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Well, I've finally returned to Otaku!!! It was a long time coming, but I made it. So expect me to visit every now and then when I get the time ^^. As for an introduction, I am still the same old me. Don't try asking to be friends right off the start, please. It's just common sense that if you want to be friends, then try to be one. I will visit my friends, so only ask me if you plan to visit me every now and then. Thanks!

Also, as for the OPG, I will start it anew soon! So look forward to more poetry from me, and some comments on any I find!

This is also the home of the OPG (Otaku Poetry Guild)... the list of members is below. Just remember, if you want to join, all you have to do is ask. I will try to update the member list for all those who have requested to join as soon as I am truly capable. Sorry for this delay, I really am.

But beware!!! The Sanzo party will have your head if you act up!
Hello there!Shut up or I'll kill you!Hey babe!When’s dinner?!


My life closes in around me...

As if I was a lost wolf in a cloud of mist
Everything I search for has left my path
Nothing left to do but ball my fist
As those who remain will feel my wrath

What am I searching for?...

All that's left is sorrow and solitude
As I wait for my life to have meaning
I continue on with only my fortitude
Down the path that has no feeling

All alone I tread...


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yo, idea... lol

You know, I just got thinking that I need something new. A new scanner that is! I have a bit of art that I would like to submit, but since I dont have a scanner that works with my computer, I am basically s.o.l. So, here in the next few weeks or so, I might just invest in one so that way I can finally post my own art on here on Otaku...

Also, on February 14th, it is my 3rd Otaku birthday! Pay no attention to my joining date, I had another account before I created this one and deleted the other. So, those of you who have known me, and some of you being a long time ^^, thanks for sticking around and being my friends.

Hmmm... *thinks* Is there anything else worth mentioning right now? ...


Why yes there is! *.* I... have a girlfriend. *points to pic* Wow, those words feel so foreign to me. Glad I wasn't the last guy on earth or humanity would have been doomed, lol. She's a great gal so I had to say something, even if no one cares, I do, so nyaahhh! The cool thing is that she herself is foreign as well. I'm planning to try and take a trip with her when she looks for a place to move to when she moves here to America. It might cost, but it'll be well worth it!

Ok, now that is it... take care everyone, and I'll see you around! Later...

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Sorry I haven't been around...

It seems like I just dont have the time for MyO anymore. I keep my page up in hope for my eventual return, but I've been so busy with this new job that I just cant find time to post at a regular basis. I miss all of my friends on here cause a lot of them helped me through some rough times and I appreciate that, so I feel like I let you all down by not being around. I've become more of a chatter with IM than a blog user (tis why I use IMVU now) and since MyO became more popular, I cant even keep track of who all these new members are. No offense to them at all. It's just hard to keep up when you have enough friends already, lol.

Well, now for the news of my life :p

My group Batsuzoku no Dragon has an official full fleged website now. If you're someone who is interested in Martial Arts, Bushido, and... dare I say it on this site... ANIME, then visit us and check it out. We're still formulating things and adding stuff when we can, but the main jist of our group is available to read. Batsuzoku-no-dragon.com

My new job is good, but I could do without the constant traveling with the expectation of sacrificing my own personal time to make the trips without pay. If I got paid for the time during the trip, that would be nice, but no. This causes many problems for me and I plan on letting them know my situation soon. I work for a company that is subcontracted to Honeywell International Inc. (who make airplane eltectronics and other things technological). Oh well, it'll get resolved soon.

Re-L Mayer brandishing her boomstick

As for my collection of anime, I am proud to be an owner of the entire Shura no Toki series. I also began collection of Ergo Proxy and bought the first movie of Karas (Karas: The Prophecy).

Well that's it for me right now, maybe soon, maybe not, I will be back. I'll just do it when I get a good chance and can remember to do so. Later...

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another long span between ramblings...

Well, I always start off by appologizing for my lack of attendance here as of late and this time I think it will be different. I have a lot of things keeping me busy nowadays and goals to achieve, so Otaku has been on the back burner for awhile and it probably will remain so.

Events of life: I have recently lost my former job and attained another, more relaxed one.

Currently writing... often!

Working on a more professional website for my Batsuzoku za Doragon group and trying like hell to make our booth worth it at the Animefest Wichita!

Umm... deciding whether or not I will be able to afford getting plastered with Steve Bennett when he arrives for the Kon... (no, I'm not an alcoholic)

Attempting to alleviate my medical bills of $9000. @.@

What else?... Oh, and getting another new roommate. Lol. I seem to go through them pretty fast, though my latest one was a friend who was taking advantage of hospitality. I don't hold it against him though. :P

Well, unfortunately this is it for now and will be for quite a while I guess. Thank you all for being friends and taking the time to read this if you did so. Sometime I'll get back around to visiting everyone again. Take care, later...

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