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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

   Not Fair!!
AHH!!! This is sooo not fair! My friend LiChan won't accept my IMs cause her mom doesn't know my address. And she won't even bother herself to ask. We used to talk all the time but now she doesn't even bother. And that is ticking me off. On a more positive note my friend SakuraChan is coming over tomorrow as long as my mom doesn't have a cow. The downside to that is we have to clean my stupid room. Which my family calls the 'Tornado NekoChans Aftermath'. Very funny eh? ... didn't think so. Well my mom is about to bite my head off with her extremely large fangs and cook me for dinner if I don't get off line. Later Ya'll that bother reading my boring life stories. Lol. Later.

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