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Thursday, March 2, 2006

   Hey Ya'll!
Hey! I'm wicked happy today! Ok you are probably wondering. Why the heck is she so happy?! I will tell you why cause I have nothin better to do right now. (Execpt I'm supposed to be doin homework... lol) Ok. On the umm... Feb. 28th me and my boyfriend finally broke up. I know I sound kinda weird sayin I'm happy about that but I felt strapped down. I never got to see him cause he lived 45 mins away and he never got online or anything so I was tired of it. I know it sounds mean but I kinda pushed him to it. I was questioning him and he finally sent me a email saying we were better of friends. Heh heh heh! So I've been enjoyin single-ville. Another reason why I'm happy is that we are doin this really weird project in sci/ everyhting pretty much and I don't know how many ppl have heard of Rube Goldburg but we are making contraptions like that! I'm having so much fun because me and Kitsune (YamiKitsune137 and Chiua (ChihuahuaDemon) are working together and our plan is awesome and I think its working pretty good.
But I'm also not so happy. I have two bad news-es (if thats not a word oh well). One also on sunday (the 28th) my good friend and a person that is living with my family broke his collarbone. He was backin up on his fourwheeler and hit something and launched off and broke it. He is in surgery right now and I'm worried sick. Haru (not his real name, but I don't want anyone to find me and kill my family, tho Kat/Neko is my name...) is one of my best friends. Even if he is like 32, he is wicked awesome. He acts like a teenager and he doesnt look any older than 22. lol. And the second thing that is really aweful. We have MEAs next week. The dreaded MEA... grrr... I hate those. Well I gotta jet. Later!

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