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Wolf of Darkstar is the 3rd most powerful warrior known to be alive. Given the name Wolf at age 10 when he killed a wolf with his bare hands during a training expedition with his brother. His brother, The Mana Knight, is the second strogest fighter known. He is worlds stronger than Wolf.

Aku. Soku. Zan. - Sin. Swift. Slay. or as it is better known Kill. Evil. Instantly.

Perhaps you see roses blooming on dark,
deep wooden skin.
From the same stalk that strikes lingering agony;
Now, life bursts forth a blaze of serene red;
And rushes higher, scattering brilliant light.
The crucifix no longer signifies the grave.
The fragrance that rushes to greet you is the perfume of rebirth.

In memory of Phil the Egg Deceased May 1, 2004 10:40a.m.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

so anyway. ive been back at my house for about 2 weeks now. ive been working on my new laptop. i start up a new job on the 1st. im still in the military so life is going to be interesting. how is everyone else?
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

im home.
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

hey everyone. well im still alive. just a lot of shit going on. i should be back in the states in about a month. then a month after that i could be home. man ill be glad when this is all over
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Throat is an Open Grave

We lay face in pale solitude.
To save face, we pulled our walls in front of you.
To the same place where we danced in front of you.
We fell from grace and watched the hope'fall from your face.
This isn't me i used to say.
All the love was so gone.
It feels good to be alive.
I've been dead for so long: and all the broken promises.
I can't face. Afraidif someone notices, I lose my place.
Fractured, broken, paralyzed.
I need some space, tear me open, analyze.
This isn't me i used to say.
All the love was so gone.
It feels good to be alive.
I've been dead for so long.
Wake up screaming, I'm awake and dreaming,
And i won't stop breathing until my heart stops beating.
This isn't me, i used to say.
All the love was so gone, It feels good to be alive,
I've been dead for so long


Time has had it's way with me.
My broken tired hands cant build a thing.
The wires that have held me still embedded now in flesh to find my will.
The idle of my days is won, the empty I have fed has made me numb,
Despite what you will find in me.

The failures of my past just swirl beneath.

I need a heart that carries on through the pain
When the walls start collapsing again.
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow,
Despite the infection within

Our careless feet leaving trails
Neverminding the fragile dirt we all end in.
Our careless feet leaving trails
Neverminding the fragile dirt we all end in.

This is where I find my fall the cares that held me alive dont work at all.
And every step away from here is closer to the plague I hold so dear.

I need a heart that carries on through the pain,
When the walls start collapsing again.
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow despite the infection within

Awaiting my end breathing in the day that finds me new.
Redemption begins bleeding out the flaws in place of you.
Awaiting my end breathing in the day that finds me new.
Redemption begins Redemption Begins.


The Tide Began To Rise

I don't belong here
I never saw this on the path I walk
The blood-stained walls, the lines of chalk on the floor
It's getting so hard
I never saw the backlash when the tide began to rise
I can't remember
The way it was when everything felt right
My mouth held shut and eyes sealed tight with control

So I remember on the inside

I found a dark, infernal place I don't want to face anymore
Somehow, I won't stop feeding the pain
My heart's just the same as before

So now I'm stuck here
Between the guilty and the insincere
The words I spoke have left here all alone
I should have known this
I could've burned it when I had that choice
And now I'd die to kill this noise in my head



So I remember on the inside

If this is all the love my spirit can give
Just take it back tonight
There is not a reason more to live

all of those are songs by the Band Demon Hunter. that band rocks. that is all.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Light and Dark

I walk a line
Between Light
And Dark.
I am accepted
By neither side.
There is a way to choose,
Or rather have it chosen.
It is to choose someone,
Like me; her alliences
Are unknown.
Is she my way to the Light,
Or is it Darkness?

Live For?

What do I have to live for?
How will I know?
I lost what i hold dear,
And moved on.......
So I hope.
One day I will find
The will to live on,
Or rather what drives me
To continue.
Atleast that thought
Lets me live for Tomarrow.

Last Chance

I wanted one last night
Just to be there with you.
Talk the night away....
Like we used to.
Those days are now
Just a memory....
I just wish
I'm wrong again.


Everything is happening too fast.
Its hard to tell whats going on.
Can't keep this pace,
I can't give up.
I can't fall.
This isn't just my fight.
Its for everyone
And no one.
I'll be your back,
I'll be your bones,
I'll bleed for you.
And now
I die for you


I've got your back!
Do you have mine?
Can you trust me?
Can I trust you?
In times of need
You learn who your friends are.
Who has your back,
And who needs you
To have theirs.
I've got your back.
I'll take care of myself
If you can't.

Musical Memories

As each Key strikes,
And every note is played.
I remember the days past;
What I used to have.
Then I think of now.
What is mine,
Who I am.
It is the past that made me,
And what breaks me.
Thoughts of what could have been;
I work it out.
Figureing all possibilities.
Then the music stops,
And I am left there
With only one thought....

Final Battle: Pt. 1

This is to be
My final fight.
My blade is drawn for the last time,
And he knows.
I turn to my partner;
Telling him to go on.
He needs to complete the mission.
This will end the war:
So I'm told.
That doesn't concern me;
Just the warrior ahead.
More experienced,
Over confident.
I'll change that.

Final Battle: Pt. 2

It doesn't feel right.
I left behind my partner
Just to settle a grudge.
Our leader isn't wasting time.
He wants to kill the Head Honcho.
I just want this to end,
To see my family.
Looks like its my turn;
This guy looks serious......
Too serious.
I've got my edge now.
Our leader goes on ahead:
This is his mission now.

Final Battle: Pt. 3

This is supposed to be it.
After this the war ends.
A three man team....
I picked the best;
Like there was anyone else.
This guy it tough to beat.
A step ahead of me most of the way.
What a mission:
My brother,
My friend,
And myself.
This can't be it.
We are all id....

Final Battle: End?

You bear witness to a Soldier.
The thoughts going
Through their mind.
All soldiers are different:
What they think,
Their motives for battle,
Their actions,
And emotions.
Everyone isn't patriotic,
Nor is everyone good.
The one you fight with
Has their own ambitions,
Goals they want to complete.
Some fight out of duty,
Some to get home,
And others for themselves.
In the end it is for
Each other that they fight.

Conclusion of War

The results of this battle
Will remain unknown.
It was part of a bigger
If they lived or Died
Remains irrelavent;
They didn't need to live.
The war ended when everyone was tired,
And bloodshed was pointless.
After everyone forgot why.
The warriors who died will be forgotten;
All they did.
Why was the war going on?
It was destiny.

these are the poems ive writen here.... let me know what you think.

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