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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Sorry I haven't been around...

It seems like I just dont have the time for MyO anymore. I keep my page up in hope for my eventual return, but I've been so busy with this new job that I just cant find time to post at a regular basis. I miss all of my friends on here cause a lot of them helped me through some rough times and I appreciate that, so I feel like I let you all down by not being around. I've become more of a chatter with IM than a blog user (tis why I use IMVU now) and since MyO became more popular, I cant even keep track of who all these new members are. No offense to them at all. It's just hard to keep up when you have enough friends already, lol.

Well, now for the news of my life :p

My group Batsuzoku no Dragon has an official full fleged website now. If you're someone who is interested in Martial Arts, Bushido, and... dare I say it on this site... ANIME, then visit us and check it out. We're still formulating things and adding stuff when we can, but the main jist of our group is available to read. Batsuzoku-no-dragon.com

My new job is good, but I could do without the constant traveling with the expectation of sacrificing my own personal time to make the trips without pay. If I got paid for the time during the trip, that would be nice, but no. This causes many problems for me and I plan on letting them know my situation soon. I work for a company that is subcontracted to Honeywell International Inc. (who make airplane eltectronics and other things technological). Oh well, it'll get resolved soon.

Re-L Mayer brandishing her boomstick

As for my collection of anime, I am proud to be an owner of the entire Shura no Toki series. I also began collection of Ergo Proxy and bought the first movie of Karas (Karas: The Prophecy).

Well that's it for me right now, maybe soon, maybe not, I will be back. I'll just do it when I get a good chance and can remember to do so. Later...

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