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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

date: 12-30-08
time: 3:15am
mood: relaxed
status: fine and dandy
listening to: guren-the gazette

Ello ppls~
O.O Meep! tis been too long dont you think? well i would like to start off by saying [very late] Merry Christmas X3 i hope all of you had a good one. what did y'all get? Eeeeeee! me's gots a nintendo wii XD, a new fone, and a tablet...clothe too lol. *re-reads* wow i seem like a spoiled brat T^T....iz not tho i promise *kitty eyes*

ANYWAYS! how do you like my new layout??? i made everything! [i did have to download some brushes tho. i credit them im my credits section at the very bottom] the picture of kurama [one of my favorite sexy red heads X3 im a read head freak] is a snapshot i took while watching yu-yu-hakusho a while back lol [yay photoshop] What do you think of the playlist filled with my weird music, i listent to all kinds...uh and yea more of these [[[]][[][[]][[][][ cuz i jus like them lol

AND THERES BEEN A BREAK THROUGH!!! i havent lost my mojo as much as i thought in my drawing considering i gave it up for almost 3-4 months cuz of a certain friend of mine who practically made my hobby or whatever you call it a job. -_- i hate ppl who take the fun out of the thinks you love. if you want you can go check out my portfolio. i uploaded some stuff.

im hungry...

ITS ALMOST 2009 PLL!!!! oh shidd lol time sure passes by fast. and speakn of time its getting late so im out muh friends

love yous

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