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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   Good News!! (And no I didn't buy car insurance)
AHHH!! I'm so happy!! Today we are packing the rest of our things and then we are leaving for vacation!! We are leaving when my little sis. gets home! Headed to Georgia for a early start on vacation, being that it starts next week!! I'm so happy. Even tho it's like april I'm gonna go swim with dolphins and do all kinds of fun stuff! And better yet I can keep ya'll posted cause my dad just bought this weird internet thinger that lets my get online whenever with the laptop!! So awesome!! Well I have to go check my mail, feed my neopets, email everyone goodbye and with good news, check my trupoets account and then go finish packin!! Later Ya'll!!
Ps Please pm me so I have ppl to talk to while I'm gone!! CHI!!! (word of happiness)

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