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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yo, idea... lol

You know, I just got thinking that I need something new. A new scanner that is! I have a bit of art that I would like to submit, but since I dont have a scanner that works with my computer, I am basically s.o.l. So, here in the next few weeks or so, I might just invest in one so that way I can finally post my own art on here on Otaku...

Also, on February 14th, it is my 3rd Otaku birthday! Pay no attention to my joining date, I had another account before I created this one and deleted the other. So, those of you who have known me, and some of you being a long time ^^, thanks for sticking around and being my friends.

Hmmm... *thinks* Is there anything else worth mentioning right now? ...


Why yes there is! *.* I... have a girlfriend. *points to pic* Wow, those words feel so foreign to me. Glad I wasn't the last guy on earth or humanity would have been doomed, lol. She's a great gal so I had to say something, even if no one cares, I do, so nyaahhh! The cool thing is that she herself is foreign as well. I'm planning to try and take a trip with her when she looks for a place to move to when she moves here to America. It might cost, but it'll be well worth it!

Ok, now that is it... take care everyone, and I'll see you around! Later...

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