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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stupid thinger didn't post my post last night... AH...

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   Good News!! (And no I didn't buy car insurance)
AHHH!! I'm so happy!! Today we are packing the rest of our things and then we are leaving for vacation!! We are leaving when my little sis. gets home! Headed to Georgia for a early start on vacation, being that it starts next week!! I'm so happy. Even tho it's like april I'm gonna go swim with dolphins and do all kinds of fun stuff! And better yet I can keep ya'll posted cause my dad just bought this weird internet thinger that lets my get online whenever with the laptop!! So awesome!! Well I have to go check my mail, feed my neopets, email everyone goodbye and with good news, check my trupoets account and then go finish packin!! Later Ya'll!!
Ps Please pm me so I have ppl to talk to while I'm gone!! CHI!!! (word of happiness)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

OMG This weekend was pretty awesome man! First on thursday it was a half day so me and my friend Takara got to hang out but she had track so she had to leave but she got to come back, but then her daddy wanted her to go to school with him at his school (he teaches) even tho we didnt have school. Then my friend Chiua came over and we hung outside all day til bout 6:30 ish cause we had to get ready for our awesome Game... The Harlem Rockets were playin against our 'faculty dream team' ... The rockets kicked their butts without even tryin but it was a awesome game, out of what we got to see.. Chiua and I got there late A), b) they were sold out so we couldn't get in... so we were watching tho these tiny little windows then we decided to break in... but we felt bad and didn't wanna get in trouble so we called my step dad to come and get us, so we were sittin on the side walk when these to guys walked out and saw sittin there and asked y we were outside. We told them that the game was sold out and they wouldn't let us in. They said we could have their tickets and we got in there for half time! The game was fun. And then after the game we had to wait to get picked up so we hung out with (lets call him... uhhh... brad ... heh) Brad and... well.. he kinda like stalked us but in the end we hung out with him... he is what a person would call a wigga.. thats not a bad word is it?! oh well... hope fully I dont get killed. Anyways he's ok... Then me and Chiua stayed up til 6am and then had to wake up a 9 so my dad could pick me up. Sat. night me my dad and dulcey (his girlfriend) went out to Panda Garden! Which is the best Chinese Restraunt in like all of Maine!! Then I watched lots of anime(InuYasha and Fullmetal Alcehmist) and slept til noon and now here I am!! FUN FUN FUN! OK well I gotta go feep my Neopets (yea I know thats like retarded to some ppl but I like so deal with it) and get off Dulceys computer. Later Ya'll!!
PS Hey Chiua Dereks got no boom boom... but he makes up in other places... heh heh heh... heh...
PPS This was a really long entry! Sorry guys! I didn't mean to!! Well I gotta go and kill stuff now.. later...

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am a proud Mama of Spike the Hedgehog and Unari the Wolf!! Its soo cool... anyone who reads this should get one to. It makes your site so much cooler and they are just adorable!! Guess what else is awesome! Yesterday my mom got her hair highlighted and we finally went out and got more blue dye for my bangs!! ^_^ So now I have my bangs blue again but they are bluer than the last time. Last time I didn't dye them blonde first.. this time I did so they are like super blue! YAY!! ...maybe this guy I like at school will actually notice me now ^//.//^ ... But thats not the reason I did it! No way! I love blue! Its like super awesome... wow... I'm hyper... ok well.. I gotta go like eat some more sugar and bounce of the walls now!^.^ Later!
ps I have to say something really funny I got from one of my friends... I dunno where she got it from but its funny!

I'd Like to give a shout out to my dog food gangstas! Wet or Dry we neva die!!

See told ya... its funny... Later!

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

   Hey Ya'll!
Hey! I'm wicked happy today! Ok you are probably wondering. Why the heck is she so happy?! I will tell you why cause I have nothin better to do right now. (Execpt I'm supposed to be doin homework... lol) Ok. On the umm... Feb. 28th me and my boyfriend finally broke up. I know I sound kinda weird sayin I'm happy about that but I felt strapped down. I never got to see him cause he lived 45 mins away and he never got online or anything so I was tired of it. I know it sounds mean but I kinda pushed him to it. I was questioning him and he finally sent me a email saying we were better of friends. Heh heh heh! So I've been enjoyin single-ville. Another reason why I'm happy is that we are doin this really weird project in sci/ everyhting pretty much and I don't know how many ppl have heard of Rube Goldburg but we are making contraptions like that! I'm having so much fun because me and Kitsune (YamiKitsune137 and Chiua (ChihuahuaDemon) are working together and our plan is awesome and I think its working pretty good.
But I'm also not so happy. I have two bad news-es (if thats not a word oh well). One also on sunday (the 28th) my good friend and a person that is living with my family broke his collarbone. He was backin up on his fourwheeler and hit something and launched off and broke it. He is in surgery right now and I'm worried sick. Haru (not his real name, but I don't want anyone to find me and kill my family, tho Kat/Neko is my name...) is one of my best friends. Even if he is like 32, he is wicked awesome. He acts like a teenager and he doesnt look any older than 22. lol. And the second thing that is really aweful. We have MEAs next week. The dreaded MEA... grrr... I hate those. Well I gotta jet. Later!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

   Not Fair!!
AHH!!! This is sooo not fair! My friend LiChan won't accept my IMs cause her mom doesn't know my address. And she won't even bother herself to ask. We used to talk all the time but now she doesn't even bother. And that is ticking me off. On a more positive note my friend SakuraChan is coming over tomorrow as long as my mom doesn't have a cow. The downside to that is we have to clean my stupid room. Which my family calls the 'Tornado NekoChans Aftermath'. Very funny eh? ... didn't think so. Well my mom is about to bite my head off with her extremely large fangs and cook me for dinner if I don't get off line. Later Ya'll that bother reading my boring life stories. Lol. Later.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   OH NO!
SOOO Sorry that posted twice!!

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   Hiya! I'm new at this!
Wow! This is all really new to me but its fun!! lol! I love this place! Well I'm guessing this is the part that I can tell you what I'm up too and how I'm feeling and all that stuff... thats really great! I think I have to go but I'll be back to introduce myself.. yea.. ok? I gotta jet before my mom kills me.. I have to go a cook.. WTYL! (write to you later)

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