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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hi everyone! Just stoppin to say 'hi' and letcha know that I'm not dead and that I probably won't be on a lot for like the next month...
I have a friend that moved done to florida 5 years ago and they are moving back up here. So while her twin sister stays with her gram she's going to stay with us til the end of the month when her mom gets up here...
I'm glad they are comin back up. ^^
I got my ipod in the mail friday.. got a buncha songs on it already but no wheres near as many as I'm gonna put on it. Cause I had to stop downloading them yesterday cause I had to go to my dad's house. But I can't wait to get everything on that stupid little expensive pain in the butt. lol.
I'll talk to ya'll later. I gotta go catch FMA in like 15 mins.. and I have mail to check and Gaia stuff to attend to. Later!!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hi ppl! How r u?
I just popped in to tell ya I'm alive and well. Umm.. I have some friends here so I haven't gotten on for a bit.
Did I tell ya'll that I spent pretty much all of my birthday money on a engraved iPod.. (Black/Nano)
Well I'm gonna go cause everyone just came upstairs from playin ddr.. (I had gotten bored so I came uptairs.)

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Monday, July 10, 2006

   Hiya ppl...
Hi everyone! How are you?
My Birthday turned out awesome. I had abuncha friends stay the night and we stayed up til 4:30 .. when my mom came down and said I wouldn't be able to have that many ppl over ever again.. then we all kinda random fell asleep.. kinda like dominoes.. cause one person fell asleep and then , you get the point.. I was second to last. My brother was first.. go figure... Then poor nate. He had a allstar game, which he won, so he was wicked tired anyways. But we all had fun.. then Ma-san's mommy took her to church and brit's dad took her home and tippy got to stay and so did manda-san. Nate left around 2 or 3 and unfortunitly bro is here for a while.
Not that I have a problem with him or anything.. *COUGH*
I got a buncha cool games and a few anime dvds. Lots of paper and pencils like I asked for and a buncha stuff I didn't.
Well... I just wanted to see how everyone is, letcha know I'm alive and tell ya how it went. Laters!

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

   Go me! 14!
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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

   4th of July!
I'm really hyper.. I'm only home for a little bit today but I decided that I would come and say hi.
Guess what! My brother is coming up from SC tomorrow! I'm so happy.
But gimme 2 weeks and then I'll want him to go home.. lol.
Well I'll talk to everyone later!
Only 4 more days til my bday!!!

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Friday, June 30, 2006

   Hey... what up?
I'm really kinda bored. Well uhh.. I have that cbox thing now.. so I don't feel so left out. And dont complain about where it is cause thats the only place I could put it. So.. deal.
I guess I have to go... visit ppl and stuff..
Ps I've been at camp since the 16th... (of JUNE!) Nate was there since monday night. ^^ And he just left today cause he has a game and I had to go with my dad.


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   GAH! ..... hi.... I'm hyper....
'ello ppl! I'm like so hyper I can't type... jksghuihe.... see. Okay.. well I don't hsve much to say today. Umm...
I'm still stuck at camp... for a extra week. Yay for me. So I'm lucky I'm even here. Online, right now.
Nate's been with us since monday... ^^ but we've been at camp so its not like anything happened or anything.... hehe.
I found out that he's is part fishy like me! (not literally) He loves to swim too.. so we've been in the lake a lot.
Theres this dock way out in the lake (not to far) and we swam there like a hundred times and one time we were halfway back and he's like I'm gonna have a freakin heartattack. Cause he was tired and he kept swallowing nasty lake water. It was funny tho. Cause I'm like I can't save you til I can touch bottom... so wait to have your heartattack for a few more seconds. We had a good laugh outta that one.
Well... more news... *scratches head* Oh my nannie (grandmother but I call her nannie... tho I don't remember why...) signed up on Otaku.. shes cool like that. (Uekiya) So... go visit her and yea... lol
Well I gotta go and take a long relaxing shower before I go back to camp cause the camp showers suck.
Talk to ya'll later!!!!!
-NekoChan ^^

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

   I really like graduating now...
Okay get this. I got $125 for graduating....
Thats like last year I got $175 for turning 13. I love my family. I also got a awesome stereo and other cool stuff.
YAY my birthdays in like 2 weeks!!
July 8th baby!! *dances wildly*
I'm hyped man. Well I'll talk to ya'll laters!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   Camping... dance news and other stuff to ramble on about....
'Ello... hows everyone?
I've been at camp for like evers... And today I'm gonna be home for a bit cause my moms gotta work and it was staying here and goin online or staying at camp and be all alone with nothing to do.
A easy choice to make cause I needed to go on here and update, check my mail etc.
Well I think I told ya Canabie Lake was really cool.
The Graduation thinger went well. ^_^ I graduated!! Tho I still haven't checked the grades I passed with... hmm... gotta do that soon. The dance sucked... I didn't get my slow dance like I'd hoped for but I did get Maggie to go cause she doesn't usually do dances cause she isn't into guys or anything like that. And she had a blast. I got to dance the nightaway otherwise. hehe. Fast songs are the best.
Last day was awesome... I got a buncha signatures on my shirt cause I didn't get a year book. And Derek and DJ actually signed my shirt... hehehe (Derek is shy and DJ use to like hate me and now he signed it 'Love DJ' Not taking anything by that but atleast he aint mad about what I did to him.....)
Lets see... other interseting news.... Oh yea.
My Aunt Lisa might be moving back in with us cause of trouble with her bf. So that'll make two extra house guests. And most likely more chores for me. yay....
Well I'm off to visit a few ppl and then I might come back if I remember anything.
-NekoChan ^///^
PS There were these huges storms the other day and there was hail about the size of golf balls!! It was creepy!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

   YAY!! Happy 69th GB signature for me!! heh.
Well I have 69 GB signatures... about 19 more than I ever prayed I get (actually I dont pray)!
Hows everyone!?
Okay.. I'm really hyper and stuff... I have graduation in like and 1 1/2 hours and I'm not ready at all. My dress isn't fitting properly (showing to much clevage)and I don't have a white bra. And all the guys out there that read this sorry.. you didn't need to know. But thats the curse on my moms side (even tho it skipped my nannie) hehehe.
Canabie lake was great! The teachers didn't act like teacher and we all had lots of fun. Got a little wet. (HEH) White tank top, blue bra and green overshirt... was very intersteig... I think DJ might've saw.. (Not good ::blush::)
ANYWHO..... I'm gonna go before I type the living (not living) Daylights out of my ekyboard and spill my deepest darkest secrets cause thats how I am when I get nervous and exicted at the same time!!!
Ps Theres a dance after the graduiation part and I hope that I actually get to dance for the first time since I've been in Middle school.
(Yea... I'm not really popular with the guys cause I'm not some little barbie doll super model wannabe. And cause I actually have a mind of my own and don't walk around speaking in valley girl and repeat myself stupidly!)
*takes deep breath*
Okay... Laters!

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