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Monday, December 17, 2007

*eye twitches*


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Ok............*tries not to scream like a banshee* Breathe........

My dumb browser crashed just as i was about to submit my post. *wants to cry* AND...i don't feel like re-writing what i wrote.

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So instead, here are two EXTREMELY funny videos by Andy Samberg. For those ppl who think he's overrated or lame...I have only one thing to say to you. "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Get it, got it, good.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007



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Wow...that was an EXTREMELY long weekend...lol I mean, i told everyone that i'd be back on Monday, and it's now Thursday. Sorry about that...*hangs head in shame*

So, what has everyone been up to? Have any plans for the upcoming weekend? I know i don't! ha!

The closer that X-Mas comes to rearing its ugly head...the more crazy i get. T________________T That's right...i said crazy. By the time Old Saint Nick gets here, i don't think i'll have any hair left on my head. *bursts out laughing at the thought of a bald head* Ahem! *clears throat and puts on a straight face* It's really quite stressful...

How are you guys holding up, with the holidays being so near?

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*points at kitty-kitty and giggles* So cute!

ANYwhoooo...i've been playing lots of MMORPGs lately...(getting back into it...after 3 long years) I'm just really trying to find one that i can stick with, you know. I've tried out 3 already this week. "Rappelz", i think, is still a really good game...but the glitches were driving me mad.(And making my computer do some very creepy things) *nervous laugh*...the second game i tried was just TERRIBLE! (It was so terrible, i don't even remember the name of it...lol) And now, i'm trying out this game called "RF Online". *keeps fingers crossed* Totally getting my hopes up here! It's suppose to be really KA-RAAAAAAAAY-ZEE good! So yeah...

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RF Online

Well, that's it for now...I have 30 minutes to get to everyone's page. (i say half an hour 'cause that's when RF Online dudes are done with maintenance) tee hee! ^___________________^ So, off i go! *suddenly gets the Tucan Sam saying stuck in her head* O_______________________o'



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*points at photo and laughs hysterically*

Don't ask...i found this while searching for an anime image. O____________________o' It's sooooo creepy! *shudders*

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Friday, December 7, 2007


*blinks with mouth agape*

Wow...i just wrote a whole bunch and all of a sudden, my browser crashed. *sniffles a little* Oh well...moving on.

I got my scene card in the mail today! ^________________________^ It's a membership card you use at the movie theatre. Oh and also, you pick up points, which can later on be used for movie tickets and snacks at the concession stands (which you get 10% off of already, for being a member) And since i enjoy pigging out on candy while watching a movie...i find that VERY convenient. *nods approvingly*

Just found out last night, while surfing the net, that there's gonna be a three part series of FFXIII. *does little one leg dance* 2 of the games will be for PS3, while one of them will be for mobile phones. I find the latter knowledge a little odd...but who knows, might be really awesome.

This is a character from FFXIII (for PS3) :

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This is a character from FFXIII Agito (for mobile phones) :

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AND This is a character from FFXIII Versus (for PS3) :

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*looks up at last picture and blushes*

ANYwhoooo...I also managed to find an MMORPG that i found pretty cool. It's called "Rappelz"...Haven't had a chance to play it yet, since i have things to do today PLUS chores. Oh and also 'cause i'm on here instead. ^______________________^ If you're interested in checking out the game...Here's the link :

Rappelz Epic.4 Revolution

Well, that's it for today. ttyal! Oh and have an amazing weekend! I'll see you guys on Monday. *hugs everyone then waves bye*



Videos of The Day :

"Pluto" by Bjork

"Falling Away From Me" by Korn

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

*yawns and rubs at eyes a little*

Mornin' Loves,

So, here i am sitting at my computer...when i could still be snuggling my blankets in bed. That's right, this little she-devil snuggles. ha! But anywho, i'm up and there's nothing i can do about it. No, seriously...once i'm up i can't fall back asleep. O______________________o' I hope you are all doing well...Not too stressful of a day, so far.

Moving along...

I'm totally obsessed with "Heroes"...*hangs head in shame* ^___________________~ But, not obsessed like "OMG! This show is totally AWESOME!!!" I'll admit, it's clever...but it's more of a "morbid curiosity". (Like the time i got obsessed with "The Sopranos", even though the show made me so ANGRY!!! ha ha!) I mean, i can't stand most of the characters on the show (i HATE Sylar)...and all the episodes are WAAAAAAY predictable...Yet still, i find myself watching it week after week. (i use Graboid...So, no commercials, making the show even more bearable. YAY!)

Hey, have any games you'd recommend? It could be a PC game, a DS game...or a PS2 game. (I know, how lame is that...i don't have an X-Box 360 , a PS3 OR even a Wii) I use to have an old beat-up X-Box... Anywho, the X-Box is dead. ha!

So yeah, i'm sorry i wrote you guys a novel T_________________________T' I have a tendency of going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...I think ya get it! ^_______________________^ ttyal!

*hugs all of her Otaku friends* tee hee!


Oye! *smacks self on forehead* I forgot to put up my poem...Here it is. (tell me what you think):

Divine Lover

Archangel I call to thee,
Come and bid me company,
Come to me, find your way,
Do not be fooled to wander astray,
For this is your destiny from above,
So make haste and reach me love,
Take flight from your world to mine,
Upon six charcoal wings divine,
I ask of you, deity of the night,
Please come forth to thy sight,
Handsome lad of skin so pale,
Do bewitch me, you shall prevail,
And with thou love and intense gaze,
You'll surely send thy heart ablaze,
As both our passion grow and soar,
Thy aching heart will be no more . . .


Copyright 2007 Natasha Rose

Videos of the Day:

"Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot

"Satin in a Coffin" by Modest Mouse

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holy Moses! LONG-ASS Post!

Hello ppl! ^_________________^

So, yeah...i finally managed to fix my page a little better. Since i was using firefox, i didn't notice that my posts background color was black... O________________o' Which looked absolutely horrid with my font color & bckgrd image. But that's fixed now...so, me so happy!!! *does her crazy one-leg dance*

Last night was GREAT! Saw Beowulf (in 3D) and i have only one thing to say...It was totally awesome!!! Man...i'm using alot of exclamation marks today. *blinks*

Anywho...the only bummer part of the whole night was, getting to the movie theatre AND those stupid 3D glasses they give you. *shakes fist* I have a small noggin' and well...let's just say that those glasses are HUGE! I had to hold them up for most of the movie. Which was like...2hrs. long! ha ha! They kept slipping down my head, in the end, making my ears stick out at odd angles. O________________O But the movie made up for my pain. *sniffles a little to emphasize said pain* ^________________^

On the way to the movie, using my BMW method...(aka Bus, Metro and Walking) Some old perv was trying to get fresh with me (aka grabbing my bum and rubbing up against me), another man nearly broke my hand, some lady bopped me in the head with her huge-ass bag AND once again, A DUDE had his crotch in my face (once i got a seat, beating and old lady to it. HA! TAKE THAT!). The busses were so packed with angry ppl, i swear we were the biggest can of sardines EVER! Yet still, the movie was totally worth it! *giggles like a little school girl*

That's it for now...i really have loads of stuff to do. Got my new BOSE earphones in the mail today. *BIG thumbs up*

ttyal! (translation: Talk To You All Later!) ^__________________~


--Natty-atty-asha <3

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