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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Date: 8-24-08
Time: 3:50pm
Mood: happy
Status: eating soup
Listening To: Creep by Radiohead


lol it was nice to know i wasnt forgotten ^w^ so thank you all.

OK! So hows everyone doing? Awhum i hope X3 Well right now im jus eat'n, listening to some tunes, & texting EVERYONE who's asking if im ready for school tomorrow lol its crazy. i already kno what ima wear ^w^ ...ive known for a while already haha so yea i almost fell off my chair when one of my friends text me, say'n she's berly doing her school shopping at the moment @_@; talk about last minute shopping lol.

On the other hand, I CUT MY HAIR!!! XD
i love it. id soooo take pictures but my camera
has no batteries *dies* GAH! PORQUE!!!
["why"] lol yea.

ANYWAYS! Yesterday was pretty awshum. ^w^ my brother came over to the house to put music in my lil sisters psp. we were jus being stupid tho XD Oh! he got me this lil panda, that has a zipper thing so you can put stuff in it. TIS SOOO CUTE!!! ...my sister got a winnie the pooh but hers has no zipper. he was like "happy birthday!" [my sisters b-day was on july 30th & mines on sep. 2nd so yea i guess lol] That got me thinking. DANG! My birthday is like a lil more than a week away!!! XO cant believe i forgot lol. my bro said he was getting me a phone. [cuz i lend him mine when his broke (i had 2. but one was jus for the battery. it wasnt connected) & yea when i ask for it back he told me his wife dropped it in the toilet -_-;] so yup yup i "MIGHT" get a phone from him. yay!

whats the foundation of an ArtTrade? @_@
id like to try them [along with requests that ill be taking in 4 at a time] but i need to know how the art trade thing works exactly. im a dooffus so yea XD haha go ahead and laugh at me >w<

well thats all for now. im out

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