for, how do you call it, an "extra curicular (sp) activities". wow aint i pathetic lol. for the first time im proly gonna have a life O.o ...the thing is called H.O.S.A. ...dont ask me what it stands for cuz i dont know lol. ever since ive said it stood for "hoes of san antonio" i never even payed attention to the actual meaning, but yea its for people who what to get careers in the medical field. registered nurse bitches! *gets hit with a rock* OUCH! ok ok i know im a dork leave me alone! T3T jk

Oh! The music im listening to. How many of you actually listened to that song [Filth in the Beauty] ...the one in the lil video? ...anyone like it?
ppls: "Boooo! No it sucks!"
awwww T^T but, but i liked-ed it. & yea i think reita's sexy (-w-) mmmm. followed by Aoi & Ruki [they're tied lol]

anyways! yea ima repeat the same question from my last post cuz i know that with school and all, most ppls dont get on till the week end so here:

whats the foundation of an ArtTrade? @_@
id like to try them [along with requests that ill be taking in 4 at a time] but i need to know how the art trade thing works exactly. im a dooffus so yea XD haha go ahead and laugh at me >w<

...yea i jus copy pasted that XD lol but yush! ill be taking drawing requests so feel free to ask ...if its a character from an anime please tell me the name of it jus incase im not familiar with it tho.thank you!

well thats all for now. im out

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