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Sunday, March 26, 2006

OMG This weekend was pretty awesome man! First on thursday it was a half day so me and my friend Takara got to hang out but she had track so she had to leave but she got to come back, but then her daddy wanted her to go to school with him at his school (he teaches) even tho we didnt have school. Then my friend Chiua came over and we hung outside all day til bout 6:30 ish cause we had to get ready for our awesome Game... The Harlem Rockets were playin against our 'faculty dream team' ... The rockets kicked their butts without even tryin but it was a awesome game, out of what we got to see.. Chiua and I got there late A), b) they were sold out so we couldn't get in... so we were watching tho these tiny little windows then we decided to break in... but we felt bad and didn't wanna get in trouble so we called my step dad to come and get us, so we were sittin on the side walk when these to guys walked out and saw sittin there and asked y we were outside. We told them that the game was sold out and they wouldn't let us in. They said we could have their tickets and we got in there for half time! The game was fun. And then after the game we had to wait to get picked up so we hung out with (lets call him... uhhh... brad ... heh) Brad and... well.. he kinda like stalked us but in the end we hung out with him... he is what a person would call a wigga.. thats not a bad word is it?! oh well... hope fully I dont get killed. Anyways he's ok... Then me and Chiua stayed up til 6am and then had to wake up a 9 so my dad could pick me up. Sat. night me my dad and dulcey (his girlfriend) went out to Panda Garden! Which is the best Chinese Restraunt in like all of Maine!! Then I watched lots of anime(InuYasha and Fullmetal Alcehmist) and slept til noon and now here I am!! FUN FUN FUN! OK well I gotta go feep my Neopets (yea I know thats like retarded to some ppl but I like so deal with it) and get off Dulceys computer. Later Ya'll!!
PS Hey Chiua Dereks got no boom boom... but he makes up in other places... heh heh heh... heh...
PPS This was a really long entry! Sorry guys! I didn't mean to!! Well I gotta go and kill stuff now.. later...

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