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Saturday, January 19, 2008

date: 01\19\08
time: 3:30pm
mood: mellow

ello ppls wuts up. im jus here bored out of my MIND!!! lol nah jus kidding X3 well im planning on changing my site around. should i? what do you think?


im jus waiting for my mom to get home from work cuz i might GET MY HAIR CUT TODAY!!!
*lets long sexy hair flow*
XDDD im planning on keeping it the same length but idk i might jus end up SHAVING MY HEAD BALD!!! jk jk i would never do that. yea babe take a chill pill i wouldnt k? or maybe??? hmmmmm o.O; lol

i also have to get a book for school but that besides the point, it jus gives me an excuse to go get ANIME STUFF STUFF!!!! XDDDDD hopefully my mother aint in a bad mood *pouts* oh wells X3

so hope everyones doin well & im out


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Monday, January 14, 2008


ellooo everyone well i jus decided to post since i hadnt in a while. well nothing much to say but ima jus put some random vid. [im recording]


...thats my sis]

well thats all im out


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

date: 01\01\08
time: 7:00pm
mood: calm

well first off to say is "Happy New Years" to all. & secondly "Happy Anniversary" to me & my bear
*big hugs to my baby*
óż I LOVE YOU BABY!!! óż


Well i changed my site around so i hope you like it. & yes i know what rainbows mean but in this case uh no lol i jus like colors. lots & lots of colors



i woke up close to 1 in the pm (^w^;) yea dats late i know but yea there was already a whole bunch of ppls at my house & that was really annoying. i jus went straight to the shower & avoided everyone ha ha im a ninja. (^3^) i managed to talk to my baby before that tho & me's doing so right now (XD) so im all good



1.) How was your New Years?

2.) Who's the person you care for the most?

(@_@) [idk]


well im out. lates


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Date: 12\16\07
Time: 9:00pm
Mood: loved <3

hello plls hope your having an ubber day ^^


ha ha yesh i got to talk to my baby twice today!!! i just got off the phone with him a while ago so yea im in a good mood right now ^w^ it was a nice way to end a day of long & hard thinking. yea me & my friend Alex were jus walking up in down the road. he even brought his sword with him!!! it was so awshum lol. the swords name is "Fangs". it looks like a cane with a dragons head at the top. its cool i was messing with it but then he said id prolly hurt someone [yea im a bit uhm....yea...(o.O;) ] mmmm soup lol a lil off but yesh the mothers making home made soup WITH CHILE!!! everything tastes better with chile (XD)


ok ok maybe not way back when... we's put up the Christmas tree. ITS TWICE MY HIGHT DAMN IT!!!! LOOK!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
lol im 5ft flat & the tree is 10ft tall if you count tht space in the bottom (^_^;) before we put it up we were taking all the stuff out from some storage box/tank thing & then....................................i got in the box lol (^w^;;)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[oops went to small with this when editing but notice the box it only 2 tiles long (o.O;) ]
THEY'RE SHIPING ME OFF TO SAN ANTONIO!!! lol & yess i know im little leave me alone *pouty face* jk i like being short. MWA HA HA FEAR MY LITTLE-NESS!!! -ahem- jk yea from there we jus went on taking pictures. we even put a santa hat on my dad. looky looky!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
yea dont we jus look like one happy family (o^.^o) ......we're not (-_-;) its all a lie....dont let it deceive you

well im out. lates...


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Date: 12\15\07
Time: 2:00pm
Mood: okie dokes i guess?

helloooo everyone well i changed my site around so i hope you like it.


there was a huge fight during my 4thpd lunch between the entire school (XD) ha ha
freaks & cholo's vs. preps & cholo's
yup yup it was huge!!! but word got out & when we walked out to lunch it was like "WHOAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" there was security everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jus in one corner there was around 8 of them. but yea that didnt stop us for shidd lol as soon as everyone was outside its was like "SEPARATION!!!!" all freaks & cholo's on one side & all preps & other cholo's on the other side. [theres a whole bunch of gangs at our school so yea, that explains the separation between them] ....there was a clear space between us lol security were driving there gay little golf carts in between =(^_^;)= damn security took a whole bunch of us freaks away tho (T~T) my friend Simond was the first to go. they found sharpened drum sticks on him, they took Brittany's bag also lol only cuz it had a straightner in it (-_-;) , & a chicks poster...A POSTER DAMN IT!! WTF u kno.. i mean it said "make peace, not war" on it & they still took it away *shakes head side to side* damn were they paranoid. what was she gonna do with it? roll it up & hit ppl in the head and say "bad dog"???....PFF they take out our side but nooooo not the preps . THEIR SIDE HAD BLADES DAMN IT!!!! (-_-;) but whatever....they fight even continued to 5th pd, they turned on the sprinklers on them tho lol my friend was soaked...yup yup this continued all day & might even go on still on monday when we go back but who knows


well guess theres gonna be a change in moods cuz i jus found out that the love of my life is in a haspital (T~T) i called the hospital but as soon as i heard the lady pic up i froze, hung up & sarted crying...i was planning on writing more & sign'n guestbooks today but im jus gonna get off....



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Saturday, December 8, 2007

date: 12]08]07
time: 6:00pm
mood: koollio (^_^;)

hello ppls well right now im jus waiting to take off to a wedding ima go to. yup yup its gonna be all koo cuz me cuz is gonna be there (XD) yea the "mother" bought me and my sis dresses to wear & for the first time i actually like a dress (o.O;) mwa ha ha picture time picture time!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

...lol my sis took the pics & she never warned me sooo yea ( 'w';)

my sis: "Hey me-ae!!!"
me: *turns around*
me: "AHHHHHH!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!"
sis: (o.O;) *runs away*

well a lil info for my babe:
i wasnt able to finish the drawing sooo ima finish them when i get back from the wedding & post it in the morning. heh heh oops sorry (^_^;) but no worries the story will be up & running with the pictures *nods head up n down*

well im out. lates
~ode to joy~

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

date: 12]04]07
time: 11:00 pm

ello ppls well after making this site a while back ive finally decided to post. *nods head up n down* yup yup right now i am coloring in a drawing one my friends made. we are going to make a manga called "Zassou" & i am the editing artist/colorer person. ha ha yesh i am awshum like that... (o.O;) Is there even an apropriate name for a colorer person??? on the other hand, today i found out that "Zassou" actually means weed in jappan -_- lol
[me before notification of "Zassou" meaning]

Mr japanse man: "ohhhh zassou!!!"
me: "yup yup volume1"
Mr j man: "zassou!!!"
me: "yes yes that is the name of the book"
Mr j man: *does noodle arms* "ZASSOU!!!"
ME: (o.O;) *walks away slowly*

"benchmarks suck"
& none of this "lol" is attached to that cuz they do (T^T)
i finished early tho HIPPI-HI-AY!!! my friend joe joe bought a FLCL manga & i borrowed it. it was so awshum!!!!!!!!!! but it only lasted 25min (TT^TT) DAMN MY FAST READING-NESS!!!! but yea after that i had to stick to watching "Cheaper by the Dozen2" a movie that i have only watched dozens of times *glares a sister*

I LOVE YOU!!! (^3^)

ha ha yesh i had to put that in there (^_^)


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