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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Date: 07-13-08
Time: 6:10pm
Feeling: calm
Status: Gots a Tummy Ache
Listening To: Jacky Chan trying to be black [rush hour 3's in the bg]

hey hey! hows everyone doing? well i havent slept since 7pm yesterday & right now im strangely wide awake O.O; meh heh heh!

yesterday i went to watch Hancock, tish was good ...depends on what kind of movies you watch. my mamma was like "This movies is stupid" ...reason why is cuz she say Will Smith fly -_-; she dont like those kinds of movies. but strangely she couldnt keep her eyes off the SCREEEEEN! @_@; & the usual my father was asleep. i swear he has a snooze button in the back of his head as soon as he rests it hes out...at least he wasnt snoring DX & im suprised he got through the previews.

WOOO HOOO! I gots one of my contest entrys in XDDDDD yay-ness!!! this is for harvestmoonluvr's contest. the theme was to draw yourself as a KITTY! MEOW! =^w^= jus clicky clicky & commenty pweeeese

[you can jus click on my portfolio jus incase i didnt mention some of the other crap ive done & youd like to see] I still have 3 more. but one of them ill prolly not do. im a lil "ehhh" with it but we'll see X3

well im suprised this layout is surviving this long. hopefully ill be able to change it sumtime soon. im becoming bored with it -_- im not sure if the bob layout will be next but its deffinately coming XD

im out & yea ignore the comments that are still there from the last post. im too lazy to go delete. jets

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Date: 07-12-08
Time: 8:30pm
Feeling: Ah-ight
Status: All Good
Listening To: none

ello everyone. well i jus woke up 1/2 an hour ago [its 7:27pm right now] MEH KNOWS!!!! Tish berry late & me's shleepy too much. BUT I LIKE IT XD!!!

well right now im jus going around commenting on all meh friends. i havent been on lately >.< ive been sleeping. lol i know. i bet everyone who reads this is like
"you need to get out of your bed and do something"
heh heh i will, i will.

well anyways i think my we [my fam.] might be going somewheres in a lil bit so ima rush & take a shower DX *runs to shower* so yea i have to make this short T^T ill post after we get back [that is if we're going] ...better yet ill jus leave this on & continue my post after my shower. *runs* [take off time 7:45pm]

[time: 8:15pm] damn i take long ass showers but im back. i managed to get dressed as well so yea. it turns out that we're going to the movies. idk what we're gonna watch but it dont matter to me. ^w^ well right now i need to do my hair so ill see you around

tootles for now

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Date: 07-08-08
Time: 2:00am
Feeling: AWSHUM!
Status: Coolbeans BD
Listening To: Shake It - Metro Station

good day ppls X3 well as you can see my layout still stands! heh heh i had a stupid dentist appointment so i couldnt change it. XP I HATE BRACES!!!! [even tho you cant really notice them on me. -_- for example: my friend took an entire school year to notice & say [i quote] "YOU GOT BRACES!!!" O.O wasnt really the highlight of my day at that moment but ok. [that was the first time i see a guy get excited over RAILROAD TRACKS that running across your FACE but mmmm(k) i guess] well anyways i go to my gay ass appointment AND!!!! ....i get stuck with the newb. she had berly started 3 weeks ago & she was taking forever!!!! DX [a lil over an hour to be exact...i also had to get a bracket shit thingy put on as well cuz it fell off & the doc who does that crap was at some orrientation] i wanted to kick some one in the face -_-; but after i got out it all went good XDDD ...i had my mamma buy me a burger & a milkshake X3 mehs was hungreh!!! i had woken up at 1:30pm & my appt was at 2:30 DX heh heh

i was thinking about what sparkle had said "how could i make a layout about bob" & i got me thinking .....i could jus draw him y-

-Bob: "YAY im famous! Ima be on paper!"
-Me: "Then ill burn it!!!! XD"
-Bob: "WHAT! Noooooo!"
-Me: "MWA HA HA"

but yea any ways i thought i might do that but with a lil twist. Meh-heh-heh! *thinkin evil thoughts* lol jk. but yea it will be a one in a life time thing that'll only stay on for a day *shrugs*

-Me: *back hands bobs face while still facing zeh crowd* "Cuz no one likes you" XD
-Bob: T^T

im planning on entering 4 contests, *nods* yea i have nothing else to do so yea ^w^ i jus need to get to it tho. i dont care if i win, i jus like to enter for the heck of it....its my fun so yea. lol speaking of fun. i was playing pokemon on my game boy AGAIN!!! XD i captured 50 of them & i gots 5 badged XD lol yea i know only 5 T^T i was playing for a couple of hours today. *looks at ppls looking at me with faces like this -> (o.O;)* I WAS FUN OK!!! *sniffles* T^T jk. i jus get all sucked into it tho....im such a nerd XP haha
"BUT ZEH COOL-EST ONE ALIVE!!!" XDDDDD lol im retarded @_@

well im out. see ya around

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Date: o7-o7-o8
Time: 3:45am
Mood: ah-ight!
Status: hyper!!!
Listening To: Thunder - Boys like Girls [AGAIN!]

Good Day ppls!!! XD lol im soooo tired that im actually HYPER!!!! *RUNS IN CIRCLES* AHHHHHH!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDD

Doooo-tay [ok] well i changed my layout as you can see. idk why i put that but yea i saw the bg image & i was like "I NEED TO DO IT!" so yup yup. jus to calm the wanting i made this simple, stupid layout. dont worry ill be changing it tomorrow. i think...that is if im not lazy or i actually have to do something DX lol the first thing i thought when i saw this was
XDDDDDD Meh-heh-heh! i have no life X.X;

Today i was gonna get a whole bunch of drawings done......but i didnt ^w^; heh heh oops. instead i did ...*thinks* O.O nothing! ...lol i didnt do a thing today im surprised the day went bypretty quick.

i was texting my cuz a while ago. she was wondering when we were gonna be going to her place [she lives pretty far away. same state but still.] me's was like idk but i talked to my mamma & she said that we'd be going to 6flags for my lil sis's birthday at the end of the month. so yea my cuz is gonna meet us over there when we go. CANT WAIT!!! X3

.::¢¨ú¢®¨¡QUESTION TIME¢®¨¡¢¨ú::.
1. How boring are my posts?
-Bob: -_- "is that even a quesion" Zzzzz "Oh! what i miss?"

2. What are you planning on doing for the rest of your summar?
-Bob: "who cares!"
-Me: "I do!" *throws remote at him*

3. What do you think my next layout should be about? Im stumped at the momment
-Bob: "Make it of me!"
-Me: -_-;

well thats all for now. im out.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

date: 07-04-08
mood: calm
status: hungry
listening to: Thunder - Boys like Girls

Good day everyone. hope you guys are doing well. ^w^ its 7:30 in the morning and yup yup i havent slept X3 ...im ok tho. im not sleepy & plus its raining outside. actually kinda nice. no thunder or lightning. jus the peacefull rain falling (-w-) mmmmm soothing.

anyways! hm today im jus gonna chill out. Draw a bit & maybe even submit! CHIA! XD that is if i dont fall asleep or have family come over DX lol jk. yesterday i woke up to my cuzin & my sis laughing o.O; i recognized his voice & was like "what is Eric doing here so early? Whats he doing here period!?!" [he came to spend the night & yea it wasnt even early. unless you think 4 o'clock in the afternoon is den ok XD]

Hm....i want a donut. ....or should i get cereal? .....oh! how bout ramen??? nah too early...tho ive eatn rammen for breakfast before. but yea ill stick wit some cereal. meh hungreh!

well thats all for now. sorry if i bored you. my brain needs the shleepy that it aint recieving so yea its a lil dead x.x'
well im out


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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Date: 07-02-08
Time: 11:50pm
Mood: Happy
Status: Ubber Excited
Listening To: Pocket Full Of Sunshine - Natasha Benigfield

Good day all meh friends! ^w^ well first off id like to thank all those who commented. it really meant alot to me. *hugs you all*
Ur faces: (O.<) (>.<) (O.x) (X.X)
Oops i musta hugged too hard heh heh [im eatn candy. sowwy ^w^;]

MWA HA HA I CHANGED MY LAYOUT!!! XDDDD For the first time i didnt go to other websites to get images or backgrounds YAY-NESS!!! i made everything my self *nods up n down all pround of self*

.........Bob: "But the rainbow side bar things in the background arent even close to even"
.........Me: "Someone always has to ruin the moment dont they -_-"
.........Bob: "But im right"
.........Bob: "Ok!...Sheesh you didnt have to get all butt hurt"
.........Me: -_-

well yea the un-even bar thingys that are rainbow color was done on the paint program. if i tried looking for something like that i most likely wouldnt find it so why not jus do it yourself XP. I really like how my drawing came out tho [the girls suposed to be me] X3 tish all rainbowy dont you think? i also fixed some things on it with the paint program as well [all i did was color the background black cuz yea sharpie isnt that dark. see for yourself. the drawing is out lined in grey instead of black like the sharpie is supposed to look DX] im most likely gonna submit it on theO for the heck of it too.

Today was an ok day ive been awake since 10 pm YESTERDAY! yea ive been up for over 24 hours & im still not sleepy.

..............Bob: "Whatever, youre gona crash at any moment"
..............Me: "Shut up Bob, no im not"
..............Bob: *waves hands in my face* "You becoming sleepy. WoOoOoOo!"
..............Me: "Bob get your hands out of my face"
..............Bob: -_- "your such a party pooper"
..............Me: "Am not!
..............Bob: "Are too"

well anyways yea. things have been ok. i still wish my dad was at work but whatever. it actually rained here for a bit.it was kinda odd cuz it was really sunny then you jus see the rain fall. it was nice tho. there wasnt any thunder or lightning so i was gud.

hm? ...i think this might be getting long enough...plus i need to go beat up Bob

..............Bob: "hey what for?"
..............Me: "i didnt forget about the party pooper comment
..............Bob: O.O
..............Me: *smiles* "Ill give you a 10 sec start"
..............Bob: "RUN AWAY!!!!!"
..............Me: "MWA HA HA!!!!"


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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Date: 06-28-08
Time: 4:12pm [central time]
Mood: still shleepeh
Status: jus woke up
Listening To: I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry

Good day all meh friends! ^w^ Heh heh me's still half asleep [hey its been 3x in a row that i wake at 4] X_x i didnt fall asleep till 3 sum last nite. well speeking of last nite. I ended up watching "Wanted" [sorry for all those who liked wall-E ^-^;] without giving anything away id like to say that the movie was pretty sweet!!! from begining to end! but being me i wished some parts went different XD heh heh dis is me "NOOOOO! WHY???" lol in a good way i guess

Mwa ha ha! my printer WORKS!!! XDDDD & I submited a piece [not the fox/kitty cuz im not done with it]. & here

all you need to do is click X3 ha ha. well yea i did this on an index card & yea i dont know shit about shading (^-^;) i was bored. so TA-DA!!! Now youll be able to see the new things i put up.

oh btw for your question [stixx: "O.O You did all that? How'd you come up with the designs??!!"] yea i jus so happened to stumble over the picture on the right bottom corner & thought:
"Oh! ima do cherry blossoms/sakura theme!!!"
...still wasnt easy tho. pictures of Sakura from Naruto kept popping up DX i was like:
"Damn you pink haired girl im getting tired of you already!!! GO AWAY!!! *pokes compooter screen* Grr!"
but yea doing that didnt help

*thinks* I wonder how many ppls jacked my insomnia disign? *looks at guilty faces*
*thinks harder* ...wait was the question from stixx for the insomnia thing??? *slams head on desk* ...prolly was. *pouts* oh well all that for nothing i guess. T3T

And question #2
["Hey, can you block people on MyO? Not sure...I know you can for TheO, but I'm not sure about here"]
And the answer is...
"No. MyO isnt special enough i guess. but the new baby in town [theO] is & gets it instead. TheO gets all the new clothe while MyO stays nakkie. *sadly nods*"

Speaking of special we have a SPECIAL GUEST!!!!
PRESENTING *drum role*


heh heh jus some randomeness. ^w^;

well im out.

Time submited: 5:22pm
[as you can compare it takes me forever to submit X_X]

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Date: 06-27-08
Time: 7:55pm
Mood: ^w^
Status: super duper
Listening To: Shake It - Metro Station

Ello! I hope everyone is doing mighty fine today (^w^) Well
right now im jus here wait'n for my mamma to come home from work. We're gonna go to the movies!!! XD We're prolly gonna see "Wanted" or "Walley". Heh heh i think i mispelled
the name XP

Bah! My Printer is playing games with me!!! It better not be
broken (T^T) Meh's like muh printer...& i need it to scan my
drawings on here. Oh Oh speaking of drawings I got the new
ArtOfOtaku book. Tish Awshum!!! i liked it X3 it got me in the
mood of drawing & i started on a pic of a fox/kitty chick thats
supposed to be me last night ...a night which i didnt sleep


@_@ ...lol jk. but yea i didnt fall asleep till 12pm...& yea i
woke up at 4 sumthin pm...again!

O.O; do i have a stocker??? i go a comment from
annonymous. who's annonymous?!?! AHHHHH! *runs in circles* lol well anyways to answer your question miss xxcherrystarxx yes i do make my own layouts (^w^) *nods* yup yup & it takes me forever to do them DX haha

UBBER O.O''' I could of burned the house down. i left the stove on. DX my mamma would have killed me but good thing i ran like my life depended on it [& it does] to turn it off ...& good thing she's not here to ^w^; heh heh

well ima finish this up already so im out. ah-ight! lates


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Date: 06\24\08
Time: 9:30pm
Mood: hyper
Status: hungry X3
Listening To: Cage - Dir En Grey

Good day meh ppls! well right now me's multi-tasking MWA HA HA!!! me's trying to finish posting while reading "Hellsing Vol.2" haha. at this rate ill never finish XDDDD [i shouldn't have eat'n all that candy. meh's hyper!!!! X3]

well anyways *trys to calm hyper-ness* today was an okie dokie day. me's was jus here kick'n it back. enjoying some tunes X3 WOOOO HOOO MUSIC!!! I listen to anything & everything under the sun & moon so yea. i also managed to clean out my dawers & closet of the clothe that dont fit me. O.O me's has grown. i tossed alot of it into bags but then again its been a while since ive cleaned out *shrugs*

well here are the pix i promised & then some ^w^


my lil cuz & her mamma

i swear lil kidz get entertained w/ almost anything
[its tissue paper lol...& she wouldn't put on her wings here *pouty face*]

this is what i wore. i look funny here



my foot says "hi"

well this is how the convo goes on this one
my sis: "What you playing?"
me: "UH...Pokemon?"

my sis tried grabbing my game


...heh heh i think i over did it with the pictures but oh well you can never have too many pix i guess.

Moving on! Some ppls weren't able to see my comments link so i took the time [like a gah-jillion hrs] to find a way to put something you could see. ^w^ ....well at least hopefully you could see it heh ^w^; ....well if you can the link is now inside the box [at the end of the post]. when you click it another window will open up asking for your username, email address, & URL. For the url youll need to put
http://www.myotaku.com/users/YOUR USERNAME
jus copy & past i say. if your name has a space, for example:
cookie monster
you will need to put an underscore [one of these _ ] to make it look like this:
your email isnt given out ot anyone so no worries mmmm[k] XD oh & id perfer you use the new comments thing instead of the old one [jus so all my comments are together] jus saying for those who still see the old one but whatever. do what you do

well im out. lates


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Monday, June 23, 2008

Time: 3:30pm
Date: 06-23-08
Mood: mellow
Status: ah-ight!
Listening To: Make You Smile - +44

Well hello everyone! First off id like to say that for the past 3 days ive been running around like a chicken that had its head cut off...berry berry busy & confused lol. So yes if you updated on any of those 3 day i wasnt able so post a comment.

Hmm Friday & Saterday were ah-ight. i went shopping with my parents. we bought FOOD!!! The frige was practically empty...haha not really i jus couldnt find anything i like in it lol. XD We were gonna go to the movies also & we even invited my cousin Alyssa & my aunt. but we ended up not going cuz all of the movies we wanted to see didnt start till ten sum & we didnt wanna come out around 11 or 12 cuz my mamma had work the next day [& yea i didnt wana stay out so late either XP] so our parents ended up talking about how scary movies were when they were little. me & my cuz go a kick out of that cuz my mamma was like "i remember when the movie jaws first came out. i was afraid to take a shower or open the lid of the toilet!" Everyone was laughing when we heard that. its funny how things change.

Saterday was when we went to buy some purdy purdy clothe for my lil cuz's 2nd birthday party that was on Sunday [the next day] she was sooo cute. she was dressed as TinkerBell XD id put up pictures But 1. meh no have the camera & 2. she wouldnt stay still for 5 seconds so i could take a good picture DX But yesh i shall put up the pictures tomorow so be expecting them...unless something goes horrobly wrong & im not able to put them up. But anyways when we were paying for the clothe it so hapened that the lady recognised us from the time that we went to buy like $500 worth of clothe from the BEGINING of the school year!!! that was like 6 or 7 gi-normous & i mean ubberly huge bags filled with clothe [they had a sale for the begining of the school thing so yea] she was like "I remember you guys all the time & was wondering when you'd be back again" I was like: (O.O); "you member me?" lol that was funny

oh btw how do you like the new layout & the wanna plug pic lol??? X3 took me forever to finish it [ive been lazy & finding backgrounds & stuff is hard >.<] soooo yup yup tell me what you think pweeze ^w^ & any probs do say as well. comment box should be in the center, on the outside of this box

well i think this is getting long enough for now & yesh!!! i needs to call my babeh!!! so im out. jets.


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