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Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am a proud Mama of Spike the Hedgehog and Unari the Wolf!! Its soo cool... anyone who reads this should get one to. It makes your site so much cooler and they are just adorable!! Guess what else is awesome! Yesterday my mom got her hair highlighted and we finally went out and got more blue dye for my bangs!! ^_^ So now I have my bangs blue again but they are bluer than the last time. Last time I didn't dye them blonde first.. this time I did so they are like super blue! YAY!! ...maybe this guy I like at school will actually notice me now ^//.//^ ... But thats not the reason I did it! No way! I love blue! Its like super awesome... wow... I'm hyper... ok well.. I gotta go like eat some more sugar and bounce of the walls now!^.^ Later!
ps I have to say something really funny I got from one of my friends... I dunno where she got it from but its funny!

I'd Like to give a shout out to my dog food gangstas! Wet or Dry we neva die!!

See told ya... its funny... Later!

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